One of the reasons why people love Android is, it’s flexibility for customization. Themes, Launchers, Icon Packs, Widget, etc. There are hundreds of thousands of apps available on Google Play Store just to change the way Android looks. But there comes a time when you are done customizing to your heart’s content. You need more. That’s where Root comes into the picture.

Root access is sort of an ‘Administrator’ account in Microsoft Windows and it gives the user total control over the Android OS. Not only the user can change the way it looks, but they can also change the way it feels and works too!

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List of 50 Best Apps for Rooted Android Devices

If you have rooted your device and are looking for some nice Root apps to take control of your Android device, here’s a list of 50 best apps for rooted Android devices:

1. Root Checker

Helps you to check if root privilege is properly working on your Android phone. Please note that this app does not let you root your phone!

Root Checker Price: Free

2. SuperSU

SuperSU allows for advanced management of Superuser access rights for all the apps on your device that need root.

Sorry, this app is not available!

3. Titanium Backup

The All-in-one backup/restore solution for any rooted Android phone. Must have app for rooted Android devices!50 Best Apps for Rooted Android Devices

Titanium Backup ★ root needed Price: Free

4. Greenify

Greenify helps to improve performance and battery life of your smartphone by hibernating the apps that are not in use, but, are running in the background.

Greenify Price: Free

6. System App Remover

Helps you to easily uninstall the system apps that comes pre-installed on your device.

System app remover (ROOT) Price: Free

7. Root Booster

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Root Booster lets you manage free RAM, change CPU settings and clean the system files at root level among the many other things that it offers.

Root Booster Price: Free

8. ROEHSOFT RAM Expander

Have you ever heard of SWAP MEMORY or SWAP RAM? It is when your actual RAM runs out, you can configure a part of your internal phone memory to act as a secondary RAM memory. This app helps you do just that.

ROEHSOFT RAM Expander (SWAP) Price: $9.99

9. Tasker

Helps you to automate various things in your Android devices. For example, mute your phone automatically when a specific contact calls.

Tasker Price: $2.99

10. Terminal Emulator for Android

The app is exactly what its name says. Lets you run terminal commands on your Android device.

Terminal Emulator for Android Price: Free

11. Device Control [root]

Device Control is an app to control several features of your device as well as some nice extra features like a Tasker, App Manager, Editors, Entropy Generator, Wireless Filemanager and more.

Sorry, this app is not available!

12. Disk Digger

Helps you to recover your deleted photos from any Android device.

DiskDigger photo recovery Price: Free

13. Kernel Auditor (ROOT)

Let’s you tweak your Android device’s kernel settings.

Kernel Adiutor (ROOT) Price: Free

14. Root Explorer

Let’s you access/modify the entire Android file system.

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Root Explorer Price: $3.99

15. Substratum Theme Engine

Substratum is a must have app for those who love theming their Android device in awesome ways with the help of awesome third-party themes.

substratum theme engine Price: Free

16. Wakelock Detector

Wakelock Detector helps you to detect battery draining apps in your Android phone by checking wake-lock usage history.

Sorry, this app is not available!

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17. Flashify

Lets you to flash zip and image files onto your Android device without having to reboot into recovery.

Flashify (for root users) Price: Free

18. Quick Reboot

this app helps you to easily reboot your device into the recovery and bootloader modes. No need to remember shortcuts!

Quick Reboot [ROOT] - #1 reboot manager Price: Free

19. Adblock Plus

A complete system level ad-block solution for Android. Read more about it and download  from here: Adblock Plus

20. Xposed Framework

The father of all Android customizations! A framework which lets you customize your Android to your heart’s content. Download and installation differ from device to device (out of this article’s scope). Read more about it here.

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21. Dumpster

The Recycle bin for Android devices. ‘Nuff said!

Dumpster: Recover My Deleted Picture & Video Files Price: Free

22. Better Battery Stats

Helps you take complete control of your Android device’s battery information.

BetterBatteryStats Price: $2.49

23. Boot Animations

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All in one tool to download/install boot animation on your rooted Android device.

Boot Animations for Superuser Price: Free

24. Rec. (Screen Recorder)

Rec. is a beautiful screen recording app, providing untethered, flexible and fully configurable screen recording capabilities for your Android device.

Rec. (Screen Recorder) Price: Free

25. Servicely

Let’s you to take complete control of all the services that are running in the background (hint: it’s a lot more than you’d imagine) of your Android device.

Servicely - for your battery life Price: Free

26. 3C Toolbox

3C Toolbox combines many great apps into one giant toolbox with a modern and easy-to-use interface. Instead of downloading multiple apps, you can download this which has all the functionality under one roof!

3C Toolbox Price: Free

27. Root Call Blocker

The most powerful call blocker on Android. Has many features like whitelist/blacklist contacts, auto reject calls with a custom text for a specific contact, etc.

Root Call Blocker Price: Free

28. BuildProp Editor

Helps you to easily edit your build.prop or any other properties file on your Android device. Comes with an intelligent code editor with syntax highlighting for multiple languages.

BuildProp Editor Price: Free

29. Servers Ultimate

Servers Ultimate turn your old AndroidpPhone into a tiny, multipurpose server. Read more about it and download it here:

Servers Ultimate Price: Free

30. KSWEB: Server + PHP + MySQL

A complete suite for web developers on Android platform! It has a web server, a PHP programming language, a database MySQL and msmtp for Sendmail support.

KSWEB: server + PHP + MySQL Price: Free

31. GLTools

GLTools is a graphic optimizer tool for rooted Android phones. Something similar to that of Chainfire 3D.

GLTools [root] (games and graphics optimizer) Price: $3.99

32. Viper4Android

The Ultimate Audio Effects customization for rooted Android devices. The downloads/installation for this hugely varies from device to device. Do check this one out (hint: Google) if you are an audiophile and have a rooted Android phone.

33. [root] LiveBoot

LiveBoot is a boot animation that shows you logcat and dmesg outputs on-screen as they happen. Looks kinda cool, if you ask me!

[root] LiveBoot Price: Free

34. Link2SD

Ahe application which helps you to move applications to your SD card. Latest versions of Android does not require this app. If you are running older Android version, this is a must have (over 50 million downloads so far!)

Link2SD Price: Free

35. DNS Changer

SetDNS is the easiest way to force your rooted phone to use custom nameservers on WiFi for all devices AND 3G/mobile networks on non-rooted and rooted devices.

DNS Changer (no root 3G/WiFi) Price: Free

36. Nandroid Manager Pro

Nandroid Manager is the ultimate tool for managing all of your nandroid (means: complete backup of your Android, including Apps and their data) backups! With Nandroid Manager you can restore data from your nandroid backups such as apps+data, text messages, call logs, and much more!

Sorry, this app is not available!

37. Full!Screen

Helps to enable full-screen mode on rooted Android tablets by hiding the system bars and providing an easy alternative way to achieve those functionalities.

Sorry, this app is not available!

38. GMD GestureControl

Helps you to assign a particular shortcut/task/activity to a particular gesture on Android system level.

GMD GestureControl Lite ★ root Price: Free

39. WiFi Password Viewer (ROOT)

Helps you to view your saved wifi passwords. Read our review here.

WiFi Password Viewer (ROOT) Price: Free

40. ES File Explorer

A powerful full featured file manager for rooted devices.

ES File Explorer File Manager Price: Free

41. Xposed GEL Settings [ROOT]

Let’s you to completely customize every aspect of Google Launcher. Needs Xposed framework to run.

Sorry, this app is not available!

42. BusyBox

Simple tool to install Busybox on your rooted Android device with a single click.

BusyBox Price: Free

44. TWRP Manager

This app helps you to Install, Backup, Restore, and Wipe your device all using TWRP recovery.

TWRP Manager (Requires ROOT) Price: Free

45. Trickster MOD Kernel Settings

Trickster MOD app is a tweaking tool to change various settings included in your kernel and other mods to your phone.

Trickster MOD Kernel Settings Price: Free

46. Fontster

Fonster helps you to change fonts on your rooted Android device on a system level. Fontster allows you to easily change the system-wide fonts on your Android device within a well-designed Material UI.

Fontster (Root) Price: Free

47. Settings Extended

Settings Extended puts your favorite settings or application shortcuts to the notification area and lets you access them quickly.

Settings Extended Price: Free

48. OTA Updates [ROOT][CUSTOM ROM]

Provides an easy way to download and install OTA updates of your custom ROM (if your ROM developer uses/supports this App).

OTA Updates [ROOT][CUSTOM ROM] Price: Free

49. Button Savior (Root)

If your phone does not have on-screen keys for navigation and your hardware keys are not working anymore (or if you just don’t want to overuse the hardware keys), this is the app you want. Provides all the hardware key functionalities through software.

Button Savior (Root) Price: Free

50. Cheat Droid

Let’s you seamlessly view and edit game data on your rooted Android device.

Sorry, this app is not available!


  1. It seems it is not a Doze feature but a system wide limitation in background services (facebook will be damned lol)

  2. Agreed. Greenify + Xposed + Greenify Module = Total control! I do wish stock Android had better native doze support. The first developer preview doesn’t seem to mention anything specially about Doze though. Hopefully in future builds.

  3. In fact, if you activate shallow hibernation and agressive doze through greenify, which are functions of Android but not standard on, you will have a good functionality for greenify.

    Maybe Android O and its background services limitation will do it better than a third party app, but greenify still helps hibernating apps faster than doze would do alone

  4. Couldn’t agree more about the ES File Explorer. It was one of my favorite apps until recently. But, if you dig a little bit, you can still find the non-bloated older version in APKMirror. About the other two, we took all the relatively new Android versions (5 and 6) into account while compiling this list, cosidering Android N’s market share is just 2.8% while Marshmallow and Lollipop contribute to around 63.8% of the Android’s market share.

  5. Can’t agree with some of these. ES File Explorer was a good app at one point but is a bloated mess now. Xposed doesn’t work unless you are running Marshmallow or earlier. Greenify isn’t particularly useful on newer Android versions with Doze and probably uses more power than it saves.

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