It has been quite a while since we did one of these 10 best games posts. We were ignoring the topic for a while but then we realized we can’t do it forever. So, this week we finally decided to kick off. Like every 10 best games post this isn’t a top 10 games list, this is all about the most engaging games that one can get right now in the Play Store. Below is our list of 10 Android games under 25 MB. So, without any delay let’s dive in.

Do Not Miss These Games!

No Humanity – The Hardest Game

If you are someone who loves tough games like Super Meat Boy. Go for it! This game won’t disappoint you. The game is so difficult that the players find it tough to survive even 15 seconds. The incredibly challenging endless gameplay with real-time multiplayer and global scoreboard which this app offers is free of cost.

Offline mode for this is also available in case you are running out of juice. The game also allows buying new ships and upgrading them. This increases the chances of the player to survive by 1-2%. This ain’t a joke. The percentage really matters. Try for yourself you will surely notice the difference.

No Humanity - The Hardest Game Price: Free


Many people would have heard about this game. With 10 million downloads this game is really popular. What makes this game so popular is its mechanics. The game presents the player some unique yet challenging mechanics which they find interesting yet difficult to master.

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If you are bored of the games whose mechanics are same (jump, run, dodge..) and want to try something new, well this is the game for you. The game also allows unlocking new balls and platform colors through gems. This keeps the game interesting. The UI is simple as ever. Make sure to give it a try.

Twist Price: Free

The Last Vikings

I’m really a fan of indie games. There is something unique and mysterious about them waiting to be explored. This game is like one of them. The Last Vikings is really a very engaging adventure game. The developer challenges that players won’t find a gameplay like this. A friendly challenge is also available.

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Now why I think this game is good is because of its retro style. Try this one it will sure give you an experience that’s just unraveling.

The Last Vikings Price: Free


How many of you hate geometry, specially semicircles? Well if you do now is a good time to take revenge. This game is all about avoiding obstacles and shooting semicircles. The game features 200 challenging levels with secret bonus levels and a hard mode. The best thing about the game is its minimalist design and music.

Personally, I really like the music. The soothing melody in the background just feels great. Best experienced with headphones. I would suggest to grab this game and a headphone, sit back and relax while playing the game. This is a better way to burn the daylight.

Cyclus Price: Free

Paper Wings

Paper Wings have proved that if you have the right concept and the right set of tools to build it then 25 MB is enough. Combining all this in such a small package sure had been really difficult. Thumbs up for the developers.

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The gameplay is not something totally different or unique. It’s about collecting the coins so that the bird survives. However, the touch experience is beyond par. This is what makes this game really different from the others. It feels like the game wasn’t ported for touch devices rather developed for them. The game also has hazards to dodge from which makes this even more interesting. Try it, it sure feels great.

Paper Wings Price: Free

Bottle Flip

Another excellent game by Ketchapp. If you are Indian who was born in 90’s then this game will remind you of a game. The game everyone used to play very often when there was no handheld consoles or devices. I’m not gonna disclose it if you understood then comment. Ok, it is Gilli-Danda (Tip-Cat in English).

The gameplay is similar to that of Tip-Cat. It is about charging the bottle from one table to the next table without letting the bottle fall. Gems can be used to unlock different bottles.

Bottle Flip! Price: Free


After Beneath The Lighthouse, Redungeon is the best game by Nitrome. The gameplay is challenging. Even for the hardcore players. Moreover, the dungeons are endless and random with a lot of complex traps.

The music this game offers is perfect according to its surroundings. Great job by Dave Cowen. The game released its update with a Christmas holiday theme. If you have played this game before try it again. The theme is worth checking out.

Redungeon Price: Free

Pix Hop

If you are someone who loves aesthetics more than graphics, well then this game is for you. If you love graphics more than aesthetics, well then you might not find this game that much compelling to play. The gameplay and control versatility that is offered by this game is nuts.

New developers are really giving all they have got. Easy and intuitive is the main goal of this game. That is what this game delivers the best. The game also awards players with achievements and leaderboards so this won’t be a complete time waste after all.

Pix Hop Price: Free


This is another you will die game. No matter how much skill you have it won’t matter. A fifteen-second survival will feel like something next to world domination. The game has three modes classic, arcade and time attack. The music, sound effects, and the overall experience are utterly difficult tough and frustrating yet not punishing. If you are someone who loses temper quickly I would recommend not to try this. Especially if you’re at home.

Hazards Price: Free

orbt – Gravity Defying Action

Don’t ask me why the name is so weird. Maybe because they were in a hurry. Nevertheless, as the name suggests the game is not about defying gravity. Nope, not even anything close. The game is about preventing the planet from getting sucked into the black hole and avoiding obstacles along with it. The game uses a simple one-touch control in the fast-paced action gameplay. The graphics style is inspired from Kurzgesagt, a popular channel on Youtube. Purchasing the game will allow you to remove adds.

The game uses a simple one-touch control in the fast-paced action gameplay. The graphics style is inspired from Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell, a popular channel on Youtube. Purchasing the game will allow you to remove adds.

Orbt - Gravity Defying Action Price: Free

This post proves that there are games that can be built in compact sizes. Even in the bare minimum data available. If you can think it, you can make it. That was all for this month. Make sure to give a thumbs up. Let’s have a discussion below on the games you like the most.

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