LG’s flagship device the LG G2 was launched in September 2013 and it recently got the 4.4 KitKat update. The phone has top of the line hardware and now runs the latest android version as well. The LG G2 has a great camera and also got the 4K – 120 FPS video recording as a part of a 3rd party developer update.

The KitKat update also brings outs a few bugs in the device as well. One of them being the high audio gain on the video recorder app. The main issue was whenever there is a high-frequency noise or the volume is higher than normal in the native surroundings, the audio recording had a cracking issue on it.

As many users complained about this, XDA guest member Jishnu Sur™ introduced a mod which decreased the gain of the video recorder mic.

About the Mod

What it basically does is alter the values or modifies the values in mixer path of the phone which is responsible for the gain.


Versions of the Mod

There are two versions of the mod V1 & V2. The latter obviously is the better version of the two.

Steps of Installation :

For the installation of the mod, you need to be rooted and also need to have a custom recovery. If you fail to have either of them, then the mod cannot be applied on your phone.

Disclaimer : Neither Droidviews.com nor the developer is responsible for anything that happens to the phone. It is strictly suggested to have a Nandroid backup of the current setup/Rom. 

  1. Download the mod from the link given below.
  2. Place it on your phone’s internal SD card.
  3. Reboot to recovery.
  4. Flash the mod zip & reboot.

LG G2 Video Camera Mic Fix Mod:


mor_1228 : For the main file and testing.

My XDA Thread :

Most of the mods are brought by developers of xda-developers.com and this is not an exception. You can visit the original thread right over here. It is always appreciated that if you like the developer’s work, you can press the “Thanks” button and donate to him.

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