Whether you want to plan a trip or you simply want to know if it is going to rain, then Weather applications are of great importance to you. These are the apps that provide you with accurate forecasts and information about the weather.

Several months ago we reviewed the 5 best weather apps for Android and we think that it’s about time to give you 5 more such applications. Before we begin, however, you can find our previous list and some other related articles, in the links below:

Now, let’s find out the 5 apps that made it into our list this time around.

1. Weather Now

Honestly, I didn’t know about this application. It was a suggestion as a comment in our previous article about weather applications. “Weather Now” includes a detailed weather forecast as well as accurate pressure, humidity and temperature maps.

Weather Applications 5 Best Weather Apps for Android

Finally, “Weather Now” incorporates some beautiful and detailed widgets for you to choose from. These features, plus the 3D globe that displays some of the information, secured this app’s position on our list.

5 Best Weather Apps for Android

WEATHER NOW - daily forecast, rain radar & widgets Price: Free

2. YoWindow

Here is a beautiful weather application for you to try. Apart from the detailed forecasts and predictions, this app features animations that change depending on the weather.

Weather Applications Weather Applications

You can change the landscape that the app presents, thus making it feel more like “home”. These beautiful animations along with the sounds of the app as well as the detailed forecasts are the features that make “YoWindow” uniquely great.

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Awesome Weather YoWindow - Live Wallpaper, Widgets Price: Free

3. The Weather Channel

This is probably the app which gives the most detailed forecasts among those on our list. You can easily find hourly and daily forecasts presented in a straightforward UI.

Weather Applications 5 Best Weather Apps for Android

What’s interesting apart from the expected radar maps is a feature named “Road Conditions”. This feature can help you plan a trip of yours by displaying accurate information about the road. For example, you can see whether a road you’ll use is icy or not. As a result, you can plan a safe journey ahead of time.

Weather Applications

The Weather Channel: Local Forecast & Weather Maps Price: Free

4. Weather & Radar

A simple yet great all-around app, “Weather & Radar” features accurate maps and forecasts. Hourly and Weekly forecasts make sure that you know what to expect before time.

Weather Applications Weather Applications

Finally, the app’s map features video feedback that shows how the clouds (and many other terms I don’t know) will move throughout the day. Feel free to try this app for yourself using the link below.

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Weather & Radar - Free Price: Free

5. Weather Live

“Weather Live” probably features the most detailed and complete weather widget. It displays every single piece of important information at a glance.

Weather Applications

Moreover, this application features detailed daily and hourly forecasts as well as a radar map with video feedback. You can easily unlock the radar by watching a single video. Feel free to try the application for yourself.

Weather Applications

Weather Liveº Price: $5.99

I hope that these weather applications will help you plan your day ahead and be more productive. In case you have any other suggestions or questions, feel free to comment below.

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