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How to Get a Popup Dictionary on any Android Device

It often happens that you're reading a book or browsing a web page and you got stumbled on a new word. English is a vast language with countless words and it's not easy to...

How to Fix “Screen Overlay Detected” Error on Android

Android Marshmallow brings the granular permissions control to our smartphones where we can control every individual permission that an app needs. Most of you who are using Marshmallow might have seen the infamous "Screen...
replacement galaxy note 7

How to Identify the New Replacement Galaxy Note 7

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 recall is in full swing and the company is urging everyone to power down their Note 7 devices immediately. The Korean manufacturer has started distribution of the new replacement Galaxy...

AutoMagisk – Automatically Disable Root While Using Pokemon Go

Rooted Android devices are the hosts for pure sorcery where the users can feast on what was forbidden by the manufacturers. One can bypass the security restrictions and policies with root permissions to access...
move files from android to mac

How to Move Files from Android to Mac

Back in 2011, Google has made MTP (Media Transfer Protocol) as the prime means of file transfer in Android devices replacing the much-used mass storage option. It's a good move from Google back then...
recover deleted messages android

How to Recover Deleted Text Messages on Android

One can never get over the frustrating moment after realizing that they have accidentally deleted some important text messages from their smartphone. It's the pain that will shadow you for days and makes you...

How to Play Pokemon Go on Rooted Android Devices with Magisk

Pokemon Go has made everyone go crazy and explore their surroundings at least for the sake of catching cool Pokemon. Last week Niantic Labs began rolling out a new update v0.37 to Pokemon Go...

How to Install Magisk Systemless Interface on Android

Android is an Open Source operating system which means the source code is available for everyone to tweak and modify. So, there are a lot of eyes looking to modify, exploit and root Android ecosystem...

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