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Free Android Games without Ads

5 Awesome Free Android Games without Ads or in-App Purchases

Some of the best Android games are paid ones. It's true that you have to spend some money to get quality products. Here are 5 awesome free Android games without ads or in-app purchase option.Everybody...
Alto's Odyssey Review: As great as before but much better

Alto’s Odyssey Review: As great as before but much better

You've probably played or at least heard of the game Alto's Adventures. The Android version was developed by Noodlecake Studios Inc and went on to earn rave reviews and many awards. The developers have now come...

5 Amazing Android Games Currently on Discount at Google Play Store

Hi folks!Over the last few months, we've brought you several kinds of different apps on sales. From Live Wallpapers to icon packs on many different occasions. Generally, these sales on apps and games hosted...

Top 10 Lightweight Games for Android

Android's unrivaled growth in recent years is nothing less than astonishing. The most popular OS on planet Earth is, thus, also a popular gaming platform. That's also thanks to the tremendous growth in mobile...
Text-Based Games for Android

5 Amazing Text-Based Games for Android

While the mobile gaming sector has been dominated by games with heavy and 3d graphics, text-based games have managed to generate a fanbase of their own. Some people don't really care about the visuals...
Adventure Games for Android

5 Awesome Point & Click Adventure Games for Android

The Google play store is the hub of some of the most awesome games. One category that often receives a lot of love is point & click.The Point & Click category can't really be...
6 Android Games Worth Spending Money On

6 Android Games Worth Spending Money On

The Google play store hosts an uncountable number of games. While most of them are free, it does have a considerable amount of paid titles.While I'm not much into smartphone gaming, I do own...

5 Awesome Word Games for Android

Thanks to their nature, there is no shortage of words games in the Google play store. These games are easy to pick-up and are easy to put down whenever needed. A small amount of...
6 Relaxing Puzzle Games for Android

6 Relaxing Puzzle Games for Android

The best video games have always been those which are packed with action, loud music, and achievements to be unlocked. The last few years have seen a change in this philosophy as more and...

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