Carrier locking a phone has its own merits and de-merits. The main advantage is that you get the phone at a subsidized price which is very less when compared to the retail price. The main disadvantage is that you are stuck with the carrier for the next 24 months (most contracts are for 24 months). Sometimes there may be situations where you would really want to switch to a different carrier for some reason but you wouldn’t be able to because of the contract. Sure, there are options to call your current carrier to get the phone unlocked but it costs money. If you own a Sprint G5 and are looking for a way to unlock your phone (of course, for free, thanks to the XDA Forum members vittger and hyelton) then this article is just for you.

This method does not require root.

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How to GSM Unlock Sprint LG G5:

Follow the below steps carefully to unlock your Sprint LG G5:

  1. Download the app named ‘HiddenMenuCall’ from here: Download
  2. Copy the APK file to your phone and install the app:
    • Make sure Settings > Security > Unknown Sources option is enabled.
    • Open a file manager of your choice and navigate to the place where the downloaded file is present. Tap on the APK file and install.
  3. Open the installed App.
  4. Scroll down and select ‘IOT(CDG2)’.
  5. Select LTE Settings > Operation Mode > Lab Network.
  6. Your device will now reboot. This is expected, do not worry.
  7. When the phone is switched back on, repeat the steps 3, 4 and 5 again.
  8. Make sure the option ‘Band25’ is enabled.
  9. Scroll down to LTE Data > Roam Config and enable all the bands towards the bottom in that menu as well.
  10. Go back to the app’s main menu. Select ModemProtocol > RAT Selection and choose ‘GSM/WCDMA/LTE Auto’.
  11. Reboot your device.

You now own a Sprint LG G5 LS992 GSM unlocked for both US and international GSM carriers!

Adding Carrier APN Settings:

Open the HiddenMenuCall app. Go to IOT(CDG2) > LTE Settings >
APN settings and add the APN corresponding your carrier.

Do keep in mind that you should set APN type to “default” and
authentication type to “None” or else it will not work.

Results so far:

Here’s an image of Sprint LG G5 on AT&T Network:

So far this method has been tested and found to be working fine with AT&T 3G/HSPA, 4G/LTE, And T-Mobile. Also tested with a GiffGaff UK sim roaming in the US.

Do let us know if this method worked (or did not work) for you. Need any help with the above steps? The comment section is right below!


  1. When I look at the ‘HiddenMenuCall’ app there isn’t an option that says ‘IOT(CDG2)’. What’s next?

  2. i’ve got an unlocked LG g5 and wanted to edit the APN settings for GSM use.

    It looks like there is no option to edit the network settings under the network menu and the ##3282# menu only allows me to view APN settings, not add or edit.

    Do I need to poke around in hidden menus? Or is there an easy way to get the APN settings configured?


  3. Awesome post! Thank you for posting! Just completed the steps above. I haven’t tested it yet with a SIM card from a different carrier. Will it still be unlocked if I factory wipe and reset the phone?

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