Make Your LG G2 Perform Faster by Fixing Lag Issue


It has grown into some sort of fashion among  phone manufacturer these days to claim their flagship devices to the best and fastest performing gadgets on earth. The lavish specs of such devices sound good on paper and make users optimistic about lag-free and powerful performance. Unfortunately, most of the flagship smartphones from major Android OEMs fail in delivering that. I can say so at least on the basis of my personal experience with the devices I have owned in the past and the ones I have now. It is really quite understandable why most devices fail to deliver and perform not as fast as touted by OEMs, especially  in view of their mighty processors and GBs of RAM!

Our device manufacturers might be blind to the lag issue but our intelligent Android community is adventurous enough to dig into things deeper and come up with a solution to enrich our mobile experience. XDA member stefan063 has discovered a very good and effective remedy to fix lag issue on LG’s current flagship device, the G2. While most methods to solve lag issue on Android device demand root permission, the drill in discussion can be performed on any LG G2 on stock firmware whether it has root access or not. So, if you have been facing lag issue in general and in the camera app, the method described below can prove useful to you.

  1. Open your phone’s dial pad and type the following code: 3845#*<model number>#. For example, type-
    • 3845#*800# (for At&T model)
    • 3845#*801#  (for T-Mobile variants)
    • 3845#*802# (for European variants)
    • 3845#*803# (for AT&T and Canadian variants)
    • 5689#*980# (for Sprint LG G2)
  2. Doing this open the service menu of your phone. Scroll down to High temperature property settings and change the default value to ON.
  3. Now turn off your phone. Wait for about 15-20 seconds and then turn it on again.
  4. When your LG G2 boots up, you should experience smoother UI on it. Moreover, it will also solve the lag issue in the camera app. Enjoy!

In case any of the above codes do not work for you (it is reported not working on Verizon and AT&T variants), there is an alternative method to fix the lag. However, to do that you must have root access on your device. If you do not have a rooted phone, follow any of our easy rooting tutorials to do that.

Root Your LG G2 in One-Click

Root and Install TWRP on LG G2 (All Variants)

Now here are the steps you have to do:

  1. Download and install  Trickster MOD Kernel Settings  app from the Google Play Store.
  2. Launch the app and grant SuperUser permission when prompted.
  3. Slide the app page to the left till you see the Kernel Generals settings.Trickster-MOD-Kernel-Settings
  4. Under the CPU Governor Control head and change its value from “demand” to “interactive”.
  5. Now tap on Settings icon on the top bar and check the “Kernel Settings” option under  “Set on Boot” tab.
  6. Now reboot your devices and get ready to enjoy faster performance and better battery life on your LG G2. If you are having overheating issue on your phone, it should also be fixed along with lag.

Benchmark Comparison:

Here are two screenshots of Antutu benchmarks performed on LG G2 before and after doing the lag-fix trick. LG-G2-Benchmark Did it work for you? Do not forget to share with us. Cheers!

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  • Zohaib Ehsan

    when I download app,,, it show that this app need a rooted phone & root access ??
    what does that mean & how it can be rooted

  • Dr. M Zahid Khan

    Superb ls980.Thanks

  • mirza shafi

    Dude I tried with trickster but my g2 just shut it down by itself……it was hot when I applied that settings 🙁

  • No, it not affect battery performance. However, I would not recommend enabling the feature if you play heavy games.

  • Giriesh Santhanam

    Hi Rakesh. By turning the High temperature setting OFF! is it safe for the phone?? Does it deteriorate battery performance?

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  • Yuriy Kovachev

    This was important information because LG G2 and HTC M8 are very similar. Perhaps game developers have overdid it. I will play no long time to avoid overheating. The game is awesome and no other games like this :(. Thank you a lot, Rakesh!

  • Hey, I just tried the game on my HTC One M8 and my phone feels hot too. Seems the game eats uses a lot of CPU. Avoid playing it. There are many others! 🙂

    Could not try on G2 as I sold it the last month.

  • Yuriy Kovachev

    You are so nice !

  • Yuriy Kovachev

    Thx, Rakesh! It’s not needed to play long time, just 20 min.

  • Well, I do not get time to play games, but I am downloading it right now for you.

  • Yuriy Kovachev

    That game only. May you try this game on some LG G2 ot other device?

  • Okay, only that game causes CPU temp to rise to 72 C?

  • Yuriy Kovachev

    The processor is overheating not the battery. 72 *C is the *t of the processor.

  • Try Greenify app to manage the battery. It should be fixed!

  • Yuriy Kovachev

    After rooting my LG continues to overheat when play Epic Cards Battle. TWRP shows 72 *C. Is it normal?

  • That’s lower than normal but with so many apps and games installed, your score is good too.

  • Raymundo Garcia

    21857 in antutu.. is this normal?

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  • Viliam

    Not working for Android 4.4.2 version, after changing the governor and phone restart it showed that some processes stopped and phone restarts again. Hopefully, after another restart governor is back to on-demand.

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  • Havochate

    Dial 5689#*980# and turn thermal mitigation off

  • palooh


  • Do either of the 2.

  • palooh

    should i do both ? or just temperature fix will do ?

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  • DroidViews

    Try some power saving apps like Juice Defender and Greenify.

  • rey76

    Since I id that tweak my battery does not last a whole day anymore 🙁 the speed is.great but I need a mobile that can be used the whole day long. Anyone else who suffers from that?

  • No, after rooting the device, you’ll not be able to get the official update. If you unroot it, you will receive updates.

  • vlad

    Will i still be able to get the 4.4 ota update after rooting? Or will unrootinf become neccesaary?

  • Since the Sprint version is same as Verizon, you should try the root method.

  • NotBob

    Hey, I have the Sprint version. I’m wondering what I should dial to get to the settings from this device.

  • Hi John, it’s true and the difference is visible. It’s not only because one man says it, it is also because many others experience it. 🙂

  • John Whitworth

    Why would changing the governor to interactive be the same as disabling high temperature throttling? Just because 1 person on XDA says something works, it doesn’t mean it’s true…

  • art

    You have to tick “kernel settings” under “set on boot”. Which is found under the settings in trickster

  • It might be a bug in the app, I guess. Try this one and tell me if it works:

  • Shakemenow

    Hi, I tired your your method and now my phone is rooted, but with trickster mod i am a little confused, after i select the cpu governor to interactive, save it by touching the little tick button on the top right, it says app saved. when i restart and chek the setting it is back to ondemand. is there anything that i am not quite doing it right?