Network-locked or carrier contract based smartphones come with attractive price tags but. based on your plan, you have to pay the full value of the device in installments. It’s easy to buy a SIM-locked device but if you are not happy with the services of your operator, there is no way to put another SIM and enjoy a different network service unless you pay a big money or break your contract by getting your phone unlocked.

What I hate about a network-locked device is the feeling of bondage and snatched away the liberty to use some other SIM card. Indeed there are various SIM unlock code providers out there, but it’s not a good idea to give them our hard-earned money if we can do the magic ourselves!

Android is an awesome world of adventure where people keep coming with mods to solve issues that we face in our mobile life. Getting rid of SIM lock and enabling WiFi tethering is one of the most desirable things by the owners of network locked devices. Today, we shall see how we can achieve permanent SIM unlock Sprint LG G2 LS980. XDA member ysabxe has come with a working solution to unlock your Sprint LG G2 for free so that you might enjoy the services of the network services of your choice. The SIM unlock method also works on Sprint LG G Flex LS995.


  • Sprint LG G2 LS980 with stock or a stock based ROM. To install stock firmware of your G2, refer to this tutorial.
  • Download and install LG United USB Drivers on your computer: Download Here
  • Your Sprint LG G2 must be rooted. You can easily root your phone by following this guide.
  • Enable USB Debugging on your G2. See here to know how to do it.
  • Download the SIM unlock tool for the Sprint LG G2: ls980SIMunlockFinal.rar
  • Install a root file manager and BusyBox app on your device. We recommend Root Browser:
    File Explorer Root Browser Price: Free
    BusyBox Price: Free

SIM Unlock Sprint LG G2 LS980:

Note: Total Commander does not work on KitKat. Please use a root file manager app to replace system files with the modified files provided above.


Download the file from the following link, extract it and use the “carrier” folder while going through the procedure described below: lg-g-flex-carrier.rar

Having taken care of the prerequisites, you can now proceed with the steps to enjoy permanent SIM unlock on your LG G2 LS980.

  1. Connect your LG G2 to computer using USB cable.
  2. Unzip/extract ls980SIMunlockFinal.rar file, open the Total Commander folder and run  Totalcmd.exe as administrator. If you are a Windows 8.0/8.1 user, you find encounter issues launching Total Commander. See below to find a fix for the issue.SIM Unlock Sprint LG G2
  3. When the program is launched, click Network> ABD> Your Device.
  4. Now copy the folder named property to the directory called /carrier/ on your device by dragging the folder to your device in Total Commander window.
    lg g2 total commander
  5. To make APNs stick to your device automatically, also copy the apns-conf.xml file to /etc/ on your device.
  6. Now install Root Browser on your device. 
    File Explorer Root Browser Price: Free
  7. Open the app and navigate to /carrier/ property folder and fix file permissions to rw-r–r– (0644) and save changes.
  8. Delete telephony.db file found in /data/data/ on your device.
  9. Exit Root Browser and reboot your phone.

When your device boots up, you should be able to use a non-Sprint SIM card on your device. Cheers!

Update: After unlocking your Sprint LG G2 or Sprint LG G Flex, you might not be able to use SIM cards from some US operators.

Fix for Windows 8 Users:

  1. Right click the Totalcmd.exe.
  2. Select Properties.
  3. You will see a new popup window, click the Compatibility tab.
  4. Then select Windows XP (Service Pack 2).windiws-program-compatibility-1
  5. Then check Run this program as an administrator.
  6. Click the OK button.
  7. Now launch the Totalcmd.exe again and select Run the program without getting help.windiws-program-compatibility
  8. Total commander should now be working for you.



  1. 4.2.2 had no lte compatibility at first, it required an update from lg apps which i did not receive with a hong kong firmware. I’ve had to install european firmware. Is it now embedded ?

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