There was a time when LG was one of the greatest leaders in the global smartphone market but in the past few years, the company has not been able to keep its popularity among users. LG now seems to lag behind some other major players like Samsung, HTC and Sony.

As things go in the world of Android, the more popular a device, the more attention it receives from the developers. In comparison to some older smartphones from the OEM, the LG G2 has been able to inspire active development. The presence of a method to root and install a custom recovery on the device and the availability of some nice custom ROMs are good signs for the users of the device.

If you own an LG G2 and looking for an easy method to get root access on it and install the popular TWRP custom recovery on it, we have a one-stop guide for you that will describe the complete procedure step-by-step. If you are new to Android, please be informed that bu rooting your LG G2, you will be able to enhance your phone’s performance by installing apps that require root privilege. The presence of a custom recovery along with root access will allow you to install custom ROMs, mods and kernels.


The procedure given below has been written carefully and tested successfully, yet it is considered risky. By rooting your G G2, you will void its warranty and put your device in risk. In case of any mishap, the developers behind the method or DroidViews will not be responsible. Proceed only if your agree to this condition. Also, do not try the method on any other model of the device other than those describe below.

Compatible LG G2 Models:

  • AT&T G2 D800
  • Sprint LG G2 LS980
  • T-Mobile G2 D801 (if you phone has KK, try Towelroot instead)
  • International G2 D802
  • Rogers G2 D803
  • Bell G2 D803
  • Telus G2 D803
  • Verizon G2 VS980
  • Korean G2 F320k

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Root LG G2 with ioRoot:

  1. Download the rooting package for the LG G2 and extract the zip on your computer:
  2. Download and install LG USB Drivers on your computer: Download Here
  3. Enable USB Debugging on your phone. Go to Settings> Developer Options and enable USB Debugging. For detailed tips on turning on Developer Options on LG G2, read this guide.
  4. Go to Settings> PC Settings and select the proper mode to connect the device to computer. If you have Verizon LG G2, select Ethernet mode.
  5. Now connect your phone to the computer.
  6. Go to “ioroot10” folder and run the root.bat file. Doing this will launch a window like this:LG G2 Root
  7. Just press a key on your computer’s keyboard. It’ll run the rooting script and SuperUser will be pushed to your device, signalling root on the device.

So, now you should have a rooted LG G2. Open your phone’s app drawer and look for the presence of the SuperUser app there.


Additionally, you can install the Root Checker app from the market and verify root access on the device.

Root Checker Price: Free


If you LG G2 had Android 4.4.2 KitKat firmware and you also want to install TWRP Recovery on your LG G2, use this guide.

Install TWRP Recovery on LG G2:

Please do not forget to check your device model number from Settings> About before downloading the TWRP image (see above for list of G2 models).

  1. Download the appropriate TWRP Recovery image (*.img) file from below:
  2. Make sure you have installed LG USB Drivers. In case ADB does not recognize your phone, try this driver: LG_VZW_United_WHQL_v2.11.1.exe
  3. Enable USB Debugging on your phone.
  4. The TWRP Recovery image file will be install using ADB commands, so make sure to setup ADB (Android Debug Bridge) on your computer. If you are new to such things, please read our detailed tutorial on the topic.
  5. Download file (Github link) and extract it on your computer.
  6. Now copy the TWRP recovery image file (openrecovery-twrp- file to ADB folder.
  7. Open the “loki-master> bin”  folder and copy the “loki_flash” file to the ADB folder.
  8. Connect your phone to the computer.
  9. Launch cmd window from inside the ADB folder and type the following command lines (replace the name of recovery image [in Red] with that of the one you have downloaded):
    adb push loki_flash /data/local/tmp/loki_flash
    adb push openrecovery-twrp- /data/local/tmp/openrecovery-twrp-
    adb shell
  10. TWRP will now be installed on your LG G2. In case you do not see # prompt after issuing the above command, type “su” to gain root access.
  11. To reboot your device in TWRP, issue the following command (once again replace the name of recovery image with your own):
    cd /data/local/tmp
    chmod 777 loki_flash
    ./loki_flash recovery /data/local/tmp/openrecovery-twrp-
    adb reboot recovery
  12. If you have done everything correctly and the procedure went right, your phone should boot into TWRP Recovery mode.


To get out of  TWRP and boot your phone normally, tap on Reboot and then System. If you have any problem or question, please share with us via comments. Cheers!

Installing TWRP on LG G2 (KitKat):

If you have updated your LG G2 to the latest Android 4.4.2 firmware, now you can install TWRP recovery on your phone very easily. Just root your LG G2 using IOroot exploit given above and jump to the guide below:

How to Install TWRP Recovery on LG G2 Running Android 4.4.2 KitKat


Alternate Method to Install TWRP on LG G2:

Download and install the FreeGee app from the Play Store and use the app to install TWRP recovery on your device.

[appbox googleplay]


Above Root Method Didn’t Work?

In case the rooting procedure did not work for you, or your LG G2 has a newer firmware that one required for the given method to work, you can still root your LG G2 using the KingoApp root tool. You can get more information about this tool at this page.

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  1. As Salam U Aleikum
    Dear I have LG G2 F320L 11K Hand Set I Want to update from 4.2.2 to Lollipop 5.0.2 Via PC
    Can any one tell me how i update My Cell Phone via PC
    Please tell me truly about PC Suit for LG G2 F320L 11K

  2. Hi! at the end of the recovery process my phone didnt reboot and I had this massage:”error:device not found “- what should I do?

  3. Same here, on android 4.2.2, however rootchecker shows that the phone is rooted. So is it possible to just install the app from the Appstore? Pretty new at this

  4. i have a lg g2 sprint with software version ls980zve. when i run the root it says that it was unable to complete. whats with that? what does that mean?

  5. My knock code on while in lock screen is not.working right after i install the auto rec. I just fix the white lines issue in my The knock on wont work

  6. I dont know, i downloaded kk baseband modems… Im on CM11 nigtly, went on CM11 stable, still the same problem… Really dont know where the problem is.

  7. I have no idea what modem has to do with screen rotation… What CM built are you on? Latest nightly or stable SnapShot? It’s either ROM or Kernel. I really doubt it’s modem causing problem here. Radio signals have nothing to do with screen..

  8. I read some forums. They say i should flash the lg g2 stock kitkat modem. I did, nothing happened.. Hmm

  9. I did now, works. Still auto-rotation doesn’t work for some reason. Flashed the modem that should fix it, still doesn’t workout.

  10. Me again, do you maybe know anything about cyanogenmod? I know its not the right place but.. I dont have google play store on CM. If i download it manually, it opens and then closes.

  11. thanks, it worked! although i didn’t think it will, none of the methods worked. thanks!

  12. hi! i have a new LG G2 d802, with a 4.4.2 android on it. when i try to root i with IOroot, it says: adb device not found. i installed the drivers and did everything. towelroot doesnt work either. also tried kingo root, framaroot and so on…

  13. I tried that, bricked my LG G2. No worries, though, I flashed the stock Sprint on my G2 then transitioned to Cyanogen. Works perfectly.

  14. Hello. I current have a Sprint G2 that is rooted. I am trying to install TWRP. I followed the instructions above.
    When I entered ”

    ./loki_flash recovery /data/local/tmp/openrecovery-twrp-”

    Then I got this message:
    [-] Input file is not a Loki image.
    Still I went through to the end and when the device rebooted, it wasn’t into TWRP.
    Also, the latest version of TWRP in the link above, after extraction, is called simply ‘recovery.img.’

    Any ideas?

    And thanks for making such a comprehensive instructional, by the way.

  15. The LG G2 LS980 (Sprint) TWRP has just zip files also.openrecovery-twrp- 12:42:43 PDT11437openrecovery-twrp- 10:21:21 PST6954openrecovery-twrp- 14:35:46 PST9511openrecovery-twrp- 15:26:21 PDT3856

    which one to download, first one?

  16. ok, so I have been to multiple threads and postings about this. There is no loki_flash in the bin folder..there is a loki_flash.c file in the root of loki-master….problem is I have tried renaming loki_tool to loki_flash…that doesn’t work…tried using “loki_flash.c” where your guide says “loki_flash” no luck.. idk if the loki tool has been updated or I am just missing something completely obvious, but I have bootlooped my phone because of this once, and just want to get a recovery on. ls980zvc.. what am I doing wrong?

  17. Well, the tool has been updated many times since the tutorial was written. The folder name would have been changed. Just find the root.bat file and run it.

  18. Hi, you would find Android more amazing! Now here’re the answers:

    1. Yes

    2. No, you can’t. You can have only one ROM/Firmware at a time. However if you have a rooted phone and have a custom recovery, you can find a dual boot ROM for your phone model but I would not recommend you to do that.

    3 & 4. Unfortunately I could not find any stock firmware (South Africa) for your country for any of your devices. But f your phone is not locked to a carrier, you can install any carrier unbranded stock ROM.

    5. As for firmware installation guides, you can find them on various sites and forums including our blog:

    For G2:

    for S4:

    Note: both are detailed guides and have been split into pages, browse them all to get the all of them.

  19. Hi Rakesh, I am new to android, come from apple, you mentioned – Use LG Mobile support tool to download the official firmware and install it manually.

    Question 1: Does official firmware refer to stock rom ?
    Question 2: Can you install multiple rom’s onto LG G2 and Samsung S4 (i9505) ?
    Question 3: Where can I get stock rom for South Africa LG G2 , current Software version is D80210b-ZAF-XX.
    Question 4: Where can I get stock rom for South Africa Samsung S4 (i9505) ?
    Question 5: Is there a guide for both Samsung S4 (i9505) and LG G2.

  20. I did everything this article says and I even got the screen that told me that rooting is done and I shall reboot my device now. I did that, but there is no SuperUser app on my phone’s app drawer.

  21. Can bootloader be unlocked? Or must you flash only roms that have the lodi script installed in it

  22. I am sure this works great, but I have unzipped everything, and tried it with the VS980 24 and as soon as I “press any key” it starts scrolling, then closes. It doesn’t do anything else.

    Tried cycling the Debug
    Tried another USB Port
    Tried restarting the phone.

  23. Sorry I thought that this will install SuperUser (as mentionned in the tutorial).
    But in fact this is installing SuperSU which I find better

  24. To fix the “device offline” issue in ADB, try this:

    1. Delete the computers adb key: rm /data/misc/adb/adb_key on device.

    2. Stop all adb processes in Windows Task Manager.

    3. Restart the phone

    4. Toggle USB debugging on phone off and on

    5. Connect device ot computer

    6. Use ADB

    7. Click authorize

  25. Place the mouse pointer to an empty space, then hold Shift key and press right-click, select ‘Open command prompt here’.

    What actually you are trying to do?

  26. Currently stuck on the now send the package you want to apply to the device with “adb sideload ” What needs to happen next because its been sitting here for awhile

  27. im newbie bro…when i go into link there is three files which one is jellybean?

    Apr 03 2014 11:24:22 AM

    T-Mobile KitKat D80120A_00.kdz 1573817KB Mar 02 2014 08:47:15 PM

    T-Mobile USA D80110C_00.kdz 1806413KB Feb 26 2014 01:25:48 AM

    T-Mobile USA D80110G_00.kdz 1833236KB Feb 26 2014 01:28:37 AM

  28. Hi, i have LG g2 D801 kitkat Tmobile. im trying root with iroot25. when i press any key to root. my phone reboots.and it does nothing.

  29. Hello,
    Two out of the way questions, sorry!
    1I am running on Kitkat rom for Lg G2 d 802. It shows mobile printing. But when I open it shows no service installed, but there is no way to install any service. When menu button is pressed , nothing happens. Can you help me to set up printing from my lg g2 phone
    2. Is there any way to have dual date on status bar like dual clock, for example, Gregorian/ hijri date or gregorian/ malayalam date

    Kindly answer me if I am not disturbing you

    Thanking You

  30. Hello Rakesh

    im trying to do what that post says:

    when i try the method 1 (and 2), it doesnt work, i think it is because i cant get the phone intro USB Debugging, remember i cant turn it on..

    when i try the verizon method… the LG Mobile Support Tool doesnt even get installed, keeps telling me “To check software upgrades, yo need to connect your pc to the internet and pres continue” and i have internet working fine…

    what do you think?

  31. thank you, ill try it tomorrow because ive always had issues with this kind of things on Windows 8.1

  32. Hello, i have a problem with my LG G2 VS980 (verizon) i was trying to update my recovery, some error happened and now the device is soft bricked

    if i turn it on normally it stays on bootloop
    if i try to access the recovery it goes to a fastboot screen
    and just tu try out, it goes to download mode

    the problem is i dont know how to push de recovery to the phone like this… i downloaded the android sdk, all the drivers, everything i found that could help me and nothing

    i have a windows 8 pc and i dont know if that could be an issue

    i hope you or anybody here could help me! i dont know what to do anymore

  33. Hi Rakesh,
    Thank you very much for the quick reply.
    Why I searched for the custom rom ,you know? I like my Lg g2 very much, but one problem I am facing is that I could not launch Google Now or Voice speed dialer by pressing the dialer button in my car’s bluetooth button. I have no problem when I was using Galaxy 3. When I tested my Lg g2 D802 with Beamstalk rom, it also works very well. But I don’t like custom roms. Then I changed to the original Stock Kitkat rom D8020220a for India, rooted , working very well( thanks for your tutorial) . But the head set problem is still there, I can not call by pressing the head set button. When I looked what is the difference in the bluetooth application between the stock and custom roms, the stock rom uses ‘ bluetooth application’ where as custom rom uses ‘ bluetooth share’ application. I asked the LG customer service, they said this service is not available. I searched for the bluetooth share apk for download, not available in the internet. As I am driving a lot, i dearly wants this facility. I asked in the help section of XDA forum, but no answers. That is why I am writing this problem in detail( big sorry for that) hoping that you can help me.

    Thanking you for reading this long letter, even if you can not help me

  34. If you want to enjoy LG stock apps, stick with a ROM based on LG ROM. You will not be able to install or use LG apps on CM or AOSP based custom ROMs.

  35. Hi Rakesh,

    Thanks for your help through this forum.
    I am sorry to ask a question not pertaining to this topic as I don’t know in which forum to ask!
    I want to flash custom KK 4.4.2 to my LG g2 D802. But I can not imagine my phone without LG apks like quick memo, qslide, LG keyboard with changeable themes, LG calendar apk etc. Is there any way to install these applications in custom roms like Beanstalk rom for lG g2.
    Expecting your help soon

    thanking You

  36. Samsung S5 has provided ART. LG G2 mini as well. But older models they are not providing. Even Xperia Ultra also do not have ART. It was good function, and one of my prime reasons of waiting for custom recovery so that i can flash few good ROMs.

    Thanks for the support and quick response Rakesh

  37. Hi Pufer,
    I read your blog saying that you have installed twrp recovery in D802 with rooted Kitkat successfully. But you said that don’t reset the phone immediately. Can you please explain the steps to follow in more detail, so that some of us like me whose is very eager to install TWRP will be benefitted.
    Thanking you

  38. ART is not there like other Custom/Stock ROMs. Checked with R&D they said probably they would not have compiled.

  39. Awaiting update on Custom recovery for G2 Kitkat. Also the stock G2 kitkat does not have the ART feature, is that done by LG or is it a hidden feature or so.

  40. Hi Rakesh,is this method work with LG g2 D802 with Kitkat 4.4.2. I have roote my phone with IOroot(kitkat 4.4.2). But unable to install recovery. Kindly help me. Thanking You

  41. Does the LG g2 from sprint running kit Kat 4.4.2.have an official twrp recovery for this phone yet?

  42. Finally, I installed twrp recovery lg g2 firmware 802 over kitkat by using freegee.. warning! pls use 2.7.0 recovery with boot.img ready to flash. once you install twrp RECOVERY DO NOT RESET YOUR PHONE STRAIGHT AWAY. Otherwise you end up stuck on LG logo and bricked your phone which nearly happened on my lg g2 802.. GOOD LUCK HAVE FUN 😀

  43. Also it’s worth mentioning that the file i found in the bin folder was not called “loki_flash” but “loki_tool”. Even so I went through the commands with the updated file-name and it still did not work though.

  44. Hi there,

    I got LG G2 D802 running Kitkat 4.4.2. I have rooted the device following the guidelines above – that worked perfectly.

    After I “pushed” the Loki_flash to my device I do run this Adb command:

    ./loki_flash recovery /data/local/tmp/openrecovery-twrp-

    and it replies that the loki_flash version is not current. I did download the latest – or at least I believe so.

    Any idea where to find the latest file that will work with my device and the TWRP img downloaded as mentioned above.

    Thanks for your time on this.

    /Jens Ole

  45. Please help.. I rooted my LG G2 802 D80220b-EUR using ioroot25 but some how i could not install any recovery i keep getting this message every time i reboot in recovery (Secure boot error / Boot certification verify) any idea with thanks…

  46. For those wondering it was the LG G2 D802 model, both root & TWRP Recovery went without problems =) KitKat, here I come 😉

  47. Figired it out. Used FreeGee to install my recovery and it works just fine! Thank you for the suggestion though.

  48. I have this same problem. I can root the device but when I try to reboot into recovery, it just shows the lying down Android with a Red Caution symbol. I also have tried installing Clockwork Recovery, and when I reboot in to recovery from that it runs a few lines of scripts and the screen shows the LG logo, then just goes blank… Doesn’t turn off, but goes blank. Any ideas? O:)

  49. I still havent got the open recovery image to load even after unroot to stock then root again still same problem. I have tried to install the file with flashify as well as push it using adb. After some research i have found that some of the roms are designed for 16gb platforms only…i have a 32gb g2 and i was wondering if there is a difference in the open recovery file for this phone? I even tried extracting the recovery image from the open recovery zip file and flashing it but still goes to fastboot mode but instead of stalling there it says something about the certification then shuts off. My phone is still running normal but im stuck with all of sprints bloatware still…let me know what you think.

  50. That’s fine, I think I want some kit kat features more than root at the moment. Thanks for the info, I know that trying to install OTA with TWRP is very bad but forgot about LG Mobile support tool.

  51. Use LG Mobile support tool to download the official firmware and install it manually. Keep in mind that you’ll not be able root the Sprint G2 on KitKat firmware.

  52. I have installed TWRP on my Sprint G2, but it told me about an update. How can I switch back to stock recovery to install the update from Sprint?

  53. It says that adb isn’t a known command. None of it works. What am I supposed to do?

  54. Tye code went through fine and like i saidi tried it with flashify also with the same result…i guess ill just unroot and try again

  55. Everything that you have in the boxes above with the exception of changing tye g2xxx to g2spr which is the sprint file.

  56. hello i have done all of the steps on my rooted g2 from sprint and when i run the last command in the prompt i get a loki aboot dosent match device and when i exit and run adb reboot recovery my phone goes into fastboot and stays there until i manually reboot, but now i have no recovery at all it automatically goes into fastboot mode when i try to get to recovery. I have also tried flashing the image with flashify with the same result…any ideas?

  57. Its all good I got it figured out. Instead of doing the push Loki and push recovery, I just downloaded flashify at that point and just chose the image. Worked perfectly.

  58. Any reason why when I try “adb reboot recovery” I end up with a little android guy, a triangle of doom in his chest, and underneath “no command”. So sad. Anyone out there able to help me??

  59. So i just purchased a LG G2 and have no idea about phones besides the basics so i wasnt aware of twrp so when i recieved an update it went into twrp recovery menu and i have no idea how to get back to my regular start up, i have tried reboot then system n it will take me back to same twrp recovery menu, please help!!

  60. oh, also I tried your alternate method, for clockwork mod, running the recovery batch file. now it just boots down and turns off when I send a boot to recovery command.

  61. rakesh, thanks for your response. Knowing its still flashable with the new build at least lets me know im not trying in vain 🙂 but I couldn’t have made a command error, I copy and pasted the command (but entered my own file name) from the gide. I even started over from the top to get same results. it works up until adb shell (boot into recovery command) when I manually boot into recovery I just get the knocked over empty android. how can I find out what all I have pushed to my phone via these various apps, and adb , so I can just erase them all and start from scratch? bc im afraid that all these different attempts have me full of conflicting files causing my problems

  62. Hi, the method still works. Please make sure you do not make any mistake in typing the commands because even a difference in space can lead to error.

    Anyway, there are some alternate methods and you can try them too:

    1. Download this file:

    2. Enable USB Debugging Mode in Settings> Developer options

    3. Extract the RAR file

    4. Connect phone to computer

    5. Run the “recovery.bat” file

    Alternatively, you can download the Goo Manager from the play store:

    And install TWRP using this app. Try and let us know. 🙂

  63. Hi, I have verizon version vs980 rooted. I can push these two files over to my phone, but when I do the final command to boot into recovery I get error message….too many arguments. Or something like that. I am on build 12b, which I believe is the latest firmware. Is this bc the exploit has been blocked on this newer build? I tried manually pushing and also installing through various apps. None have worked. So not only do I not have custom recovery, I am afraid I have a ton of space being used on my sd card by downloads sitting from failed attempts. Any ideas. Thanks !

  64. Usually the TWRP or CWM or ROMs are the same for all Canadian models but I would not recommend this to you because we have not tested it. I’ll look for a a working recovery and will let you know.

  65. I have LG-D801, variant D801V11B from Wind in Canada, which TWRP Recovery I should use? Thank you!

  66. Doku95  You can also try this tool to root your LG G2:

  67. Jbrom85  Hi, the method works only on the first ROMs that G2 came with. If you have received a software update or bough the device recently, it might not work.

    Try this method instead:

  68. Hi I got a question… I have the D801 version of the G2 and when I try to run the root.bat file it looks like it tries to do something but then the page disappears and nothing happens. No superuser app nothing…  I updated the usb drivers in windows to LG drivers, my device however shows up as an ADB Interface in my Device Manager… Not sure if that has anything to do with it or not… Hoping you can help…

  69. Holy crap. Ignore me.

    Hangover + Root/Flash/Installation = retarded

    The issue was that I forgot to let my SuperUser do the stuff it needed to -___-

  70. Woops, had it in “charging only” mode just then.

    It’s only showing up as a portable device. Not as anything else. Is that what it should be?

    I mean, I could move all the files over just fine. I was able to Root the device just fine and I was able to shell into it, but it’s just not doing it for me correctly.

  71. It should show up as an LG device, right? All I’m seeing is the ADB interface.

    I installed the drivers from the LG website, though. So I’m not sure what’s up with this…

  72. I actually just hot called in to work, but i can still respond to these messages. I have the T-Mobile variant of the G2.

  73. Well, the failure of the method means 2 things: either your phone is not on the firmware version on which this exploits works, or you are doing something wrong.

    This might be due to USB drivers too. Connect the phone to PC and then press Win+X keys on the keyboard. Select device manager and see if it shows your device there or not?

    Which model of G2 do you have?

  74. Not that I really know of. I just did all of it this morning. Is there a newer version of the loki_flash or twrp that I need to use?

  75. Great tutorial. But I have a problem. Everytime I try and run ./loki_flash I get an error “Failed to open aboot for reading.”

    Any ideas on what’s up with that?

  76. So, I keep getting a message of “cannot stat ‘loki_flash’ : no such file or directory” any help would be awesome!

  77. ok thank you allot. ill definitely try this as soon as my g2 comes in the mail. your articles are excellent btw and extremely informing keep it up 🙂

  78. I probably will use twrp theres just a particular rom i use and its not available for the canadian g2 i want to flash it i just dont wanna risk bricking my device and i hate the stock lg interface

  79. It’s true that Canadian models are pretty similar to those of AT&T but I would not recommend you to try ROMs or Recoveries meant for other devices.

    Why don’t you try TWRP? It is a lot better than CWM.

  80. Lol i jstnoticed ur other comment. so i read that you can flash the at&t roms to this phone do you know if this is true i cant find any roms for the canadian model

  81. thank you iv been looking everywhere to learn how to install a custom recovery so does this unlock the bootloader and is there a cwm recovery available for the d803

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