We all were very excited when Sony previewed the Sony Xperia Z2 which is the successor to the all famous Sony Xperia Z1. People loved its user interface and its lovely system apps. The new home launcher is very cool and not to forget the famous Sony Walkman music player, which has been a dream to many. The wallpapers were mesmerizing and pleasant as well. Well, you also might have wished if you could have those apps.

Guess what, people at xda-developers.com have done it for you. Xda recognized Jishnu Sur has ported all the system apps of the Sony Xperia Z2 even before it is launched worldwide. Not to forget Xda Recognized Developer Doomslord who actually got the main system dump of the device without which these ports would have been impossible.

Now, if you are a Nexus 4 or Nexus 5 owner you should be really happy as these apps are specifically tailored for them. Now lets go ahead and read the features & changelog of the port.

Apps Included

  1. Sony Xperia Home.
  2. Sony Xperia Walkman Music player
  3. Sony Xperia Photo Album
  4. Sony Xperia Movie/Video Player
  5. Sony Easy Home
  6. Sony Notes
  7. Sony Sketch App
  8. Sony Smart Connect App
  9. Sony Social Life News App
  10. Sony’s own Xperia Lounge
  11. Sony Tools widget
  12. Sony Xperia Walkman Widget
  13. Xperia Weather widget
  14. Sony Xperia Official LWP
  15. Sony’s official calendar App
  16. Sony Select App
  17. Facebook Integration with Walkman App.


Disclaimer : Neither droidviews.com nor the developer is responsible for any bricking of your device.  Before flashing anything on it, make sure you make a Nandroid backup of the Current Rom or setup.

Things Needed 

  • Your Phone needs to be rooted.
  • Custom Recovery for flashing.
  • Android Version 4.4 or above.
  • Approximately 250mb free system partition space.


  1. Download the zips given below from the download links.
  2. Transfer them from your PC to your phone’s internal sd card.
  3. Reboot to your custom recovery.
  4. Flash the zip & Wipe cache – Dalvik cache.
  5. Restart the phone.

Download Xperia Z2 Apps Port for Nexus 4 & 5

Version V2 : Click Here

Source: Most of the ports and mods are created by the users of xda-developers.com and this is no exception. You can Click Here to visit the source of the mod. Its always appreciated to press the “Thanks” Button and to donate the developer for his hard work.


  1. this is really cool i love it !! thank you for the amazing work…some stuff force close but it is expected 🙂

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