Hey, guys, we are back with another post from games you might not have tried series. As you know in this post we recommend some intrigue and unique games available on the Google Play Store. As we always say, here you will find at least a few games according to your liking which you probably might not have tried. Here’s our 4th installment of 10 best engaging games for Android.

There is unique stuff for everyone. It doesn’t matter what type of genre you play or whether you are a hardcore gamer. This post is for everyone who loves to play games.

If you are a fan of this series then you might also know that the developers can benefit from these posts too. We showcase only different and engaging games. Games which are actually good and not gimmicky. So without any delay let’s use HM 02 fly and wander across this collection.

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10 Best Engaging Games for Android

1. Sidechain

It is a group of atoms attached to the core part of a molecule with either a ring or chain structure. Yes, you understood it correctly, it was a joke. Sidechain is an addictive game that is not only fun to play but also forces the users to utilize its creative and reflective abilities. However, this is not a good substitute for coffee.

The mechanics are simple. Tap left and right while the conveyor belt is moving. When the game first begins it takes you through the tutorial. The tutorial basically provides instructions and sets some ground rules on which the game is based. Good Luck!

Sidechain Price: Free

2. Impossible Draw

Next on our list is Impossible Draw. As the name suggests the game’s core concept is to draw gestures or lines that will be coming forward towards you. The game has three rating systems ‘Not Bad’, ‘Good’ and ‘Perfect’ which determine how well you have drawn the indicated gesture.

At first, the game seems fairly easy but is not, especially if you are playing it on a small device. However, if you have a device that supports stylus or pen then there are fair chances of you being on the top of the leaderboard.

The game features a cyberspace environment along with themes to unlock. Apart from this, the game features more than hundreds of levels, themes, 4 games modes, 7 audio tracks, cool and mind-blowing special effects and Google Play Games support. This is definitely a unique game that allows the players to interact and engage with a different mechanic. Absolutely worth checking out.

Impossible Draw Price: Free

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3. Tactile Wars

Usually, the palette for war or medieval age games is limited to a few colors such as red, black, etc. Well, the developers of tactile wars have done it differently and made it more beautiful to look at. Tactile Wars is a colorful war based strategical shooting game.

The player is required to conquer and capture territories as well as defend its own. The game is totally online, with global leaderboards, daily and weekly challenges and rewards.

The game also features achievements, a vast variety of upgrades to choose from, customization of bases and 6 different colors to choose from. If I don’t erase the sentence then yes there are 6 different colors to choose from. Make sure to try this.

Tactile Wars Price: Free

4. AfterLoop

Given that the game is splendidly and ergonomically designed I’m amazed that this game has only a few thousand downloads. Almost everything is handcrafted and is appealing to look at. It is a puzzle based game, featuring PR8, a cute little robot as the character intended to guide the players through this AfterLoop universe.

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The game features hours of engaging handcrafted gameplay. The game also focuses on non-violence and therefore is E (Everyone) rated. Another thing which I like about this game is that it is available for Android TV. So, if you have an Android TV go get it, it is free to play.

Sorry, this app is not available!

5. Shadowmatic

Shadowmatic is an award-winning game that will force the users to use their creative thinking in solving puzzles. The game is based on shadows. Users have to recognize what object is forming that shadow. Most of us played this as kids using a flashlight when the lights went out.

As the core mechanic of the game relates to shadows I have to mention the shadows look vibrant and realistic. Huge thumbs up to the team of Shadowmatic for that. The game features hundreds of levels, 12 distinct environments, realistic shadows, side tasks or secondary objectives, achievements, 3D parallax view and an arcade mode.

Shadowmatic Price: Free

6. Super Cat Bros

Super Cat Bros looks like the combination of Super Mario Bros and Adventure Islands that were released for the original Nintendo console. The game stresses on pixel art graphics which definitely makes original Nintendo players feel like home.

The game features six different cats each having unique abilities, more than 50 levels, simple controls and in-game hidden secrets. Not to mention the game also rewards the player with achievements and also has a leaderboard system.

Super Cat Bros Price: Free

7. Stick Fight

Stick Fight reminds me of the flash games we used to play in the early 20th century. Back then these were one of the most popular games. Well, it is nice to know that today they can still hold their own ground in the Android market.

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The game features simple controls, the tutorial will make it clear. Apart from this, the game features decent looking animations, facebook connectivity which allows players to compete with their friends and unlockable weapons and hats. The game has contains but players can remove ads by purchasing the game.

Stick Fight Price: Free


ENYO is a strategic rouge-like game. It is all about hook and shield combat. The game features powerful weapons to master, calculated turn-based battles, and global leaderboards. The game also has the ability which allows the players to do chain combos. Make sure to give it a shot.

ENYO Price: Free

9. Crevice Hero

Crevice Hero is a pixel art game which is fun to play and explore. The main goal of the game is to avoid falling rocks in a side-scrolling platformer. Players can also buy characters and skills like flight, teleport, etc.

The game also has 4 vivids themes to travel through. The developers also have some advice for players who are interested in making a high score. Check them out on the Google Play Store.

Sorry, this app is not available!

10. Legend Captain: Avengers Fight

As the name suggest, the game is an RPG side-scrolling fighting game. The main goal is to slay enemies while playing as the superhero, Captain America.

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The game features remarkable 2D visuals with intense fighting mechanics. One can easily get a hang of this. The controls are also simple and intuitive. If you are a fan of Captain America then you will definitely like it.

Legend Captain: Future Fight Price: Free

That’s it, guys! Hope you enjoyed reading this post. We will soon be back with another pile of games to recommend. Till then, sayonara.

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