5 Best Free Calendar Apps for Android

Some people can remember a lot of things and never forget those important birthdays. The rest of us need more effective ways to manage our lives, meet deadlines, remember birthdays or anniversaries. On Android, you have many options from the stock calendar app that came pre-installed on your phone to various third-party alternatives. Since we use a number of devices these days, it only helps if these calendar apps support cross-platform syncing. Here we take a look at some of the best free calendar apps for Android.

1. Google Calendar

You had to see it coming so let’s start with the obvious choice. It’s one of the most popular calendar services and it comes pre-installed on many Android devices. Even though some OEMs remove it in favor of their own calendar app, Google Calendar is available on the Play Store. If you use other Google services such as Gmail, Google Calendar is the best choice since it integrates well.

Browsing the calendar from month to month is a simple swipe away. Your calendar syncs with your Google account and can be accessed from anywhere using a web browser or even on Gmail and any other Android device. You can set it up to automatically pull events (such as hotel reservations, flights, and event tickets) directly out of your inbox and add them to your schedule.

Google Calendar Price: Free

2. ZenDay

Most calendar apps are different than a to-do app which is more precise in its functionality. Google offers up its Calendar and To-do apps separately like many other developers or companies. ZenDay though is both a calendar and a to-do app. It’s most unique feature is the 3D timeline which makes it easier for you to see what you can accomplish in a given day. The app can also populate your day automatically provided you let it know how much free time you have and when.

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It also lets you know your accomplishments for the day and what you could have achieved. This can be really good to keep you motivated. There are of course the typical calendar features such as priority, events, reminders, as well as the ability to sync with your Google or Outlook calendar.

ZenDay: Calendar, Tasks, To-do Price: Free

3. DigiCal

This is not the most feature-packed calendar you will find. It features a daily planner, seven different agenda views, global weather forecasts, syncing with Google Calendar, Outlook, and Exchange, and also a dark theme. But it also has extra downloadable calendars. This is something you’ll find on many calendars, but DigiCal takes it up a notch. It has more than 500,000 calendars you can search and download. They cover everything from finance and lifestyle to TV and astronomy. As you can imagine, some seriously obscure content is available if you poke around.

DigiCal Calendar Agenda Price: Free

4. Simple Calendar

Not everyone is looking for fancy calendar apps with features no one has heard of. Some people just want a simple calendar app that does the job of a digital calendar well. Simple Calendar, as you would expect, is that simple calendar. It does not sync your calendar information to Google or any other service. We live in a time where Google knows about you more than your mother or your wife. So your calendar data staying offline and on your phone will be a big relief to security fanatics. This app is also open source so it’s code is available for anyone to see and verify if you can make any sense of it. It requires only permissions to access your Contacts, to import birthdays and stuff, and Storage, to export ICS files.

Simple Calendar Price: Free

5. Business Calendar

The name may say Business but the calendar is equally useful for students, and non-professionals alike. The thing you’re more likely to love or dislike about this app is its approach to the calendar interface, Instead of a typical drop down view that gives you access to day, week, and month views, you only get access to your agenda for the day. You can swipe left and right to navigate through the days and tap on the month in the top-left to access the month view. This is really helpful for those who have a lot going on through the day. Other features include a task view for managing to-do lists, live search, custom event templates, and a dark theme.

Business Calendar Price: Free

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