WiFi hotspot or tethering is one of the most useful and commonly found features in modern smartphones. It’s a great and convenient way to share or use the 2G/3G/4G internet data of a portable device wirelessly with other WiFi-enabled devices like phones, tablets, netbooks, smart TVs, laptops and desktop PCs. On carrier unbranded Android devices, the WiFi hotspot feature can be easily enabled from device settings.

However, if you own a carrier-branded phone from a service provider, you might not be able to use it without subscribing for a service plan. Carriers like Verizon, Sprint and others use hotspot subscription policy to fetch more money from their users. If you own the Sprint LG G2 LS980 and want to enjoy WiFi hotspot or USB tethering on your phone, you need not pay Sprint extra money to get these services.

In the past, we wrote a tutorial on enabling WiFi tethering on the T-Mobile and Verizon LG G2 and today, we have come up with a working mod that can enable USB tethering & WiFi hotspot on Sprint LG G2 for free. The WiFi tethering mod for the Sprint G2 is available as a flashable zip and that simply means that it requires root access and a custom recovery installed on your device. The mod is available for stock Jelly Bean and KitKat ROMs.


  • A rooted Sprint LG G2 LS980. If you do not have root access on your phone, read this rooting tutorial.
  • TWRP Recovery version or installed on the device. You can install TWRP recovery on Android 4.2.2 using this guide, or on Android 4.4.2 using AutoRec app.
  • You must be running either stock LG firmware or a stock-based custom ROM.
  • Download the WiFi hotspot mod file that corresponds to the firmware version of your Sprint LG G2. You can see the firmware version from Settings> About:
    • Android 4.4.2 (KitKat) ZVC Odexed Firmware
    • Android 4.4.2 (KitKat) ZVC Deodexed Firmware
    • Android 4.4.2 ZVD (KitKat) Odexed Firmware
    • Android 4.4.2 ZVD (KitKat) Deodexed Firmware
    • HotspotModZVE-Odexed.zip
    • HotspotModZVE-Deodexed.zip
    • HotspotModZVG-flashable.zip
    • Android 4.2.2 ZVA (JB) Odexed Firmware
    • Android 4.4.2 ZVA (JB) Deodexed Firmware
    • Android 4.4.2 ZV8 (JB) Odexed Firmware
    • Android 4.4.2 ZV8 (JB) Deodexed Firmware

Enable WiFi Hotspot on Sprint LG G2

Okay, if you have already downloaded the mod file from above and taken care of other things, let’s do the thing. If you have ever flashed anything in TWRP, you should not need steps for flashing this mod.

  1. Copy the mod file in zip file to your phone.
  2. Boot your LG G2 into Recovery Mode:
    1. Turn off your device.
    2. Press and hold Volume Down and Power buttons together.
    3. As soon as the LG logo appears, release both buttons.
    4. Now hold the Volume Down and Power buttons again and keep them pressed until you see the hard reset screen.
    5. Press the Power button. You’ll see a message that doing so will reset your phone. Ignore it as it will not reset your device as long as you have a custom recovery installed on it. Just press the Power button again to confirm.
    6. Your LG G2 will boot into TWRP/CWM recovery mode.
  3. First of all, create a backup of your ROM using Backup option.
  4. Now tap the Install button in TWRP and select the mod file.
  5. Confirm installation by swiping the slider.
  6. When the mod is installed, tap the Wipe dalvik cache button.
  7. Finally, reboot your device.

Done! When the device boots up after flashing the mod, update Profile/PRL and reboot again to ensure functionality.  Enjoy!



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  1. Yeah I tried the exact same steps but can not find the option to update profile/PRL in my phone. Except this, everything worked the way it is instructed there.

  2. Yes I do have the sprint LS980ZVD but not the Sprint Sim.
    Is there any other option for me? Like installing custom rom or something like this. Kindly suggest.
    Any help is much appreciated.

  3. It only works with the Sprint variant of the G2. Also, you must have a Sprint SIM in the device while performing the steps.

  4. Followed every bit of it. Successfully flashed the rom of zvd deodexed and booted the phone. But the same behavior persists. Whenever trying to start Hotspot, it says turning on and the Hotspot option gets stuck, WiFi turns off.
    For the reference, I am not able to perform the last step i.e. reset Profile/PRL. There is no such option of check for updates or reset profile in my phone anywhere. I bought used phone and it came like this. I’m using Telenor as my carrier in Pakistan.
    Any suggestions?

  5. Rakesh ji,
    I hv lg g2 zvd unlckd phone,
    Using ril cdma, only net is not working,
    Sum one told me that i hv to make programing it to work internet enbld, i hv done net setting as well, also called cstmr care, visited ril store as well, but net is not working..plz help me..

  6. Hello there,

    I hv lg g2 zvd unlckd phone, internet not working. Plz gv me solution step by step..

  7. I can’t get the zvd odex file to work. I end up in a bootloop, i have android 4.4.2 sprint zvd

  8. This file is Odexed. When I used the Odexed on the other file, it put me into a boot loop. Do I need Odexed or Deodexed?

  9. Okay, now tell me about your firmware version and type of ROM (I mean stock or custom) you are using and what version of the mod you flashed?

    I have KitKat 4.4.2
    Software Version: LS980ZVD

    I first tried flashing the ZVC Odexed Firmware zip file and my phone got stuck in a boot loop. I reset it to my recovery point.

    I then flashed the the ZVC Deodexed Firmware zip file and it asks me for a subscription.

  10. Rajesh, I followed all of the directions posted and it prompts me for a subscription. Do you have a YouTube tutorial that we can follow? I downgraded to ZVC and it still doesn’t work.

  11. hello again, 1 question when i put my phone in download mode it saids firmware update and on my laptop i have all the drivers downloaded but it just stays installing device drivers when i connect my phone. plz help

  12. just got my phone bricked thanks to this….. i followed all steps perfectly and phone is stuck on lg logo.. any help???

  13. Hi guys, sorry im a bit of a n00b and looked around but could not find my answer. My phone has software LS980ZVD, which wifi hotspot mod do i use? or do I need to flash a custom rom?

  14. My device now is unlocked for my regional network. If I use zvc firmware, do I need to unlock my device again? Thanks

  15. I have lg g2 sprint version with ZVD stock rom based. Can i use other mod firmware like ZVC for my ZVD stock rom based on my lg g2?

  16. Same issue, didnt work for me. I used the deodexed 4.4.2 file as the odexed file did not work for me. It wouldnt go past TWRP. I had a hell of a time factory restoring this device. When I try to enable the wifi hotspot, it prompts me for a subscription.

  17. I tried all the steps and still does not work. keep getting prompted to subscribe.
    i have LG G2 4.4.2
    would it have anything to do with choosing a deodexed or odexed file?

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