“Bootloop” is a very familiar term for smartphone users whatever OS they use, but it is definitely more familiar to Android phone users. Android being an Open Source operating system, is open to third party modifications. If you have a basic or advanced knowledge of Linux coding, you can develop a custom ROM or a modify a system file of your Android phone. Such openness has opened vistas for our great developers to cook ROMs, mods and hacks. It has enriched our experience with our phones at one hand, and posed a few problems like bootloop or a bricked phone in rare cases.

Most of phone-freaks like me spend their days doing nothing but trying almost all custom ROMs and mods available out there to tell other what is good for them. In doing so we often face a bootloop but that is not to say that only the third-party ROMs and mods are responsible for the problem. In most cases, however, it is some incompatible file imposed from outside that hinders the system files to work normally, resulting in a bootloop.

Thus, bootloop is a situation where the Android smartphones refuses to boot normally. There’s something wrong with the Android device, which is preventing it from completing the boot cycle and is stuck between the boot animation and the unlock screen. Bootloop is mainly caused when system files interfere with each other, causing instability, and crashes at the boot sequence.

While getting a bootloop on an Android phone is not a serious concern for an advanced user, it is surely enough to make a newbie or a noob tremble a little. Very often an average user begin to wonder if his phone is bricked or dead. In the present article I shall try to share with you some solutions that might help you recover your Android device from a bootloop.

Precautions to Avoid and Prevent Data Loss:

Bootloop is definitely one of the most undesirable situations a smartphone user can get into. It is shocking enough to make a new or basic user believe that he/she has bricked the device. It is true that in most cases you can recover your device to normal state but if you take precautionary steps, you could avoid it. Prevention is always better than the cure!

However, precautions cannot guarantee that you device is bootloop-proof. Therefore, it is also necessary that you always keep your phone’s data backed up. Remember, if your device gets into a bootloop, there are 90% chances that you will loose all your data, apps, settings and files stored on the internal SD of your device.

Things to be taken care of:

  • Before installing any stock or custom ROM, do not forget to confirm that it is made for your device and, more important, the same model number.
  • Before installing any custom Kernel, mod, patch or ROM, do not forget to backup your ROM
  • Also backup your phone’s apps, games, contacts, messages or any important data to an external storage- memory card, USB storage or your computer.
  • Avoid installing apps from outside Play Store and only those that are compatible with your device.
  • If your device is not rooted, you can use the official PC Suite from your device manufacturer.


Read the following tutorials for backing up your Android device’s data backup,  precautionary steps and troubleshoot.

Things to Do Before and After Installing Custom ROMs

Best Backup Apps to Keep Your Phone’s Data Safe

Possible Reasons for a Bootloop on Android Device:

The reasons for getting a bootloop on your Android device might be anything. If you wish to know the reason why your Android phone is stuck on the bootloop, you need not type your problem on the Google search box. Just calm yourself for a while and think what you did just before. It could be anything! Here are some major reasons why your Android device is caught in a bootloop.

  • After installing an official or custom ROM
  • Flashing a wrong ROM or Kernel
  • Running an incompatible app or game
  • Wrong Permissions fix for an app or file
  • Installing a custom  mod or theme

Most often we face a bootloop just after flashing a stock or custom ROM over an old one. This might be a major factor behind the bootloop issue on your device. Suppose you have flashed a new version of firmware over the old version. Your old data still remains on the device and the new firmware will use the Dalvik Cache from the old ROM that might not be compatible with the new system files and it will result in a bootloop. It mostly happen just when your device tries to reboot after you have flashed a stock or custom ROM. If this is the case, here is the solution.

Also Read: How to Boot Android Devices into Recovery Mode

Click here to know

Fixing Bootloop on Android Devices

Method 1:

fix bootloop on android

If your device is on stock firmware, that also means it does not have a custom recovery like CWM or TWRP not installed on it, do the following steps:

  1. Pull out the the battery of your phone, wait for about 30 seconds and reinsert it to its place.
  2. Boot your device into ASR (Android System Recovery) mode. The method involves a hardware key combination and varies from one phone to another. For Samsung phones, for example, the key combination is Volume Up+ Home + Power keys. The tablets which generally have no Home button, you can enter the Recovery mode by pressing and holding the Volume Up + Power keys simultaneously.
  3. In the Android System Recovery, scroll down to “wipe cache partition”. option using the volume rockers and select it using the power key.
  4. When you have wiped the data/factory, go back to the main menu and reboot the device by “reboot system now” option.
  5. If the device is still stuck on Bootanimation  pull out the battery again and repeat the above steps. This time also “wipe data/factory reset” and then reboot device

The bootloop problem should be fixed now.

Method 2:

If  you have a rooted device with CWM Recovery installed and your phone is caught into a bootloop after flashing a custom ROM or mod, do as follows:

  1. Pull out the battery, reinsert it after 30 seconds and boot the device into CWM Recovery: Volume Up+ Home + Power keys simultaneously.
  2. Go to “Advanced”
  3. Choose “Wipe dalvik-cache”
  4. Now go to “Mounts & Storage”
  5. Choose “Wipe /cache”
  6. Reboot your phone

The bootloop should be gone now. If it still persists, do this.

  1. Boot the phone again into CWM Recovery
  2. Now go to “Mounts & Storage”
  3. Choose “Wipe /data”
  4. Choose “Wipe /cache”
  5. Then reboot your phone.

Now the phone should reboot normally. Next time when you install a ROM, follow the instructions prescribed by the developer. Be more attentive to the warnings before experimenting with any third party ROM or mod. Always ensure what you are about to install is meant for your device.

If the Above Methods Do Not Work!

In case you are not able to get your device come out of bootloop, your final option should be to install or restore a previously backed up ROM by putting the device in recovery mode, or to install the official firmware/factory image to your phone your tablet.


  1. Hi Rakesh, something wrong with my android it says “E:failed to mount/efs (no such file cr directory) and all that syntax that comes out all red at stock recovery, dont know what happened even tried the steps above none of it works. what happened?

  2. Thanks, but my phone is S-ON and I can’t get to S-OFF if I can’t get the token, to which I need to be on the Download mode…. so I’m stuck on a loop now…well two 🙂

  3. You should try to find the RUU file for your M9 and try restoring the phone to stock. Wiping the phone’s data would have worked but you aren’t able to get into the recovery mode.

  4. Hi Rakesh, I got to this page but still can’t solve my problem, let’s see if you can help me:
    My phone is a HTC M9, unlocked, running stock ROM. I was using the phone and suddenly it restarted and kept restarting in a loop.
    – I tried pressing Power + Volume Up and it enters on a screen showing me the options:
    – Reboot, Reboot to Bootloader, Boot to Download mode, Boot to Recovery Mode, Power off.
    I’ve tried all the options but it kept in a restart loop. When I try “Boot to recovery Mode” it jumps to a gray HTC logo and keeps in a boot loop.
    I can’t get access to the wipe cache option since I can’t manage to enter Recovery mode.
    I have now downloaded the adb but my pc doesn’t recognize the mobile, not even when I manage to stop the rebooting by entering on the screen with the options above mentioned.
    Any hint?
    Thanks a lot

  5. Nougat won’t be officially available for your phone and I am not sure if there is a stable custom Nougat ROM is available for your phone.

  6. Sir i have a question. Can i upgrade my android phone to nougat? Is’t harmful to my phone? Thank you

  7. Its working sir . Thank you for your help. 🙂 you save me and my phone . Thank you very much ^_^ your genius.

  8. anyone plez i need ur help.. my phone sm-j105b cant open anymore.. i root my phone(successful) but whn i download xposed then flash 87 then reboot cant open it. then i accidentally wipe data and the os .. its say kernel is not a sendroid enforcing ..always boot to recovery. can u help me please i dont have a phone anymore. no budget on buying new phone 🙁 .help me please asap

  9. The problem is I’m stuck in a bootloop and I can’t access anything, even the recovery menu fails to load and then I get the bootloop again.

    I flashed twrp but I can’t get to it. Please help.

  10. It’s my nephew’s “netbook”, it’s basically a laptop that runs the Android Kitkat OS. you turn it on and it goes through it’s boot process and after that it gets to a black screen and occasionally says “Unfortunately, Google has stopped working” or something, over and over again.

    There is a reset pinhole I’ve hit a few times too. But there’s no volume button, the home+power method doesnt work to get to the recovery screen, there’s no disc drive, and I can’t get to the recovery screen in order to load anything from usb.

  11. Hello all, if anyone could give me some advice on how to get out of a force close bootloop, that’d be awesome, so what happened was I rooted a galaxy s4(verizon) and so far so good then I tried deleting some bloatware, NFL,Amazon, IMDB, etc… and right after I got the com.amazon.fv has stopped error, I rebooted it and now it will boot up but will heat up and the restart itself after trying to use it for a few minutes, I haven’t flashed any roms or anything crazy all I did was remove some bloatware…

  12. Hey!
    I have installed the Droidwin 5.0 custom rom on my GT-18552.I have carefully followed the steps mentioned by the developer.I am having the CWM recovery,and when i select reboot,the process goes on.A four colour logo is seen.Should i hold on to it,or is it a bootloop?

  13. Hello there!

    I don’t have a flashing rom issue but i am getting desperate so hope it’s not a problem asking for assistance.
    I am having a bootloop issue with my LG L70 d-320n. After a fall that badly damaged the touch screen, my phone is stuck in bootloop and i can’t get past the logo screen. I tried entering the factory menu by pressing the appropriate buttons but there is no response. The main problem is that as soon i insert the battery back to the device it starts automatically without pressing any buttons and then won’t stop bootlooping. I have also tried connecting the phone with the computer and i’ve seen some some sort of a response. Twice i got past the first logo screen but then it failed to continue and a few other times the device for a few seconds was recognised by the pc. I am not looking for a permanent solution to the problem, i just really want to turn on the device and save a quite big amount of pictures i have stored in the phone memory. My main issue is how to make the device stop from restarting automatically the moment i insert the battery. The same problem has happened to me in the past with the same device but i could always turn it off and then restart. I would be eternally grateful if you could assist me in any way to recover my pictures.

  14. hi
    I really need to fix my phone
    so I deleted everything while trying to install a custom rom and instead of INSTALL ZIP , I clicked on reboot now option and now I am stuck with WARNING BOOTOADER UNLOCKED screen which is not responding at all
    I tried the pressing volume and power button to get on to the initial recovery page , doesn’t work
    I cannot connect to pc and pc wont recognise the device

    I want to know if I can somehow fix this

  15. Karbonn is that the real name of the phone?

    How do I install the stock firmware?
    Is the first time I deal with this kind of problem with a phone, since my previous phone never caused trouble for me.

  16. Then try installing the stock firmware or take it to the service center. Since I have never used a Karbonn phone, I can’t give you assistance with doing that.

  17. I did it just now, but I had done it multiple times before and nothing happened.
    The phone returned to the rmenu list and close to the home key says.
    Formatting /data…
    Formatting /nvdata…
    Formatting /cache…
    Data wipe complete.

  18. I had done that after the screens that says no command and I have already deleted cache and user data 5 times.
    In the my phone is the volume up+power key and the menu options that appear is in this order.
    Reboot system now
    apply update from adb
    apply update from sdcard
    wipe data/factory reset
    wipe cache partition
    backup user data
    restore user data
    root integrity check
    reboot to bootloader
    power down
    view recovery log

  19. Reboot your phone into the recovery mode: turn in off, press and hold volume down + power keys at the same time until the device boots into the recovery mode,

    Then perform a data factory reset.

  20. I got a A8 plus that was a gift from my aunt and used it normally, the download a app to check for trojan and says that have one, so I try to fix it and send me to download kingroot to remove the virus.
    I did that and after that everything was fine, but then I was going to turn the phone and by mistake pressed reboot the phone had he been stuck in a boot loop for 3 days and can’t do anything to fix it.
    I try the above methods that where available for the phone, but it doesn’t work is still stuck in the boot.
    What can I do?

  21. Hello,
    My problem doesn’t really have anything to do with flashing a ROM, at least, I think so.
    A few minutes before my phone got stuck in a bootloop, every app would open, but would crash when I touched the screen.
    My phone wasn’t working normally, so I decided to reboot it, and that’s how it got stuck in a bootloop. I’ve tried every step on here, but it’s still stuck.
    Could you please help me?

  22. My problem has nothing to do with flashing a ROM. It just happened. To make matters worse, your instructions didn’t help at all.

  23. Hi folks. On some phones (<2GB) this can be a real problem as if you leave the camera on video mode it is possible to trigger a boot loop if the internal memory fills up! Unfortunately there is no way to recover the lost data if this happens, yet another reason to use backups/ext card.

  24. Hya guys.
    So, i downgraded my Galaxy On7 from Marshmallow to Lollipop due to region block (I’m from Brazil and the ROM is from India, so after the update my SIM card wasn’t recognized anymore)… The question is, is there any way to fix the boot loop WITHOUTH factory reset? I’ve done this a couple of times, and is kinda annoying to reinstall all apps and having my data lost..
    Oh, btw, if there is some way to bypass the region block, that would help too.

  25. Rakesh you are too buzy in this site I am prety sure you can help me.
    So I have Gelaxy grand prim SM-G530H
    it was hanging and I restored after restore it was ask me something update but I did not readed so I performed update in the middle of update i switched off for some reason so now i want to open it it is not opening now .then I want to restored hard reset I mean from shutoff + valoum + home butten but its still not working its comeing black screen . so what I need to do now Please help me. If anyone have solution pllease send me in this email [email protected]

  26. Hi evryone I hope you all is doing well .so I have Gelaxy grand prim SM-G530H

    it was hanging and I restored after restore it was ask me something update but I did not readed so I performed update in the middle of update i switched off for some reason so now i want to open it it is not opening now .then I want to restored hard reset I mean from shutoff + valoum + home butten but its still not working its comeing black screen . so what I need to do now Please help me. If anyone have solution pllease send me in this email [email protected]

  27. if stuck on logo(bootloop) when using fastboot, endup in batt drain, what to do.tried recover/normal/factory nothing happened.need help as it is a primary phone(legacy from brother)

  28. I am trying to download the original firmware of my Galaxy S5 to hopefully get it out of the bootloop, but I need to know the version so I can download the correct firmware. How do I find out the version of phone, if my phone is stuck in a bootloop? Please help if you can!

  29. I have the same problem. I rebooted it anyway without wiping and now the phone is stuck in bootloop and it is not entering the recovery mode also. Were you able to get out of the bootloop?

  30. Hi, I rooted my phone more than a year back and it was working pretty until 3 days back, it went into the bootloop. I tried your Method 2 but I am not able to find the option of ‘Wipe/cache’ under ‘Mounts and Storage’. Hence I didn’t do this step and rebooted my phone. Now, not only is my phone stuck in bootloop but I cannot enter the recovery mode as well.
    Please Help!

  31. Okay. I think by OD you might mean Odin. If so, I have found that, but, you need the firmware/ROM/bootloader files which I cannot find. Any source for those? Thanks for pointing me in the right direction.

  32. Can you advise where I find this? Are there instructions on how to use? I flashed CM firmware to a HTC Hero a long time ago, but I think I had to put it in recovery first. Thanks again.

  33. OD?? bro my phone stuck in boot loop and i never installed any custom rom if i flash official firmware would it fic??

  34. These instructions are great…..except “If the Above Methods Do Not Work……” Reinstall a previous ROM by “….putting the device in recovery mode…..” Well, if your device would get into recovery mode by method 1 or 2 above then the bootloop would stop!! This is the issue. Nothing is working right now! My device will not get into ASR and it’s never had a custom ROM so option 2 does not apply. Too bad this was not helpful.

  35. can anyone help I was trying to root my phone with no computer and I downloaded a file after that I put my phone into recovery mode but I did something wrong I forgot what I pressed but the red triangle animation came up I was worried and removed the battery now its stuck in a bootloop ive tried everything but it just shows the Samsung galaxy j5 logo then after a couple mins it vibrates and goes black and back to the logo again pls help !! I’m 13 so I cant just get a new phone and my parents are gonna kill me PLEASE HELP ME (my phone is a Samsung galaxy j5)

  36. Bhaii u will have to spend 500-600 rupees to get back to ur phone…I can’t find any solution to this except above-mentioned….

  37. stupid firmware for Oplus, No TS for any issue.. damn this Olus Phone.. you can’t even locate the compatible firmware… stupid!!!!!!!

  38. hi guys! Please help me! i have a Lenovo A3000-H Android version 4.2 it is rooted, i deleted some file on internal memory its name is bin because i thought it is not an important file but its not so when i deleted that file i turn off my tablet but i turn it on on then it just stock on lenovo logo and i cant flash it to my loptop because my usb debugging is disabled i have no money to repair this in repair shop so guys help me if you know how to solved my problem because i miss my tablet.. ;(

  39. I just flashed philz recovery in my phone, and after that it is continuously rebooting till the battery lasts. when i tries to flash stock ROM it shows com port error in all computers (tried in more than 7 COMPUTERS). And the last bad thing, it is not booting in recovery mode.
    please help me, here in Andheri (w) mumbai no one is able to solve this issue. some technician are instructing i have to change the IC (integrated circuit) and some are saying to change the complete motherboard. Service centper guys have told to change the IC costs around (1400INR). I think i can get this for 1500 on olx. im confused what to do. it is of my friends phone.
    please give me suggestion if anyone have any.

  40. hi…i have Mcromax AQ4501(CANVAS A1)..i tried to root it but i think i am failed..while rooting with the ANDROID ONE TOOLKIT 1.2, the system shows the following dialogues..!. click ‘install” 2. then go to storage and select external_sd 3. then click and swipe to install update.zip…but here i did not find such named file as the dialogue said..so i start the process again…but now my phone is not booting…its stuck on the Marshmellow 6.0.1 logo….plzzzzz help…plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  41. Dear Rakesh

    I have Lenovo S960c (Fake) Mk6595 2.5 Ghz Octa Core 4gb ram 16 Gb ram phone. I accidentally Uninstalled Mediatek App file from my phone as my AntiVirus was showning it as malware and my phone was affected with slow charging and battery being drained all the time , now it is stuck on lenovo logo , do you know where i can get a rom for this?

  42. Hi, my phone is Samsung SM-G530H/DS. I installed TWRP from google play. I don’t remember exactly what I did but my phone restarted. As I waited for it to boot normally, nothing happened. Now when I switch it on, it only vibrates and a blue screen blinks. The process continues not unless I remove the battery. How now can I resolve this?. The normal key combinations vol +, + power, + home don’t work in any way.

  43. hi, sir… my kyocera hydro elite keeps reebooting eventhough its does not finish reboot. what can i do?

  44. Hey, Mr.Rakesh

    My Samsung Model is GT-N8000, i’m using ClockworkMod Recovery v6.0.4.6
    I’m trying the second method. But i have a question.

    When i got to the Mounts & Storage, it doesn’t show up the wipe /cache or wipe /data. Can you please give me a solution? Thank you so much.

  45. Hi, my Lenovo K910L (unremovable battery) can’t enter recovery, how to fix this, can i use external software?

  46. Hello Rakesh,
    This is very good Solutions you have posted. I’ve been Googling for almost 3 days and this are far more best solutions.
    I was using OMEGA V24 rom flawlessly. and one day I saw another omega rom on AOKP based. so as I was so happy with stock based rom i Went to try it but in horror it turns out with log of bugs. so I return for my orignal Stock based omega rom. but now boooot loooop always.. things i searched on net and done but no use
    -wiped partition catch
    -wiped dalvik catch
    -wipe catch from mount option
    -wipe data from mount option
    -fixing permission
    these was not done at all at once. just one by one.
    even installed stock rom and rooted it.
    even installed OMNI Rom. both was working fine.
    as read somewhere installed philz touch recovery for omega compatibility.
    installed cwm latest recovery. as i read somewhere wait for atlease 5-10 mins cuz it might take time for first boot. so I am waiting even 15-20 mins. after doing this options but still there… I hope you give me something new to fix this

  47. had also this bootloop issue on my Galaxy S3 mini. Tried all what was
    recommended on this and other pages but did not solve the issue. Now I
    can share my own solution that worked out. You should consider if the
    battery is bad. In my case I supplied the phone by battery plus external
    lab power supply and surprisingly, the crash did not happen any more.
    After a trial period, I renewed the battery and the issue disappeared.
    Possible explanation: If the battery is bad, the supply voltage might
    reach a critical value that prevents the application processor from
    successfully boot. This AP requires for boot higher current consumption
    and lower the voltage. You end up in a possible bootloop.
    Hope this helps and fix also some phones that still see this issue

  48. hey my device iz still stuck in boot loop
    tried many things bt didnt work…..>>> jst tell da solution
    my device is lava iris 405+

  49. Good day sir..i just want to seek help for my gti9500…as wat u told ..my phone stuck when i update my twrp recovery..how about method solution in twrp?

  50. My MTK device has bootlooped! Because I only change the system font and then , it rebooted. It gets stuck on the opening… I have tried all the recovery options but nothing worked. And I haven’t installed my CWM and back-upped. Pls help me.

  51. my epic 4g freezes after i start up, on the home screen. its has ben rooted, i deleted calender storage not knowing wat could happen. iv tried a hard reset, nothing. i need help, really wld like 2 c wat all the fuss is about!

  52. got the same issue I put entire XDA threads from top to bottom, but no useful answers so far. I sounds like we have to mount something first, but how ?

  53. in the beginning it is described how system files can interfere with each other.
    I cannot install custom roms properly because of a problem with mount / system.
    it says no such volume. installing a stock rom however works fine.
    How to solve this one?

  54. Please help me my Micromax canvas a94 stucks at boot.IMG and i can’t able to get out on my desktop

  55. i have a lenovo s660 i installed xpose instalation last and updated i, it showed an error massage . some system bin no found. then i it stared boo looping. i tryed to install the stock rom, my phone is not getting detected to my system in downloading mode please help me!!!!!!!!

  56. hello i have a zte max from boost N9520 i have a bootloop is there anything not to hard that i could do by myself please help me e-mail me at [email protected] as i do not know what forum im in lol please help me

  57. I have almost 40 years with computers (yes – I am old) but it is bigger IBM stuff. Know very little about Android. I have a rooted Nexus 7 2nd Gen that I was going to update with the Nexus Root Toolkit (a great tool by the way.) As always, 1st you backup and I do it twice with the ADB in the toolkit and with Titanium Backup. In a rush, I grabbed my Nexus from the coffee table, attached it and started the backup as we left to eat. Then on return, I wanted to copy over the Titanium Backup to my PC – but it was not there. Tried several things but nothing worked. So I rebooted out of developer tools USB mode to see what was happening – and was bricked. Could not figure out what happened – until my wife went looking for my old Nexus 7 1st gen that she had laid on the coffee table. You guessed it – I had picked up the wrong Nexus and somehow downloaded a 2nd Gen ROM to a 1st Gen. Worked with it for several days and nothing seemed to help – and I guess mostly since I was not in the proper USB mode. I could get to the default recovery screen and that was it. Nothing would load. Finally, just trying anything, I had the Tools load TWRP customer recovery – and suddenly I had some life and TWRP. Using TWRP (blindly I may add since I had never used it before), I wiped the cache, ROM, factory reset, etc. Then with fingers crossed, reloaded factory ROM and – Igor said “it’s alive master, its alive”. Took a few days to put it all the apps back together but I had my old Nexus back. Lesson here is if all else fails, try installing TWRP or maybe Clockwork Mod and see if that gives you a window into recovery. Once you recover, you can delete the custom recovery.

  58. what if my phone doesnt have a recovery option ? i have a samsung galaxy s4 m919n i need help to unbrick it … i get the firmware upgrade encountered an issue please select recovery mode in kies & try again message on my screen ??? HELP MEEE 🙁

  59. I have samsung S4 I9505 and when it upgraded on latest andriod version 5.0.1 I’ve got same problems..phone normally starts but I don’t have notification line anymore,can’t download apps,can’t see who calls me ,can’t send or receive photos or videos on any apss … Is there any solution for this and if so what I need to do ..plzz help ..

  60. hey it’s no working in my “motorola droid x mb810″…i’ve done all of the methods but still i am encountering bootloop in my phone…what will i do now? I accidentally deleted some system apps so when i reboot my phone, the bootloop happens…i don’t know what to do now..I can’t also connect my phone to my laptop… help me with this problem…Thanks in advance.. 🙂

  61. Download a flashable rom of your android having a scatter file . open up the flash tool , load the scatter file and just select boot.img . Remove the battery from your mobile ,Click the download button on flash tool

    and connect the phone with usb (make sure u have correctly installed drivers for your phone), hold the vol down button until the flash is complete . It mostly take 1 to 2 minutes max . Hope it helps

  62. no luck bro ! i m facing boot loop after going into recovery mode . can’t get into recovery .

  63. Thanks man. This worked like a charm for me on my Asus fonepad. I actually saw the erase data option but was not sure if I should do that. I lost all my data but that was because I was stupid enough not to back up on google.

  64. that doesnt work. i cant get the computer to see it without it being booted, so even restoring a rom ISNT possible

    factory reset fails. all it does is first attempt, boot tone halts phone freezes. reset battery, it will do one boot loop then back to load song cutting out and freezing.

    i never rooted it or messed with the rom. this phone is just apparently and asshole.

    any other things to try? or just throw it into traffic where it belongs, worst phone ever, complete junk, but unfortunately, i NEED it. and ofcourse just going out to buy a new one isnt possible since im friggen broke thanks to car repairs

  65. Hy!!! I have a problem with my Huawei Y530, on my screen appears ” Unfortunately the UIsystem has stopped” and “Google keyboard has stopped”. i can’t use my phone because of those messages. they occur every second. i have entered in the recovery mode: i’ve done the wipe data/factory reset and wipe cache partition and NOTHING happend!!!! please can you help me by telling me what should i do next. thanks

  66. Galaxy S5 Sport, it keeps booting in CWM Recovery, and it shows the text, Recovery Booting…. Recovery is not seandroid enforcing Set Warranty Bit : Recovery, then the normal bootup sequence, it says for about 6-7 seconds then goes black, only to repeat the process. removing the battery and waiting did nothing,as when i booted it back up it still went back into the same sequence. this was shortly after using Odin and CF-Auto root and rooting it, without USB Debugger on.

  67. Power off the device. Press Volume Up, Home and Power buttons altogether until the phone lightens up, when it does, release the power key and keep pressing the other two. Your device will then enter stock recovery mode. Use volume keys to highlight “wipe cache partition” and select it using the power key. Once the partition is wiped, select “reboot system now”. Now, if that doesn’t work, you will have to wipe data partition. That is all your luck for now.

  68. My phone was recently stolen the phone was recovered but it’s stuck at the tmobile 4 lite screen the phone was locked what could have caused this and how do I get it back my stories were on that internal memory of that phone I don’t know what to do I’m do scared I lost everything my phone is an s3 please help me all my pictures and logs and writings are on that phone its a galaxy s3 tmobile phone oh please help

  69. hey. I got a Trend Plus. Nope…it wasn’t. Now it’s ok. i flashed the stock rom with odin and it booted normally. It was just stuck in cwm recovery load screen.

  70. hy! i just made a factory reset and when it started to boot, it’s an android and a loading screen and that’s all. i can’t enter into cwm recovery. pls help!


  72. hi,i have a sony xperia play.when the sd card full i tried to format using cwm recovery but when format is done i try to reboot.then it stuck on boot

  73. hi.i tried to root my xperia t and in the middle of the procces it went off so upto now my phone i cant use it unless its plugged on charger please anyone with ideas on how to resolve this i will really appreciate it,

  74. Hello Rakesh,
    Thank you for being out there as an advisor for issues on Android.
    I bought a clone rooted Samsung galaxy note 2 fro China on Amazon which has been working fine till last week Monday when it started to ‘loop’ with the Jelly bean screen just continuing to loop on startup.
    I don’t have the ROM as it was bought from China, an I apply you solution to Bootloop as mentioned in solutions above?.

  75. hey guys! i have a Galaxy s4 att… SGHI337. After attempting to remove a extra safestrap file via
    terminal emulator my galaxy gave me a bunch of not responding messages then crashed. Iv tried odin custom and stock. ive tried recovery on the sd card . it all results in failure. and being stuck on the samsung logo with custom at the bottom. please help before i rip out all my hair

  76. sir,im having problem with my samsung galaxy w keep boot loop sometimes
    i try to clear dalvik-cache,still cannot solve it,i try to install cwm recovery via odin also failed..please help me

  77. sir.. hard reset was not valid in my samsung galaxy s duos. 🙁
    and it keeps on boot loop.

  78. okay.. So I am in a boot loot now. I try to go in recovery but it hang at the loading screen of recovery. What should I do?

  79. hi !! i have Samsung Galaxy Note 2 from T-Mobile SGH-T889. I was deleting the junk thru DU Cleaner app & deleted some non using apps to clear some space on my phone. After the deletion, i found that few of the pics folders in my Gallery Folders were cleared off like whatsapp & Edited Pics etc. Little later the phone went on reboot & then stuck on T-mobile logo. It rebooted again after a while.At times after removing battery the Home screen opens but just for about 3-4 secs & then again the phone goes to reboot. Though the screen is stuck bu tthe phone alarms the low battery tone too. Trying to connect it to Kies but not happening. I have cleared Cache thru recovery mode but it hasn’t helped too. Please help !!

  80. Sir my samsung galaxy grand 2 phone still downloding mode after rooting by odin not come to normal mode what i do for it …………

  81. as soon as recovery mode begins it shows…

    –Movi-check Start…!!
    movinand read fail
    movinand checksum Confirmation Fail
    Ifs pass open fail
    update media,please wait
    E:Cant mount /dev/block/mmcblk0p1
    (No Such File or Directory)
    E:copy_dbdata_media:cant mount sd card

    your Storage not prepared yet.Please use UI me
    copy default media content failed

    Can you help me for this problem please.Is it possible to fix my phone or is it already bricked?my cellphone is samsung galaxy s clear lcd
    gt-I9003 with froyo version.and Im from the philippines. I don’t know what to do.

  82. i managed to root my 1:1 samsung s4 mini clone phone , using HiFonts i changed fonts then i click one of those Chinese option after clicking it my phone is in Black screen , i tried to pull the battery out and pull it on but after powering it on my phone is stock on Bootanimation every time i press any keys it keeps on vibrating , i tried to wipe cached and do wipe data but still on Bootanimation. help me Rakesh!

  83. Well, I am not a Sony specialist but there is a flash tool that you can use to install the official firmware back on the phone.

  84. Rakesh i was trying to install new rom in my xperia miro but got stuck on SONY screen only.. it doesnt doing any process further..

    i took out the baterry waited for 2 min then reinserted it bt it did not work.. i did face the same problem again and again..

    what should i do now…??
    help me brother…

  85. Thanks, I have never done that before. But, since my phone is so new, Google was able to send me a new one. I just wanted find the cause so that I can avoid going through it all over again.

    That solution is something that I will definitely try if I run into it again, but lets hope we don’t

  86. My one month old stock Google nexus 5 with 4.4.4 went into bootloop after using google maps navigation. The last app installed was over 24 hours ago called Mr. numbers. Never rooted phone or downloaded from outside play store. Any guess as to why it happened?

    p.s. – kept rebooting so fast that I can’t boot into recovery mode.

  87. I have installed rom manager and come in recovery mode with Cwm it can’t come back in normal system with my device Samsung galaxy core duos

  88. Hello Rakesh, I am from Dallas and currently traveling in Mexico and my AT&T samsung galaxy Mega SGH-I527 started to download and update to the firmware as soon as I joined a Wifi Spot, then after that is stuck into bootloop – it does not get passed after the Samsung Galaxy Mega screen. I have tried Odin to remove the soft-brick with the Pit and PDA file but still the same.

  89. Hi Friend, I have a tablet touchmate TM-MID 850(Android 4.0). Its having a problem that a message showing “unfortunately, skype has stopped” flashes after booting. If we press OK, then again it comes like in a infinite loop. Nothing is possible like to go menu or settings. I can just unlock the screen.. then the same message box is coming for other apps too…. again infinitely.

    I tried to get into the recovery mode. For that I pressed and hold the vol down button and then the power button hold for 5 seconds(got from another forum), when the logo appears, released the power button, then it shows the recovery mode emblem but it freezes there…. not getting any menu or message. I tried different key combinations here, but no use… after sometime (about 2 min) it automatically reboots into normal mode and same infinite loop…. Please help me….

  90. Hi I have a Samsung Galaxy S4 i9500 Intl. Version (rooted). I had installed CM!! 20th June Nightly and everything was working fine for the past 3 days. Android 4.4.4. However somehow the phone managed to get into a bootloop and now it is stuck at the Start-up logo. i can’t access Recovery mode (TWRP Touch). I need my data intact. any help?

  91. I am also a Galaxy Grand Duos user and my phone is stuck in the start-up screen. I am trying to update my phone and I fully unrooted it so that i can apply an OTA update. Unfortunately, unrooting it does not mean that you can already update it through ota. Now, what I did was wipe cache and for some reason without reading clearly CLICKED the CLEAN TO INSTALL A NEW ROM under the CWM Recovery. When I rebooted the phone, it is now stuck on the start-up screen where it says the model number of my device. I am an advance user with sufficient knowledge in rooting several devices and modding almost everything that android has to offer but this is the first time i encountered this problem. Can someone give me an idea? Should i flash the firmware back or do i need to do something, some kind of a little tweak so that my device will get past booting? I have no worries about my data and applications because it was always backed up by google. Thanks to their auto back-up feature.

  92. I cant get into recovery! Phone just keeps showing sony logo thats it. HELP
    I have sony xperia neo l

  93. hi… Okay so my Samsung galaxy s3 just froze yesterday on the start-up logo. I tried some of the suggestions mentioned here but it didn’t work. So I took it to the Samsung store yesterday, the guy there said my OS has crashed… I am just concerned about my contacts my whole life is in there it will be a huggge… issue if I cant recovery them. it was idiotic not to back up my data. But this guy stubbornly informed me all my data will be wiped and there is absolutely 100% no way to recover it…. I don’t want to believe him… Could someone ppllllleeeaaassse!!! help me and let me know if there is any way to recover my data specially contacts… I would be eternally grateful!! thanks in advance!!!

  94. What brought your phone to this condition? And if you phone is not booting even into the download mode, Odin won’t help you at all. You need to take to a guy who has JTag box or Samsung care.

    MEET ME OR CALL ME PLEASE. MY NO. IS +918276849275

  96. Well , I have a Galaxy s advance mobile…… the problem i faced is that…..I have a root on my mobile and after then i installed several root apps….. one of the app named “Font Installer Root” buLL $hit app…what it does is ..when you run it and choose a particular font for your mobile and then it will ask you for the root access then what will happen…is it will install the font package and after then asks for reboot…the reboot will be instant..and after then what will happen is “SAMSUNG” logo will shining on your mobile and your mobile status will not progress and due to this BOOT LOOP problem has happened to me…..

    After this problem…..
    what i done is …i searched on internet and there are lots of procedures to unbrick it…

    1. to go to the bios settings of your android…. by simply Volume up+Power+home button…. I know due to boot loop once the samsung logo comes then its over ….but while samsung logo you can continuously press these three buttons…. till the bios settings won’t come…. now after then as i don’t have any cwm recovery or something so i wipe out the Cache and then did a factory reset….
    but the problem is it still not worked and still trapped in the loop….

    Now i am fed up and don’t know what to do…

    2. the next step what i take is to flash the mobile by the official firmware as you can’t use kies to update it as kies won’t recognize it….

    so what i did is just download my country jelly bean official update from samsung website around 425 mb….
    after then downloaded latest ODIN version
    plug in the mobile to the pc….
    now you have go to the bios settings again but this time different one…. volume down key+power +home button …basically this area belongs to custom firmware installation of android so it will ask you handle with care or something bull shit and then just follow the instruction on the screen…

    now i start the flashing process and after 3 minutes….the flashing done and mobile got restarted and boom phone started! i just can’t believe that it actually work as i just lose hope on this mobile and thinking of taking it to samsung repair centre but glad it worked….

    So, conclusion is…First do factory reset and wipe cache if it works then good…otherwise just flash it with compatible firmware…..enjoy….

  97. Rakesh. I am very new to this. I just printed what you sent me and it looks that this will upgrade the firmware to 4.2.2? So I can disregard the previous instructions and just use this? Correct?

  98. I’ve printed the instructions. You want me to downgrade the Firmware or to use the Firmware link you gave me this morning?

  99. OK> How can I install the firmware when the phone won’t remain stable? Even this morning it still continues to reboot.

  100. Rakesh: I followed your recovery method and I am still in a bootloop. My final step was wipe data/factory reset because the first 2 tries had no effect. I have a Samsung Duos model: GT-I9082. I don’t have a previously back-up ROM. What should I do at this point?

  101. I cant do the recovery method because when i try to put it in recovery mode its justs freezes at the samsung logo. so i cant wipe the data/ cache partition. Any Help ASAP

  102. my phone motorola razr maxx can`t boot. because of an accident choosing the wrong mod to boot from. and the phones battery can not be taken out of the phone 🙁 can i do something??

  103. Help, i am able to get into custom recovery. now , i cleared the delmik cache but after that as described by you i clicked on mounts and storage but in this i can’t find the option “wipe /cache” instead of this option it’s showing “mount /cache” please help

  104. I have an Orange Nivo and its stuck in boot loop but the real problem I.m facing is that it wont go into Recovery mode..it shows “Recovery mode…” and no more, doesnt go any further.. At the Service they didnt know how to fix it.. it runs Android Jelly Bean, stock, unrooted.. there are other ways to fix it beside recovery mode? Please help!

  105. Thank you, Thank you…. thank you…. I have been trying to fix my boot loop for ages!!!! Finally!! it worked…. you have saved my social life… lol…. thanxx again

  106. Im stuck on bootloop that doesnt even go to the logo(SAMSUNG) and i keep trying to go to recovery mode but it doesnt work. I tried installing various stock ROMs via Odin and the process completes with a PASS remark yet there still is the bootlooping problem. I also tried loading CWM via Odin and tried loading recovery mode..still doesnt work..Now i dont know what to do coz it seems like the phones hard bricked, im using a galaxy ace Gt-S5830 by the way

  107. Hi. I’m stuck in a bootloop and my power button doesn’t work and can’t acess CWM to factory reset my phone any suggestions in going to CWM using a computer ?

  108. So I have a droid X and I’ve heard it is easy to get into recovery mode. However, the home button on my Droid X doesn’t work… any ideas?

  109. Hi ! In my CWM Recovery, under Mounts & storage I have format/cache and format/data instead of wipe/cache and wipe/data. Are they the same ?
    I’m running a Samsung Galaxy Mega GT-I9205.
    Thanx for helping.

  110. i just install ace i sure rom on my glaxay ace..and installation was successful… then when i reboot my mobile after than it just showing company name nd model and nothing .. and also when i m pressing bottom for root it is also not opening… what i do plzz help me

  111. hi Rakesh,

    i m facing the same problem from yesterday night.
    when i use whatsapp , facebook, it will show =”Sorry! unfortunately ,Google play store has stopped”.

    the error message will come very frequently like in 1mint it ll show 15 – 20 times.
    please help me on this

  112. I followed the instructions on the link that you provided but it did not fix the bootloop. I have resorted to wipe data/factory reset. Data recovery tools that I have found in the internet requires that the phone connects to usb as mass storage to be recognized. The problem now is that it seems like there is no way for Jelly Bean phones to connect as mass storage.

    I think there’s no more way to recover my data. Do you have any other suggestions?

  113. Glad to know your problem was solved. You’re always welcome to Do, but who likes a bored guest, LOL. Next time, come as jolly guest. 🙂

  114. I was finally able to recover my phone. I had to open the phone up and fixed the vol up button temporarily. I was finally able to boot into recovery and restore my backup successfully though I would like to thank you for trying to help me with this issue. Now I know that if I’m to get into similar issues I know where to ask.

  115. I am really a newbie and I have a lot of questions about the instructions on the link you provided. Here are some of them:

    1. The download links for firmwares for different countries; does it pertain to the country where the phone was assembled or the country where I got the phone?

    I assumed it was where I got the phone. My country is not listed so I went to http://www.sammobile.com/firmwares/2/, entered Model and Product code. It has been displaying “Loading. Please wait…” for more than 30mins now.

    If the country pertains to where the phone was assembled, how do I know it? I tried to look it up on the box and the labels but I cannot seem to find it.

    Any other link where I can download the firmware?

    2. The link you provided gives instructions to update the phone to Android 4.1.2; will it not delete the data in the phone if I do that?

    3. Will it not need internal memory spaces to run Odin and update the phone? Remember I have no spaces available anymore.

    My phone can open in download mode, so I think that is a good sign. I would like to thank you for the help that you have provided so far.

  116. entering fastboot mode is like connecting to pc via usb by pressing vol. up button right……..after doing this a blue colour from led appears and pc will show s1boot fastboot is connected…..nothing else ….please help..

  117. If you have a custom recovery installed and have a backup of rom or the rom file itself on sd, you can restore/install it.

    Else you can flash the factory image.

  118. entered fastboot mode but how to enter recovery mode and restore cwm backup please help ……..

  119. The thing is I can’t enable USB debugging and i cant do nothing but go to odin mode or get stuck at Paranoid android 3+ boot. Does that mean I’m out of luck?

  120. I won’t be able to do any of these steps then because I was flashing a different ROM and i doubt USB debugging was on. So this means I won’t be able to fix my phone. Does it?

  121. I have the same problem with my Samsung Galaxy Grand Duos GT-I9082. I do not know the reason for the bootloop, but I am sure it is not because of ROM, as I have not installed any. The only cause I can think of is it has no more space available. When I plug it in to my PC, it shows as a portable device and has 0 space available.

    I was about to try to use data recovery tools but the phone cannot be detected, probably because it is being detected as a portable device and has no drive letters assigned to it. I tried looking for ways to assign a drive letter to a portable device, but did not find any. I guess it is not really possible.

    I tried “wipe cache partition” on method 1 above. It showed “Erasing” progress bars for about 2-3 seconds then it showed “Error!” and the phone rebooted and still in a bootloop.

    I am about to try to do “wipe data/factory reset” but I would like to know if there is still really a chance to recover the data since you mentioned that there is only 90% chance that the data will be lost. I also read somewhere that android data recovery can recover data that were deleted due to factory reset, as long as no new data has been overwritten onto it. Somehow, I am relying on that 10% chance of recovering the data.

    Is there anything else that I can do to recover the data before going for the risky factory reset and android data recovery? I read that I may install Odin, as it does not require that debugging is enabled, but my phone has no free space to install it. Any suggestions will be very much appreciated.

  122. please help….i was installing a rom ,in between my phone power went of due to low battery……now when i switch on my phone it just stop at the logo….i’m using a sony lww ….i have a full nandroid backup…..please help me to recover my phone ….my phone is rooted …and has cwm…please help…

  123. Toroplus galaxy nexus my volume up button doesn’t work 95% of the time so I can’t boot into recovery.

  124. I need help. Im a newbie That was trying to explore different Roms only I got stuck in paranoid android boot. I can’t get into recovery but I could get into Odin mode/downloading do not turn off target. Is there any way I can get Into recovery or repair my phone?

  125. i need help flashing the stock firmware and pit to my galaxy s4 for at&t…its stuck in the galaxy s4 splash screen .. problem is i have a macbook and from what i hear ODIN does Not work on MAC…let me know if you can help me…if i have to get to a windows computer i will find one.!! thanks man

  126. – Finally I have solved the boot loop issue after flashing stock GB.
    – No IMEI, soved restoring EFS.

    Not sure, why ODIN flash removes my EFS partition.

    Anyway thanks a lot for your support…. 🙂

  127. Corrupt EFS partition cannot stop the device from booting. After installing the firmware, did you try to wipe data factory reset?

  128. The given link is for “S2 GT-I9100”, but I’m using N7000. I have installed official firmware from sammobile “N7000DDLSC_N7000ODDLSC_INU” as mentioned above (step – 2), but not booting (showing samsung logo). Each time if I flash through ODIN – I can see the error messages in recovery mode “E:failed to mount /efs (Invalid argument). This message doesn’t show in CWM.

    Since the device is not booting I tried to restore EFS through adb, the command I tried is “dd if=/EXT_SD/efs.img of=/dev/block/mmcblk0p11 bs=4096” where EXT_SD is the external sd card name.

    Trying to download stock GB, but all the sources given to hotfile server which is not accessible now.

    It’s almost 4 days I’m figuring out a solution for this. Appreciate your support and help, thanks.

  129. hi rakesh,
    i m using LG-E450
    form past 3 days ts show
    Sorry! unfortunately ,Google play store has stopped.

  130. for me the phone is just going to the logo where it writes the galaxy s4 and the phone model and than the phone just turns off again what should i do please answer

  131. Hi Rakesh,

    I have rooted Samsung GT N7000, baseversion is N7000DDLSC on following methods

    Downloaded and copied PhilZ-cwm6-DDLSC-ODD-4.93.6-signed.zip on external SD and installed. Followed your method to install the Kit Kat Rom CM11, unfortunately it couldn’t work it seems it require CWM and later.

    1) Mobile restarted, but was not booting. Restored Nandroid backup, it worked but end up with hanging. Tried to restore multiple times the result was same. Done all the mentioned method above like wipe/mount/factory reset, etc. couldn’t helped me

    2) Installed Stock JB Rom (from sammobile) N7000DDLSC and flashed with Odin 3.09. Done all the method mentioned above Wipe the cache, etc. still not booting. Got the error “E: failed to mount / efs (invalid argument)” in CMW mode

    3) Installed Stock JB Rom (from sammobile) N7000DDLSC and flashed with Odin 3.09 along with PIT file, no changes

    4) Installed CWM + root (PhilZ-cwm6-DDLSC-ODD-4.93.6-signed.zip) and installed few files from EFS folder, got “signature verification error”, but this time EFS error vanished, but still not booting

    5) Installed CM 10.1 and 11 also, both are showing CM booting logo, but not loading the OS

    6) In short, I’m able to install the firmware from ODIN and CWM, but none of them booting. Now I’m getting Samsung logo it keeps restarting with Stock JB 4.1.2.

    No idea how to restore EFS from CWM, my adb is not detecting the phone (adb shell).. showing “error: closed”. I have all the EFS backup files from multiple tools including adb. Please help me to fix this issue.

  132. Hi, I have a iball slide Q9703 tablet and lately its stuck on the initial iball logo. How do I go to the rescue mode to restore it to factory defaults? The model has only power and home button( no button for volume). Please help..!!

  133. scorpion1423 Well, as I told you I have never used an Acer device, so I am not sure about that. Just google the way to install system image on your device and you should find it.

  134. I was trying to root my Acer Iconia B1-710 and it finished rooting but its caught in a boot loop. But when i try to factory restore it says that it works but i try to boot it up and its still in the bootloop… PLEASE HELP

  135. sahir  It might have been caused by some third-party application. If the above steps do not help, reinstall the offificla firmware manually. Here is a guide for you: http://www.droidviews.com/how-to-install-latest-official-firmware-on-samsung-galaxy-s4-all-models/

  136. i have galaxy s4, i perchased it 3 moths ago, last 3 days before  as usual i open my mob it was off then i restart it, it was  turn on and hanged at samsung logo with blue highlight,  i did power off the phone and pulled out the battery,after an hour i fix the battery and re start my phone again same thing happend, then next tym i power off the phone removed the battery and again  fix and started with recovery mode , like reset factory after reboot also then same problem having ,,, i dont know what happend it, i unable to understand,,, plz help me…

  137. My husband is having this exact issue with his Event…. Does anyone out there have a new suggestion other than factory resetting and cleaning the system cache? I am willing to try anything at this point…..

  138. I have a azpen a700 that is rooted and the reason its bootlooping is because of a custom boot animation that i installed that was not the right resolution and now its stuck. I feel like if i could disable the animation then it would work. I tried method 1 but that did not work.

  139. I have a Kyocera EVENT C5133 that’s stuck on EVENT by Kyocera screen… Tried factory reset AND wiping cache, & still nothing… Any way for me to fix this myself??

  140. It worked! I have root, the bootloop is gone and my sd card works! Thanks for your time and all of your help!

  141. okay so i have a prestigio pap 4500 duo
    it’s stuck in bootloop shows the phone’s name and turns off doesn’t matter what i press or hold or whatever it isn’t going anywhere if i connect it to my pc it starts to install the driver than stops or something like that, the connection lasts 5-20 seconds and brakes, any ideas?

  142. It did fix the sd card mount problem. I flashed the latest Supersu and it didn’t seem to do anything, when I tryed to reboot my phone it was still stuck on the Samsung logo.In philz recovery their is an option that says re-root system (SuperSU). I clicked that and itsays done! Now, install SuperSU from market. Would I be able to flash a rom so I can download SuperSU? It still says Root access is missing, Root device? when I try and reboot my phone. Since I installed the SuperSU then I Should be able to flash a rom, am I correct?

  143. It did fix the sd card mount problem. I flashed the latest Supersu and nothing seemed to happen. when I try and reboot it after it is done installing it is still stuck on the Samsung logo.

  144. I suggested Philz recovery just to solve the sd mount problem. I didn’t had any idea it’ll take away the root. Did you flash the latest SuperSu zip?

  145. Ok I got philz cwm, it still says that i dont have root access even when I flashed the supersu. Sorry for the trouble. I got my sd card to work though.

  146. My computer will not recognize my phone And to use my sd card my computer says I need to format the sd card

  147. When i try to mount the sd card in cwm it still says error cannot mount sd card. I will try regaining root. If that doesn’t get me out to the boot loop then i will try installing the official firmware back. Will all of my data on my sd card be deleted?

  148. Hi Rhyne, if you only have problem with mounting the SD, go to mounts and storage option in CWM and choose “mount sdcard” option.

    Since you say you phone has lost root access, I think you will not be able to install or restore the ROM. To regain root, download the latest SuperSU from here: http://download.chainfire.eu/supersu

    Copy the zip to your phone and flash it using “install zip from sdcard” option. If this does not help you, the easiest way to recover the device will be to install the official firmware back. You can use this guide to do that: http://www.droidviews.com/how-to-downgrade-firmware-on-samsung-galaxy-devices/

  149. Also I can not restore from a backup because it still keeps saying unable to mount sd card and my backups are on my sd card. Please help me I don’t know what to do!!!!!!!!!!!!

  150. Can you please help me!!, I tried installing a rom from my sd card and after i proformed all of the wipes it said error unable to mount sd card. I know I probably wasn’t supposed to do this but I turned off my phone and took out the sd card and plugged the sd card into my computer to see if their was something wrong with it. I didn’t see anything so I put it back in my phone and booted into recovery mode. I tried to reboot my phone and it now says that I am missing root access. Oh and I have a Samsung galaxy s3 t-mobile. Please help me!!

  151. i want to try the suggestions above but my phone is going in a bootloop and when it goes into download mode it restarts before i even get to press the volume up button 🙁 please help gti9500

  152. I tried all the above methods but none of them worked for me.
    I have a galaxy grand and I even flashed a zip file using cwm but that was of no use.
    Its stuck at the Samsung GT-19082 logo. Please help me

  153. oh sorry, my tablet only has the menu, esc and power buttons. Also i tried to enter using adb but it doesn’t works.

  154. it doesn’t have volume keys only the power, escape and menu the touch input doesn’t work. in fact the recovery looks a lot diferent than the pictures

  155. Hmm. You device is bricked and it’s is a serious issue that can be fixed only with a Jig Box. Try to find a repair shop where they have a Jig Box.

    I do have this tool but you know it can’t work remotely. 🙁

  156. Everything.

    When I try turning it on manually, it gets to the Samsung Galaxy S3 logo, and shuts off.
    If I try getting into Recovery mode, it shuts off (been able to get in 2 times out of 60+ tries, and still shuts off after a couple seconds).
    When I try getting into Download mode, it gets there, then shuts off in a couple seconds.

  157. You mean you are unable to boot device into Download Mode, or are you having issues with just the recovery mode only? If you can boot into Download mode, you can try installing new firmware.

  158. Telus.

    Been 14 months so no longer on their warranty. Just tried going into Download mode. Stayed there for 5 seconds and it shut down again.

  159. No idea man. Noticed it would randomly be turned off, so I would open it and everything was fine, figured maybe I had just turned it off by accident. This starting happening maybe 2 weeks before the phone went dead. Then last Wednesday, I had it in my pocket, when all of a sudden, it couldn’t get past the Samsung Galaxy S3 logo.

    I know it’s not the battery, seeing as how I tried another battery. The screen is not damaged whatsoever. How would one go about fixing the bootloader?

  160. I can’t even get into the Recovery mode. When I try the combination Volume Up + Menu button + Power button, or just by starting it normally, it gets to the Samsung Galaxy S3 logo, then shuts down. Actually managed to get into Recovery screen once, but shut off around 3 seconds after I got in. Hasn’t happened since.

    If you can help me with this, then wow.

  161. And I try key combo volume up plus power, volume down plus power amd the device goes to off.
    I plug the device to pc thinking that pc will provide power to it
    But a few second warning bootloader unlocked screen again

  162. Hi I have razr hd lte
    I was stock on bootloader unlocked screen and the key combo dont work
    I did long press key volume up down plus power but nothing happens.
    Pls help

  163. i have galaxy nexus and cyanogen mod 10.2 android 4.3.1 and after their last update i rebbooted and it stucked at the boot animation… i wiped data cache devik factry(every step) but it still doing the shame thing! and my cm.zip is not anymore in the storge what to do ? PLZ REPLY !!!

  164. i have problem .my phone still show the logo samsung gts5830i ace.the logo still hangs.can you help me??plizz help me..

  165. i tried option 1. but still it hangs on a samsung logo. what do you think is the problem with my phone?

  166. Help!! I rooted my Galaxy S4 GT-i9505 using Chainfires root. I lost my wi-fi and bluetooth. So I flashed it to JDQ39.I9505xxUBMG4. I could then connect to my bluetooth, but still no Wi-Fi. So I tried to flash it again with another file ( Icant remember) now my phone is stuck at bootloop. Im very new to all this and just want to get my phone working back to factory state 🙁 PLEASE can anyone give me instructions as what to do!??

  167. Hi I removed the battery and waited for more than 30s and tried to go to the recovery mode. I am not able to go to recovery mode as it stuck in the opening page itself. Please help. Many thanks in advance.

  168. Hello, I have a Samsung Galaxy S4 bought in Switzerland and I have tried to upgrade my 4.2.2 to the 4.3 jelly bean OS. 1st time I made a mistake and stopped the firmware in the middle, it couldn’t find some E: files (it have been more of them), but I fixed that in CWM by clearing all data and installing the firmware again. This time it worked, but after 2 days my phone stopped working and sometimes while booting the display freezes with the logo and the whole display is lighting up. After that It doesn’t react to my tries with hard buttons. Please help

  169. Hi, I never heard about your device model. You can access system files only if you have root and a custom recovery. If you can access recovery mode on your device, wiping data factory reset might help.

  170. My Hisense E98 experienced bootloop, no stock recovery, CWM, TWRP or how to enter fastboot mode. Is there any way I can access system files in a state of bootloop? I previously tried to edit media_profiles.xlm and I also had backup it, I want to put the backup back so that my phone back to normal, please help

  171. i tried changing d font of my samsung galaxy grand duos and after rebooting it hz been stuck in boot loop. i have tried all the methods above but it isnt working. pls wot do i do. how can i reinstall d firmware

  172. where to download ODIN? i am not sure what im doing its
    just my friend has the same phone and on his phone it worked …
    thought on mine it doesnt
    my phone is VERY slow and he has done it and installed the Custom rom and said to me i should do it too so i did and thats what its ended ,.,.a 15 year old boy who doesnt know ANYTHING about ROMS and stuff well thanks for the answer !

  173. hi i got a problem i dont know what to do
    I’ve Rooted my Samsung Galaxy Ace S5830i then wanted to install a Custom ROM named Ace I Sure …
    in The CWM Recory all went good but then the boot screen stays the same i mean it doest even shows a animation PLS help me im only 15 … AND i cant go into the CWM recovery that boot image stays !!! HELP

  174. hi..my rooted galaxy mini 2 stuck at cwm based recovery after i accidentally update through wifi connection..
    what should i do?

  175. I tried both those methods with my samsung galaxy ace gt-s5830i and neither of them worked, my phone’s still in a boot loop, I even tried using odin which worked before but didn’t work this time, I haven’t tried to install any custom rom, I only turned my phone off because every app I tried to open crashed, then it wouldn’t turn off so I took the battery out, started it up again and it was in a boot loop. What the hell do I do?

  176. So, it is not locked to a carrier. I mean are you sure it is the international version of S3 Mibi that you have? I am asking because you have mentioned the model number above!

  177. I have an s3 mini (GT-i8190) stuck in bootloop. Other than that I can ONLY get it into download mode, but odin doesnt even pick it up. it there anyway to resolve this and get either the stock or custom ROM working?

  178. i337 LTE, telcel MExico, i actually tried also with the latest rom of the carrier, still same issue on day 7

  179. Day 5 – using my carriers latest rom and pit file.
    When Omin”ing” screen showed:
    Writing Protection Enable,
    Secure check Fail PIT,
    odin passed in less than 7 minutes, rebooted and still can´t access recovery mode keeps stuck with blue font at top left.
    Still stuck at first logo screen when powering on. No problem going into download mode.

  180. All right, i will try again th eodin mode with PIT file cause as i explained on first post, will try with my carriers rom, omega rom and clean s4 official rom, i cant access recovery mode, it has been 4 days now… Thanks al, will keep u posted

  181. Hey look, sometimes getting into stock recovery take several attempts. I am a self-proclaimed expert with Galaxy device and perform such tasks almost every day but sometimes I have to try 2-3 times before I successfully enter recovery mode.

    I would still suggest you to try again. Follow the step 10 given here: http://www.droidviews.com/how-to-downgrade-firmware-on-samsung-galaxy-devices/

    Try a couple of times and if it still doesn’t work, install new firmware: http://droidviews.com/2013/how-to-unbrick-your-bricked-samsung-galaxy-s4-gt-i9500-gt-i9505/

  182. My unrooted s4 phone gets stuck with the blue colour legend Recovery booting. I am unable to enter safe mode, any ideas? been surfing google for 6hrs with no proper answer. Thanks!!

  183. I have an Optimus g and I tried the method above and didn’t work and I can’t install or flash any roms if any one can help me fix my phone

  184. Dear Sir. Already do this process correct me if I’m wrong

    1. I Download (Philippines: S5830i_DXLF1_OLBLD1_DXLF1)

    —I buy my phone in Thailand but I live now in Philippines–

    2. Odin3-V3.07.Zip and extract this file too.

    3. I install samsung USB driver and it work.

    4. I skip this method since my phone stuck on boot screen.(Open phone Settings> Applications> Development and enable USB Debugging.)

    So now preparation is finish
    I do next is this method mention in the link you provided.

    My phone after Odin reset and add this software (I dont know what Odin do,) My phone automatically reboot only in 1mins and result.
    It goes back to Boot screen (Recovery system)

    Can you help?

  185. I have an Samsung s3 i747. I installed siyah and I am Stuck. I dont know if this is a boot loop or if it is a brick. I cannot go into recovery or download mode. Please Help.

  186. Hi Sir Droid

    I have problem on my Galaxy Ace. First I download game from Google store after that, It auto-Install and I try to run the game suddenly my phone shutdown. I open it ad Stuck on Samsung’s Logo.

    I try to Do method 1, but its still the same. I also try to do “wipe data/factory reset” and it say wiping data. almost 1hr and nothing happen.

    I decide to remove my battery and SD card to cool down my phone. I turn it on and still the same. Any thing you can help sir I really appreciate.

    I know my phone is low class but its handy for me and for my job.

  187. My brand new phone was always restarting after I charged it… I’m not sure what happened so I tried the factory reset via android setting but didn’t work (I did this multiple times and its frustrating). Then found this article and tried method 1 but skipped step 3… After wiping, it showed me an error related to mounting… I’m positive it has something to do with the SD card, so I shutdown the mobile, removed the battery, removed the sd card, and have the phone cool down. After a min I turned it on again and VIOLA… it’s working again. Thanks for the fix!!!

  188. hi my galaxy tab is rooted but i didnt installed cwm on it and now it is stuck in samsung galaxy tab 2 logo… it happened because i installed chainfire 3d on it.. help every one.. its only 4 months old .. i have galaxy tab 2 gt p3100

  189. Yeah, but I’ve tried by all ways to resetting it in the recovery mode but it was useless. I couldn’t access it =/

    So I will try one last thing before throw my phone at the trash =(

  190. Hmm, then there is no problem with recovery. You just need some more precision while pressing and releasing the keys. Just as you see the droid bot, release the Power key instantly while keep other keys pressed. Try more and you will be able to boot in recovery. If you fail to do that after more attempts, reinstall firmware.

  191. I’ve put it to charge. After some time when I tried to use the phone, it was off. When I turned it on, the bootloop started.

    When I try to access the recovery mode quickly appears the image of the android robot (as show in the attached image) but then disappears and the loop starts again…

  192. Can you tell how it got into bootloop? Also, recovery mode is a little harder to access than download mode. Try a couple of more times. Let me know.

  193. Hey!

    I have a brand new Galaxy S3 mini (I8190) which is stuck in bootloop 🙁
    I try to boot it in Recovery Mode (Volume Up+ Home + Power keys) but it doesn’t work and the loop goes on and on… I am not able to access Android System Recovery. The Download Mode works fine. Is it possible to restaure it from download mode? What else can I do to access the Recovery Mode?

    Thank you!!

  194. My phone is stuck in bootloop. I have the Samsung Galaxy Note GT-N7000 and I would really like it if I could save my stuff aka photo, videos, voice recordings, notes, downloads etc.

    I’m not experienced with modding or tinkering with the phone but just want to know whether or not I can save the data and if it is possible to somehow recover it, how can I do so

    Thank you

  195. Tried these steps but couldnt get into recovery..Pulling the battery actually worked for once! Thanks!

  196. hey my tablet suffered the same problem , is there a way i can reset my android tablet, using a laptop/desktop pc ?
    cause my tablet doesn’t have volume keys 🙁 please help me .

  197. Meaning ive tried all steps with odin and kies. Earlier I wqs finally able to get to the green android recovery by flashing stock file and a .pit file, the phone booted up I wqs able to factory restore but after the phone glitched off and now im back to the loop. I cant get back to recovery, the blue recovery booting stays in top left

  198. Hi I have an Kyocera Event with vm and it’s in a bootloop and no methods seem to help. Not rooted or anything. Brannd new actually.

  199. Hi, I guess your phone’s battery is exhausted. Pull out the battery for half an hour, reinsert it and try to boot it into recovery or download mode. If it does not work, try with another battery.

  200. Hello I have a Galaxy Grand Duos phone and I used Odin3 to install the 4.2.2 leaked firmware. After the process was done Odin displayed “Passed” but my phone never rebooted. I tried to power it on and it won’t do anything! It can’t even go into Recovery or Download mode. The display just won’t light up any more! Seems like the phone is dead… Is there any way to fix this problem?Please help me! Thanks a lot in advance for your advice!

  201. Hi, it’s weird that you are not able to access the Download or recovery mode. Does you device has sufficient battery life? If yes, pull out the battery, wait for 5 minutes and then try again. Download mode is the only hope for you to recover the device yourself.

  202. And yes I have a backup and I can restore to it but i still want cyanogenmode on my phone

  203. I have a S3 GT-I9300. I was running a rooted version of 4.2.2 oficical leaked firmware. I’ve decided to flash cm10.1. I’ve done everything right but when I reboot it doesn’t even get to the boot animantion. It’s stucked on ” Samsung Galaxy S III GT-I9300″ . I’ve tried your first two methods and I’ve flashed cm10.1 again but nothing has changed. I can acces both , download mode and recovery. Please help

  204. I have a droid 3. I was running a rooted version of the stock firmware with an unlocked radio on the primary rom slot in safestrap, and for whatever reason decided i wanted my steeldroid 5.6 rom from slot 2 on the primary slot. I backed it up, and restored it to the primary slot. Upon booting, i no longer get the safestrap menu, and the phone for some reason wont read my sd cards. other than safestrap it never had another custom recovery.

  205. I have faced the bootloop for s2 GT-I9100G, and I have try the method u suggested to me but it was not work, and you have suggested at last to reinstall the official firmware, can I get it in the official samsung website?

  206. Hi have a GT-I9505 in a bootloop. No Recovery mode possible, same bootloop. New firmware not helping 🙁 what can I do?

  207. Hello. i have a Samsung Galaxy 5/550 [GT-I5500] and the boot-loop its when Samsung LOGO appear,and reboot and do this again and again. My phone can go in download mode,but can’t go in recovery,so i’m a little X_X. What should i do? [sorry for my bad english]. My phone it’s rooted with super one click and i have CM7. Please,i need help

  208. It worked! Finally, after unistalling drivers, restarting computer and reinstalling drivers the computer was able to recognize the phone and I was able to install new firmware.
    Thanks a lot!

  209. Put the device into download mode, launch Odin and connect the device to PC. See if Odin is detecting it or not.
    If it does not recognize, uninstall the usb driver, restart PC, reinstall the drivers, and try again.

    Let me know.

  210. Hi I have a rooted Galaxy S 4g (tmobile) and did a factory reset and then proceeded to do a restore. The phone went into loop showing the Galaxy S4g by Tmobile screen. I have not been able to get back into recovery and when I connect to my computer via USB cable the phone is not recognized as an external drive. Any options here???

  211. Made me laugh – “Where do I disappear for so many hours?”

    I run my own Web Marketing Business, but due to my wife’s Back Condition she’s been bed ridden for last few weeks (having surgery in a couple of weeks) – I’ve had to run my house, try to plan getting our driveway done, felling trees outside, giving talks on web marketing in the evenings and look after our 2 young children!! 🙂

    So, that’s why I’ve come back to my wife’s phone a handful of times per week. I’m juggling too much! 🙂

    OK, I just did the following only…

    Wipe Cache partition
    Go to “advanced” and “wipe dalvik cache”

    I assume my wife will lose all her contacts etc if I’d applied “Wipe data/factory reset”, so thought I’d try the others first.

    Phone said loading apps (around 140 or so I think), then the screen went black.

    I try to power up, I have a Triangular Yellow warning Sign on inital screen it’s got passed the logo issue and now says starting apps. The screen keeps going black.

    I’ll try a different power adapter in case that’s an issue, can’t tell whether power adapter’s doing anything – it’s not an official Samsung charger.

  212. Nice, the difference in the options is due to various unofficial version available. Now boot into recovery again and do these things (I tested it on my S4 today):

    Wipe data/factory reset
    Wipe Cache partition
    Go to “advanced” and “wipe dalvik cache”

    Finally, reboot the device.

    Let me know but where do you disappear for so many hours?

  213. Hi,

    Yes CWM is installed.

    And I’ve just followed your instructions, exacts steps I took did not ‘exactly’ match your described steps…
    > booted into CWM-based recovery v6.0.2.7
    [available options were… ]
    – Reboot system now
    – Install zip
    – Wipe data/factory reset
    – Wipe Cache Partition
    – Backup and Restore (***chose this one***)
    – Mounts and storage
    – Advanced
    – PhilZ Settings
    – Jeboo Kernel Tweets
    – Power Off
    [then options were…]
    – Backup (***chose this one***)
    – Restore
    – Delete
    – Advanced Restore
    – Free Unusued Backup Data
    – Choose Default Backup Format
    – Backup to internal SDcard
    – Restore from Internal SDcard
    – Advanced restore from Internal SDcard
    – Delete from Internal SDcard
    – go back
    [then options were…]

    I’ve just done this for 2nd time. But 1st time around, there was around 10,000mb available on SDcard, but something did not complete at the end; stupidly I failed to note what it was. I returned back to my office and battery had gone.

    So, 2nd time around it says 6278mb available. So I’d have to assume it backed up everything as that’s around 9gig?

    Backing process “completed” up to following stage: ‘Backup of Preload Completed’.
    It’s now backing up “data” and given error “error while making a backup image of /data!

    Didn’t you send me your skype details at some point? Can’t seem to find it. Sorry.

  214. hi im a galaxy s advance user. Recently i updated my phone with jelly bean 4.1.2 using kies but i found that the phones performance was being comprimised with the new update so i decided to revert back to GB. I downloaded the official GB firmware for my phone from sammobile and installed it using Odin following the instructions given in Droidviews. Odin successfully completed the installation but my phone is stuck a the Samsung Galaxy S advance screen. What should i do?

  215. Hi,
    I hope you installed CWM on your phone while rooting it. If yes, do this: put an external SD into device, remove phone’s battery, wait till a minute, put it back and boot the phone into CWM recovery mode. to do this press Volume Up + Home + Power keys simultaneously for a few seconds. when you enter CWM recovery, go to “backup and restore” and backup the ROM to external SD.
    When this is done let me know.

    Waiting for reply, though it’s 2 am in the night (time to sleep).

  216. Hey, Hello again! Well I’m losing the will to live with my wife’s GS2!!! 🙁

    The latest is, I tried everything you’d said (inc.other posts you’d linked to) via her crappy netbook. Odin actually connected without problem and I ran the UPDATE-SuperSU-v1.30.zip from a new mini sd I’d inserted (her SD wasn’t being recogninsed).

    However, upon reboot it actually got past the ‘Glowing Samsung Logo’ but this time gave a series of messages “doing this, doing that etc” but got stuck for a day & half on “Starting Apps” message. 🙁 After a day & a half, I switched it off and went through the motions all over again… stuck on Glowing Samsung logo again! 🙁

    Any ideas? Is there somewhere we can send this mobile in to get repaired do you know? Really don’t want to lose pics & vids of our kids as we can’t have any more kids and my wife literally nearly died giving birth to each one of them. So the first couple of years are precious to us (that’s what’s on the phone).

    As ever, your help is MUCH appreciated. If / when I solve I will Paypal some thanks to you. 🙂

  217. I’ve had zero luck with trying to install usb drivers onto my Acer Travelmate 5520 running XP. I can’t stand kies,I’ve never had a good experience with Kies – never had these issues with my nokia I must say!!

    Anyway, update: since my last comment above, I’ve tried all sorts to get my laptop talking to my mobile, constantly get Windows XP reports “the mobile phone is in use. To install normally, you need to remove the device blah blah blah…”

    So I am now trying to connect the phone via my wife’s Samsung Netbook Windows 7 (Not the best; rather slow).

    I will be sure to come back and update you.

  218. I have a samsung galaxy mini GT5570, which i rooted with super one click. i flashed clockwork mod but cant boot it, its stuck in a boot loop but i can boot phone normally any ideas how to get into recovery? I want to flash gingerbread as im running froyo 2,2,1 any help much appreciated

  219. I have the Galaxy Grand GT19082 which has gone stuck at the Android Recovery Screen and in a Bootloop. I Have already tried your suggested method 1 (since it is not rooted) a number of times to no avail. Is there a way I can reinstall the firmware without going to the vendor? I am downloading Kies, the JellyBean 4.1.2 software link on your website and Odin. Do you have any guide for this.

    I am very new to this.

  220. I have an lg Optimus S. I had it plugged into my laptop via the USB cable, fell asleep, woke up, and it is in Android System Recovery . I have rebooted numerous times, selected to wipe cache, and selected to apply adcard:update.zip. The last option is to wipe data/factory reset, but I am trying with all my might to avoid that because I have some important text messages that I do not want to lose. Do you have any advice?

  221. Thanks for the appreciation. I too like helping people to the best of my capacity. I am just concerned about the solution for your problem. As for the payment, we accept only “Thanks!” 🙂

  222. Hey, sorry for the late reply. Connection problem here.

    As for the USB drivers installation problem you need not install it if you already have Kies on your Pc. Just make sure that either Kies or the drivers are installed at a time and Kies is closed while you use Odin.
    Try the Usb drivers from here-http://droidviews.com/2012/android-usb-drivers-samsung-motorola-sony-lg-zte-htc-asus-huawei-acer/

    If you still have problem with it, you can proceed if you Pc can detect the device when it is in Download mode.

    Let me know what happens. Good luck!

  223. Upon install of Samsung USB drivers (SAMSUNG_USB_Driver_for_Mobile_Phones_v1.5.23.0-retail.exe) … Windows XP reports “the mobile phone is in use. To install normally, you need to remove the device blah blah blah…”

    I’ve tried removing it & kies, removing any portable devices from Device Manager. Restarted laptop and still can’t install.

    I’ve got all the other file ready – Placed Odin on desktop, got UPDATE-SuperSU-v1.25.zip sitting on my micro SD card. Just can’t install USB drivers. I’ve got the official ones from Samsung UK for my phone model.


  224. Just read your reply. What amazing help!! Thanks ever so much. When I’m done, and whether your help resolves my issue or not, I’ll be sure to blog and give a link to you.

    If it works, I’d like to pay you!

    I’ll be sure to come back and keep you updated asap. 🙂

  225. Hi, the problem is very common and easy to fix by doing a data/factory reset, but what makes it complicated.

    It’s easy to backup the system data too but that requires a live device and root access. Moreover, there is no ADB command way to help with this situation. Here is what I can suggest:

    I presume it is on Android 4.1.2.

    If your device boots up normally, you are on the go, if not try rooting and installing CWM recovery on it. Do not let the device boot, enter recovery and create a backup of the ROM on the extSD. you can then install the following firmware.

    Roting tutorial: http://droidviews.com/2013/root-and-install-cwm-recovery-on-samsung-galaxy-s2-gt-i9100-on-android-4-1-2-jelly-bean/

    Download the same firmware your Galaxy S2 is on. Here is a no wipe firmware that wont delete any data or apps from your device:


    Install this firmware for O2 (UK) using Odin manually, method is here: http://droidviews.com/2013/samsung-galaxy-s2-gt-i9100-receives-android-4-1-2-jelly-bean-firmware-update/

    I, or anyone, cannot guarantee that this method is 100% data loss proof. It’s just a kind of desperate remedy. Good luck!

  226. Thanks for the response!!!
    Sorry I should have said… I read your visitors comments and tried that (“wipe cache partition”) as it had been suggested elsewhere – It didn’t work!

    I wondered if there’s a way perhaps via ‘ADT (adt-bundle-windows-x86-20130522)’. I’m no developer but pretty good at understanding how to hack and follow instructions.

    Of course, I know there’s the ‘factory reset’ option, but afraid of loosing pic&vids over 2 years of our very young toddlers growing up.

    Despite me installing Kies and shortcutting backup links etc, my wfie hadn’t done them – I can’t really blame her as I don’t know many non-techies who do back up their mobile.

    In hindsight, I’ve purchased my backup pro etc, but still, I’m stuck with my wife’s scenario.

    Any ideas at all? Is there no way to access the mobile’s hardrive via USB?

  227. thanks for this detailed how-to. my dead tablet is back to life! though my data is lost. next time i read your other stuff on how to save data before the system crashes.

  228. Hmm. This reminds me of a similar situation a few days back. Same emotional aspect involved.
    Anyways, in such cases the options are limited. Get into recovery mode and “wipe cache partition” only and reboot the device. In a case like yours, it might work.
    Try and let me know.

  229. My wife’s Samsung GS2 GTI9100 (on o2) recently took it upon itself to
    update to Jellybean. A few days later, after working fine, her phone
    rebooted itself and now never boots passed the glowing Samsung logo
    (stays on this screen).

    I know how to get into the Android System
    Recovery – however, I’m worried she’ll lose all our kids
    photos etc. Please advise how I can either 1.backup all the personal
    data and/or 2.how to safely recover from this issue.

    I’ve removed
    and checekd the contents of SDcard and her photo/vids are not there –
    so am 99% certain such data is on the phone somewhere.

    Please Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeaassee help.

  230. nope it didnt work at all, i now got a white line at the bottom of my screen and every time i use the power button it makes squiggly lines..

  231. Nope to tell you the truth im just a average person who doesnt know none of this. My friend did everything for me. I looked up every way and right now im tryin to downlaod this backup thing.

  232. MY phone ZTE engage LT is stuck in a bott loop and i dont know what to. I was tryin to install beat audio thing, and boom a red triangle thing popped up with a dead android lying on the ground. i tried a hard reset and nope, nothing at all. Please help me.

  233. now I can’t access the boot.img or system files that i put onto my sd card, my phone just says it can’t mount emmc

  234. my lg g2x is stuck in a bootloop, when i try flashing new roms, it gives me an installation aborted message, I also don’t think I have the stock rom backed up. I’m new to the tech scene and really didn’t know what I was doing to begin with. Any suggestions?

  235. Reboot device in recovery an follow the steps:

    Normally, to boot into recovery turn on your phone and in the Sony Ericsson splash screen (not the boot animation, the first screen) when the LED indicator turns blue, press volume down, then you’ll be in recovery.

  236. hi, im in bootloop my sony xperia pro keeps flashing the sony logo all over again, i have rooted it and unlocked the boot loader. what should i do?

  237. By Installing Samsung Kies then Starting Odin & click PDA and selecting N7000DDLSC_N7000ODDLSC_INU file and Mobile will be in downloading mode and connected through USB will work.

  238. Hi!

    My friend have Galaxy Note, He is updating his phone under Setting>AboutDevice>SoftwareUpdate>Update but meanwhile his mobile was switched, So he turn on his phone and his phone was not turning on and stuck on SAMSUNG Logo. And he even tried to open android recovery menu by pressing Power+Menu+SoundUP but unable open an android logo will appear and then it started blinking.
    We went to Samsung Service Center they told that now your device has no android firmware.

    Kindly tell me how can I install unrooted jeallybean firmware on Samsung Galaxy Note (N7000).

    Thanks in Advance.

  239. Hello my phone is galaxy ace and its not booting! its rooted and it has a cyanogen mod 10.1 rom.i deleted it and then wanted to restart my phone but it couldnt restart! this is how it looks like when its rebooting :
    Samsung logo appears and the letters slowly spins or something like that then white smokes in the screen strts coming out of the edges and then the samsung logo dissapers and just the black screen 🙁 i tried the method 2 but it didint work its the same 🙁 how to fix my phone? i dont care about data or cache i just want to boot my phone!

  240. Just in case you were wondering, I tried everything. The only thing that brought it back to life was factory reset. 🙁 But at least it came back… Any recommendations for a good backup ap? Maybe something to the cloud, or dropbox?

  241. It worked, thank you, i downloaded a Chinese gingerbread firmware, and it worked, thank you very muchhhhh.

    Just you know if I want to root my phone, is there any where I can get the relevant file for my version of phone to root it

    thank you again. Droid views will be my trusted site for future android topics 🙂

  242. I am a noob at this stuff… I dont know what flashing is or what kernels are. 🙂 I have removed the battery many times. I have tried to take it through recovery mode to no avail. I have not tried to wipe the cache yet. I have trouble getting it to get to the stock recovery. I did it once though (that’s where the blue text comes up right?) When I plug it onto the computer the computer says “hi” the phone says “duhhhhh”. (That’s how my brother in law the computer guy explained it to me). The phone has no idea its even connected.

  243. Thank you very much for reponses. sorry I forgot to mentioned I have Galaxy S2 It’s a unrooted phone, can I still just re download a firmware, would it allow me to, sorry I am a bit new to this

  244. Hey, My phone got bootloop just after I install the CWM and phone couldn’t reboot anymore. I can access the download mode, but not the recovery mode, since it’s an unrooted phone, I am not sure what to do now to restore the phone.

    thank you very much for your suggestions

  245. First try this:
    Boot device into reocvery and wipe cache partition. Follow these steps-

    Power Down your device
    Hold volume + and – button then
    hit the power button.
    Using the volume rocker go to Recovery Mode
    Power button to select

    an error screen will be shown then

    press the power and volume up button to boot into stock
    Hope it helps.

  246. Hi Kayce, it’s really difficult situation you have fell into. Usually, I would have recommended you to just do a data factory reset but being a father of a new born myself, I can understand the emotional side of the problem too.

    As I am writing this, I can’t guarantee that it is a 100% proof method but it is the safest I can thing about now. Since you did not flash any custom Kernel or ROM before getting into the situation, there are chances that you can boot the device by removing the phone’s battery and placing it back after 30 seconds or so. When it is turned of, press the power button. Try it again and again for 10-15 times.

    If the above method does not work, you can try flashing the 4.2.2 factory image without using the system wipe commands. Here is the link to firmware: https://dl.google.com/dl/android/aosp/mysid-jdq39-factory-e365033f.tgz

    And here is the tutorial for updating: http://droidviews.com/2012/galaxy-nexus-guide-flash-jelly-bean-4-2-1-factory-image/

  247. HI. I have a Galaxy Nexus. I opened a game, and my phone rebooted. Now I am stuck on a boot loop. I don’t want to factory reset because I have TONS of pics and videos of my newborn on it. I hate to erase them! Is there any way to save them? (This phone has no removable memory) I can’t seem to find anyone who can help. I have only 5 days before Verizon wants this phone back to trade in… Please tell me the pics aren’t gone for good! (Plugging into the computer doesn’t recognize phone.) They said they think it might have crashed while installing JB… I had ICS. Thoughts?

  248. i have samsung galaxy s3(gt-i9300xxella) brought from saudi arabia. my friend rooted it and flashed a custom rom..i didnt like that cuz it had some problems so i flashed stock rom on my phone using odin and now when i rebooted it shows samsung logo over and over again… and in recovery mode the android has an exclamation sign?? what to do now

  249. Please Need Help Urgently

    Guys Recently i have updated with my phone with latest Jellybean 4.1.2.
    Then i have rooted my phone and install CWM via play store restart the
    phone and installed Cyanogenmod. Now my phone is having problem Internal
    memory is not shown and not be formatted its shown blank storage Sd
    card also not showing. I have started flashed the stock rom with odin
    still its stuck at NAND Write Start. Please Help me …

  250. Guys
    Recently i have updated with my phone with latest Jellybean 4.1.2. Then
    i have rooted my phone and install CWM via play store restart the phone
    and installed Cyanogenmod. Now my phone is having problem Internal
    memory is not shown and not be formatted its shown blank storage Sd card
    also not showing. I have started flashed the stock rom with odin still
    its stuck at NAND Write Start. Please Help me .

  251. Hi, the .pit method is often used to revive a soft-bricked device. Since normal Odin method is not working for you, the pit procedure might help you. Also the emmc brick bug is a firmware based issue and was found on the early releases of ICS firmwares for Galaxy Note. The problem has been fixed in the latest JB. Once you phone is recovered, immediately install the latest JB ROM on it-


  252. My note n7000 froze after a factory rest on stock ics and now wont boot up just stuck at the initial samsung and phone name logo i tried to flash stock rom through odin but i wont go its stuck at the factoryfs.img whichever stock rom version i use i searched on the net about n7000 and found that many people had emmc brick when doing factory reset and similar symptoms as mine and they used the pit method to repartition bad sectors and partitions away and it did the trick too for them but i currently am scared to try it out now and the people at samsung service centre if cant be recovered via software then they say that to change the motherboard costing a hell lot so what should i do now should i just give the pit a try cause i am sure thier method of flashing rom wont work i have tried all roms and they wont try the jtag method to recover it just change it PLEASE HELP ME I AM DOOMED

  253. It was advice to change the mode from safe mode to root access mode ryt? I did the same but the mode was not changing. When tried again the whole app crashed and had to uninstall it.. Any other option ?

  254. Tried installing cm 10 file manager and followed the steps but unfortunately its not changing. Even if I change the option it goes back to safe mode, wen I tried again the app crashed.. Closed unexpectedly that was the result.wt todo now ?

  255. The reason why i had to root my phone was coz it was getting rebooted coz f no reason and was getting freezed. do u think rooting my phone and changing the rom will help me. Also my sd card znt getting recognized even though the files in it are scanned while running antivirus.. any fix

  256. thanks for the speedy reply! im just about to get off of work but i will try it as soon as i get home, and let you know what happens

  257. I have a Samsung Galaxy S2 Skyrocket, and it has CWM however I have found myself in a vibration boot loop, and cannot access the recovery menu before the phone repeats the bootloop. any suggestions? is there a way to flash the phones firmware through the computer instead of using the onboard recovery menu?

  258. Hi, sorry for the late reply!

    Seems you have installed wrong root package or made some mistake in following the installation instructions. I do not think that factory reset will help. However, since you have not flashed a custom Kernel fact. reset might work. Another possible option is to flash stock ROM back.
    Download these:

    Programs to convert and flash firmware: http://www.mediafire.com/?l9vaai8eurzw59p

    Device drivers: http://droidviews.com/2012/android-usb-drivers-samsung-motorola-sony-lg-zte-htc-asus-huawei-acer/

    Quick steps to install:

    Install phone drivers

    Install msxml.msi

    Disable antivirus software

    If the file you downloaded ends in KDZ (torrents), skip to step 12

    Open UpTestEX_mod2_marwin.exe

    Wait for the program to open

    Look for “Encrypt cab file to kdz file”

    Click the folder icon

    Choose the location of the cab you downloaded for MS770 firmware

    Encrypt cab -> kdz Program will freeze up. DO NOT EXIT until program says Done!!! Otherwise it won’t finish converting.

    Close program

    Open KDZ_FW_UPD.exe

    Choose “Type”

    Choose in “Phonemode”: Emergency

    Click the folder icon and choose the kdz file that UpTestEX_mod2_marwin.exe just made.

    Click Launch software update and enjoy!

  259. i have the lg motion, i rooted my phone and everything was fine. It worked perfectly but then i decided to restart it since i just rooted it and boom, it got stuck in a bootloop. but there was a message under the lg logo saying security error, morning call cannot be verififed. Can you help me out cuz my phone does not have a recovery with many options. All it says is factory reset. I have the original firmware can you help.

  260. Do not worry, it’ll be fixed.
    Did you try the method 1 given above?
    I know it will not help in this case, yet try it first. And device you have exactly- i9080 or i9082?

  261. Please help me i have samsung galaxy grand. i flashed a zip file from sd card after rooting phone. then wen i rebooted the phone samsung logo kept on repeating. plz help.

  262. i just change the font using ifont and i think i forgot to change something from the ifont option. now my phone lenovo p700i stuck at the logo. try went to android recovery thing wipe phone also cache doesnt help. Please help!

  263. Look, I am a Samsung specialist. Your phone is too old that it is hard to find a firmware file for it. I just looked for it but did not find any. I would just suggest wiping data factory and cache partition again and again. It’s only help for now.

  264. i dont think that but i can go to clockworkmod by pressing on power and volume up and camera button

  265. Pull out the battery, boot in cwm recovery and wipe data factory reset, cache partition. go to mounts and storage and wipe: data, system and cache. reboot the phone. If you have backed up your ROM, restore it.

  266. I have xt502 motorola 2.1 and when i was changing the font using rom toolbox it went into soft bootloop and i dont know know what to do pls help m?????

  267. What do you do when you have not a backup? I have a huawei ascend Y200 and I don’t have backup or something else 🙁 android 2.3… I’m on Boot Loop Soft Brick 🙁 please help

  268. They might be talking about CWM recovery. You have to enter the Stock Android Recovery.

    Anyways, try this: Turn on the phone and keep pressing (not pressed) the volume up key.

  269. I try it and it didn’t work

    not seeing the purple light at all

    umm read other blog that said that recovery has to be install first before your able to enter it??

  270. turn off the device-then turn on, when the phone vibrates+Sony logo+phone vibrates, and LED turns purple, press and hold the Vol-Up key. You should enter recovery mode. You can then wipe the data factory reset, let me know about the developments.

  271. hi i updated my sony xperia tl (not rooted) to jelly bean and now is stuck in the boot loop.
    I can’t get to the recovery mode as will any subjections?

  272. i hav intalled jelly blast custom rom in my “Samsung galaxy ace GT-s5830i”. it installed successfully but with some problems,.

    1st problem is that i am unable to dial n receiving the call n it showing that network is not available. IMEI no. has lost.

    2nd prob is that it is not detecting the ear phones.

    please tell me the solution to resolve this problem or tell me that how can i go back to the gingerbread os.

    i am taking too much tension regarding these problem.. please help me.


  273. everthng frreedge no apllication running weather goole plz help .. i geeting dis message n dis message freedge my cell

  274. will this solve m,y prob and also wen official release cme here den can i download it…via ota or kies..

  275. sir i do but wen i mgoing into mount and storage no wipe data option available.. mount n unmount option is there.. wat do i do

  276. Hi Om, I will say “NO”.
    First of all you have not mentioned what phone you have but since you mentioned Download Mode, it must be a Samsung Galaxy. Anyways, here is the general rule: pull out the battery and wait for 5 minutes (even 1 min. is enough). Reinsert the battery and then try to enter the recovery. I am much used to such things and do it daily but sometimes I fail to enter recovery in the first attempt. It depends on the timing how you press and release the required keys. If you have a Samsung phone and you have a stock firmware on your computer I would recommend booting into Download mode as it is much easier. Then flash the stock firmware.

  277. I flashed my cell with CM10. After that somehow I wasnt satisfied with Recovery mode it had. ( I know thats foolish but still) So I tried to install Clockwork Mode Recovery. There we go. Phone is in Boot Loop now. Keeps displaying CM10 logo. Nothing is working. Not even going in Recovery mode/Download mode. Please Help. Do I bricked my cell?? Say No 😛

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