If you are an Android user, you might be find yourself in situations when you might want or be forced to do a hard reset on your device. Sometimes, your phone might start behaving weirdly after installing an unsupported app. Whether you are a new or a veteran Android user, there are certain things you must be familiar with.

Performing a factory reset and booting your device into safe mode are among such things. Using the safe mode on an Android phone or tablet, you can easily diagnose if a certain issue on it has stemmed from a misbehaving app. When booted into Safe mode, you Android device only shows the stock apps. Since all third-party apps are disabled, you can easily uninstall an app that may be causing a conflict or software problem from Application Manager.

Just about an year ago, we did a detailed guide on booting a range of Android devices into safe mode and today we have come with a beginner’s tutorial on how to perform hard reset and boot LG G3/G2 into Safe Mode. If you are an LG G2/G3 user, you have to do a factory data reset after installing the stock firmware manually to ensure bugless performance. This can be done using two methods— using the Factory data reset option in device settings and using the hardware keys of your phone.

Hard Reset LG G3 /G2 from Settings Menu

Warning: Do not forget to backup your phone’s data before doing a factory data reset. Here’s our guide.

Performing a Factory data reset restores your device to the original factory settings as it comes out of the box. It also deletes the data like installed apps, contacts, messages, images, etc. present on the internal storage. It does not, however, affect any data stored on the external SD card. Now here is how you can hard reset your LG G2/G3 from device Settings:

  1. Tap the Menu key from Homescreen.
  2. Select System settings> General.
  3. Now scroll to PERSONAL
  4. Select Backup & reset option.
  5. Tap Factory data reset> Reset phone.
  6. Select Erase everything.
  7. When the warning window prompts, tap OK.

Hard Reset LG G2 with Hardware Keys

If you unable to perform a factory data reset on your LG G2/G3 using the device settings for some reasons, you can try the hardware key method. Just follow the steps given below:

  1. Turn off your LG G2/G3.
  2. Now press and hold the Power + Volume down buttons simultaneously for about 8 seconds.
  3. When the LG Logo appears, release and then immediately re-hold the Power button.
  4. Release the Power key as soon as you see the ‘FACTORY HARD RESET’ screen.
  5. Press the Power key to reset your device.
  6. Press the Power key again to confirm factory data  reset.
  7. Wait till reset is done.

Boot LG G3 /G2 into Safe Mode

To fix an issue caused by a 3rd-party app, you can boot your LG G3/G2 into Safe mode and delete the suspect app. You can turn on Safe mode by following these steps:

  1. Press and hold the Power key on your LG G2.
  2. Now tap and hold Power off option.
  3. When it prompts Reboot to safe mode, select OK.
  4. Your LG G2 will now reboot into Safe mode.
  5. While in this mode, you’ll see ‘Safe mode’ banner at the lower left corner of your phone’s screen.
  6. To turn off Safe mode, just press and hold the Power button and tap Restart option.

Boot LG G3/G2 into Download Mode

  1. Turn off your phone.
  2. Now press the Volume Up button.
  3. Keep Volume Up key pressed and connect your phone to computer using USB cable (use stock cable).
  4. Your LG G2/G3 will power up and it will boot into the Download Mode.
  5. You can release the Volume key now.
  6. Let your phone install device drivers on your computer. It might take a few minutes to install.
  7. To get out of the Download mode, just press and hold the Power button till you see the LG logo on the screen.

Boot LG G3 /G2 into Recovery Mode

  1. Turn off your device.
  2. Press and hold Volume Down and Power buttons together.
  3. As soon as the LG logo appears, release both buttons.
  4. Now hold the Volume Down and Power buttons again and keep them pressed until you see the hard reset screen.
  5. Press the Power button. You’ll see a message that doing so will reset your phone. Ignore it as it will not reset your device as long as you have a custom recovery installed on it. Just press the Power button again to confirm.
  6. Your LG G3/G2 will boot into TWRP/CWM recovery mode.

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  1. I have LG G2 D802. It has gone into safe mood and won’t come out. I have restarted numerous time with no luck. Please assist

  2. I have LG G2 D802. I am facing issue with my WiFi. Everytime i try to switch it on it says turning on wifi and it never does. The icon shows its trying to switch it on but nothing happens. Please help. Appreciate your time. Thanks.

  3. Someone tried rooting my phone for me. Root successful. They then installed TWRP and everything went wrong. Here’s the issue now: when I plug the charger in, I get a short vibration… and nothing more! Black screen, no logos, charging LED or anything. Trying to get this fixed. Its my only phone. Is there a way or am I out of luck?

  4. I now flashed another firmware, this time 32GB.. hoping that it might a atleast show full storage capacity.. But no, its still 10GB internal storage… can I recover my 16GB? is there any way? can anybody propose a solution?

  5. G2 is a hell… I would suggest every one to never buy this handset.. Yesterday I visited market to see if there is a cure available… And I found that they already had more than 15 sets with the same problem.. I went to a popular shop and said that I have a set, and its touch is not working properly since i changed the ROM.. the shopkeeper said which handset? G2? I asked how do know? he said its obvious! lol… Shame LG

  6. Rakesh please help… I downloaded the stock rom by verifying it with imei of my device.. its name was D80220C_00.kdz… i didnt know it could be 16GB rom… But it was.. so now I hav flashed 16gb rom on my 32gb device.. what should I do now… I think I messed up a lot… Is there any safe way out? please save my life!

  7. i give up:))
    he dont want to go in download mode
    the phone need to be rooted to install kdz lollipop stock?

  8. Hi, I just tested the method on my G3 and a friend’s G2 again and it works. You might be making some mistake. Try gain and again.

  9. help me please
    i have an lg g2 d802
    the phone is not rooted
    i want to install the latest android 5 via kdz files
    my problem is the phone who does not go in download mode
    i enable usb debugging and i turn off the phone and then i press the volume up button and connect to usb but he does not want to
    help pls

  10. Its not hard resetting… tried many timed… powered off and on holding power and volume buttons etc… followed everything written on this page… no reset option appears… it did appear yesterday when I tried that before I wiped it.

  11. Sorry for being such a dumb.. I am trying all this for the first time, and creating more trouble trying to fix it.. What should I do now?? 🙁
    touch was faulty in custom rom, so I started all this, and now I am like: Custom was much better than this stock… 🙁

  12. Darn it! Suddenly the Support tool got stuck at 99% (picture is attached)… but I didnt interfere the installation on device. It kept on installing, I waited for about 5 min and then It powered on… but its touch is not working at all… I tab at the center and it responses from a corner.. now I tried to enter the recovery mode by same method I used to do before wiping.. but its not working…. I think the TWRP recovery mode has been removed..

  13. Hey I tried something weird and it worked! In LG support tool it again gave the same error (remove battery etc),, i clicked the retry button and immediately pressed the power button.. while support tool was verifying windows OS, I again loaded the download mode by pressing volume+ key… And it worked the stock firm is being installed now… without even the USB debugging enabled..

  14. Since you phone doesn’t have external SD card slot, you can use USB OTG instead. Your G2 already has TWRP recovery (I guess), just copy the SuperSU zip and the custom ROM file on the OTG, plug it to your phone, boot into recovery mode and install the files. Flash SuperSU first so that your phone has root and then flash the ROM.

  15. USB OTG will make the USB drive appear as an SD card? Connecting through a USB OTG will boot the recovery mode right?

  16. when I try to restore to its stock by using LG drivers and LG Flash Tool on download mode.. an error shows up “sever unavailable.. disconnect usb and remove battery etc…”
    While the drivers were installing, I found that CDC serial driver failed to install… is it because USB debugging was not enabled? or should I try to find the driver??

  17. I dont think usb debugging was enabled before this happened, i disabled it in developers options… and its not turning off.. I keep the power button pressed, it turns off and then immediately turns back on automatically… cant save the power, I am keeping it on charger since this happened, so that its battery does not die.. but its heating up now

  18. Don’t worry. It’s not so serious a problem. Just do as I told you above. I have been through similar situation quite a few times.

  19. Look, if you want to restore to stock, follow thins guide: http://www.droidviews.com/how-to-restore-lg-g2-to-stock-firmware/

    However, before you attempt the guide, make sure that USB Debugging was enabled on your G2 before it got into bootloop.

    Since your device does have a microSD card, the easier solution is to get a USB OTG. It will work as an external flash drive for your phone. Copy the SuperSU and ROM file to it and then install both the files in TWRP.

  20. I now connected my phone to PC, pressed powered button again and then volume up key… it has now entered the download mode.. but its stuck at 0%… What now??

  21. but dear it does not support external SD card, its LG G2 D802… And How to enter TWRP? I am unable to enter into the recovery mode… when I press “power+volume down” button, it restarts, and then again LG logo appears, LED starts flashing (Changing colours).. Nothing else happens

  22. Shitt! please help i have done something bad 🙁
    In advance wipe I checked all boxes… when I reboot it said “seems like u do not have your device rooted, install superSU? I accepted to install then the device turned off.. and its not booting again :((

  23. MY lg g2 sprint ls980 bootloader not work my mobile not on bios deletes (Any

  24. Hi there. I brought my g2 to the service center and they said that there is a hardware problem. do you think it’s worth it to change the hardware or not? Please help me thanks.

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