I'm a man with a dream. A very simple dream, mostly involving me binge-watching TV and eating pizza, but a dream nonetheless.
Google Certified Device

Google Certified Device: What is It & Should You Care?

Android is the most popular mobile operating system. Since it's open-source, any manufacturer can take it from Google & modify it according to their need. That's what all the big manufacturers like Samsung, Huawei,...

Project Treble: Everything You Need to Know

You must have heard about Google's Project Treble but do you know what exactly it is? Even though Android is the most popular mobile operating system in the market and is filled with useful...
Free Android Games without Ads

5 Awesome Free Android Games without Ads or in-App Purchases

Some of the best Android games are paid ones. It's true that you have to spend some money to get quality products. Here are 5 awesome free Android games without ads or in-app purchase option.Everybody...
Wallpaper Apps for Android

4 Unique Wallpaper Apps for Android

Changing wallpapers is probably the easiest way to freshen up your device. I, for one, keep changing my phone's wallpaper once or twice a week. Here are four such unique wallpaper apps for Android that...

How to Enable YouTube’s Take A Break Reminders

Everyone's so engrossed in his or her smartphone these days that it had begun to affect their physical as well as mental health. Some are addicted to games, while some are addicted to social...

2 Ways to Turn Off Screenshot Sound on Android

I take a lot of screenshots every day for work purpose. And, the most annoying part about it is not the sheer quantity of them, but the sound that my phone makes during the...

3 Best Manga Apps for Android

appManga has been around for decades & it is a big part of the Japanese culture. Around a decade ago, people all around the world started getting into the habit of reading manga, and...

5 Best Puzzle Games You Should Definitely Play

Puzzle games have always been one of my favorite categories. They are fun to play & put your brain to work with little tasks. Here are 5 best puzzle games you should definitely play...

3 Useful Tricks Every Android User Should Know

Android is awesome. With the user-base of more than a billion people, it is by far the most used and the most popular mobile operating system. Every year we see tons of smartphones launched...

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