The users of Android are entitled to a sense of adventure and freedom that comes after rooting the device and installing a custom recovery on it. If you have root access on your Android device, you can install apps that require root permission and thus tweak your device, customize it, get better battery life, remove bloat apps and so on. By installing a custom recovery, you can try a custom ROM and enjoy enhanced features on your device.

Having root access on an Android device and experimenting with root apps, custom mods and ROMs is really a pleasant thing. However, it’s also true that sometimes things might not turn up as expected and you might end up with a device that refuses to boot up. In such situations, restoring the stock firmware back might appear to be the only way to recover your phone. Installing the official firmware back might also prove to your last haven if you wish to unroot your phone and remove the CWM/TWRP recovery.

Restore LG G2 to Stock Firmware

If you own the LG G2 and want to restore it to stock firmware, our step-by-step tutorial will help you do that easily and safely. Below is the list of LG G2 variants models on which you can install the stock firmware using our installation guide. Before you proceed, please check your phone’s model by going to Settings> About> Model.

  • Open LG G2 D802
  • LG G2 D805 (Brazil, Mexico, Panama)
  • AT&T G2 D800
  • T-Mobile G2 D801
  • Sprint G2 LS980
  • Verizon G2 VS980
  • Korean LG G2 F320K
  • Korean LG G2 F320L
  • Korean G2 (SKT) F320S

Download LG G2 Stock Firmware (.KDZ)

XDA member hyelton has made a repository of  LG G2 stock firmwares. The firmwares bear .tot/.kdz extension. You can download the firmware for your LG G2 from the link below:

LG G2 D802 Firmwares: Click to Download  [Mirror Link]

AT&T LG G2 D800 Firmwares: Click to Download  [Mirror Link]

LG G2 D805 (Brazil, Mexico, Panama): Click to Download   [Mirror Link]

Sprint LG G2 LS980 Firmwares: Click to Download

T-Mobile G2 D801 Firmware: Click to Download

Verizon G2 VS980 Firmware: Click to Download

Korean LG G2 Firmwares: Click to Download  [Mirror Link]


The firmware installation procedure described below has been tested and found working successfully on LG G2, still, we do not warrant that it will work fine with all users. In many cases, users’ mistake lead to failure. Follow the tutorial at you own responsibility. Also, installing the stock firmware will wipe your phone’s data. Do not forget to backup the data first. Do not flash a 16GB firmware on 32GB model.

Before Installing Firmware, Must Backup EFS:

How to Backup and Restore EFS / IMEI on LG G2

Installing Stock Firmware on LG G2

Restore LG G2 to Stock Firmware (.KDZ Firmwares)

Method 1:

  1. Download the appropriate firmware file (link above) depending on the model number of your LG G2 and extract the ZIP (if applicable).
  2. Download and install LG USB Drivers on your computer: Download
  3. Make sure your phone has at least 70% battery juice.
  4. Enable USB Debugging on your device from Settings> Developers options. See detailed guide here.
  5. Download LG Flash Tool and other files:
  6. Extract the ZIP file and open the unzipped folder. It contains all necessary tools and files.
  7. Also, download this ZIP and extract it:
  8. Now open LGMOBILEAX folder and copy its contents to C:\ProgramData\ LGMOBILEAX on your computer. The path should be as shown in the picture below. If you get “Update R&D Tool” error later, delete the contents of C:\ProgramData\ LGMOBILEAX folder and copy the new files to this folder from LGMOBILEAX you downloaded at Step 7.LG-G2-Firmware-flash
  9. Go to C:\Windows/System32/drivers/etc folder.lg-g2-firmware-restore
  10. Now right click the hosts file and open it with WordPad or NotePad++ (I used the latter).
  11. Now add the following line at the end of the document: csmg.lgmobile.comrestore-lg-g2-firmware-1
  12. Save the changes and close the hosts file. If you are unable to edit the hosts file, do this: go to Notepad or Notepad++ program and open it as administrator on your computer, navigate to the hosts file, add at the end and save the changes.
  13. Open LG_KDZ_FW-Update_OfflineFix folder and install the msxml.exe file.
  14. Then open shttps folder and run http.
  15. Now start Windows Enabler and turn it on (system tray).
  16. Then launch UpTestEX_mod2_marwin.
  17. Now boot your LG G2 into Download Mode. To do this, turn off the phone, press and hold the Volume Up key and then plug the USB cable.
  18. As soon as your device get connected successfully LG R&D Test Tool will launch.lg-flash-tool-firmware-install
  19. Now click the folder icon at Select kdz file option and add the downloaded stock firmware with .KDZ extension.
  20. Then click the Normal web upgrade test button.
  21. You’ll see a new Read Phone Information popup window.
  22. Now click the Start Upgrade button.
  23. Just wait for a few seconds till you see another popup asking you to Select Country &
  24. Finally, click OK to proceed with firmware installation.lg-g2-firmware-installation-1
  25. When the firmware flashing is done and your G2 boots up, do not forget to perform a factory reset. To do it, press and hold the Volume Down+Power buttons until you see the phone’s screen.


Method 2:

Note: This method requires all preparations (till Step 17) and files mentioned in Method 1.

  1. Open LG_KDZ_FW-Update_OfflineFix folder.
  2. R&D Test Tool window will appear.
  3. Select the firmware file with .KDZ extension.
  4. Click the Normal web upgrade test button.
  5. Then click Start Upgrade.
  6. When you see select Select Country & Language popup, select a different country than Republic of Korea.
  7. Firmware flashing process will start.
  8. Wait till it completes. Done!

Done! Your LG G2 is now running the newly installed stock firmware. Enjoy!

Restoring Firmware on AT&T/Verizon/Sprint LG G2 (.TOT Firmwares)

If you own an AT&T or Sprint LG G2, here’s how you can install the stock firmware to your phone.

  1. Download LG Flash Tool setup file: Setup_LGFlashTool_1.8.1.1023.exe
  2. Download and install the LG USB Drivers and install on your computer: Download Here
  3. Also, download the firmware your device from above (extract it if it is a ZIP file):
    • AT&T LG G2 D800 users: Download the STOCK firmware and the DLL file both.
    • Sprint LG G2 D980 users: Download the ZIP file provided on the firmware page.
  4. Now run the Flash Tool setup file and install it. When it is installed, do not launch it.
  5. Enable USB Debugging on your device from Settings> Developers options. See detailed guide here.
  6. Now install the USB Drivers and reboot the computer. To ensure that the drivers have been installed correctly, put your device in Download Mode and then connect it to the PC. You can boot your device in Download Mode this way: Turn off the phone and press the Volume Up button while plugging the USB cable. In case, this method does not work, try the same procedure with holding the Volume Up and Down keys both.
  7. Then press Windows + X on your computer’s keyboard and select Device Manager. You should see LG phone listed under COM ports. Right-click LGE AndroidNet USB Serial Port (COM2)lg-usb-drivers Then select Properties> Advanced and change the COM port to COM41. Save the changes and exit.LG-USB-Driver-Installation
  8. When the device drivers have been set up, disconnect your LG G2.
  9. It’s time now to launch the LG Flash Tools, but before doing that—
    • Set your computer’s date to July 2012.
    • Disconnect internet connection.
    • Please note that the LG Flash Tools require a registration serial key to function. You can search the web to find a working serial key for the program.
  10. Open the LG Flash Tool and input the key.
  11. Now you’ll see a dialog box.
  12. Click on Add button on S/W field and load the firmware file with .TOT extension. Then click the  .DLL field and add the DLL file here.lg-flash-tool-1
  13. Click OK.
  14. Now click on the Yellow arrow button on the top left. Doing this initialize the installation process.
  15. When it is done, you’ll see Ready message.lg-flash-tool-2
  16. Unplug your phone now and boot it into Download Mode (see Step 5 above).lg-flash-tool-6
  17. As soon as your G2 is connected to PC via USB, it should start flashing the firmware automatically.

At the completion of the process, your AT&T/Sprint LG G2 will reboot automatically and it’ll be running the newly installed stock firmware. Enjoy!

Installing Firmware on Verizon LG G2 (.TOT)

  1. Download and install the LG USB Drivers on your PC: Download Here
  2. Also, install the LG Mobile Support Tool on your computer: B2CAppSetup.exe
  3. After installing the USB drivers, make sure it has been setup correctly by setting the COM port as COM41 in Windows Device manager. For detailed instructions, see the Step 6 and 7 given on the previous page of this tutorial in the AT&T and Sprint section.
  4. Enable USB Debugging on your device from Settings> Developers options. See detailed guide here.
  5. Download the firmware file for your Verizon LG G2 from the link above, or the latest 11A from here. Unzip the firmware.
  6. Download and install LG Flash Tool: Setup_LGFlashTool
  7. Download the DLL file: MegaLock.dll  [mirror link]
  8. When LG Flash Tool is installed, do not launch it.
  9. Extract and copy MegaLock.dll to C:\LG\LGFlashTool. Replace the old MegaLock.dll file if you have already installed LG Flash Tool on your computer.
  10. Now download LG Flash Device DLL file: LGVS980_20130902_LGFLASHv151.dll  [mirror link]
  11. When the firmware is downloaded, boot your LG G2 into Download Mode. To do this, press and hold the Volume Up key and then plug the USB cable.
  12. Launch LG Flash Tool.
  13. Connect your G2 to the computer via USB cable.
  14. You’ll see a window with Korean language, just click on OK.
  15. Check the Select Manual Mode on the top.
  16. Click the DLL box and choose the LGVS980_20130902_LGFLASHv151.dll.
  17. Click the S/W box and select the firmware file with .tot extension.
  18. Now click the Yellow arrow button on the top left of the main window.
  19. The firmware installation will be triggered.
  20. Ignore if you see any temporary error and just wait patiently till it is finished.
  21. Do not close the Flash Tool window.
  22. Disconnect USB cable and, turn off the phone and  boot it into Download Mode again by turning it on while plugging in the USB.
  23. Your LG G2 will restart showing firmware installation progress in percent (%).
  24. When all is done, reboot your phone and enjoy!

By the time you read these lines, you might have already restored your LG G2 to the stock firmware. How did the things go for you? Were they easy, or did you encounter issues? Do not forget to share with us. Cheers!

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  1. Question; what if I don’t see the LGMOBILEAX folder on my computer ? I see the one I downloaded, but not the one there, or am I supposed to move it to the ProgramData folder?

  2. I use autorec app to install recovery in my rooted lg g2 d802 but ihave whitelines scteen problem an i can boot my phone in bootloder or recovery any solution

  3. sir i download a rom for lg g2 d802
    made in korea
    but the rom was not supported
    i format the custom rom which was already installed
    and new downloaded rom was not not installed cx of corrupted file in them

    now when i turn it n
    just logo is displaying

    guide me what i should i do

  4. Hi Rakesh

    I use an LG G2 at&t unlocked version D800. I cant change the network type. Rooted nd checked. But no help. Can I flash the device to the D802 international version ?

  5. hello guys read your comments on lg g2 tutorials and I have a problem which I’ll wont you to assist me fix it. I installed autorec on my lg g2 d802 version just to have a custom recovery. after installing the apk file I was asked to reboot the phone into recovery and after that nothing appears on the screen. I only see lines , Cant turn to download mode . can anyone please help me fix this problem. I bought this phone some few weeks ago and It cant die on me just like that. someone help me fix this problem.

  6. after unzipp i get a TOT file but on that tool they need to use a KDZ file i am confused

  7. Is it possible to flash LS980ZVC firmwares using this tool sir, if any tutorial send me the link i need your help please.

  8. Help please i need any id and password to use on this lg flashing tool + registration key

  9. Hi lg flashing tool ask me id and password any one can help here please my ls980 is dead.

  10. 03:38:40 : Restart…..

    03:38:40 : Start Date : 2015-09-05 03:38:40

    03:38:40 : ———- QM Testmode ———

    03:38:40 : ***** Check Tool Version *****

    03:38:40 : Tool version :

    03:38:40 : UpgradeDLL version :

    03:38:40 : Current Dir : C:ProgramDataLGMOBILEAXB2C_Client

    03:38:40 : LGE USB Driver Version :

    03:38:40 : Android PDLV Version :

    03:38:40 : Android NDLV Version :

    03:38:40 : ******************************************

    03:38:40 : [C:ProgramDataLGMOBILEAXPhone] Try to delete folder

    03:38:40 : SetEmerModeAT()

    03:38:40 : *****CheckOS Start********

    03:38:40 : Microsoft_Windows7_Professional_

    03:38:40 : *****CheckPCSyncPrograms Start*****

    03:38:40 : PCSyncPrograms Not Found – OK and ready to upgrade

    03:38:40 : Verifying phone connection…

    03:38:40 : dwWaitResetTime(40000 ms)

    03:38:41 : _IsConnectedPhone Call

    03:38:52 : _IsConnectedPhone(2)

    03:38:52 : 0 – NotConnected.

    03:38:52 : 1 – Normal connect success

    03:38:52 : 2 – Emergency connect success

    03:38:52 : Phone Mode(2)

    03:38:52 : *****GetPhoneType Start*****

    03:38:52 : Phone Type : CDMA_2CHIP

    03:38:52 : *****GetPhoneBinaryVersion Start*****

    03:38:52 : Phone Bin Version : VS98024A_11

    03:38:52 : *****Get ESN / IMEI / MEID Start*****

    03:38:52 : ESN/IMEI/MEID : 990002597189412

    03:38:56 : Check Backup and Restore model

    03:38:56 : Skip Backup and Restore – Emergency mode

    03:38:56 : Phone type Compare start

    03:38:56 : *****CheckPCSyncPrograms Start*****

    03:38:57 : PCSyncPrograms Not Found – OK and ready to upgrade

    03:38:58 : ****************CheckAndDownload********************

    03:38:58 : Version :

    03:38:58 : ******Extract Start C:UsersSakkibbbDesktopVS98039A_05.kdz*****

    03:38:58 : Model Dll Dir(C:ProgramDataLGMOBILEAXPhone)

    03:38:58 : Check 2G-4G big size kdz file..

    03:38:58 : Extract 2G-4G big size kdz file..

    03:38:58 : NNNNN WDB FullPath(C:UsersSakkibbbDesktopVS98039A_05.kdz)

    03:38:58 : NNNNN Model dll FullPath(C:ProgramDataLGMOBILEAXPhoneLGUP_8974.dll)

    03:38:58 : Extract End C:UsersSakkibbbDesktopVS98039A_05.kdz

    03:38:58 : 01 Skip delete kdz 1.1 file…

    03:38:58 : ——————Model.dll Information——————-

    03:38:58 : Filename : LGUP_8974.dll

    03:38:58 : Version :

    03:38:58 : File size : 1568256

    03:38:58 : File date : 2015/09/05-03:38:58

    03:38:58 : PC Created date: 2015/09/05-03:38:58

    03:38:58 : ———————————————————-

    03:38:58 : *****Check LGCM Programs Start*****

    03:38:58 : LGCM Programs Not Found – OK and ready to upgrade

    03:38:58 : m_pLGCyonUpdate status change.

    03:38:58 : *****WorkModelDLL Start*****

    03:38:59 : strPhoneBinaryPath(C:UsersSakkibbbDesktopVS98039A_05.kdz)

    03:38:59 : strModuleDir(C:ProgramDataLGMOBILEAXPhone)

    03:38:59 : strModelDLLPath(C:ProgramDataLGMOBILEAXPhoneLGUP_8974.dll)

    03:38:59 : _DetachDLL Call

    03:39:04 : _DetachDLL Call End

    03:39:04 : Call fn_StartUpgrade

    03:39:04 : ********* 2Chip Model.dll input Parameter*************

    03:39:04 : MODEL_EVENT : 32769

    03:39:04 : PhoneBinaryPath : C:UsersSakkibbbDesktopVS98039A_05.kdz

    03:39:04 : ModuleDir : C:ProgramDataLGMOBILEAXPhone

    03:39:04 : BootWaitTime : 49500

    03:39:04 : UsbHighSpeed : FALSE

    03:39:04 : PhoneMode : 2

    03:39:04 : NewPhoneBinVersion : VS98039A_05

    03:39:04 : ClearSI : FALSE

    03:39:04 : AuthMark : 0

    03:39:04 : ********* 2Chip Model.dll input Parameter End*************

    03:39:07 : wParam : 20, lParam = 540

    03:39:07 : MODEL DLL Event : (20, 540)

    03:39:07 : Model File Count = 540

    03:39:07 : wParam : 100, lParam = 51

    03:39:07 : MODEL DLL Event : (100, 51)

    03:39:07 : Step : TYPE_WPARAM_UPGRADE_ERROR

    03:39:07 : CleanModelDll() : Free Model.dll

    03:39:07 : _DetachDLL Call

    03:39:12 : _DetachDLL Call End

    03:39:12 : Page_Error ºÎºÐÀÔ´Ï´Ù

    03:39:12 : ¿©±â´Â Retry ºÎºÐÀÔ´Ï´Ù

    03:39:31 : Page_Error ºÎºÐÀÔ´Ï´Ù

    03:39:31 : ¿©±â´Â Retry ºÎºÐÀÔ´Ï´Ù

    I got these error when i try to install stock firmware 39A

  11. How will I know which link is for the 32 gig phone or do I have to download all three from the links? I noticed that two of the files are about the same size.

  12. Hey guys , i have LG G2 D802 32GO made in korea , it was in 4.4.2 and i wanted to upgrade it to lollipop , so i started reading stuff online and i did something with the root , now its stuck in a fastboost mode , i tried to flash it with the download mode with LG FLASH TOOL and kdz folder but i got an error msg , the problem is i dont know which frimware to use because i dont know the location of my phone , i dont know if its europe or uk or .. , its been 2 weeks and i dont find any solution , help plz !!

  13. Previously I tried an earlier KitKat D80120A_00.kdz file, for one, since I wasn’t sure which to start with, and two, to get a proper OTA version of the latest.

    I just now tried using a different file, D80130b_00.kdz, one of the Lollipop versions, now it just sits at the LG screen and does nothing. No better or worse than before, but different.

    If it helps, I was previously Rooted, had TeamWin recovery. While doing the second install, it said Unrooted instead of the red Rooted text that was there during the first install in the Download Mode screen.

  14. Hello, I just tried your method, with a T-Mobile D801 LG G2. When I kept getting errors saying I needed to be running the B2C application, I tried running that B2CAppSetup.exe and it would just keep asking me to hit Continue to check internet connection, that’d do nothing and the window would come back.

    So I downloaded the new LG-Flash-Tool-2014 you suggested for somebody else, and when attempting to Start it no longer had that issue and it appeared to flash just fine.

    But now it just keeps boot looping, stuck at the T Mobile 4G LTE screen, makes the chime, then does it again.

    Please help, and thanks for the instructions!

  15. Hi,

    are you getting the OTA ?

    i’ve also roll back with tot method and it went to JB now in 1 phone i got OTA for kitkat but other phones is not getting any OTA instead it is throwing error stating unable to download this update..

  16. hi i go to c;winand sys32 and drive and ect there 4 file imhost and…….but there is no host file??
    plssss help me

  17. There’s a step missing in the Verizon TOT method. If at Step 19 the download doesn’t start, go into Windows Device Manager and change the phone’s COM port to COM41 to match the LG Flash Tool settings.

  18. I have a brazilian d805 and when I click in the “Start Upgrade” button, I get a message saying that the upgrade is already executing. I got this since the first try, I never got to the part of selecting your country.
    When I connect the cellphone in download mode, even without running the application my phone just goes straight to a firmware update screen, and stays stuck at 0% foverer (I never actually started the firmware upgrade)
    Has anyone seem this before? What can I do to make the upgrade go as intended? I can`t even start in recovery mode, restoring the firmware is my last option

  19. Hi Rakesh, Thanks for sharing the knowledge. I have a lg g2 ls 980, I installed cloudy 3.1 international model rom with the patch available. I tried to download the 3.2 rom now and it went to secure boot error. I tried to flash the ls980 kdz but its showing you have d802? any idea what to do .
    Or which kdz to flash as there are many with d802.

  20. I have a T-Mobile D801 model and I recently updated from KitKat to Lollipop, I was very displeased with the changes and am trying to revert to KitKat but I’m not experienced with phones and software so I need assistance

  21. Sir ,
    I have rooted lg g2 d800 at&t . I bought this from a shop, which is usually selling unlocked phones. After buying this phone my friends done factory data reset and now my phone is not accepting my bsnl sim.. i live in india…, so please help me about this

  22. hello!!! i am from pakistan and i m using LG G2 Ls 980 and still not get the lollipop update,,, software update cant show in my phone… plzz help me

  23. Please help
    i updated my g2(refurb.) to lollipop
    and it now has touch screen issues

  24. Hello to all.
    I am following the 1st method and I keep getting message that my phone is not connected…
    Any advice?

  25. i upgraded today my LG G2 d802b to lollipop using PC suite….fking touch is dead (dead spots+ i press back…some other button gets pressed) HELP ME PLZ …HELP !!

  26. my touch also broke the same way after udating. i downgraded the firmware but the problem continues and now it is not showing the imei , bseband , bluetooth address and other settings.

  27. Jani mjahy b kerna hai apni lg g2 sprint ko lollipop pe update kesy hoga agr tmhara hojaye mjhay b bataa dena

  28. Bro im living in pakistan having sprint running on kitkat4.4.2 im getting update of lollipop when im installing it its comes in half way and my phone restart and im still in kitkat how to update it to lollipop i need help

  29. I updated my phone via PC suite to lollipop that broke its touch and afterwards i came to know that it was d803 claro phone. I took it to local repair shop who installed claro rom in it.. It was working fine until i tried to instal recovery in it, phone got stuck in fastboot, i flashed laf.img of d803 and opened the download mode. Now i flashed kdz file of d803 claro JB using lg flash tool. on restart my phone is now in boot loop, screen shows claro logo and it restarts… kindly help me recover it… thanks in advance

  30. Thank you Rakesh, it worked. Could you please guide me how to install latest CWM for D802 (LG G2). I am unable to install Resurrection Remix ROM with TWRP, it goes to Boot Loop. Instruction says use CWM.

    Thanks in advance

  31. Dear Rajesh, could you please guide how to install twrp in G3 running in stock LP rooted.

  32. If I rooted and flashed back to stock JB can I then do OTA updates to get to kitkat. I have gone back from lollipop to JB but am not sure if I want to risk an OTA update try. Also it appears that flashing the JB (no custom recovery done) has unrooted the phone. I guess that is a sign I am on the stock ROM and as such OTA updates are an option? Thanks in advance. All new stuff to me.

  33. i have LS980 32gb model…. i want to update stock firmware… but it is not mentioned in the firmware file name that it is for 16gb or 32gb model…. Please i need your reply….

  34. Which tutorial should I follow if T-Mobile D801 isnt mentioned in any of these?
    Look at the title: “Restoring Firmware on AT&T/Verizon/Sprint LG G2 (.TOT)”
    See? no T-Mobile.
    Thanks for your response.

  35. Someone tried rooting my phone for me. Root successful. They then installed TWRP and everything went wrong. Here’s the issue now: when I plug the charger in, I get a short vibration… and nothing more! Black screen, no logos, charging LED or anything. Trying to get this fixed. Its my only phone. Am I out of luck?

  36. IT WORKED! Verizon LG G2 VS 980 on Windows 10 tech preview/release/whatever. nice. everything went perfectly for the TOT restore. Dont care how well the phone’s service is – its going back to the mother ship. F the G2 (or maybe i had a bad experience. whatever.)

  37. Hello,

    I previously flashed my LG G2 phone from 4G to 3G in order to use a carrier that required 3G. I have recently switched back to a 4G LTE carrier. My phone works with the new carrier but download and upload speeds are dragging (still on 3G). I am looking to get my phone back to previous 4G LTE speeds. Will the process above accomplish what I am trying to do or is there something else I should be doing to accomplish that?

  38. Hello,

    I previously flashed my LG G2 phone from 4G to 3G in order to use a carrier that required 3G. I have recently switched back to a 4G LTE carrier. My phone works with the new carrier but download and upload speeds are dragging (still on 3G). I am looking to get my phone back to previous 4G LTE speeds. Will the process above accomplish what I am trying to do or is there something else I should be doing to accomplish that?

  39. Hi, Please can someone help me. I have been trying this for days now and I’m stuck.
    When I try to flash the KDZ, the installation always stops at 2% and then goes to Upgrade stopped due to an error.
    I have tried re-installing drivers, re-downloading KDZ, nothing ever seems to fix this problem.
    I don’t think it is drivers because i can see the LGE Android Net USB port (which i have also set to port 41). I have also redownloaded the LG Flash tool tool, which doesn’t fix it.
    I have D802 model that I bought from 3 UK. I don’t know if I should flash the 3 KDZ or the H3G KDZ but I have been flashing the H3G because it is is smaller and i always have problems downloading the 3 KDZ
    I have windows 8.1, but I have been running compatibility for windows 7.
    Oh and another thing,
    unless I am seeing things, I have noticed that the number on the Firmware update screen keeps changing. I have seen it as B36, then B51 and now B53. Is that normal?

    Thank you very much in advance

  40. No solution found. Call waiting useless, unless the phone happens to be within my view when a call waiting call comes in and I see the screen light up. 4G inoperative. When sending pics, keyboard defaults to Korean, despite the fact that I have English entered as my primary language. Did another reset a couple of weeks ago, just for laughs. Once again, entered “English” as the default language. No changes…same issues. No option to adjust call waiting settings…can’t even see that screen. Some message has come up about certain settings only being adjustable when the phone is in Korea. Next time I’m in Korea (highly unlikely, LOL), I’ll make a note to myself to adjust them.

  41. I dont know witch firmware to dowload since i dont know wich one will work whit mine it is a LG G2 LS980ZVE and in the downloads for Sprint there is not a LS980ZVE

  42. OK, and next question.. Why I cant get into download mode? I did the exact thing you have descrived there and I just see battery charge icon… also tryed to call command: adb download …and it just rebooted my phone.. PLS help me

  43. I have 32GB Lg G2 and probably I have Taiwan Rom. If I flash German or our country’s Rom do I have any problem?

  44. Hey guys, I guess my G2’s Rom is Taiwan Rom. I have 32GB G2 but when click the link I can not load the page and when I click “click to donwload” link, I can not understand which one of them is for 32GB versions. Thanks…

  45. Hi frends
    First time unbrick all lg model 
    Lg g.g2.g3.gpro.gpro2.gflex.vu2.vu3.nexus5.and other
    you bricked your lg phone by flashing wrong rom or custom rom or wrong recovery or anything
    And facing issue like
    No download mode
    No recovery mode
    No fastboot mode
    Stuck in fastboot mode
    Stuck lg logo
    No pc detect
    Recognised as qhsusb bulk
    Stuck in qhsusb 9006 and 9008
    Lots of drive pop up when connected to pc
    Boot security error
    Kernel crash.
    Touch scree issue after upgrade.

    Email me with a brief details of your problem and your model no.
    Email :[email protected]
    If you did not get any response from email
    Then you can personally msg me
    +918826464868 ( whats app and other social app)
    Or you can catch me on fb
    Or g+

    I will try my 100000% to unbrick your phone.

    So dont worry.and just relax

    If needed then i will unbrick through team viewer by remotely accesing your pc.

  46. There are various online service providers that can SIM-Unlock your device. Just google for them and you would find one.

    You made a mistake by purchasing the AT&T variant for using in India.

  47. Than, what is the procedure to unlock properly as my phone shows permanently locked status.

  48. Hi Deepak, sorry for the late reply. You are having network issues on your phone because it has not been unlocked properly. I used to have a Verizon S3 and had similar problems will all networks except Vodafone.

  49. Dear I bought a new (slightly used) G2 D802 32GB.. ZNFD802 Made in Korea is written on its back.. But LG D800 is found written in Settings>about phone>hardware information>model.. CloudyG3 2.0 was pre-installed in it.. I want to restore it back to its original software because its touch is not working properly.. there is an area on display where touch data is void.. I drew lines in quickMemo app for an illustration, as shown in attached pics.. there is no option for updating software and resetting does not work. So please tell me which firmware should I install.. I am new to all this rooting etc..

  50. When I press the “Normal web upgrade test” button and then “upgrade start” there appears no “select country and Language”. Then LG Mobile Support tool opens and thats it… nothing is happening… Can anyone say me what am I doing wrong? (sorry for bad english…not native)

  51. having same problem how can i find which one frimware suit me as i update it .now touch panell is not working properly

  52. Dear Rakesh, you have not reply yet, Please say something regarding my problem as mentioned earlier.

  53. I have a Korean LG G2/F320L running on T-Mobile. I purchased it from Korea so the battery would be replaceable when its life eventually reduced, instead of having to buy a new phone. Several issues have bothered me since I purchased it:

    1) 4G has NEVER worked. It is always 3G. I am guessing that perhaps the Korean settings do not allow 4G, yet the phone itself should be capable of delivering that speed. T-Mobile delivers that speed to friends’ phones while mine never works faster than 3G.

    2) While talking on phone, call waiting only lights up the screen. No audible alert tone plays. So if I am on a call, I hear nothing. It used to work when I first got it but stopped after the first update. So unless I happen to be using my bluetooth AND the phone is sitting in front of me so I can see the screen light up, I do not know when an incoming call comes in. There are no accessible settings to adjust call waiting on or off.

    3) When sharing a photo, the keyboard defaults to Korean, even though I have chosen English in my settings. Each time I send a photo, I have to click “keyboard settings” and choose English when the keyboard screen pops up.

    4) All of the settings/programs work as if I am a Korean user, roaming in the USA (which is normal, of course, since it is a Korean phone). I tried purchasing a SIM card for another country (which another user recommended). He said that would allow me to enter the menu for roaming settings and reset them. I was still unable to access them (grayed out).

    My question: Is it possible to install the USA/T-Mobile software file that is linked above on this Korean unit? Will overwrite everything and totally reset the phone as if it is a generic factory unit, working as a USA-based phone, AND WILL ALL Korean software and settings will be erased? I noted in the steps above that there is one screen where the user is asked to select their country and language. I am just uncertain whether the reset software above overwrites everything and treats the unit as if it just came off the manufacturing line. I assume the T-Mobile software version comes with the standard T-Mobile custom programs they have chosen? My phone has Korean software programs that come loaded with the Korean setup. I am hoping all of those will go away and be replaced by the T-Mobile programs?

    I would be greatly indebted to you if you are able to provide answers to these questions.

    Thank you!


  54. I have Cloudy G3 rom on my VS980, but i want to go back to kitkat.
    Is that firmware here for 32GB version? And after i restore the stock rom will i still have the root or will i have to root it again?

  55. hello
    I have bricked lg g2 mini d620r . I need DLL and TOT file for it.
    so Plz Plz Plz help me!!!!

  56. i have lg g2 D800 unlocked At&t mobile in india & i am facing low network strength problem while using on airtel or any network. can you give any suggestion to rectify this problem.

  57. Hi, if you do not see 2G option under network settings, it might have been disabled by your carrier. You should contact AT&T.

  58. Can you guide me step by step bro how can i flash firmware manually + do i have to download D80220b first?

  59. at the back cover it says LS 980 but the phone was showing it as D 802 ABOUT PHONE ( im sure its a refurbished set / had no idea before ) , before upgrading it had D80220C , D80220b was installed on it , any solution [ hard reset isnt working either ] sorry for my bad english 🙁 ?

  60. Hi bro, i was trying to upgrade my firmware via LG PC Suite and it upgraded my firmware to
    D80220C on my LG_LS980 now im stuck at LG boot screen 🙁 ( light keeps blinking ), cantdo anything, pleaseeeeeeeeeeee help ASAP!!! 🙁

  61. Dear Mr. Rakesh, please help me on this. Right now my network is on 4G and I want to change it to 2G.
    Manual network selection never works, it automatically switches to WCDMA network.

    Please reply


  62. hi,Rakesh. i tried flashing my sprint ls 980 to stock jelly bean but the method 2 at the end says download failed USB port open fail etc.. And my media system just stopped working all together. The mic, speaker, and anything with media player stopped working.(EX: if i try to play YouTube videos, the phone just crashes and gets stuck in a boot loop.) And if i turn my volume all the way down, my phone crashes and also gets stuck in a boot loop . Would really appreciate it if you can help.

  63. hi,
    I have unlocked LG G2 D800 AT&T.
    I want to change the network signal to 2G but there is no Network mode setting in MOBILE NETWORK.
    If I install stock firmware, will I change network mode setting and do I again need to unlock my mobile?
    If again unlock then how to unlock.

    Please reply.

  64. method 3 is for tot file only right?since i downloaded .kdz file i should follow only method one is there anythng i need to add?

  65. is there any risk on doing so?the firmware was released on 2015 right now i am in step 16 of method one

  66. hello sir is method one applicaple for flashing stock rom on verizon lg g2?the firmware version is vs98027A_05.kdz please its urgent

  67. Thank you sir. i would be most grateful to have the link to JB for SA too. Or EUR. 32GB.

    Thanks, as I eagerly await thy reply. 🙂

  68. Please is this JB or KK? I would be grateful to have both links as it would enable me to download an use in future. Thanks again bro.

  69. Hi Rakesh,
    I need a bit of a technical info. I bought my phone from Saudi Arabia but I will be relocating permanently to Nigeria. I would like you to tell me the best possible firmwares to download for that region as I cant find any. You won’t be blamed for any issues as I understand the risks involved.

  70. never do that, and if you have already did it then, search for ” If flashed LG G2 D802 rom on D800/similar OR no recovery, no download, no fastboot abhiarch” on xda forum

  71. search for ” If flashed LG G2 D802 rom on D800/similar OR no recovery, no download, no fastboot abhiarch” on xda. forum

  72. search for ” If flashed LG G2 D802 rom on D800/similar OR no recovery, no download, no fastboot abhiarch” on xda.

  73. search for ” If flashed LG G2 D802 rom on D800/similar OR no recovery, no download, no fastboot ” on xda.

  74. Hi Rakesh!
    I have d800 at&t 32gb send to Poland from Singapur…and i wonder can i unbrand that and flash d802 firmware. If not what is the solutions to have regular lg firmware?

  75. Hey man, Thanks for the instruction. But around step 22. once I click start upgrade it says “check your internet connection and retry”. I tried several times but still cant manage to get it work.

    Do you ever have a case like this?

    FYI. I plan to unroot from Cloudy G3 Rom

  76. Thank you alot man. Just last question.. I will install europe open 32gb firmware then unroot it. no problem then right?? Thank you very much for your help

  77. I’ve looked at ALL the questions but i cannot find where to fix this problem. Lg mobile support tool stops at 9% and shows me this. I did everything from “Restore lg. to stock firmware (.kdz) Method 1 ” 🙁

  78. @Rakesh Thanks for the links! Btw, i have one question i can’t flash stock firmware properly using LG flashtool because software updates stops at 2% only and its not moving after a seconds a message came out “update error” comes out. I installed the latest drivers. What should i do?

  79. Please any link for United Arab Emirates 32gb jellybean? or Europe Open 32gb jellybean? Thanks!

  80. ok Thanks again buddy. Another thing, what is supersu .. and it have the full unroot option. what should i do about it. Leave it or unroot through it

  81. yes, i have found one solution for misbehaving touch, but still i am not able to go back to at&t , you might also have tried it but.., i used one windows application to operate my phone, so as i can now operate the phone using my windows laptop, i m trying to install custom recovery and custom firmwares, but due to some problem its not happening, you can also try it, might help you.. the name of the windows application is.”MyMobiler”. and then after installing it, i installed ROM MANAGER from Playstore on my mobile, to download and install custom recovery. pls try and let me know if it works for you, thanks.

  82. I’m from Pakistan. Recently, I found a Supersu option in my device. I think it is some kind of root mode or whatever. It have the option of full unroot. but I’m to hesitate to do that. Cause I’m simply scared that phone might brick or damage made to my phone.

  83. Hey, Thank you my friend for the prompt reply. but I don’t know which country of my phone is. So, how can we know about it. Also, I heard LG PC Suite can be use to unroot and bring back to stock firmware. Thank you for your help.

  84. yeah…i hav shown my handset at LG service centre only…actually just after a week of buy date, handset screen started shivering / flickering and some portion of touch started malfunctioning so i update its firmware using LG software tool downloaded from lg india website….after which handset is not detecting any sim, also its touch is calibration is lost….plz advice me if you got any economical solution for this rather than changing the mother board and the display….thanks….

  85. Hi Rakesh!
    It’s amazing how you’ve helped the people in this comments and with your guide so far. I now hope you, or someone else, have some spare time to help me aswell.
    So first, a little history:). I have a LGG2 d802 bought in Sweden. I rooted, TWRPed and CM11ed and it worked like a charm. I’m now selling it to a friend because I got another phone so I need to get it back to stock.
    The problem I have right now is that I used your guide to revert to stock and everything seemed to work just fine but when I got to #25 in method 1 my phone started to bootloop. I also can’t hard reset it because when I try the volume down+power button trick(and variations of it) nothing happens. It just keeps bootlooping. I’ve tried mutliple kdz but nothing helps. What should I do? Still shows up as rooted when I go into download mode.

  86. Hi, I have a g2 d802 32gb ,I can put any firmware to d802 of 32gb ? and the “Europe open” is of 32 gb? because a had a problem, I bought to china , and when I update the phone from “lg pc suite” after it stays in lg logo and never turn on

  87. first, thanks for reply, just wanted to know.. is your service centre person is from LG? also, when did your touch screen started misbehaving.. i mean, just after flashing indian firmware or was it started malfunctioning some other time?

  88. not yet…service centre person told to replace motherboard and display both costing around 70% of the original phone cost…so i m in dilemma…not decided yet…if u got any solution…plz let me know

  89. Rakesh, thank you so very much. This is awesome. I am using this to bring my lg g pad 8.3 back to stock. however at a certain point the “uptest MFC application” stops working. in the program details it says “fault module name ” stack hash _5861 and in the R_D tool GUI it lists an “extract file error:”. help?

  90. The file http should be an application however my anti virus detects it as a trojan virus and from what the wiki’s say it doesn’t sound very nice so becareful

  91. Hey Rakesh,

    They are such simple instructions that I really appreciate this.
    But I’m having a problem on step 14 for method 1. When I go to open the shttps and run the http file my computer can’t find a program to open it with. Is there something specific I should be using to run it? It shows the http file as a .cfg file. Also for the next step, I’m not finding a Windows Enabler on my tray.

  92. Hello Ravikant,
    i am also facing same issue.. can you please help.?
    did you find any way to going back to at&t stock..?

  93. hi Rakesh,

    i am in a big problem, please help..
    i have lg g2
    d800 at&t and i was trying to unlock it so that i can use it in India, but no trick worked out, so i decided to flash it.. and i dint
    read carefully the instructions, and i mistakenly flashed stock ROM Indian
    version on my device, and now the touch screen is not working properly,
    and i am unable to go back to at&t using any of the methods given
    above by you. can you please help me by suggesting what to do..

    thanks and regards.
    Abhishek Sharma

  94. Not yet Gregor…but I hav shown my mobile in LG service centre…they were telling to change the mother board and display costing arount 60% of the new lg g2 handset…Now I m thinking to show in other city lg service centres too…before finally changing the mother board and display…if have got any economical solution please let me know…

  95. i am talk for the admin this site: i am have root ok i am talking with Technician and he say if you install origenal firmware you are get back the update with the sitting this is a realy origenal and ofiical firmware you are get this in original site if yes i am buy my phone in israel and i am live in israel and i am have 32 gb give me a site for this please i am need to Pay this original

  96. Here’s saying a very big “THANK YOU” to Rakesh- the selfless man who sacrifices his spare time to answer every post and solve every mystery (or misery) within his capability.

  97. Hello Rakesh,
    Thank you again. I have been extremely busy and haven’t been able to install the KDZ. I wish to do so now and I just want to be doubly sure the UAE kdz link is for a 32GB version.
    I’ll be most grateful for a reply.
    Thanks again.

  98. please i have lg g2 d802 and i used stock fw 80220c 4.4.2 it is work fine but the touch laged some times when scroll in music item but when exit from music and returne work fine please help me

  99. I have a Koran version, latest updated LG SOftware Toolkit. When i select the country & the language, the lG Software update thing starts up. The OS installs fails & it shows this error. Can somebody help. I have tried all possible ways, explained on all most 5 websites. Please help me out, i want to roll back to stock. The LG software updates keep popping up on my phone & it automatically starts after sometime you ignore thm. I just want to go back to stock and want to use the phone normally. please help.

    Should i re-download the stock ROM.


    19:29:31 : Model File Count = 540
    19:29:31 : wParam : 100, lParam = 51
    19:29:31 : MODEL DLL Event : (100, 51)
    19:29:31 : Step : TYPE_WPARAM_UPGRADE_ERROR
    19:29:31 : CleanModelDll() : Free Model.dll
    19:29:31 : _DetachDLL Call
    19:29:36 : _DetachDLL Call End
    19:29:36 : Page_Error ºÎºÐÀÔ´Ï´Ù
    19:29:36 : ¿©±â´Â Retry ºÎºÐÀÔ´Ï´Ù

  100. Hello Ravikant ,

    I have the same issue like 2 weeks and i cannot find fix , did you get your phone working ?

  101. i have lg g2 d802 and i was update my lg g2 d802 on (d80220h) version then sir my touch is misbehaving i mean touch not working perfection or sim not provide the service. what can i do for this problem solve please tell me rakesh sir. reply me please

  102. Hi. The phone is stuck on 0% during download mode. Is this something else I should try outside of changing the cable?

  103. Hi!!
    I need your help.
    After step 22 I get a message which says:
    “Please install csmg B2C client Tool. Select tool -> B2C Client setup menu”
    Please advise me how to overcome this problem.
    Thank you

  104. Same issue my g2 is not detecting any sim, displaying service disabled and also imei number is showing unknown / null

  105. touch is misbehaving…not detecting any sim…displaying “service disabled” message on the screen…plz guide me wht is the correct software for my lg d802 set…

  106. First of all, you might get error while installation. However, even if you get past that stage, you device ID might be changed you will get error while installing firmwares after that. Then you might also encounter network and other issues.

  107. I have LG D802 FCC ID ZNFD802 MADE IN KOREA. I have update this with Indian firmware. Now its malfunctioning. Pls let me know which firmware should i install ?

  108. actually seems to have worked so far!!!! it no longer says “ROOTED” when i go into download mode!!!

  109. hi, please help me, i can`t get the R&D Tool to work and i can`t get my phone booted. please help me to recover my phone, and please tell me if i my d802 kdz is good for me. G2 D802 16GB Unlocked Romania and i have downloaded D80220D_00.kdz ? thx

  110. Thanks bro. I knew you must have been busy. I’ll download it straight away and keep you posted. Again thanks.

  111. Hmm, then you should either try to switch to the carrier that works fine for you, or experiment with a different stock firmware.

  112. i tried with another carrier that uses 3g on 1900 mhz and worked good, but i can’t use 900 mhz or 1800 mhz band…

  113. Hi, right now i’m in Venezuela, the phone company use 900 mhz for 2g and 3g or hsdpa and 1800 mhz for Lte but the phone only get 2g/edge. I didn’t flash the firmware, that one came with the phone i bought it on amazon…

  114. Can anyone help me? I have an LG g2 d802 in software version says d80220b, my carrier works with 2g and 3g on 900 mhz and LTE on 1800 mhz but after configure the apn settings the phone only connect to 2g/edge network… No 3g or LTE… I selected wcdma prefered but nothing happened it continues on edge connection… I used my brother’s simcard (another phone company) that works 3g on 1800 mhz, installed and worked without problems and i dont know why …. My phone description says that works hspda on 900 mhz and LTE on 1800 mhz … i’ve heard in another forum that maybe my phone have an Asian version of the software, but how can i check that? … Help me please i’m tired of 2g/edge connection 🙁 …

  115. Thank you. I have used UAE kitkat firmware before and it worked just fine. I guess the JB 4.2.2 will be too.
    So, the UAE firmware is welcome. Thank you again

  116. Hi, I looked for the stock ROM for Saudi Arabia a lot but did not find any. I can give you the firmware for UAE though.

  117. Dear Rakesh,
    I’m new here and I have read through lots of posts here; it’s nice to know the world still has selfless people like you.
    I wouldn’t have posted any question if I had found my answers in the thread. Please I need alink to the JELLYBEAN FIRMWARE for LG G2 D802. I bought mine in Saudi Arabia.
    I’ll look forward to your reply.

  118. The LTE option should be present on the device under Settings> Mobile networks. If it is not present there, try to enable it manually.

    Do this:

    1. Open the phone’s dialer and type 3845#*802# to enter Service menu
    2. Go to LTE-Only
    3. Modem Settings
    4. RAT Selection
    5. Select GSM / WCDMA / LTE auto

    Reboot the device. Try and let me know.

  119. i fix the apn. i add manually the apn on my network but there’s no lte in the option only GSM/WCDMA do i need to inster lte sim for able to make lte in option?

  120. hi . after returning to stock rom. i cant use my data connection anymore. no apn settings i duno why, please help me. thanks. my g2 is d802

  121. Hi Mr. Rakesh, What is different between LS980ZVE, LS980ZVC, ZVA and ZV8? Plz reply me with full details. Thanks.

  122. my g2 is not getting recognised by my pc.. the lg flash tool gets stuck at 15% and says to connect the cellphone… i changed the COM to 41.. still no response.. plzz help

  123. This was honestly the hardest process ever. I was trying to restore a Verizon LG G2 to original firmware using the tot method. Once you get the files it easy but there are so many files and they are hard to find. All in all great guide just really annoying to restore this phone

  124. i did everything and then iam on step 22, it says check out internet connection. that is not right?

  125. When I click on “Read Phone Information” the R&D Test Tool program crashes. So I tried running the automatic offline procedure but that gives an error when I try to run it: Permission denied


  126. Guys my LG G2 D802 is soft bricked. I successfully installed CloudyG3 ROM but I was stupid enough to wipe the internal storage after… And now all I’ve got is a plastic useless thing.. I’ve been trying to fix it for 2 days now. My problem is that when I reach step 21 in the KDZ method, the program crashes. I tried to omit this step and install the KDZ file but after a while I get a message ” Extract file error “.


  127. Do you have any recommendations? My Lte only works when I put it on from the hidden menu. There isnt an Lte option in the network settings. Also, when I do a backup and restore, the language is in an asian language.
    Thanks for the reply Rakesh

  128. I have the same issue on my LG G2 D802 unlocked phone. The Access Point Names is missing from the settings menu so I can’t set up a data connection in the usual way. Was it an easy fix?

  129. All went well..and I successfully restored my phone to Stock firmware. But one thing that I can’t understand is why it said ‘opening USB fail’ (highlighted in red) in the lg flash tool?? Even though the firmware is installed and the phone is working correctly..

  130. Just download the firmware and install it. I have no idea about what model it is for but it should work fine. I have tried installing a 16GB firmware on my 32GB G2 and all went fine.

  131. pls help me. which version i should use. i have lg g2 d802 unlocked from sweden. 32 gb. but there says no 32 or 16 gb

  132. Question, you mention not to flash a 16gb onto a 32gb model, what would happen if you flashed a 32gb onto a 16gb model?

  133. Hello i bought from another person my lg g2 16gb and it is flagged as ROOTED although it isnt now..I found that the other guy rooted the phone when it was at 4.2.2 (he sold it to me at 4.4.2).So i have to flash the stock 4.2.2 firmware and then ota update to 4.4.2 for the warranty.The thing is that i dont know what is the right 4.2.2 firmware..The firmware i have now is D80220C_00.kdz portugal’s MEO/TMN…I can send you my imei to check.What can i do know?i must flash any location’s firmware?portugal only?any open?pls help thank you

  134. Thankyou Javed. Since, my mobile data is not working, I cannot use WhatsApp. l will call you today. I am from Jammu and Kashmir.

  135. Hi Kumar,

    I can help you with getting the Mobile Data connection up and running on the Sprint LG me on +91-9611805888 (Whatsapp), Am located in Bangalore..where are you from??


  136. Hi, I need urgent help. I am in Ghana (West Africa) and I’m using an unlocked AT&T version of LG G2 (D800) with software version D80010q. It has android version 4.2.2. I would love to upgrade to the android Kitkat . Is it possible to use these firmwares and which one should I use ?

  137. i dont know my model whether it is international d802 or indian d802.. which firmware i should flash ? can i flash an indian 32gb firmware? iam from india and i use an lg g2 32gb version

  138. Any chance you can point me in a direction to unlock a US Sprint LG g Flex LS995zv7? Thanks!!

  139. is this 32GB firmware? because i have 32gb lg g2 right now.. and what type im going to use CDMA or 3GQCT? because i want to put back my lg warranty.. thanks!

  140. How many GB memory is Europe Open firmware? i have lg g2 d802 international version, which firmware im going to use? thanks!

  141. thanks bro this worked with my Wind mobile canada… i just was only getting problems because i was trying to load wrong .kdz image for my phone but everything else worked as explained here
    thanks again 🙂

  142. Hi Rakesh
    i downloaded the official firmware for lg g2 D802 32 GB from lg website and i flashed it successfully but ,observed three changes
    1:) Unable to go In Hard Reset Mode By Pressing Power+Volume Down Button.
    2:) When I connected My Device in Download Mode its showing “ROOTED”.
    3;) when i go to system setting>About Phone>Status : 1:)My Phone Number 2:) IME XXXXX 3:)IMEI SV 00 ,wht is IMEI SV 00 means,Please help me BRO.

  143. Ty for ur reply 🙂 i really appreciate your help i will try this firmware and i will tell u the result i wish it remove rooted from download mod it would be great favor 🙂

  144. Rakesh please if u won’t help me just say it but don’t ignore i really need ur help if u don’t want to talk just give me the firmware which fit my mobile the stock one which can make it unrooted in download mod

  145. i have already made hard reset and factory reset i still get rooted in download mod and in Settings > About phone > Software info > i see KK 4.2.2 i don’t care about which software i just want to unroot it again to get bk my warranty

    Could i have your email to chat with u a little please 😕

    could u choose a firmware for me which fit my mobile and won’t give me rooted in download mod ?

    i can give u all info which u need and i can give u images of my mobile

    Sorry for annoyance but it is so urgent i have to get ride of this Rooted
    Thank you Rakesh and really sorry for annoyance

  146. Thank you very much, I managed the backup EFS but also downgrade to 4.2.2 using your instructions.

    Unfortunately I still have the “SIM card removed – The mobile network will be unavailable until you restart with a valid SIM card inserted”.
    Do you have any idea if I can also downgrade the baseband to match the 4.2.2 downgrade ? It currently has M8974A-AAAANAZM-1.0.190036.
    It is my last possible idea to make the error go away considering that throughout my reads about the “SIM card removed” everybody says that it occurred after the 4.3 update so on a clean 4.2.2 with stock baseband it should be safe.
    Thanks again Rakesh.

  147. yup i did i reboot it manually and i joined download mod i found it Rooted with red Font , and the software still kitkat although the stock wasn’t kitkat 4.2.2

  148. First of all you should not share your phone’s IMEI on public forums.

    If you have already flashed the firmware and it was successful. Did you try reboot your device manually?

  149. Hello , Ty for ur reply 🙂
    But i have already flashed a firmware using ur 17 steps and it is still rooted in download mod and still got kitkat 4.2.2 although i didn’t get any errors and the process full completed . i downloaded the firmware which i flash from LG website.
    IF u could give me a link of a firmware which fit my mobile it would be a great favor 🙂
    LG G2 D802 , i bought it from Egypt , it is made in Korea its
    IMEI 358635-05-982382-4

    S/N: 405KPRW982382

    Thanks Rakesh i really appreciate ur help and that would help me so much 🙂

  150. Hello Rakesh Ty For ur topic it is really helpful
    but i did all of that and the process is complete but i still can find rooted in the Download mod ?
    is there a solution to get unrooted bk again ?


    please pm me on FB : [email protected] (Mohamed Amer)

  151. I am from Romania, bought it from here. It is made for Hungary, it says on the box…. Made in Korea.

  152. It is not SIM unlocked, it is Permanently Locked to it’s native network (I don’t know which that is). Do you know how I can repair the recovery mode ? I cannot save the EFS and I don’t want to brick it…. It is D802

  153. A bit complicated!!! Have you tried flashing the stock firmware?

    Yes, you can flash that firmware if your device is SIM unlocked as you said and if your phone is D802.

  154. Hi Rakesh. I have more than 1 problem with my G2. Let’s start from the top:

    1. Bought it second hand and did not check it, it says: The phone is permanently locked and cannot be unlocked.

    2. After a few hours I got the message “SIM card removed – The mobile network will be unavailable until you restart with a valid SIM card inserted”. It repeats many times a day. From what i saw it is a problem on more devices (samsung and htc also).

    3. I cannot get into recovery mode. At first even download mode did not work but i took it to a friend that has Octopus Box and he repaired the security, flashed it again to 4.4.2 D version and unlocked it by software again but the valid sim message remained. Download mode now works.

    4. From what i researched i want to get it back to 4.2.2 but cannot find a proper stock image (can I use the image posted by you down in the comments for India version ?), but also still cant get into recovery mode to save the EFS

    Thank you!

  155. I have the KOT49I.D80220c running the D80220c-AME-XX. Its a 32GB probably from Korea. I want to install a Europe or German Firmware, which should I pick? can I install for the D80220D?

  156. can u tell me how to do that? phone is not turning on, i can only open the bios via “volume down + switch key”.

  157. Hi Rakesh, doesn’t have ‘Phone’ folder when extracted? Anything mssing?

  158. i don’t know how to write on phones memory the new ROM, because it’s not turning on fully, have you any idea how can I open the phone storage to write new ROM?

  159. yes, but when i set up backup, it is not working, the phone is turning on, but not fully, it freezes on the yellow “sprint” picture 🙁
    have u any idea what i can do? :S

  160. You can try a data factory reset and then configuring the APN (Access point names) for the network operator you are using. Open Settings> Tethering and networks> Mobile networks> Access point names. If you don’t know about the configuration, you should contact your operator to send you the settings.

    If the above tip does not work, download and install this UK (Open) firmware:

  161. Hi Rakesh, I live in the UK and bought an overseas version of the LG G2 D802 32gb. It won’t pick up any ‘Internet’ signal on 3g or 4g etc, but will still make calls and texts. Is there an install or mod that I can do to fix this?
    Thanks a million

  162. how can i open lg G2 sprint phone internal storage on PC when phone is off or when phone is on and opened only rooted bios… i make backup, then rooted, than writted on the internal storage cyanogenmod, but it didn’t installed, than i make backup but phone is not turning on fully…

  163. Rakesh, My phone won’t connect to the LG User support tool. Keeps on giving out the message “Waiting for connection” Install USB driver. All the drivers are properly installed. Any fix? Until the phone connects via the USB, there’s no way I can restore stock firmware.

  164. I have a Sprint LS980ZVD, I want to downgrade to 4.2.2 in order to make the sim hack. Once I do the hack, will it still work if I want to update the phone to Kit Kat? or will I not be able to update my phone to kit kat?

  165. rakesh i am from hyderabad i need your help my lg g2 d802 got stuck in firmware update screen while doing this.

    it shows following error

    r&d tool:1)please update r&d tool

    2)please enter version

    3)please select model.

    please help me man i am stuck on this screen for past 6hrs.

  166. Sprint, United States. using 8.1
    the phone, when plugged in, shows up under ‘portable devices’ instead of under Port; how do I change it if this happens?

  167. When i skip the switching ports part and continue one with using LG Flash Tool, after loading the tot file, I load the dll file and it tells me I have the wrong dll (on window 7) it didn’t do it on windows 8.
    on windows 8, it tells me to wait after loading dll and tot file and never shows me the yellow ‘ready’ sign

  168. As you can see, we have attached actual screenshots taken on Win 8 machine. What happens when you try to flash the firmware without switching the Ports.

  169. Sprint, United States.
    the port doesn’t show up on both windows 8 and 7?? what should i do about it? I’ve tried multiple versions of the drivers and I’ve reboots every time.

  170. Hi Rakesh,

    Thank you first of all for your guide! However, i’m stuck with the rooted issue in download mode after flashing the stock firmware. I’ve read on XDA somewhere that this issue can be overcome by flashing jelly bean prior to the OTA update to kitkat. Now i would like to know if you have a link to a stock firmware kdz for an: Open LG G2 country: The Netherlands.

    Hoping to hear from you:)

    Sincerely GB

  171. Hi,
    Appreciate your work. I used this site earlier to update my LG G2 VS980 Verizon from Android 4.2.2 to Android 4.4.2. I want to downgrade to Jellybean now. I can`t find KDZ files anywhere for JB. Is there anywhere that i can find them? TIA.

  172. Hi Rakesh
    I have a South African LG g2 d802. Got stuck in a boot loop and used your guide to successfully install the open Europe d802 firmware. Works fine except I have no recovery. Not even stock. Therefore cant boot into recovery to root phone and install twrp and load my nandroid backup. Any ideas?

  173. Thank you so much!
    Should i follow the same steps as mentioned above ??
    Right now i’m on stock 4.4.2 rooted with twrp recovery on my Indian D802 32 GB

  174. There is no way to downgrade to 4.2.2 for LG G2…There are various websites pointing to the same storagecow site for downloads and there are no files over there or anywhere on the internet for jellybean 4.2.2 stock for D802 International version (India). Can somebody help me out ?

  175. Hi Rakesh, Country is South Africa, therefore ZAF in Software version.
    Also, viewing plenty blogs and forums, they mention that LG G2 has issues with signal reception, is this true, (reason why I ask is because many of the forums and blogs sites seem to bash every phone out there, so I am not sure what to believe and what not to believe).

  176. I have LG G2, Android version is 4.2.2 , Baseband version is M8974A-AAAANAZM-1.0.190036 , Kernel version is 3.4.0 , Build number is JDQ39B , Software version is D80210b-ZAF-XX. Where can I get latest stock rom (assume V20D) from ?

  177. Rakesh, I forgot to backup the EFS folder, and I lost the folder. can i solve this problem? sorry for my bad english.
    PS.: I have an D805 (Brazil)

  178. Thanks for the reply. I have tried it, but it showed the following error on reaching 3%. Page_Error ºÎºÐÀÔ´Ï´Ù ¿©±â´Â Retry ºÎºÐÀÔ´Ï´Ù. Do you have any idea what the possible problem be?

  179. I am able to get it out of fastboot and into download mode now, but it is still in TMOB mode and now has a bootloop error. I’ve tried to flash the VZW firmware with both KDZ and TOT method, but it errors out (I’m thinking because of the 801 kernel I loaded bc I’m an idiot). What can I do? It bootloops too fast to install TWRP and re-root/flash software.

  180. No, you can’t restore TWRP backups with LG Flash tool. Flash toll recognizes only files with .KDZ and .TOT extension.

  181. Hello, I have the VS980 g2 and I erased the phone by formatting with TWRP now I can only get to download mode. I have several backups and xdabbeb zips saved can I use the LG Flash Tool to flash one of these to my phone?

  182. Can this be done if USB debugging is not turned on. Because i have only recovery mode and download mode now. Boot to home screen. Is there a way to flash the stock rom? PS : no custom recovery tools are installed, phone is rooted

  183. Hello Rakesh;

    I installed a D801 Kernel on my VS980 after flashing a TMobile ROM in the hopes of enabling wifi calling and mobile data when I switched carriers, but it is now stuck in FastBoot mode.

    I can get the phone into download mode, but nothing else past the “Firmware Update” screen. I can’t use the LG Flash tool as you recommended bc it’s asking for username and password. What can I do to either 1) unbrick it back to it’s previous state or 2) get it all the way back to stock Verizon and start rooting from scratch?

  184. also i was able to check that the software version the imei doenst show and under model it showed d802 but my phone its an att d800 white.i bought it like 2 month ago you think if i send it to lg they would fix it or send me another one?

  185. thats what i did and it wont take it it tells me wrong dll cause my phone thinks its and d802 now and the touch aint workin i manage to get inside home screen enable debug but the drivers wont installed it rebooting alot it wont stay on for to long i was trynna root and nothing wrong dll and firmware it will let me flash the d802 but not the d800 now its there any other way?thank you very much for your time.

  186. hello rakesh i accidently flashed an d802 rom on my d800 lg g2 now my phone thinks its an d802 in tried the lg flash tool but it gives me an error( cross dll )it will flash the d802 tot but it reboots randomly the touch screen doesnt work correctly i can get into download mode i can do a factory reset but its still thinks its an lg g2 d802 is ther anyway i can reflash my custom firmware which is d800?also i cant see my imei or software version please help?

  187. Just tried it again with a fresh download of the KDZ, here is the exact error im getting in the update log:

    08:04:47 : wParam : 100, lParam = 3146241

    08:04:47 : MODEL DLL Event : (100, 3146241)

    08:04:47 : Step : TYPE_WPARAM_UPGRADE_ERROR

    08:04:47 : CleanModelDll() : Free Model.dll

    08:04:47 : _DetachDLL Call

    08:04:52 : _DetachDLL Call End

    08:04:52 : Page_Error ºÎºÐÀÔ´Ï´Ù

    08:04:52 : ¿©±â´Â Retry ºÎºÐÀÔ´Ï´Ù


  188. Also does it matter that the drivers for the phone modem don’t load properly but the others do? So the USB and COM/Serial drivers have loaded fine.

  189. Hmmm I have tried two different ones thus far, I’ll go buy a new one as a last resort though. Also, when I load up the R&D test tool each time, in hte small server window there is always this line:

    !->27/06 07:45:21 [>9002] (t1 4) >

    Error. File not found.

    It doesn’t ever prevent the recovery from starting though, but could this be causing an issue at all?

  190. My flash gets stuck at 49% every time with this error:

    01:36:26 : Page_Error ºÎºÐÀÔ´Ï´Ù

    01:36:26 : ¿©±â´Â Retry ºÎºÐÀÔ´Ï´Ù

    What is causing this? Would really appreciate a speedy response, thanks!

  191. For me when i went to stock firmware and went into download, no rooted & no custom recovery. I went to stock 4.4.2 OR LS980ZVC , but i think version doesnt matter.

  192. I have “backup” from LG PC Suite (LG G2) when I had 4.2 android.
    What will happen if I restore that file now.. (currently on phone is 4.4 kitkat android)?

    I really want to downgrade without loosing warranty.
    I can’t stand this kitkat audio bugg.

    Any help?

  193. But is there any way to remove this,I’ve to give my phone to repair and I’m unable to get into hard factory reset but I can do it from the inside… any help?
    Thanks in advance.

  194. It worked… thanks a lot. rom is installed,,, but when I go to download mode it’s still showing Rooted.. i also did the factory reset.

  195. I use the download manager to download the file and i tired 3 times same problem.
    Any Help??

  196. Now im using Jelly Bean 4.2.2 stock firmware. Can i use this method to upgrade kitkat 4.4.2 ?

  197. Thank you for your patience reply to Rodriguez, I probably might have solved my issue. I banged my head in xda all day long & I was not allowed post comments, I couldn’t figure out anything. Thanks once again

  198. Hi Rakesh,

    NEED Help!!! I have LGD80210b-SEA-xx 32gb indian version.I tried the D80220B file. it is showing extract file error and also showing try to connect to the internet when i do the upgrade test in UpTestEX_mod2_marwin. the only thing i have in my phone is TWRP Recovery.

    PLEASE HELP!!!! i got camera problem so i have to take my phone to the repair center and i needed to unroot it and remove the twrp recovery.

    HELP HELP!!!!

  199. HI, thank you your quick reply, I will do that. I hope I have the previous (before KitKat) version of flash file. If not could you suggest a place to download from?
    Thank you!

  200. Hi, LG recovery will not work with a custom recovery installed on the phone. Flash the stock firmware back, recover the app you want and then if you wish to, root and install TWRP.

  201. Hi Rakesh,

    before I start to restore the stock LG2 firmware please help me to decide what to do: Before I flashed the LG2 to KitKat I have made a full LG backup. After that I had successfully flashed to the new KitKat with your help. As it turned out there is one application’s data which I need badly from the backup. I have tried to restore with LG restore but the process hangs up because the phone reset launches TWRP and whichever option I select the LG restore is not able to continue. Is there any way to use TWRP and do the LG recovery? If not than how can I remove TWRP to enable to run the LG restore process? If there is no simple answers for these than I have no other option to restore the stock flash version and run the LG restore. What is your recommendation? Your help is appreciated in advance. (LG D-802 32GB European version)

  202. I have lg g2 eur software and i want to have knock code, it is possible? if is , how ? Please anwser, thanks

  203. No, it doesn’t work on Mac. To get OTA on rooted device, use OTA Root keeper:

    You can also try this:

    1. First download ES File Explorer from Google Play and don’t move to SD card.

    2. After that launch application and click on the slash button.

    3. Now tap the phone menu button to reveal new options and Root Explore setting it to ON.

    4. Next, allow Superuser to grant root privileges to the app.

    5. Navigate to System folder, then “bin” folder, then find “su” file.

    6. Select SU by pressing continuously on it and then delete.

    7. Navigate into xbin folder, in the System folder and delete the “su” file.

    8.In the app folder from System folder delete the Superuser.apk file.

    9. Reboot your device. Your device should now be unrooted.

  204. There are hundreds of people with Australian (D802T) models that have massive problems with this procedure. It should be posted as a warning

  205. Thank you for your feedback.

    I am currently downloading LG G2 D802 V20D (Europe Open) KitKat Firmware.

    Hopefully it will work.

  206. Sorry, the firmware for your country is not available for download. If your phone is not carrier branded, you can try any unbranded firmware.

  207. Hi I need the Firmware for the South African variant of the G2 (D802, 16GB). Any idea where I will be able to find this?

  208. i have an indian lg g2 d802T 32gb one can i flash the 16 gb one cause there is no 32gb firmware available

  209. Glad to know you could finally restore your phone. As for the SIM Unlock, it should stick even after software update. Actually it depends. If the update overwrites the partition that contains SIM info, you might lost it.

  210. OMG, after bricking my baby, i finally managed to flash stock ROM, and hack the SIM, thank you very much! @DroidViews:disqus
    Now, i have installed LS980ZV7, do i have to stick with this one or can i upgrade to newer versions? Will the SIM Unlock maintain?

  211. One very important note, which took me a while to figure out (thankfully, hyelton’s post – listed as source #1 for this article – gave this explanation).
    When I plugged in my G2, it defaulted to COM10 port. In order to be recognized by LG FlashTool, I needed to manually set it to 41 in the device manager.
    Edit: this is a Verizon model, in case this matters

  212. Well, first i did not back up my data 🙁 … i did a normal wipe, without erasing internal storage, it wiped dalvic and cache, then installed.

  213. Well, first i did not back up my data 🙁 … i did a normal wipe, without erasing internal storage, it wiped dalvic and cache, then installed.

  214. I replied, i said first i installed TWRP, then i downloaded the ROM you gave me, then booted to recovery mode using TWRP, did a wipe, and instaled the ROM, it said successful, but when i reboot i just keeps looping on the logo… The phone does not switch on, but i still have the recovery and downgrade mode (or something like that)… help?

  215. Well, i installed the TWRP, downloaded the ROM you told me to, booted up to recovery mode, did a wipe, and installed the rom, it said successul, but when i reboot the phone just keeps looping on the logo.

  216. Hi i have an LG G2 D802T Australian model although i have a 16gb model, from optus. Can i flash the 32GB firmware?

  217. Oh no… i’ve downloaded the ZV8 flashable room, and installed via TWRP, now the phone just loops on the boot logo, it doesnt turn on any more!

  218. Replacing the whole folder was the cause of this error, so i replaced again and it didnt work. if i flash the ZV8 will it fix the problem?

  219. Ok, so now i have another issue, i must have deleted something in the career folder, now when the phone starts it crashes the messaging, and if i insert a SIM card it keeps crashing the, can you help me out?

  220. My phone is rooted, but it does not apear on the compatible models on the website you gave me, i am using a LG G2 LS980 Sprint.

  221. OMG… another 2GB file? but i already have ZVC installed, i was downloading ZV8, because SIM unlock is not working with the ZVC.

  222. Oh no! The link to LS980ZV8 is no longer available! What happened?? my download on DAP is on 90% now and it cant continue without the link! Plz help 0_o

  223. Thank you, been downloading the 2GB firmware for 3 hours now (and its still not finished), it’b a shame if i couldnt use it! lol…

    And also, is the room LS980ZVC the reason why the SIM unlock might be failing? I followed every step, and it is not working.

  224. Hi, i have a LG G2 LS980VZC, can i flash it with the LS980VZ8 rom?
    I am not being able to unlock the SIM with the current state.

    LG G2 LS980 Sprint
    Android 4.4.2 LS980ZVC

  225. I got driver install error on step 18, and now im stuck in Firmware update.
    What do i do? thx for all your help

  226. I have a swedish LGG2 (d802 int) is the Northern EU file the right version to install?

  227. On method 1 step 5 it says i should download some files but the link takes me to some taiwan and malaysian files… what do i do?

  228. When I run The THing, I get to the bit where i select korea and english then it starts instaling. it gets to 15% then tells me my phone isnt connected. i have installed all the drivers and put it iin download mode. my phone has Cm 11 instaleed if that makes a diffrence

  229. when i press get phone information the software stops responding …. i’m using windows 8.1

  230. Can i use the Kit Kat KDZ for the Verizon G2 to update directly from Bone stock 4.2.2 to 4.4.2?

  231. Did all the process but at the end i get “update R&D Tool”. Tried doing what you said (erase and replace the files with the new ones) but still getting this message…Please help. Phone is dead! (brazilian firmware)

  232. Thank you very much for these detailed description.
    I have installed twrp, made a backup, then rooted my lg G2 802, everything fine until then. But the next day I installed a new android version and from then on I have not been able to start my phone normally. I can only stay in twrp.
    I have followed your instruction until step 22 and then the R&D test tool won’t work any more, it closes! Any idea how to solve this? I have Windows 8.1. Thank you!

  233. Im Stuck in backlight/Blank screen after i get error called “boot certification error” how do i downgrade to 4.2.2 without download mode please help me..

  234. Has anyone found the answer to the 49% problem. I have run out of ideas. Ive tried all posted tricks to no avail. When i flash a kdz it stops at 49%.

  235. Hi, please help me, from tree days ago i try to downgrade my rom from 20d to 20b because i have problems with Viber and Skype, i made all the steps but in the end i have the message: You have the latest fw and….nothing after. Thanks!

  236. I get a loop when trying to install the b2c app it just keeps telling me “To check for software upgrades, you need to connect your PC to the internet and press coutinue”. I click on Contrinue but nothing happens. the same prompt shows up. Not sure how to install this.

  237. I am having an issue when i download the LG Mobile support tool. When i click on the file it says “To check for software upgrades, you need to connect your PC to the internet and press coutinue”. I click on Contrinue but nothing happens. the same prompt shows up.

  238. Press Alt+Ctrl+Delete buttons, choose Task Manager and close Notepad. You can also try rebooting the computer. Then go to Notepad or Notepad++ program and open it as administrator on your computer, navigate to the hosts file, add at the end and save the changes.

  239. HI. I have a problem. After i click “Upgrade Start ” it does not pop up the window where i need to select the Country and language(step 22)/ It opens LG MOBILE SUPPORT TOOL and no upgrade is made. Do you have a solution to this issue? Has anyone seen this problem ?

  240. I have got one more question. I can’t seem to save the host file. It says that the file is open in another program.

  241. Hello, I can’t seem to find the LGMOBILEAX folder.. I have connected my LG G2 to the computer and i have installed the USB Drivers. The folder just doesn’t show up. Do i have to create it myself?

  242. Hi, I recently flashed the European firmware to my international G2. Everything works fine except that I have no 3G connection (I can still text and make calls). please help, I have no idea why this is happening. In case you are wondering I am from Australia, however I bought my G2 from a china based seller on ebay so I honestly have no idea as to where the device comes from.

  243. Hן I have a 16 GB device and there`s only firmware to 32 GB (Israel) Is it possible to install 32 GB on a 16 GB device ?

  244. Why is there no storage variants (16gb, 32gb) for the Europe open firmware? I have a 32gb G2. Can I install it?

  245. Which one should I use then, or does it not matter. I have the 32gb version T-MO. It’s rooted stock 4.2.2. In attempting to go to stock to update to kit Kat

  246. In the downloads section for the T-Mobile variant has three downloads one for kit Kat. The other two end with g and c? I’m assumming they represent the 16gb or 32gb versions. Don’t want to use the wrong one.

  247. Do the Step 8 again. You must be making some mistake. The CSMG BC2 Client has already been provided in the guide. Seems you missed that!

  248. What do you mean by G and C? As for OS compatibility, I tested it on Windows 8, Win 8.1 might pose some problems in configuring the drivers. If you cross that line, evrything should work fine.

  249. This is a very helpful guide, I’m just stuck on a few parts. I can’t edit the hosts file under C:/windows/system32/drivers/etc it just says access denied. I can’t give wordpad administrative access to have access to system32, and I don’t know how to fix that. After that, I think I can handle the rest.

  250. Hi, Could use some clearing up. I’m going to do this method on the T-MO version, however there are two downloads one is G and one is C? Which one am I supposed to use. Also will this work on Windows 8(8.1)?

  251. Loaded up the wrong DLL file, LOL. This guide is very thorough and is much appreciated for someone who was struggling to get the OTA update with Root. It allowed me to get back to 100% stock, update, then reroot!

  252. Worked like a charm. Thanks so much for the guide! Very easy to follow and worked great for my verizon VS980

  253. I am having an issue with the drivers in that when my phone is connected to my computer in download mode, it’s listed in device manager as “SAMSUNG Android Phone – USB Modem Phone ADB port”. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled these drivers and run the lg driver updates multiple times but nothing is working. please help.

  254. pleas some help!
    I booted the phone to download mode and connected it and did as described but the same popup is pooping.
    i tried both methods but nothing is working

    Can you help plz?

  255. Must have missed that part some how, sorry. But the added detail definitely makes it easier to understand.

  256. Thanks for sharing, Chris, but the step 3 in the verizon method clearly states to set up the drivers as described in the AT&T section.
    PS. for more clarity, I have added some more details now. Thanks!

  257. I had issues with the Verizon method until I read through the ATT method. Noticed that the ATT method states to switch the Com Port to 41, so I gave it a shot, and it immediately started the update process. Not sure if others are having the same issue or not, but I figured I would share my experience.

    I booted my phone into Download Mode (ensure all drivers are installed), went into Device Manager > Ports > LGE AndroidNet for VZW USB Serial Port > Right click Properties > Port Settings > Advanced > Change COM Port Number to Com41

    Phone went through the update process, despite ending with a “Download FAIL!!!” after the “waiting for reset” step in LG Flash Tool (phone restarted itself, and booted up normally), but all is well, and the phone is back to out of the box stock.

    hope that helps anybody that might be having issues with the Verizon method, unless it was just me, in any case, good luck

  258. Hey, I was really under a misapprehension that all firmwares for the VZW G2 have .tot extension. Thanks for sharing, I’m going to add it in the tutorial. I am happy that the guide helped you. Good luck for the root and recovery!

  259. great! thank you so much!!! i have my phone back! excellent tutorial

    you should put on that on the Verizon method you need to download the TOT file, not a KDZ file

    but thanks for your help, now to your guide for rooting and getting a new recovery

  260. So it goes all the way through to this (OnStepMsg STEP_TYPE_ENV_ERROR delete m_pLGCyonUpdate) and then just sits and does nothing any thoughts?

  261. You need not change it to KDZ. Just make sure the firmware is meant for your phone model. If it is so, just follow the correct guide from above.

  262. When I tried to assign the DLL, it says I have the wrong DLL file.

    I extracted it from the and replaced it, but still showing “Wrong DLL File”. Is anyone else experiencing this?

  263. ok, so the download worked, sort of. the phone works fine (so far) going to try and re-root and re-install TWRP to test it out. but at the end of the “phone reset process” the flash tool said install failed. heres a picture of what i saw. dont know if its a big issue, but ill post any problems if i have any. also, you are awesome! thank you so much for the help and troubleshooting! its one thing to know how to do something and another entirely to be able to help out with that said “something”. keep up the good work.

  264. I have verizon. Doesn’t work for me. The % on the phone stays at 0 and it just says READY! under COM41

  265. I figured that out and the rest of the process went smoothly, thank you! It was a bit confusing though with the instruction to connect after launching the tool.

    Another note for others out there: Use a good USB cable! I had a small one that was causing the process to fail until I read a post that mentioned that he switched cables to his LG supplied one and when I did that, there were no problems at all.

    Thanks again for the help!

  266. So the question for VZW is: when do you plug the phone into the computer in download mode. The instructions state:

    11. When the firmware is downloaded, boot your LG G2 into Download Mode. To do this, press and hold the Volume Up key and then plug the USB cable.
    12. Launch LG Flash Tool.
    13. Connect your G2 to computer via USB cable.

  267. Any reason I’m not having any luck? WIN7 64 bit. The part I get stuck at is step 22. The percentage never increases.

  268. German LG G2 (d802) Vodafone. 16 GB. Crashed my phone with OTA and LG Suite Update. Cert error.

    Was a long process. Partitions overwritten with ubuntu, then laf overwritten and then this guide (no other worked for me, tried hours…). I searched a kdz on hyelton page (no vodafone branding, KitKat), and it works

  269. So when doing the verizon method, do I have to do the first 17 steps or can I just go straight to verizon?

  270. My lgg2 ls980 the process stops at 96%. If you start but does not detect my sim card. Help

  271. Question, and this may be a stupid one, but we’ll this work for my sprint LG g2 ls980 32 g? Reason I’m asking is I didn’t see any ls980 firmware, only s980 and other versions.

  272. Hey rakesh, GOOD ARTICLE MANG! I have tried it on windows 8 and windows 8.1 does it not work? I follow the instructions perfectly but every time Uptest freezes up during read information from phone / Any help would be appreciated.

  273. Mobile was stuck on Firmware upgrade and wouldn’t work for days, after reading and downloading for some 3 hrs it now works perfect thanks so much!!

  274. Just want to say that the instructions for the Verizon version worked perfect. Returned to stock! No problems! Thank you.

  275. i have installed cloudflex2.0, but when wanted to come to stock jb, using the lg mobile support tool i get stuck in 49%. and then tried lg flahtool i get download fail. device model is different check phone or dll. thought i have done it before successfully with both ways. please respond will be wating thanks.

    i want to go back because camera is not working properly.

  276. i have installed cloudflex2.0, but wheni wanted to come to stock jb, using the lg mobile support tool i get stuck in 49%. and then tried lg flahtool i get download fail. device model is different check device or model. thought i have done it before successfully with both ways. please respond will be wating thanks.

  277. Hello Rakesh. Thanks for your efforts. I’m in need of some dire help. I think I just bricked my phone permanently. The install was going well then the usb unmounted during the process. Now twrp is gone and the LG logo appears for a moment and then disappears and I’m left with a blank screen. Holding the sound up doesn’t does not do anything. Is there anything else I can try?

  278. Hello Rakesh, Firstable thank you for detailed tutorial. But when i try to run automatic offline procedure i get this error: permission denied, code:800A0046, line:71 char:2 . Can you give me an idea how to fix this error? Thank you for help!

  279. tried your fix and all goes well untill it says unplug usb and boot into download mode.. i go right back to fastboot menu.. any ideas?

  280. I reset the phone through recovery, I installed 32GB version of Android: 4.2.2. over 4.4, 4.4 over 4.2.2 … no change … just do not know what I’d do

  281. Sall Rakesh … I think I have the wrong version of the software and now my phone no longer has the 32gb but 16gb … just like all her memory back ? I installed the original 32gb and nothing has changed … all 16gb are available ! Thank you very much!

  282. Thank you! The Hong Kong firmware just saved my life after a failed attempt at installing the EU firmware on a HK device, I set out on this firmware mission hoping to downgrade to Jellybean though. I don’t suppose you have a link to the JB firmware for the 32gb HK model do you?

  283. Both the link and the mirror for step 7 of “Installing Firmware on Verizon LG G2” are broken. I can’t get the first method of restoring my Verizon LG G2 back to stock firmware to work so I’ve moved on to the “Installing Firmware on Verizon LG G2” method. However, without the necessary files I can’t do anything. Please update the links. Thanks!

  284. Hi doc, the methods described below are fully tested and work flawlessly if followed correctly. Do things again more carefully.

  285. Hello,
    sorry , I forgot to mention that I tried the offline method also, but when I double clicked on vbs file, error message came as ” no script avaible” , So kindly help me

  286. Helllo,
    I accidentally upgraded to Kitkat 4.4.2 in LG G2 D802. Due to my enthusiasm, I rooted it with IO root25 method. But it did not give full root , but the recovery associated with it is not useful and behave like a virus. I did so many methods to get out of this and to downgrade it to my previous 4.2.2 firmware, but everything failed. Finally I came to your blog, and I am stuck in the line ” run http in the shttp folder’. I found http.cfg file there , which I can not run.Without that steps you proceed to upgrade, it sayd no internet connection, reetry.
    So kindly help me how to run http in my windows 7 computer and then how to downgrade.
    thanking you


  287. This isn’t working for me…I have a VS980 on Verizon and it does NOTHING from step 22 to 23 on method 2….nodda….I’m finding that it’s IMPOSSIBLE while in download mode to perform step 22 as the phone IMMEDIATELY reboots when you power it off from this mode. I’ve thus tried it while leaving the cable plugged in and then I can get it to go back into download mode immediately, but again, not without leaving the cable plugged in.

    And then it just sits there…LG Flash tool screen showing ready on com41, phone shows 0% on firmware update endlessly.

  288. Hi Rakesh,
    First of all let my agree to commentators and say that you are very patient and helpful. Thanks!
    Now let me ask you couple questions.
    First. I have Hong Kong LG G2 32 GB (DB80210d-HKG-XX) and was wondering if there is an Europe based version of kitkat for 32 Gb G2 without bloatware.
    I already downloaded LG G2 D802 32GB V20A (Germany Open) KitKat Firmware but I am unsure about using it because the file downloaded does not state that it is for 32GB, ( In heyltons list Germany images also does not say that they are for 32gb,I could only see 16GB mentioned, although one is without any numbers) have you tried this and can confirm that it not gonna mess up my storage or even something more important.
    Second question is regarding method 2. This one looks much simpler than first one from first glance so I was wondering is there any reason to use first one. One more thing which also confuses me is that I do not see a step on the second method to connect the phone to a computer. Could you specify?
    Thank you!

  289. Why can’t I find the hosts file? I have Imhosts, networks, protocol, and services. I have everything set up and ready to go but I can’t find this dang hosts file.

  290. My touch screen on my LG G2 (802) became uncalibrated/faulty after a failed installation of kit kat. I was told that restoring the firmware would help. However I cannot activate usb debugging mode by using the touchscreen….. as its not really working. In consequence, I’m unable to instal firmware using the above method. Is there anything I can do to restore firmware??

  291. Thanks alot!!! I dont know why but my g2 doesnt get any notification for kitkat update even the update suppose to be open on OTA. This method makes me able to update my g2. At first the R&D keep asking for update software, after i download the at the dropbox, the problem solved!!! Thanks for the good method!!!

  292. I have, many times, and many other examples. Thinking it would be great to sideload a zip file of the image but no luck yet. At this point any working rom would be better then the KItkat with crazy touch screen probrems.

  293. I have the same problem, I rooted the phone Tmoblie D801, never install custom recovery, then it kept wanting to update but the update failed.. Moving on I grabbed a couple KItKat updates and installed Twrp. But the Kitkat update was for D802 and now my touch screen is FUBAR. So after hours of getting debug to work, the custom recovery is gone, I can get to android adb or LG Firmware update. The LG Firmware update fails about 49% into the install Page_Error ºÎºÐÀÔ´Ï´Ù
    : ¿©±â´Â Retry ºÎºÐÀÔ´Ï´Ù. I think it is because the different model numbers now and getting anything on the sdcard and internel is impossible.

  294. “the USB cabel is note connected with the phone nconnect ”

    i have usb debugging on and is connected to the pc ( installed the International USB drivers )
    please advice .

  295. I have followed all the step by step instr (thank you very much) and when I open the R&D test tool and the lg support tool loads, it says “update R&D test tool.”
    I’m not sure what to do now……

  296. I’m currently on KitKat and looking to downgrade to Jelly Bean. It’s a Chinese phone and I’m trying to root it so that I can get Google Services enabled, but first I need to root the phone, which I can’t do in KitKat.

  297. How would I go about beginning this if my software version is D80220B and my phone is 32Gb? I’m not seeing any firmware that is similar to that software version, or model. Is it not possible for me to do this with my model? Can I use some other countries that is close to mine and 32Gb, or would that brick me?

  298. Hi Rakhes,

    First thank you your effort to put these materials together: it is a hard work!
    I did the restore based on the guideline above and I would like to share my experience:

    – I suggest to update the filenames because these are different
    – should be downloaded separately form the same place as LG_KDZ*.zip.
    – LG_KDZ*.zip contains http.exe file in shttps directory. Norton immediately deleted this file because of Trojan signature. I tried to download from other source but I was not able to found one. I disabled temporally Norton antivirus (but not the Norton firewall) and used the VBS script to do the restore. When I started the vb script almost immediately I got a message from Norton firewall about a blocked access to my computer. This was the first time I saw this message from Norton. I believe this http.exe is really infected. Please try to check this file on your side and came back with the result. On the other hand I am asking members to check their systems and this file if they used this tool.
    – I was not able to select the language from the list at LG Flash Tool, it was empty. It did not caused further problem.
    – The process went OK, update was successful. Phone rebooted and do not be shocked: it was not working immediately right. I made the restore two times: first after the boot it gave a constant, quickly repeated message about the end of the phone process. Second restore time phone started again and again. Both time the solution was the same: factory reset with the power – lower volume buttons.

    Hope this help.

  299. hey,little help here my friend. i lost my mobile data (i can only access the net using wifi. no 3g and 4g) after i installed the firmware using this process. did i mess up my phone or something? i did a factory reset after installation. everything’s working good except that mobile internet.

  300. Hello, in case that the IMEI of device is “null” after the whole process how i can repair it or fix it? Any idea?

  301. All 4 methods described above work and have been tested successfully, so I have no doubt about them being wrong. You must be making some mistake.

    As for the issue with the touchscreen, you should also try a data factory reset via stock recovery.

  302. Nice one, bro, after the OTA update, my G2 now has erratic touchscreen behaviours, when u click “back” all menu and home buttons activate and text message comes up. i want to go back to stock 4.2.2, but this touchscreen makes things almost impossible, especially trying to get into :debug” and other required settings to flash back.i finally managed after a week of carefully timed presses to get USB debugging on, and i have tried all ur methds, i still get errors, error in right from step 12 to 15, and when R&D Tools finally comes up, it either tells me no internet, or it sends me back to LG’S Tools software and then nothing. i have never even encountered the “change your country” dialogue box, i keep getting my software is up to date. PLEEEEASE HELP, is there no other method? even if its to fix the touchscreen? then i wouldnt need to revert to 4.2.2.

  303. I cannot connect to the Download mode. i cannot find any other solution in net for this situation. Neither i can connect my device in ADB. Do you have any idea if it is possible to connect in another way?

  304. This description fits on a bricked mobile phone like mine? Because my LG G2 D802 looping in CWM in every reboot.

    Thank you for your help.

  305. I’m interested in whether the PC has to be a disconnect, whether to be turned off internet connection?

  306. Hello Rakesh. Everything is on C:programdata path. Is anything that im missing? Perhaps is better to do any job from ADB? I stuck in CWM and in the installation in the Windows 8.1 in the LG Mobile Support Tool (photo). I am waiting any additional help.

  307. I have 2 problems in the installation.

    1) The LG g2 recognized in the device manager with exclamation mark. (!)

    2) I m doing the first method and before the “upgrade” it says to me that i need “update the R&D tool”

    My problem started when I tried to update my LG G2 D8002 to the latest Cyanogenmod Kitkat Snapshop and i stuck in clockworkmod recovery loop after returning in CWM to take backup. I tried to connect it to my Laptop but i cannot have any access in my files via my laptop. I tried to restore in other backup versions that i have already in my device and the same thing it happens. Do you have any idea?

  308. thank you for this.
    Everything went as expected with method 1 (even though method 2 seemed easier, I already was half way through method 1 when I first noticed there was another way)

  309. Yeah seems like it, thanks alot. But, will this blow my warranty or anything like that?

  310. did it with another pc and it worked some how. i think i pasted the files in wrong map (program files instead of programdata)

  311. After reading all this, I have to say, Rakesh is a VERY patient guy.
    I really hope everything goes well on my side, got D802 in Iceland, the German version should be ok comparing to all these posts.

  312. Try another method:

    1. Open Offline Update folder and run Automatic Offline Procedure.vbs in LG_KDZ_FW-Update_OfflineFix folder

    2. now R&D test tools appear please select KDZ File

    3. select Normal web upgrade test

    4. Select Upgrade start

    5. In Select Country & Langauage Please Select Country to Different Country (do not worry if does not has Langauage to select )

    6. Process Flashing firmware start…Please waiting just moment.

    7. for process 100% you is finishing flash return to stock firmware

  313. Markus and James, try this: go to C:ProgramDataLGMOBILEAX and delete its contents. Then Go to LG_KDZ_FW-Update_OfflineFix folder that you downloaded, open LGMOBILEAX and copy its contents and paste to C:ProgramDataLGMOBILEAX. Reboot PC and try again. Let me know.

  314. I am in the same position. When online, I get “please update..” when offline and rebooted, I get “please connect to Internet and try again”
    I have checked hosts file, mini server and all firewalls and antivirus off?

  315. okey. i think i fixed it. but the pop up “select contry and language” dosent show up and istead it says “please update R&D Test Tool”

  316. i am upgrading my d802 from unrooted 4.2 to unrooted 4.4. when i press “Start upgrade”, the software crashes. what should i do now?

  317. Will, you posted earlier that you’re “trying the Verizon version.” is your phone Verizon? I think you need to use the tutorial for your brand. But if it is Verizon, my advice is to try starting from scratch over again on a different computer. JUST fresh start and that way you won’t miss anything. Pay attention to the steps provided perfectly, because they are correct, and when something doesn’t work exactly like how it says, come here and ask and explain specifically what happened. Don’t skip past a step if you’re not sure if it worked. Also, when u said you got stuck on step 7, do you mean step 3 where it sent you to step seven in the other tutorial? Hopefully you can get it, it sounds like you know what you’re doing.

  318. So I tried it the other way at the very bottom (the Verizon version) and the LGFlashTool says ready but when I plug in my phone after rebooting into download mode, it doesnt automatically start to flash the Stock ROM on there. Help?

  319. When I do that, it tells me to connect my PC to the internet, then click continue. I do that, and the box pops up again.

  320. Thanks this will fix my issue – do you know if the ROM you describe would work on a UK D802 16GB model ?

  321. I’ve done that one already and hangs during the process. I’l give it one more shot though. At this point I think the phone is bricked and may just sell it as is!

  322. Is there a solution to this problem or are our phones useless and bricked at this point?? Again the incorrect firmware is on the phone and the Flash tool renders an error wrong device model. I can only get into download mode & perform hard resets NO recovery mode is available. USB debugging is off and can not be turned on since the phone continously reboots and does not stay on for more than 10 seconds each time

  323. I’ve been trying to unroot my VERIZON LG G2 and your guide worked perfectly until step 19. The download mode percent progress bar never changed from 0%. its just sitting in download mode. what can i do to fix this? did i do something wrong? the LG flashtool’s port1 (com41) says READY!! but nothing happens after i plug back into download mode.

  324. I have the exact same problem… The LG support Tool opens, and then it says my phone doesnt need an update.. I’ve Tried Uninstalling LG Support Tool, and ive installed the USB Drivers.. It still keep saying that my phone is up to date…

  325. Hey I posted regarding a device model different error I’m getting but just wanted to let you know that this method has changed slightly check the xda site

  326. I too have teh same issues Sprint LS980 with the D803 soft device model different. No recovery mode only download and hard reset. Phone constantly turns off and on and usb debugging is not enabled. Any solution to this problem- Also there is an update to this methood on the xda-web-site appears somethings have changed slightly- Any help is greatly appreicated as I can not flash the .tot files since the flash tool checks the existing software first—–

  327. i have the exact same problem. could it be becuase i recently installed 4.4 using TWRP and had root on it as well? d802 model. installed all drivers etc. but still no go. what to do???

  328. when i click normal web upgrade test, the 2nd window never pops up to set the country and language. any idea?

  329. The problem now is that my phone lost the recovery option. Tried flashing every other custom recoveries but it wont boot into any. So the only choice I have is to revert it back to stock though flash tool but I cant since I have a different model number.

  330. Does you phone has custom recovery (CWM/TWRP)?

    Installing other carrier firmware will not let you use other SIM cards. Firmwares have nothing to do with that.

  331. First of all, thank you so much for your posting. Its amazing how you can do all this!!!!
    What firm file do i have to use? Sprint”s or T-mobile”s? There is only .tot files for Sprint…. will there be any chance to be able to download kdz file for Sprint? I tried to install the firmware using LGFlash Tool but my phone is recognized as the T mobile model D801… So Flash tool doesn’t install the Sprint firmware(.tot) Is there any other way to install Sprint firmware?
    Ps: is the sprint firmware is only customized to their phone? Can’t i use other carriers firmware to install into different carrier’s phone??

  332. Thanks for the quick reply. No I didn’t because my phone has a custom recovery that allows me to install other roms including those from D802. So I install a port from LG G Pro 2 but realized I want to go back to the stock Kit Kat 4.4.2

  333. I have an AT&T D800 model but when I installed D802 rom now my model number shows as D802 instead of D800. When I use the LG Flash Tool with all the right files for D800 it fails with a code saying I have a different model with a code phone D800 model D802. Do you know how I can fix this?

  334. Hello, I have a Spring Ls980 USA model. I have been trying to unlcok the phone. I have tried different things. And i made a big mistake. I flashed T-mobile firmware version to see if it might work… and found out it doesn’t work. Now i’m trying to reflesh Sprint firmware… and i cannot find the kdz file for Sprint. I tried the restoriing firmware according to your guide but the FleshTool says i have a different model of device. I think it’s because of the Tmobile firmware that’s been installed. I have no clue what to do. After all this mess i found your posting about unlocking Spring LG G2 🙁 What can i do now? i need some help.

  335. I have a us tmobile lg g2 looking to install the android 4.4 kitkat onto my phone. Question is, I have a custom mod on there now. Do I have to install the original android firmware in order to update to 4.4? Or can I jump straight into flashing kitkat now?

  336. I would not recommending installing a different ROM on your your Sprint G2 that is not meant for it. I am not aware of the video you are talking about.

  337. I have an Sprint usa ls980zva model. sim unlocked working on tmobile. but can’t call numbers without using 1 and area code else phone app crash. is it possible to flash verizon’s rom and get lte on tmobile as I’ve seen it done on youtube?

  338. (this is what im getting)

    02:58:16 : The USB cable is not connected with the phone.nConnect the phone and wait until the USB port is connected. Then, press the ‘Retry’ button.

    02:58:18 : _IsConnectedPhone Call

    02:58:18 : _IsConnectedPhone(0)

    02:58:18 : _IsConnectedPhone Call for SMART phone

    02:58:18 : _IsConnectedPhone(0)

    02:58:18 : 0 – NotConnected.

    02:58:18 : 1 – Normal connect success

    02:58:18 : 2 – Emergency connect success

    02:58:18 : The USB cable is not connected with the phone.nConnect the phone and wait until the USB port is connected. Then, press the ‘Retry’ button.

    02:58:43 : Check Cancel button active..

    02:58:43 : !pUpgrade->StartProcessing … PostMsg STEP_TYPE_ENV_ERROR

    02:58:43 : Page_Error ºÎºÐÀÔ´Ï´Ù

    02:58:43 : LG Mobile Phone S/W Upgrade is canceled.nTo finish the LG Mobile Phone S/W Upgrade, press the ‘Finish’ button below.

    02:58:43 : OnStepMsg STEP_TYPE_ENV_ERROR delete m_pLGCyonUpdate

  339. Hello,
    I have vs98012B installed and followed the directions.I’m getting this error failed previousload(). I sat and waited for about two hours then I did the disc. and restarted phone back to download mode but nothing happens.

  340. Hello!
    I have the D802 international version, i had a custom rom. so i could’t see the exact model. Since I am in Hungary, I installed the Europe open software onto my g2, unfortunately it crashed, a small window shows: “Tut uns leid! Leider wurde das Programm System-UI beendet”. If I click OK, it disappears for 0,5 second and then it returns. Please help me!

  341. Hi, I have the T – Mobile version (D801), and I’m kinda confused. I went to the list to download my stock firmware, and saw 3 files. It was obvious the first one was for kitkat, but which one is the stock Jelly Bean kernel that came with my phone fresh out the box? I mean there is two other files one named “T-Mobile USA D80110C_00.kdz1806413KB” and the other is named “T-Mobile USA D80110G_00.kdz1833236KB”. Can you please help me out A.S.A.P. ?

  342. Well I a Samsung, HTC and Nexus specialist actually (just got the LG G2) but I think the firmware with F in its name must be greater than the one with E in its name.

  343. Thanks, but why this UK version seems to be more updated (by having the letter F) while the one installed on
    phone is D80210e-AME-XX which has an E in it. What might be newer than what I’m currently using? (Of
    course I know that both are still JellyBean but not sure why the UK has
    an F while mine has an E). Many Thanks

  344. Thanks, but why this UK version seems to be more updated (by having the letter F) while the one installed on
    phone is D80210e-AME-XX which has an E in it. What might be newer than what I’m currently using? (Of
    course I know that both are still JellyBean but not sure why the UK has
    an F while mine has an E). Many Thanks

  345. I got a LG G2 phone (16 GB Unlocked, SIM free) from Emirates and I’m running this software version: D80210e-AME-XX & I’d like to
    update to the UK open firmware:6GB/UNITED KINGDOM_OPEN_16G [V10F] specifically. Is this possible to happen without any hidden issues?

  346. Sprint lg g2 980 and i downloaded the right firmware but the exe test wont pick up the firmware because its a .tot and it needs to be .kdz or it wont even show the file

  347. how do u install the KK update package after restoring to full firmware.I cant OTA it since i switched the att phone to T mobile network.thank you

  348. what is the new kitkat ToT file,do i download that one and ignore the other ones i have att rooted phone i want to restore to firmware with kitkat uodate

  349. i have att one which firmware do i download?
    KitKat Update Package File/-




  350. it wont pick up the firm ware file because it says .tot at the end of .kdz and I changed the name and it picked up the file but when I upgrade it says error with finding kdz. what can I do?

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