“Booting the phone into recovery mode” is the most used phrase when we talk about rooting and Android phone, or installing a custom ROM or mod, or applying a patch. Most of Android enthusiasts like me go through this common routine of entering the recovery mode almost everyday, or sometime many times a day. I still remember how the Home key of my Galaxy S2 stopped working due to over use and extra pressure.

We buy a smartphone, use for a few days, seek for a way to root it, search for a good custom ROM, flash it, enjoy it for a few days, then start looking for a better ROM, a better-better super better ROM and so on. This eternal voyage continues till we are fed with all available resources and a new and superior handset hits the market. The new phones meets the same treatment. All such activities require booting our phone into recovery or custom recovery mode. Devices by different manufactures have different sets of Key Combinations that need to be pressed hard for some time to boot into recovery. As a result of our over enthusiasm to enhance our mobile experience we often do a great injustice to the poor hard keys.

We all love our phones as an essential part of our lives. We put a costly screen-guard and cover the phone with a variety of cases and covers to save the display and phone’s body from scratch. But our concern for the hard keys is almost dismal. In the present article, I will be discussing with you on a solution to this problem.

Most of the tutorials on rooting and flashing a custom ROM tell you enter the custom Recovery Mode by pressing a specific set of keys, but you can do this without touching any of the hard keys mentioned there. The play store has a number of free and paid apps that can save your phone’s hard keys from getting damaged and boot into recovery with less effort.

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Key Combinations for Booting Android Devices into Bootloader and Recovery Mode

Here, I shall talk about the three apps, of course there are many others, that make booting into recovery as easy as touching your phone’s display. All these apps work on a rooted Android phone.

ROM Manager (Free):

ROM Manager, developed by Koushik Dutta, is my favorite app when I need to boot in Recovery mode on my phone. The app is available for free at the Google Play Store. Just download and install it, open the app and select “Reboot into Recovery”. 

ROM Manager Price: Free

Quick Reboot:

Quick Boot is another nice application that allows you to reboot phone to recovery in a fey touches. It is also a free app. It can be started from long press “search” button menu.

Quick Reboot [ROOT] - #1 reboot manager Price: Free

Rapid Reboot:

Yet another free app from the Play Store is Rapid Reboot. It is a very small and simple app with four options. Just launch the app and select your purpose.

Reboot Fast [root] Price: Free

Reboot Manager:

Reboot Manager (*ROOT*) Price: Free

Download and install any of these apps and let your phone’s hard keys relax a little. Cheers from Droidviews!


  1. And if we are stuck ion bootloader and the volume buttons are brokens wich is a common problem in htc desire…what you have to say to that smart ass…and ifnot even with command prompt you cannot get the phone into recovery????are you going to install a “app” to resolve this you damn idiot???do you resolve tough problems on android with apps???? dont write about tech if you dont know shit about it.

  2. Any way to boot into recovery mode when volume up doesn’t work and the touchscreen is broken as well (shows everything, but no touch). It’s waterdamaged, but I can enter odin mode because volume up works randomly for a sec or two (not enough to boot recovery). I need to backup pictures if possible so flashinng TWRP would offer a way to get the files by usb->pc in recovery but I need a way to boot into it first.

    Connecting the phone with usb from the unlockscreen doesn’t work (code 10 on usb driver), it’s not locked with any code or anything, but need to be “swiped”.

  3. Hello. I have an LG G2 and I want to get it into fast boot mode. I was wondering if you could explain to me in a precise manner as to how I’d do that? Everywhere I’ve looked, people just seem to know how to do it, or are already in fast boot mode.

    By the way, the touch screen is uncalibrated, for lack of a better word, so I’d prefer not to use an app.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  4. HI rakesh, please help, I need to root my phone, but my home key is not working in order to get into recovery mode on my sasung galaxy gtn7000. All of the apps ementioned above are for a phone that has already been rooted. PLEASE HELP! ! !

  5. Greetings! I have a samsung galaxy s6 S-G920F. I had a virus that kept popped up on my screen so I made a hard reset using vol. Up + power + home buttons. I made it succesfully. But the problems after I reboot my phone are
    1. I can’t download the different modes in the camera.
    2. Can not download themes under personal bar.
    3. Can not do factory data reset under back up and reset menu (If i push the reset device nothing is happening)
    4. If I turn the phone off the screen will be stocked at the samsung logo and flashing it every 1 minute or less.
    I’d waited like 30 minutes but it didnt went further so I have no choice but to do hard reset again. And the same problems again.

  6. Home home button is non-responsive, only the fingerprint scanner is functional.

    Do you have any other suggestions? I have tried so many different ways, I think I may have to sell as a locked device!

  7. I have a Samsung Galaxy S5 G900F, the fingerprint scanner is for some else’s credentials and I don’t have their login password etc. ADB is not an option as I cannot boot the phone to enable debuggin mode. I have tried all, methods of booting into recovery including Vul Up + Home + Power, this does not work.

    Please help! 🙂


  8. Did you get anywhere with this? for some else’s credentials and I don’t have their login password etc. ADB is not an option as I cannot boot the phone to enable debuggin mode. I have tried all, methods of booting into recovery including Vul Up + Home + Power, this does not work.

    Please help! 🙂


  9. dear Rakesh i have a problem in my samsung glaxy note GT N700 it shut down donot know the reason but once i press the start and volume button the android sign appear on screen but after sometime due to low power of battery phone shutdown again and after that i try several times but there is no home screen and nothing happens please advice

  10. Here is a good turtorial for booting your device into recovery:


    But since your hard keys are upset I thing there is an app that can flash custom ROMs. I do not remember the name now and am not sure if it would work or not on an older phone like the Milestone.

    Another option is that you can use ADB shell command. But for that you will have to install Android SDK onto your computer. Here is the command line: “adb reboot reco very” (without quotes).

  11. Hey Rakesh, I have a Milestone with the hard keys broken and I want to change my rom. I have used Rom manger and quick boot but then a black screen with an exclamation symbol is displayed, according to all the tutorials the I’ve readed about doing this process on my phone I have to press the camera and the Up volume button, but that button is broken, what can I do to start the recovery?, and thak you for this tutorial and excuse me for my bad english.

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