All Samsung Galaxy Series firmwares have three components that are as follows:

  1. PDA
  2. Phone
  3. CSC

The name of a firmware contains all these details. Thus, PDA refers to the build version of the software/firmware, Phone refers to the baseband/modem version, and CSC (Consumer Software Customization) denotes to a specific geographical region or carrier. The CSC code contains the info about software packages specific to a particular region, carrier branding and also APN (Access Point Name) settings for data connection.

In this way, unless the PDA, PHONE and CSC codes do not match correctly, you will not be able to update your device over Samsung Kies or via OTA.

Now remember that the product code and firmware version differs from one device to another according to the region or country where it is sold. In most cases you can find out the country or region of a device for which it has been made by referring to the firmware version.

In the above screenshot, for example, look at the Baseband version that is: I9300XXALE8. Here is an analysis of the baseband version of the Galaxy S3, for example:

  • “I9300″ is the device model number, that is Galaxy S3;
  • “XX” denotes to the Country/Region/Network code, that is Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Spain, United Kingdom;
  • “LE” points to the date of release of this firmware (L is the 12th character of the alphabet and E is the 5th, so it is May 12);
  • Finally “8″ shows the Revision version of the firmware.

Again, as the CSC  of a Samsung Galaxy phone firmware contains the code-name of the country/region for which it is build, you can change it to tell Samsung servers that your phone is actually from a different country/region and get official updates for that country. It often happens that a firmware update is released for a particular country and you do not get it in your country. You grab the firmware file but are afraid that you will not be able to get the future official updates on your Android device if you flash a firmware that is not meant for your country.

The idea of changing the CSC of your phone drops in here. Thus you can install a firmware from a different region and change the CSC of your phone with a little trick and everything goes fine.

How to Check/Discover the CSC of Galaxy Devices:

If you do not know the  CSC or product code of you Samsung Galaxy phone or tablet device, there are 2 ways to find it. You can check the CSC by connecting the device to computer via Samsung Kies. Another method is by dialing a code on your device’s dialer itself. Just dial *#1234# and you see a screen like shown below. The first 3 alphabets after your device model constitute the CSC code for your device (see below):


How to Change CSC in Samsung Galaxy:

Please note that performing the CSC change action will factory reset your phone. It means it will take your phone to the status as it was when you bought it. All data present on the internal storage will be wiped. Therefore, do not forget to backup you data before you proceed.

  1. Open your phone’s dialer and type the following code with your device IMEI number: *#272*Phone’s IMEI Here
  2. You can find your phones IMEI number on a white sticker beneath phone’s battery.
  3. You will see a pop-up screen with a list of CSC codes. Change-CSC-SGS3
  4. Select the CSC that you want and tap on “Install”.
  5. Your phone will be reboot automatically.
  6. Congrats! Your Samsung Galaxy phone’s CSC has been changed successfully.

Change CSC Code on Galaxy S4 and Other Galaxy Devices:

If the above set of code *#272*Phone’s IMEI Here# did not work for you, try the CSC Changer app developed by bassie1995. I have tested it on my Galaxy S4 and it works like a charm. But unlike the above method, it requires root access on your Samsung Galaxy device. You can later unroot your device by choosing “Full Unroot” option present under SuperSU Settings and then by flashing the stock Kernel.

Warning: Whatever method you chose to change CSC on your Galaxy phone or tablet, it is sure to wipe all data and apps present on the internal SD Card of your device. So act wisely and backup all data first.

  1. Download CSC Changer app and copy it to your phone by connecting toa computer: CSC-Changer.apk
  2. If the above app does not work for you, try this app: cscselect-5.apk
  3. Also download the BusyBox app: stericson.busybox-141-v9.3.apk     (Google Play Link)
  4. Make sure you install the BusyBox first and CSC Changer requires it pre-installed to work.
  5. Open the CSC Changer app and select “Change CSC”.
  6. This will take you directly to the available CSC codes list on your device. Please note that you will be able to see many codes only if your device’s firmware has multi-CSC.galaxy-s4-csc-change
  7. Select your desired CSC and tap on “Install” option.
  8. You device will now reboot and when it wakes up, it’ll have the new CSC.


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While this trick works fine with Samsung Galaxy devices with Android 4.0.4, some users have reported it not working having upgraded to Jelly Bean firmware. In that case, follow the following steps and then try the above trick:

  1. Turn off your Samsung Galaxy phone
  2. Boot it into Recovery mode: press and hold Volume Up+ Home+Power keys simultaneously or a few seconds. Release the keys when you see the Recovery mode with blue text.
  3. Scroll down to “wipe data/factory reset” option using Volume key and select it using the Power key.
  4. Also wipe the cache.
  5. Then select “reboot system now’.
  6. When the phone boots up, try the CSC change code again.

If you do not want to go through this method, there is still another way you can change the CSC of your phone. Download a free app called Samsung Galaxy S / S2 / S3 CSC (link below) from the Google Play Store and install it. Run the app, follow the on-screen hints and done! In case this app does not work for on unrooted device, root your phone first and then try again.

CSC Feature Expert for Samsung Price: Free

Another Method:

(You phone must be running the stock ROM and have root access! Also, changing the CSC will wipe your phone’s data.)

  1. Download and install CSC Changer app on your Galaxy device.
  2. Run the app to find the CSC code of your
  3. If you find your desired CSC just select it and tap the Install button.
  4. In case CSC Changer does not work for you, install ES File Manager app or any other root browser:
    ES File Explorer File Manager Price: Free
  5. Launch the app, go to Root Explorer option and change R/O to R/W.ES-Explorer
  6. Navigate to /efs/imei/ folder, edit the CSC code in mps_code.dat file and save the changes.Screenshot_2013-06-28-16-34-19
  7. Then go to /system/csc/ folder and edit your CSC in sales_code.dat file.Screenshot_2013-06-28-16-34-39
  8. Now save the changes and reboot your device.
  9. Now install Triangle Away app and reset the custom flash counter: 
    [root] Triangle Away Price: $2.49
  10. Then download the stock firmware for your phone and install it using Odin.
  11. Having flashed the firmware, reboot into stock recovery to check if the new CSC has been applied or not.

List of CSC Codes for Samsung Firmwares:


Afghanistan = AFG

Algeria= TMC, ALG, ALR

Argentina= ANC, ARO, CTI (Claro), UFN (Movistar), PSN (Personal)

Aruba= ARU

Australia= XSA, OPP, OPS (Optus), VAU (Vodafone), TEL (Telus), HUT (Three/Vodafone)

Austria= AOM, DRE (3 Hutchinson), MAX (T-Mobile), MOB (A1), MOK, ONE (Orange), TRG (Telering), ATO


Bahrain = ARB

Baltic= SEB

Belarus= MTB, VEL

Belgium= BSE, BAE, PRO, XEB

Bangladesh= TML, ETR

Bosnia-Herzegovina= ERO, BHO, BHT (BH Telecom), TEB

Brazil= ZTO, BTA, BTM, TMR, ZTA (Claro), ZVV (Vivo), ZTM (TIM)



 Cambodia= RCG

Canada= BMC (Bell), RWC (Rogers), TLS (Telus), KDO (Koodo)

Chile= CHO, CHB, CHE (Entel PCS), CHL (Claro), CHT (Telefonica)

China= CHN, CMC, CUH, INT, M00, TEC, TIY

Colombia= CGU, COB, COL, COM

Costa Rica= ICE

Croatia= CRO, TRA, TWO, VIP

Cyprus= CYV



Denmark=  DTL

Dominican Rep.= CDR, TDR

Dominica= CST, DCN, DOR


Ecuador= BBR

Egypt= EGY

El Salvador= DGC, TBS


Finland= ELS, SAU



Germany= DBT, DTM (T-Mobile), DUT, EPL (E-Plus), MAN, MBC, OXA*, VD2 (Vodafone), VIA (O2), XEG

Ghana= SPN

Greece= EUR, AOC, COS (Cosmote), CYO, GER, OXX*, TGR, VGR (Vodafone), ILO (HotMobile)

Guatemala= PCS


Hong Kong= TGY

Hungary= XEH, PAN (Telenor), VDH, WST, TMO,  TMH (T-Mobile)



Indonesia= AXI, SAR, XSE

Iran= THR

Ireland= 3IE, VDI

Israel= CEL, PCL, PTR


Ivory Coast= IRS, SIE


Jamaica= JBS, JCN, JCW

Japan= DCM, SBM, VFK

Jordan= LEV


Kazakhstan= EST, KCL, KMB, KZK, OXE*, SKZ

Kenya= KEN, KEL

Korea= SKT


Libyan Arab Rep.= MMC

Lithuania= TLT

Luxembourg = LUX


Macao= VTN

Macedonia= TMC, MBM

Malaysia= CCM, FME, FMG, MXS, OLB*, XME

Mexico= SEM, TCE, TMM, UNE

Mongolia= MPC




New Zealand= VNZ

Nigeria= ECT, GCR, MML

Norway= TEN


Pakistan= PAK, WDC

Panama= BPC, PCW, PBS


Philippines= FAM, GLB, OLB*, SMA, XTC, XTE


Portugal= OPT, OXX*, TCL, TMN, TPH, XEP

Puerto Rico= CEN, PCI, TPR


Romania= CNX, COA, HAT, ORO, OXX*



Saudi Arabia= JED

Serbia Montenegro= MSR, OXX*, PMN, SMO, TOP, TSR

Singapore= MM1, XSP, SIN (Singtel), STH (Starhub), BGD, XSO

Slovenia= MOT, SIM

Slovakia= GTL, IRD, ORS, OXX*, TMS

South Africa= XFA, XFEOXX*, XFC, XFM, XFV (Vodafone)

South West Asia= SWA

Spain= FOP, AMN (Orange), ATL, EUS, XEC (Movistar), YOG (Yoigo)


Switzerland= AUT, MOZ, ORG, OXX*, SUN, SWC



Temporary= TEM

Thailand= CAT, OLB*, THE, THL, THO, THS

Tanzania= SOL

Tunesia= ABS, RNG



Ukraine= KVR, SEK, UMC

United Arab Emirat= AFR, ARB, ITO, MID, OXE*, XSG

United Kingdom= BTU, EVR (EE), BTC, CPW (Carphone Warehouse), H3G, O2I, O2U (O2), ORA (Orange), OXA*, TMU (T-Mobile), TSC, VIR, VOD (Vodafone), XEU


Uzbekistan= UZB


Venezuela= VMT (Movistar), DGT, MVL


Let us know if we have missed any.

* Multi CSC for couple of countries and regions (“O” refers to Open)

Let us know if you find any CSC code missing from our list!



  1. i have j320f .its imei shown as unnown basedbrand unknown plz give me a solution.

  2. Sir I need help (sim network unlock pin)..I bought my s7edge from Saudi Arabia and I want to use it in India how can I……please help

  3. hi!! can i install firmware same model, same country, same open line, but different baseband?
    like in my phone is N9208XXU2BPH4 but i want to install this firmware N9208XXU1AOGE

    is it ok? thank you

  4. Hi Varun,

    You can get a carrier-branded device to use it for calling and using network data by other operators, but some settings and radio-bands still remain locked. CSC change procedure on such devices doesn’t work on such phones.

  5. hi Mr. Rakesh
    first of all really gr8 of you on replying everyone for there issues.
    now coming to my point my mobile data and other services are working perfect. the only thing is that it is not showing LTE/ 4g under mobile networks. I read in one article that all s6 edge with wind are locked with CSC so thats what i needed to do. I am doing that *#272 plus emi number but it is now showing any India CSC code. Please help if possible.

  6. Hi Mr. Rakesh
    i got S6 edge from Canada, which was with Wind company before. Its not showing LTE option and my mobile data isnt working properly. I read some article to change the CSC.
    Mine is CSC: G925W8OYA3CPC5.
    Now what should i do.
    According to your concept No INDIAN CSC code is showing
    Please ill be gr8full if you reply my querry.

  7. I’m sorry that you don’t understand. Comments on a tutorial, or any other page, do not make it a forum. Newspapers, for instance, are not forums. You are trying to assimilate different things.

  8. Well, it is not your fault if you misunderstand. I have already wasted my timo replying you. Keep your idea and be happy with.

  9. Im sorry that you don’t understand what the comments section is for. The article may be a tutorial but the 14 comment threads with many on topic messages does make this a forum.

    More to my point you were trying to bully the original commenter. Otherwise there was really no reason to comment as you offered nothing to help and attempted to guess what the original author’s position was.

    So, all I’m saying is try to be a better human being and have a good day.

  10. Yes, you are right, I am very late for the comment. Today, some of the solutions are no longer possible for more recent models. However, this is NOT a comments forum, but a tutorial page meant to help people, and what I said is correct and intemporal.

  11. Reinstall stock ROM of u r version of andriod.thatz it.again see u r csc it will get version name.

  12. Aren’t you about 2 years late with your comment? Besides this is a comments forum look at the list of comments with replies. Its as if you just wanted to mean to the guy.

  13. Hi Rakesh,

    Thanks for this super helpful guide. Before I change the CSC (because I have an international unlocked device, and I should get updates before Fido/Rogers CSC in Canada, which is the country and network I’ll be using this phone in)…here’s my situation:
    I just bought a Samsung Galaxy s7 Edge (model #: SM-G935FD). I was wondering if this phone will work on all Canadian networks and be able to access the max possible LTE speed? Does anyone have any info on this? The guys at the customer service told me that it’ll only be able to access 3G speeds if its not a canadian variant and is being used on a Canadian network…which is a load of horse crap.

    Also, do you know if and when Samsung pat becomes available in Canada, would I be able to use this on a phone bought outside of Canada (model #: SM-G935FD), but is being used in Canada?

  14. I bought Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge 935F factory unlocked few days ago but I found its CSC country is IRAN and Product Code: SM-G935FZKATHR and I found a pre-installed application with iranian language. Does this mean that my phone is not really factory unlocked and that someone unlocked it manually and put a 935F ROM ?. The seller waits for my decision if I want to return it.

  15. Rakesh did not want to reply to you. Instead he told you what he does, which has nothing to do with your question. In literature this is known as a sort of fallacy.

  16. Hi I’m attempting to use this method for my Samsung Galaxy S5 (SM-G900F) in order to change my CSC to Australian (Optus).
    I’ve successfully followed the ES File Explorer method up until the point I use Odin in order to install the stock firmware into my phone. However whenever I try odin keeps giving me the same error message



    Enter CS for MD5..

    Check MD5.. Do not unplug the cable..

    Please wait..

    G900IDVU1BOH4_G900IXSA1BOG1_G900IDVU1BOG1_HOME.tar.md5 is valid.

    Checking MD5 finished Sucessfully..

    Leave CS..


    Odin v.3 engine (ID:4)..

    File analysis..



    Get PIT for mapping..

    Firmware update start..



    NAND Write Start!!

    FAIL! (Auth)

    Complete(Write) operation failed.

    All threads completed. (succeed 0 / failed 1)


    I’m using the Australian 5.0 firmware downloaded from Sam Mobile so I’m not sure what’s going wrong. I’ve tried changing computers, usb ports, cables and even odin versions. Thanks for any help

  17. Hi Bro
    The Problem I Got, Is Kinda Weird Thing.My Phone: GT-S5830, Previously Locked To Optus, SO I HAD TO UNLOCK IT, I HAD IT SOMEONE UNLOCKED. THE PHONE WORKS WELL NOW BUT I NEED TO FLASH IT DUE TO SOME LANGUAGE PROBLEMS, AND SOME ANNOYING APPS I CAN’T REMOVE UNLESS THE PHONE IS ROOT, OK.Simply Whenever I Manage To Go To Recovery Mode, The Page Shows Up With The Warning Triangle In The Background, All The Appropriate Functions Are Written (i.e Clockwork Mod, Recovery, Wipe Cache, Wipe Data Format Factory, etc), And Also There’s A Yellow Line Below Them, Written — Appling Muti csc — Can’t Access system/csc/OPP/system . That’s Just My Problem, THE BLUE SELECTOR LINE IS RIGHT ON THE REBOOT OPTION, THE VOLUME KEYS NEVER WORK, SO I CAN’T CHANGE THE FUNCTION TO BE DONE. WHAT SHOULD I DO???? THANKS.

  18. I don`t have a backup of the original firmware, I can get a copy from another S3, wich is working perfectly. Would that do the trick?
    3. nov. 2014 13:29 skrev “Disqus” :

  19. Also trying to find out how to update my phone. I have a note 2 with android version 4.1.2
    AP: N71000XXDME6
    CP: N7100XXDLK7
    CSC: N700OXADME2

    Phone came without a SIM, and got a go phone SIM from AT&T today.

    Not real savvy on this stuff, so any info, specifically “for dummies”, would be appreciated. Thanks.

  20. thnk u Sir. I changed my mind to go with Odin flash 🙂 But 3 queries again.

    1. Can I flash the phone with any other region’s latest stock firmware(my current country code is XSI(UAE), so that my knox flag and all remains untripped and official.

    2. Will i lose samsung warranty by flashing with another region’s firmware?
    3. Does changing CSC to another region’s disable OTA updation( just for my knwldge)?

  21. Please note that you can switch between CSCs that are already available on your device. As for myself, I never care for OTAs as I use rooted devices and flash full firmwares if some major update comes.

  22. Hi..This topic seems to be really interesting.

    I own a samsung note 3(SM-N9005 LTE version) with the country code – XSI(which is for UAE) and residing in India. The current status of software version is PDA: N9005XXUGNG1, CSC: N9005OJVGNH1. Here goes my query.

    1. I would like to get updates via OTA from another region(say Switzerland) as this region gets frequent updated versions 😉 So what exactly should i do to get OTA updates from Switzerland? Should i simply change my phone’s CSC to Swiss CSC – AUT?

    2. Or should i Odin flash with the stock firmware of Swiss region?

    3. Or should i change my current CSC to AUT and then Odin flash with the stock firmware of Swiss region so as to get OTA updates?

  23. I’m affraid we dont have a backupcopy of EFS, but hopefully we could make a fresh copy from S3 phone that working correct, and install it in the sick one. I have found some new clues, and they tells me that this phone is not sold in Norway, but maybe somewhere in Asia. If that is true, is it possible to make it “Norwegian”???

  24. hi sir .. my mobile always restart code asking i cnt reboot my mobile…model samsung galaxy s3 gt-18910

    andriod version ..4.1.2

    base band…i8910XXAMA3

    kernal version…3.01.31-860525

    [email protected]#2

    SMP PREEPT satjan 19 15:56:21


    buid number….JZ054k.i8910XXAMA3……………..can u help me

  25. I would try to install an original samsung firmware using odin. Do you (your friend) have a backup copy of EFS? I doubt APN is responsible for connection error. If APN would be wrong no connection at wouldn’t be possible (not even for 5 minutes). So my best bet is to reflash original firmware. I’ll give you link when i get home if you dont have any or you can search here on our website.

  26. I’m afraid it’s not that simple. The phone cannot hold connection. It does’nt find any mobile networks. In the setup underf about phone, the information looks a little strange from what i’ve seen before.
    It says Baseband version :

    2012/08/13 14:56

    Build number

    Custom build version1358781895.

    It’s also a little difficult to get the norwegian special letters.
    But the worst is that it does’nt find any GSM networks, and when it finds them, witch is rarely, it cant stay connected for more than a few minutes.

  27. We tend to hhelp people but for that, you need to explain what the problem is. If the only problem is name of the device your computer lists, i think you’re fine.

  28. Hello sir and tanks for answering me.
    I dont have the sofware you are refering to but I guess thats not hard to korrect. You are asking if the device is working normaly, and the answer is no. I got the phone from a friend. He wanted me to see if I could fix it. And thats why I asking for advice.

  29. Hello sir.
    I have a Galay S3, well it was supposed to be. When I plug it in to my computer it is listed as a MT65xx android phone. Whaat thas this mean.

  30. Hi Rakesh,
    I live in Iran and have a rooted Galaxy Grand duos GT-I9082L with Android 4.2.2 and the following firmware:
    AP: I9082LUBUBMK2
    CP: I9082LUBUBMK1
    CSC: I9082LUUBBMK2
    Of what region is its CSC and which ROM may I use for reinstalling?
    I have uninstalled some system apps without backing those up, and now I need those.

  31. Thanks Rakesh!
    I shall follow the steps laid out in

  32. Thanks Rakesh.

    Just to clarify one last doubt in my mind… does downloading and installing the firmware increase the risk of bricking the device, as compared to modifying the CSC and downloading the patch over the air?

    Thanks again!

  33. Hi Rakesh,
    Thank you for your reply.
    I am uncertain with which firmware to download and apply – can I simply just use one of the unbranded firmware; eg.

    Thanks in advance!

  34. Hi Rakesh,
    I am in Singapore and have a Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 (3g+wifi).
    Currently, the CSC is P3100OLBBLH1
    I am keen to upgrade to the latest available Android 4.2.2
    Appreciate your advise as to which CSC I should use.
    Thank you very much

  35. Hi Sir!
    Can you explain for my CSC : I9100XXLS1 where it’s from?
    And it doesn’t work when I dial *#272*IMEI#call from my s2. What supposed can I do then?
    In what condition should I change my csc?
    I’d like to upgrade my firmware 4.1.2 to kitkat which doesn’t have CWM but Multi CSC in Recovery mode. Well, what am I gonna do for that? Pls, be advised!

  36. Hi Rakesh, I very much appreciate your answer. I’ll do as you advised, but my phone is a sim-free one brand new out of the box, which is why I am using my card from my Lebanese provider TOUCH. It’s the Android 4.3 OS that is XEF Lafleur France, till now when I try OTA or through Kies the only thing I keep receiving is this: You have the latest software. I just thought that changing my CSC will liberate me from XEF. Anyway Sir again, a big thank you.

  37. Hi Rakesh. I live in Beirut, Lebanon. A couple of months ago I bought a Samsung Galaxy S4 GT-I9505 of which I am mighty pleased. However my CSC code is I95055OXXEMK3, (or France XEF Lafleur). I cannot update with Kies or OTA, so it seems that I’m stuck with Android 4.3 at a time when almost everyone now is moving to Kitkat. My Lebanese carrier is Touch, so if I change my current CSC, which one must I choose since I live here in Lebanon and be able to benefit from the updates as they happen? Any help will be greatly appreciated, thanks.

  38. hello rakesh my device’s CSC number is “i9500ODDFNB3” can you tell me from which region it is.??

  39. Hello Sir,

    How to get out of this problem?

    I am leaving in Norway and I just got back my s3 from the service centre after repair of signal drop issue. now when i turn it on i get an annoying translucent window with yellow text that does not go away. also, my power button menu does not show up nor does my device lock when i press the power button…. please help! (see the picture)

    I tried ODIN and KEIS, doesn’t helps.


  40. Hello,
    How to get out of this problem?
    I am leaving in Norway and I just got back my s3 from the service centre after repair of signal drop issue. now when i turn it on i get an annoying translucent window with yellow text that does not go away. also, my power button menu does not show up nor does my device lock when i press the power button…. please help! (see the picture)
    I tried ODIN and KEIS, doesn’t helps.

  41. Hello sir,

    How to get out of this problem?

    I am leaving in Norway and I just got back my s3 from the service centre after repair of signal drop issue. now when i turn it on i get an annoying translucent window with yellow text that does not go away. also, my power button menu does not show up nor does my device lock when i press the power button…. please help! (see the picture)

    I tried ODIN and KEIS, doesn’t helps.

    Please help!!!

  42. when i type *#272#imeino# phone tells not registered on network, I have a gt I9300 bought from oman living in india pls help

  43. Hi, I was just under the misapprehension that I have been able to put together most CSCs. Surprisingly, the list does not have any of the CSCs mentioned by you. I looked for them too but found nothing. However, I’ll search again and let you know if I have any info.

  44. Hello again, the codes that show up on my screen to change are BST, SPR, VMU XAS, do you know which one I should use for Mexico?, i´ve checked on google and on your page, but i don´t see anyone like this

  45. Ok, so i found out how to get it (i had to check out a box which blocked apps from outside google). But now after i press continue on the “Change CSC” window it won´t do anything.

    The other one (csc select 5) tells me… preconfig not found on your device, it sends me the code (*#272*2045#)

  46. Ok, so i found out how to get it. But now after i press continue on the “Change CSC” window it won´t do anything.

    The other one (csc select 5) tells me… preconfig not found on your device, it sends me the code (*#272*2045#)

  47. Hello, i´ve intalled busybox, but i can´t seem to find the csc changer app. Where is it supposed tobe? or did I do something wrong?

  48. thank you
    is there anywhere i can find the code i need
    my phone is
    samsung galaxy s3 gt-i9305
    android version

  49. i cant
    i put in
    *#272*Phone’s IMEI Here#
    and it comes up with ussd code running
    then connection problem or invalid mmi code
    please help

  50. i have all my codes
    i brought my phone when i was on holiday in hongkong
    and now i need to change my csc so i can use the play store
    thanks michael

  51. mine said invalid imei number o out of range
    please help
    everything i did was right
    im VNZ btw

  52. You’re missing ETR which is also for Bangladesh, so Bangladesh has 2, which are TML and ETR.

  53. ok! ill try to configure the mobile network. if i can find a solution, ill post it here in case anyone need it! Thanks Rakesh!

  54. As you said you phone is unlocked, I am unable to figure out why you are not able to access data connection. I think it is a network baseband issue.

  55. Yes! ive tried a lot of times but it doesnt work! factory reset is: volume+ home button and power button. I did a wipe data/factory reset, wipe cache partition. after that, reboot system, but showing the same reults! does not recognise Movistar (my phone carrier) mobile network

  56. Hi, the firmware I suggested you is meant for Movistar Venezuela and it is weird why it’s not working with your phone.

    I would suggest you to try a data factory reset from recovery mode. Do you know how to do that?


  58. thanks! i´ll try with this one! i´ll report in hours ´cause internet speed in venezuela are very slow (less than 1mb in adsl)

  59. I dont know! 🙁 is there a place or a sticker inside the phone where i can find it?

  60. Hi! my country doesnt show in the list! i bought an unlocked s3 in panama, took the “PCW” from the list (because i bought it in panama). im from venezuela and i cant find it. i install the PCW, it worked but doesnt recognise the mobile networks. i dont even know which is my csc code

  61. Sir my name is asam,other day I did downgrade my galaxy note 2 from 4.1.2 to 4.1.1 without saving my efs files or backing up.when I tried to call poped up a message¨not registered on network¨even imei was correct.Can u sir help me to get out of this problem.I´m here in spain using movistar.My galaxy note 2 came with Vodafone but I got it unlocked and was using with movistar.Problem started right after doing the menthed above.([email protected])

  62. Great write up, but I still have a question which I’m not sure if someone has asked already! So you say the CSC is related to firmware updates in specific countries, but is that it’s only purpose? I’ve just installed JanJan’s Google Edition ROM on my i9505 here in Australia, and the only thing I’ve changed is my baseband to match the network here. Is this the only thing I should change, or should I worry about the CSC (and/or the PDA) as well? Any information would be great, thanks!

  63. hi, sir g my name is jatin i have a samsung galaxy S2 jealy bean but i
    can’t use WIFI and Bluetooth when i open the wifi then message appear
    turning on but not on ……….. please tell me solution’s .PDA no. is
    i9100xwlst phone i1900DDLS9 csc i9100ddlse build info mon apr 22
    16.44.57 kst 2013 .. i m waiting ur reply

  64. hi, sir g my name is jatin i have a samsung galaxy S2 jealy bean but i can’t use WIFI and Bluetooth when i open the wifi then message appear turning on but not on ……….. please tell me solution’s .PDA no. is i9100xwlst phone i1900DDLS9 csc i9100ddlse build info mon apr 22 16.44.57 kst 2013 .. i m waiting ur reply sir

  65. hi, sir g my name is jatin i have a samsung galaxy S2 jealy bean but i can’t use WIFI and Bluetooth when i open the wifi then message appear turning on but not on ……….. please tell me solution’s .PDA no. is i9100xwlst phone i1900DDLS9 csc i9100ddlse build info mon apr 22 16.44.57 kst 2013 .. i m waiting ur reply sir

  66. Hi I have a galaxy s advance gt-i9070 …… i want android 2.3.6 vodafone italy and CSC: OMN

  67. Thanks for the reply. In this case, I will probably use ODIN and get the first unbranded one that comes out.

  68. I have seen people getting bootloop even after OTA updates. Anyways, you can get the for new firmwares only if someone pulls it, packs it and uploads on some site or forum.
    Yes, you cannot install an OTA zip unless the CSC matches.

  69. Hi. Thanks for the quick reply.
    It says “The latest updates have already been installed”. And Kies says the same thing(something like You have the latest firmware version…I don’t remember). So I’m guessing I would receive the update.

    The only reason I would avoid ODIN, is so I don’t have to reset my phone to factory settings. I know it’s not always mandatory to reset your phone, but it’s the only solution if I end up in a boot loop.

    Quick question. Is it possible to download the update by itself, copy it to the sd card, boot to recovery menu and use the: “install update from external storage” option to do the update?
    I’ve never actually seen a downloadable update package on Samsung-Updates or SamMobile.


  70. The service code menu codes keep changing with different firmware versions. To confirm OTA, go to Settings>about and check for software update. If you do not get any error while checking for update, you will receive OTA, otherwise not.

    The best way is to use Odin, I have never received an OTA on any of my Galaxy devices. Odin is perfect.

  71. Hi. I have an I9305 and after upgrading to 4.1.2 I had serious issues with WiFi. I used your tutorial from DroidViews on downgrading and then with your recommendation I installed a 4.1.2 unbranded from a different region. It’s been working flawlessly ever since. However, I would like to know if I will be able to get OTA updates. So my phone was with CSC: DTM (T-mobile branded, not sim locked) and now it’s NEE. In Kies it says: MD1/MD1/MD1 (NEE)
    And if I type *#1234# I end up with these:
    AP: I9305XXBMD1
    CP: I9305XXBMD1
    CSC: I9305NEEBMD1.

    You say that they need to match. They look like a match to me 🙂
    If not, then I will flash 4.2.2 when it comes out with ODIN. But I was just wondering if I would be able to update with OTA or Kies when the firmware comes out for region NEE.

    Also, I did try the *#272*IMEI# and nothing happens.

    Thanks again.

  72. Hi, I have tried used your recommendation but CSC Changer still not function. My phone already have root access. Busybox which type to install – Smart or normal install.

  73. Hi, I have notice that my S4 not in CSC code for my country. Suppose it XME but mine is THR. I tried to follow on your above suggestion but failed. Once I open busybox – Root failed. Please help…

  74. Thank you, I am aware of this update. But if I am not mistaken than XXUBMEA is for German region. I am not sure when this update will be released for my (OXX) region (UK), but I am hoping soon. Secondly, the rooting tool odin is for PC and I am a mac user, so another hindrance. I am not saying there are no tutorials for rooting I9505 on mac but they are not as friendly. In short I just have to wait.

  75. ohhkay. Thanks mate. I hope the new update comes out soon. Don’t particularly want to root my phone for app to sd.

    Kind Regards

  76. Thanks for your reply. So I am guessing, if the firmware is not bind to any network, then I would be one of the first ones to get the firmware update in European region?

  77. Thank you for your reply, I just redownloaded and tried to install again but same error message, I guess there is no other way to change CSC on our device?

  78. Hmm. I just told about the possible reasons. This error is seen only when the app file is corrupt. So you should try redownloading and installing it.
    In case it doesn’t install still, it means the app requires Jelly Bean to work.

  79. I tried to installed the app CSC-Changer.apk but it gives me an Parse error message “There is a problem parsing the package”?

  80. By the way, I tried to installed the app CSC-Changer.apk but it gives me an Parse error message “There is a problem parsing the package”?

  81. Thank you for your quick reply, so in order to use this app I need to root my phone right? and how do I root a Galaxy Ace II X (S7560M) ? thanks.

  82. Hi, I have a Galaxy Ace II X(S7560M) that has a multi-CSC but when I type *#272*Phone’s IMEI# it gives an error “UNKNOWN APPLICATION” , do you know a way to change CSC in this device Galaxy Ace II X (S7560M)? Thanks.

  83. Well you need to activate Developer Options on a device with Android 4.2 and I do not think that S3 T999 has received 4.2 update. Can you show me the screenshot of your device’s About screen?

  84. hey so i am trying to unlock my tmobile GS3 but i cannot get the developers options to appear, i tap the build seven times, ten times, forty times and nothing lol.. the only thing i can think of is that it is not connected to the tmobile service at the moment? i dont understand why that is necessary to unlock the developer options? could this be the cause or is it something else entirely?? any help would be awesome


  85. Yes hopefully, though I doubt it because of the mismatch of the original modem and the firmware I suggesting. But there i no harm in trying it.
    Is XFE the original CSC or you installed a firmware previously?

  86. thank you very much for quick reply….to install the indian firmware ill have to use odin3 as mentioned in your given link….so after that will i be able to get updates OTA?

  87. and when i tried to change my csc code, i came to know that my current csc code is XFE which is south african code and the options available are also from south africa and turkey…

  88. hi…i have galaxy s advance which i had bought online from USA and now i am using it in india. s advance has already received jelly bean update in india but i am not able to get it OTA or via kies. so i tried to change my csc code by using emei number as u have described but i am not getting any csc codes of india in the list. so updating jelly bean via odin is the only option for me? and once i update it via odin, can i get updates OTA or via kies in the future? or i have to use odin for updates all time? please help me with this.

  89. thanks for the input. thats what im worried about, flashing through odin. i was hoping that changing my csc would do the trick for me since i wanted to update ota or via kies. im worried that i might brick my phone if id push through flashing with odin. haha…anyways thanks again. ill try to re-read the article you gave me. 🙂

  90. I was hoping for some guidance…my i9070 is still GB and would like to upgrade to JB but my kies would not detect it. My csc code happens to be AUT (switzerland) although im from the Philippines…beats me, lol. Anyways, my plan of action is to change csc so that i can get JB. But as I ran the change csc app, I only got countries not inclusive of my country’s csc codes, the closest is hongkong. Would you suggest to go ahead and install a hongkong csc or is there a way to install a philippine csc. More power and thanks.

  91. It is very easy for Kies as it is programmed for that. Any online tool can be capable of tracking your location. Besides there are some other things too that help companies keep record of a device like IMEI, IMSI and so on.

  92. How will Kies detect it? aint ODIN suppose to write the BTU FM PDA + CSC + PHONE data one the phone? just want to make sure we are in sync: i will flash an Israeli phone with a compelte BTU Stock Samsung phone with its built in CSC via odin. thats the idea.

  93. Kies will detect that your phone has a different CSC than what it should be. Phone’s CSC is matched with the CSC of the update package and if it differs it fails, resulting in no OTA. To get OTA, you must have the CSC for your own country/region.

  94. Guys if i use Odin with the latest firmware to the S4 yet with complete different CSC, will the KIES later detect it properly and will bring updates per the NEW CSC? lets say i have an Israeli S4 (fully unlocked) and i want to put a clean BTU (UK) latest firmware and CSC. will Kies get it later on that the phone is now “UK” and get updates for it? thanks Tal

  95. all works fine ,says its official in settings and even connects to OTA update servers, but fails to let KIES find updates for it due to incorrect firmware ,so i obviously must have some other variant of the same network for the region ( shrugs ) im not bothered though ,kies sucks

  96. Hi Darren, I have never heard of any carrier that has different variants of the same device. You have flashed the correct firmware and I guess (on the basis of a few known cases) they might have added branding in the newer update for the S4.

    If you are not having any issues and are able to enjoy all network related services from your carrier, you need not bother about that.

  97. i tried to root my s4 will failure ( due to OTA firmware update that stops it working properly ) so i downloaded H3G firmware for XX(UK) im on three network ,so i flashed it to wipe any failed root off the device so its ( official ) but the firmwares different with three networks branding on bootup instead ,my phone was not like that from stock when i first got it ,is it possible there are different variants of as branded phone from the same network ?

  98. hello there. I’m justwacky and i’m curious about how this csc thing works. I know a bit of information thanks to your introduction above. My problem right now is:

    -I want to change the csc code for a Lenovo phone (bought from china). The model is A280. The problem is, I can’t find the malaysian firmware for this. Can you please advice me on what to do? Many thanks.

  99. Hello,
    I have problem. After changing the csc to xsg for the N7000. The lock screen does not show up and the phone close when i hold the power button.
    Any thoughts abt that

  100. why not? whats the risk? its my brother in low’s phone, and he really dont want to install the version, he’s not really a computer kinda’ guy 🙂
    and- if i decide to do it after all (not saying that i do, just in case he’ll want it anyway), where can i find such a firmware? can i just extend any md5 file into the 3 files?

  101. You can change it but in a round about way. For that you’ll need a firmware with multi-files such as, CODE, MODEM, CSC. Having flashed a firmware, you can flash that CSC file from a desired firmware and thus change it.
    You will have to split the single firmware file with ,tar.md5 extension into multi files using SplitFus2 tool. But I will not recommend doing all those drill just for changing CSC!

  102. so I’ll have to install it via Odin every time there’s an update? i cant download a csc file and change it? is the csc really limited to the csc list in the device? that’s bummer 🙁
    thanks for the help and explanations!!!

  103. Hmm. In that case, the best way is to install the latest builds manually via Odin. I do this to all my Galaxy devices. You can change CSC only on a multi-CSC firmware such as one for Nordic countries.

  104. it is unlock. in Israel, its illegal to lock the hone to a specific network, no sim-lock and stuff… we do not have this problem here… i already installed an unbranded firmware, it just dont match the CSC so it cant get updates, when i try it tells me that my phone was modified, so its not supported, i did the same for my samsung s3 (not mini), i bought it in the UK , and i unlocked it, and it works great, but my Israeli phone, which is definably unlocked, now cant get updates…

  105. You did not get me yet. I said if you flash a firmware that is made for unbranded phones, you might face network connectivity and other issues. First get your phone unlocked and then think about installing other firmware. Changing CSC is not a solution for you.

  106. yes its illegal to lock phones here 🙂 i can install any firmware i want, if I’ll find the CSC for it… other words- i can insert any sim-card and it’ll work.

  107. hey, thanks for the quick respond!!

    my model is Samsung s3 mini, I8190, I’m from Israel, my carriers is Orange, but i don’t want their firmware 🙁 they never get updates and have lots of extra apps 🙁 so i want any clean version, like the BTU clan version… but when i install it without changing the CSC, it cant get online updates…

  108. i had a branded firmware, and i wanted a clean Samsung version, i tried to find a non branded firmware with my CSC but i don’t think there is any… so i downloaded the CSC changer, but in the CSC codes list i had only middle eastern CSC, and now i cant change it back to what it was, my country is not in the CSC codes list (!!) , i want to change it to (1)my country’s CSC and back to my branded version, or (2) BTU and install a clean version, what can i do?… how can i find a CSC file? help?…. please!

  109. It only denotes connectivity difference and a network carrier affiliation. If you flash the firmware for gt-i9082 , the phone will still work. But since you are new, I will not recommend you to do anything like that.

  110. You will be able to change the CSC only if your firmware has multiple CSC. Try the method given above to check if the Malaysia CSC is there, otherwise wait till a Malaysian firmware arrives. When it is available, install it.

  111. Hi,
    Since you question is not a question, there is no answer to it. All phone’s with dual SIMs have 2 IMEIs. So it’s not a problem at all.

  112. My Samsung Galaxy Grand has 2 EMEI no. on the back of the battery place. It was a Grand Duos. I fell weird as it has 2 EMEI no. How to change the CSC as this mobile has 2 EMEI no. registered? Which means that each sim slot has it own EMEI no I think.

  113. I have pretty much the same issue ” Preconfig not found on your device” Same Nordic version of JB 4.1.2. Lost connection with KIES too.

  114. I think so, bought from ebay. My android version is still 4.0.4. basically i want to change to get latest update for singapore. my friend that change his s3 got update for jelly bean.

    anyway can i ask how to install the 4.11 firmware that you gave?? i’m a newbie in android. in fact this is the first android i have.

  115. Tried CSC changer , Im getting an error, ” Preconfig not found on your device.” Then when iput the manual code i get ” UKNOWN APPLICATION.”
    I have just flashed the nordic version of Jelly Bean 4.1.2 to my galaxy s2 I9100.

  116. KSA means Saudi Arabia, right! There is no possibility that your firmware will contain the CSC for Singapore. Since the official 4.1.2 firmware is not yet out for Singapore, you can try the Chinese version that might have this (I am not sure):

    In case changing the CSC matters to you much, install the official 4.1.1 firmware for Singapore:

  117. hi, i’m using note 10.1, i have download the csc changer, but the country code that i want to install is not listed there. How can i change my csc to the country that i want? ( I want to change to Singapore= BGD, XSO, XSP)

  118. I’m having an error message “connection problem or invalid MMI code” when I try to dialing the IMEI code. While when I use the app, this message appears “ not found on your device. Manual mode…” May I ask your help on this.

  119. You will b able to change the CSC of a device only if the firmware you installed contains the CSC of your country.

    If you do not find the CSC (INU) for your country, wait till the 4.1.2 for India is available.

  120. HELLO I have installed android 4.1.2 that you given so thank you.My question that you told vchanging csc code how to change csc code in samsung tab 2 p3100

  121. Okay, I have seen that. The reason for your problem is that the firmware installed on your Note 10.1 is a Single CSC firmware where you have but one code. Install a multi-csc firmware. I have just updated the Firmware post with the full firmware which also contains the csc for your country that is UK. Download the firmware from here and flash it via Odin. Then you will be able to change the CSC to your country (BTU).

  122. here’s a screenshot of when I have pasted in the country code, I don’t get the option to choose from a list. Odin resolutely refuses to recognise my note 10.1

  123. Came to this page from a post about the jellybean update for the wi-fi version of the Samsung note 10.1. I have the update files but they won’t install because I suspect my CSC code is the UK one. The above doesn’t really help me as I don’t have a dialer program to request my IMEI from ( would a wi- fi only tablet have an IMEI? ) I have tried manually changing the CSC code in the CSC changer app but it continues to advise the code must be 3 digits….even tho it clearly does have 3 digits… there an easier way to change the CSC code?

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