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Backup Applications

5 Best Backup Apps to Backup Almost Everything on Android

Whether you want to root your phone or simply want to keep all of your data safe, backups are essential for your purpose. Backing up your device's data helps you keep all of your...
Educational Games

5 Best Educational Games and Apps For Kids [#2]

Most kids nowadays are familiar with smartphones, and some of them know pretty well how to use one. Many parents give their smartphones to their kids in order to keep them distracted and occupied...
GBoard Can Now Translate

Google’s GBoard Can Now Translate Whatever You Type

I have a feeling that most of you know what GBoard is by now. Google's new take on a keyboard application is getting more and more feature-rich as time goes on. Recently, Google added...
Free Games

App Spotlight [#3]: 3 More Free Games You Should Check Right Now

Since we, here at DroidViews, know how much you like gaming, we compiled another list of Free Games for Android you should definitely try. From a retro styled platform game to a unique running...
5 Best Weather Apps for Android

5 Best Weather Apps for Android [#2]

Whether you want to plan a trip or you simply want to know if it is going to rain, then Weather applications are of great importance to you. These are the apps that provide...
Blue Light

3 Apps That Can Help You Filter Your Screen’s Blue Light

There have been numerous studies that show us the negative effects of Blue Light in our sleep patterns. These studies also suggest that we minimize the use of our Android devices before we go...
Setup Android Devices

How to Setup Android Devices for the First Time After Purchasing

If you recently bought your first Android device, then congratulations. We are going to guide you through your first time setting up the device. Here you can find out how to properly setup your device...
Quick Settings Tiles

5 Android Apps that Utilize the Quick Settings Tile API [#2]

Last time, we saw different applications that used the quick toggle menu. You can read about them here:5 Android Apps That Utilize the Quick Settings Tile APIToday, we are going to bring...
Quick Settings Tile

5 Android Apps That Utilize the Quick Settings Tile API [#1]

We are all familiar with the drop-down menu in Android. For years, its has been used as a notification center as well as a place with quick toggles for many Android features. However, we...

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