A couple of month ago Samsung released a list of its Galaxy line up that would be upgraded to Android 4.2 and 4.3. Later we got rumors that OEM will promote some of its older flagships like Galaxy S3 and Note 2 to Android 4.3 directly. It has been more than a month since the 4.2 firmware was leaked for the former device (S3) and the delay in the official release can be seen as just another indication that the above mentioned smartphones might be directly promoted to Android 4.3.

The way Samsung has started the Android 4.2.2 update to a less popular mid-range device like theΒ Samsung Galaxy S2 Plus cannot be without a reason and we hope that the neglection of S3 and Note 2 that might be tasting sour to the users of these devices, will finally turn into some pleasant sense pretty soon. Another mid-range device from Samsung’s second generation tablet line up has now started receiving Android 4.2 update via OTA. The users ofΒ Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 GT-P3100 finally have a big reason to smile as they are now entitled to enjoy the not-so-latest version of Android before most other people with higher models.

The first Android 4.2.2 firmware for the Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 GT-P3100 (3G + WiFi) is already out for the users of this device in France. Since it is an unbranded firmware, it can be installed on any Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 with model number P3100 that is not locked to a network provider. In other words, if you are able to use ant SIM card on your Tab, you can have this new firmware.

We have not been able to test this firmware, nor do we have any official changelog, so we cannot list what new features the 4.2 update for the device brings with it, but we hope that it’ll improve the performance of the device and also bring the multi-page lockscreen with widgets support. Download the firmware from below, install it and lets us know of the new changes you discover.



How to Install:

Download the firmware file in zip and unzip it on your desktop. You can find detailed installation steps here.


  1. i think flashing this stock firmwares causes the stock recovery to crash .. it says error when wiping cache partition ..

  2. hi there.. is this the official firmwares of samsung galaxy tab 2 7.0 P3100?
    and can i flash any of this files to my tab ? what do you mean about unbranded and branded firmwares..? pls reply asap

  3. If it is branded, can you install an unbranded firmware?
    Do this will allow you to use any SIM?

  4. Sir have you any other link of jb 4.2.2 which support in India and resume download capacity suggest me..

  5. I had lost my default rom on Samsung tab 2 p3100 after flashing custom rom Kitkat and lost every preloaded apps. what can I do suggest me.

  6. Keep,pressed the Power key till it turns off. Then press and hold Volume Up + Power buttons for a few seconds till the device boots into Recovery mode. Then go to wipe data factory reset option and select it. Finally, reboot the device.

  7. Hiii…. my GT P3100 got updated thru wi fi after that it started its installation but after a while it gt hanged. And yet it can’t be restarted.plz advice

  8. I did successfully installed a firmware P3100XXDMG6_P3100OXADMG6_XEF in my P3100. But unfortunately, i doesn’t have a baseband in it? Baseband: Unknown

    Do I have to root? If yes, any links?

  9. Please try to create an application for disqus, sometimes coming through web is complicated

  10. Please kindly help me out, i downloaded the unofficial Samsung rom for my gt p3100 slimbean 4.3 , but after installing the rom my mobile phone has been working perfectly but samsung kies doesnt detect it animore and morever it has not been synchronising with my yahoo contacts and whatsapp contact, and viber couldnt locate any contact as well, pls my contacts are very important to me , what advice can u give me or what is the best solution please

  11. hello sir, your mentioned link is nor including tar.md5 and odin3, pda button not finding the file please give the link except hotfile and if 4.2.2 not available then atleast please give the android 4.1.1 because I have 4.0.4

  12. Hello Sir, the link devhost is not including tar.md5 so the odin3 in pda button is not finding the android 4.2.2 firmware (India)

  13. Hello sir, is any other website to download except hotfile link it cannot be download correctly and not resume able please help

  14. Im currently downloading that. Romania one?? Its downloading. Anyways I need an advice on my other Post on Newer 4.1.2 firmware in case I’ll downgrade.

  15. Should I download this P3100ZCDMH1 (China) or P3100UBDMF1 (Argentina) This both have newer Built Date. Which one should I go with? Need your advice..

  16. Sorry for too much disturbance but I have something to ask, Does this China Firmware P3100ZCDMH1 have English language on it?

  17. And I hope you’ll have that new firmware here. Haha. Thanks alot for your cooperation.

  18. I am currently downloading a Branded Firmware right now and gonna check if that Issue is fixed..

  19. I already did it. It’s still useless, and I’m not the only one facing this problem..

  20. Thanks for the fast reply. Anyway, theres one more thing, when I updated my tablet to JB4.2.2, whenever i copy any kind of a file from my PC to android/obb it wont let me, some kind of error message appears “The has been disconnect or unavailable” I reflashed, wipe cache and data reset. Still no use, I searched online but still useless. Can you help me out? Regards

  21. The branded version is meant only for the devices bought from a network provider/carrier. If your tab works only with a particular SIM, it is branded.

  22. And also one more thing…
    Is there any problem to reinstall the current version once again in my GT-P3100..?
    I want make sure the missing options in this update is actually missing from the OS itself..
    Can i reflash this with Odine like i flashed it earlier..?

  23. Hey Boss…
    Is there any way to downgrade my GT-P3100 android to 4.1.2..?
    If there is a way please guide me to it…

    Thankz in advance…

  24. Surely, πŸ™‚

    which all screens would u like to have..?
    If u specify it will help me a lot..

  25. I tried few from the app store…
    But none of them monitor my USB Tethering details…
    They only monitor default network data and WiFi tethering datas only…
    If u can please suggest me a good app which monitor all my network activities…
    Thankz in advance…

  26. Can some one please check whether USB Tethering usage details showing under DATA USAGE in Settings..?
    Bcoz In my previous version it was there but in this update i am missing tethering usage details from my Data usage informer under Settings…

    Is there any way to add tethering counts to it..?
    Or is there any alternative way to track all data usage including tethering, browsing, applications, etc..by my Tab..?

  27. Thankz for the fast reply…
    Developer option sorted out with ur help..
    Camera sound disabled with third party application..

    The only problem remains is the predictive text…
    In the old version for example if i am entering my mail id in some fields it remembers it and give suggestion the next time while i enter first 2,3 letters…

    In this update even if i clicked the word to store in my tab prediction, its not at all giving back…

  28. Great update…
    Thankz a lot for the post….

    Except for some little problems;
    I am not getting the Developer Options under settings after i upgraded to the above Firmware…
    Is it hidden in this update or did i messed up my tab some how..?

    Also i cant able to disable my camera sound even if i kept my tab in complete silent…

    Also my tab is not memorising the words and phrases once i typed in…
    In old version after i enter a new word the next time tab will show that word in suggestion/prediction…

    Please help me with these things….

  29. Thanks a lot I was able to download from the 3rd link. It took just 23 min for me download. You are so great dude. Hope you will help me in the future.

  30. Sir,
    Using the above links I tried still I am not able to download. When I tried with the1st link it opened a html file to download it from hotfile. com which is a pay and get service and I don’t want it. The 2nd I.e. mirror link I tried and it says web page not available.
    Please help me…

  31. can i use the CLOCKWORK MOD RECOVERY to get back the stockrom of my galaxytab2 p3100?instead of using an odin?..

  32. sir,how can i return my firmware to stock rom?..i am using now a PAC rom,,my problem now is that my odin did not recognize my tablet anymore since i upgrade it to PAC rom. is there any way to get back my stock rom without using an odin?..

  33. I have not tested it myself but it is reported to bring better performance and some new features like lockscreen widgets and notification toggles page.

  34. I am going to upgrade my device with the above firmware using odin in SriLanka. Will it erase all my data?

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