We all love beautiful boot animations on your handheld devices and computers. They add a little beauty and a sense of liveliness to the short period between pressing the power button of your device and the time when it becomes usable. A boot animation covers up the complicated proceeding that takes place beneath the outer hood. Android offers a great scope for changing almost every aspect of the OS. If you do not like the default boot animation of your phone or tablet, you can add variations by playing with custom ones.

Whatever boot animation you might have, the fact remains that it does not actually provide any functional value. It’s just a nice way to fill in the void during which your device’s system gets prepared before it gets ready to be used. Thus, boot animations serve just a single purpose, and that is adding to the aesthetic value.

If you have ever shut down your Windows computer improperly, you must have seen the diagnostic logcat while booting it. You can now a similar logcat of system proceedings of your Android phone or tablet device while booting. Well-known developer, Chainfire has come up with a very impressive app that adds a logcat and dmesg logging information to your device’s boot screen.


LiveBoot, as the app is called requires root access and shows a log array of logging strings on the screen. Just imagine a situation when your device is stuck on the boot screen and you wish to create a logcat to find out the root of the issue! You will have to use ADB commands to extract the logcat info. LiveBoot makes this thing quite simple as you can see all log information live on your device’s screen as they happen. Of course, there are various tools and apps that can create a logcat of your device but you will hardly find one that can do the same while it boots up.


The LiveBoot app thus can prove very useful. It’s a very simple app that is available for free at the Google Play Store. It’s compatible with almost all Android devices running Android 4.3 Jelly Bean or above. I tested it on the Nexus 5 with Lollipop and HTC M8 and LG G3 with KitKat. However, to be able to use LiveBoot, you must have the latest version of SuperSU (that is v2.40) installed on your device.liveboot-supersu

So, if you want to give LiveBoot a shot, just click the Play Store link below and start enjoying logcat on your boot screen right away!

[root] LiveBoot Price: Free

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