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3 Best Event Countdown Apps for Android

Everyone has a few big events in his or her life that he or she look forward to. Planning to go on a trip 5 months down the road? Receiving the next paycheck in...

Get Things Done with TickTick

It's 2018 and everyone has so much on his or her plate that it's overwhelming. A lot of times, the thought of doing so much in a day has resulted in me doing nothing...
5 Best Free Calendar Apps for Android

5 Best Free Calendar Apps for Android

Some people can remember a lot of things and never forget those important birthdays. The rest of us need more effective ways to manage our lives, meet deadlines, remember birthdays or anniversaries. On Android,...

3 Awesome Expense Tracking Apps for Android

We live in a society in which people spend way more than they earn. If you don't want to run out of money at the end of every month, you must realize the keeping...
Google Tasks

Is Google Tasks Up to The Task?

To-do apps aren't something everyone uses but to those who do, they're essential. Especially if you are a busy professional, a To-do app can be your personal assistant at your fingertips letting you know...

Best Paid and Free Podcast Apps for Android

If you want it to be, smartphones can be a great tool for productivity and information gathering. And, for a long time podcasts have been a great source of information. Thanks to the amazing...
Get Rid of Smartphone Addiction with Lock Me Out

Get Rid of Smartphone Addiction with Lock Me Out

Smartphones have become over smart There is no denying the fact that smartphones have become the driving force of our lives. We spend most of the day looking at our phones, especially with the advent...
Be My Eyes App for Blind People

Be My Eyes – A Life-Changing App for Blind People

We all use a ton of applications on our smartphones, to perform various tasks like messaging, calling, listening to music, watching informative and entertaining videos, playing games, etc. If you're one of those Android...
How To Copy Text From A Real Book Or Document With Google Lens

How to Copy Text from a Real Book or Document with Google Lens

The ability to copy text is one of the most basic features of our computing devices that we take so much for granted. It's near impossible to imagine a life where copying text is...

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