Getting creative with your smartphone is not an easy task – it needs a lot of creative imagination. We have already shared few techniques that you can use to get creative i.e. best launchers, best live wallpapers, as well as best static wallpapers. So do check them out.

Now that first two steps in the process of customizing your smartphone have been taken care of, it’s time for the third step i.e. installing amazing icon packs. If you are up for it, this article will help you for sure.

Previously I shared 10 awesome icon packs for Android and in this article, I am sharing 10 more.

Disclaimer: I’m not including some very popular icon packs like Moonshine, Belle, Numix, etc. as you already know about them. Some icon packs mentioned in this article are paid apps.

1. Eko Dark Icon Theme


Eko is a set of minimal dark icons and has more than 1800 icons. All icons are made at 192×192 so you can be sure that all of them are crisp and clear. It also has 70 wallpapers that match with the icons perfectly. Another thing that I like about Eko is that it comes with 27 matching widgets. It includes widgets for clock, weather, music, battery, and a few more.

eKo Dark Icon Theme Price: $1.59

2. Tiro


With sharply created icons using bright colors and dark outlines, Tiro is nothing like your average con packs. It comes with more than 1000 icons which are made at 192×192. It also has cloud-based wallpapers which are of 4K quality.

Sorry, this app is not available!

3. Muffin


Muffin is a fresh take on stock icons. It includes 1080+ uniquely designed icons, cloud-stored wallpapers, icon masking for unthemed icons, a unique dashboard application with icon request, dynamic calendar support and much more!

MUFFIN Icon Pack Price: $1.49

4. Fresh


Fresh is created by Stealthychief, one of my favorite icon pack developer. Fresh has icons for lots of famous and popular apps. The developer has followed the quality over quantity approach with this icon pack so you may not find each and every icon there but they will be added eventually.

Sorry, this app is not available!

5. Artius


Artius, by Shamrock Studious, is a flat icon pack with more than a thousand icons. All the icons are suitable for high-resolution displays. It comes with icon masking for unthemed icons and has 20 cloud-based HD wallpapers.

Artius - Icon Pack Price: $1.99

6. Glif


Glif is a lot like Tiro. It has bright colors with dark outlines and comes with wallpapers specially designed to support this icon set. It includes 920+ uniquely designed icons, cloud-stored wallpapers, icon masking for unthemed icons, a unique dashboard application with icon request, dynamic calendar support and much more!

GLIF Icon Pack Price: $1.49

7. Retrorika


Retrorika is a vintage palette twist on material design. It has 2900+ icons and 126+ cloud-based wallpapers specially designed to match the look of the icons. It also supports almost all the major launchers in the Google play store.


8. Crispy


Crispy is a vibrant set of icons that comes with lots of icons along with some alternative icons for the same app. It also has dynamic calendar support and cloud-based HD wallpapers.

CRISPY - ICON PACK (SALE!) Price: $0.99

9. Materialistik


Materialistik, as the name suggests, is the icon set that follows Google’s material design guidelines. It has 2950+ icons and 106 HD wallpapers along with dynamic icon support and icon masking for unthemed icons.


10. Bayside


Bayside icon pack features a gorgeous color palette consisting of 6 colors. You’ll notice shapes and specific elements have a raised shadow, similar to my Elementary icon pack. These help the companion colors really pop. Each icon is made from scratch as vectors on a 512px canvas and sized down to 192px to ensure no quality loss.

Bayside Icons Price: $0.99

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