The Galaxy S3 Mini was released as a stripped out version of Galaxy S3 to take advantage of the popularity of the latter. Compared to S3, it is available at a much lower price but spec-wise it is a little monster. The device sports a  4.0-inch WVGA (480×800) capacitive touchscreen display, 1 GHz dual-core processor,  5 MP Auto Focus rear camera, 1GB RAM, and a 1,500 mAh battery. When the Galaxy S3 was released, it had Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean which was later bumped to 4.1.2.

With due course of time, the device has gained much popularity but unfortunately, it could not receive due attention of our developers. As a result, there was a lack of a valid rooting procedure for this handset. Things, however, seem to be changing now as recently mskip from XDA developers has released his root toolkit for the Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini. Mskip’s toolkit is already available for a number of Galaxy devices and it is really a good new for the owners of S3 Mini who wish to root their phone.

The Samsung GS3 Mini ToolKit is an easy way to do a lot of things on your device. The best part is that it can root all three variants of the Galaxy S3 Mini namely GT-I8190 (international GSM), GT-I8190N (international GSM model with NFC) and GT-8190L (Latin/USA GSM model). Here are some of the tasks that the tool kit can perform:

  • Install drivers automatically
  • Backup/Restore a single package or all apps and user data
  • Backup your /data/media to your PC for a full safe backup of data
  • Perform a full NANDROID Backup of your system.
  • Install BusyBox binary on phone
  • Root with Superuser (ChainsDD) or SuperSU (Chainfire) via CWM
  • Install any zip file via Sideload feature in Recovery
  • Flash CWM Touch Recovery or TWRP Recovery
  • Help, Information Screen for various tasks

Samsung GS3 Mini ToolKit

Mskip’s ToolKit offers even more!

How to Use Samsung GS3 Mini ToolKit

Just download the file from below and install it on your Windows computer. When it is installed, run it as administrator, turn on USB Debugging mode on your phone from Settings> Developer options and connect the device to computer using USB cable. Make sure you phone is booted, that means you do not have to start it in Download Mode. Also make sure you have installed Samsung USB Drivers. If not, download now from HERE.

  1. Run the ToolKit by double-clicking the the ‘Samsung GS3 Mini ToolKit’ shortcut. Make sure your phone is booted and plugged in via USB cable.
  2. The tool will ask you if you want to update it. Type  “no” and press Enter key.
  3. On the next screen you will have to select your phone’s model number and OS software version. Type the number that corresponds to your device. You can check your phone’s model number and Android OS version from Settings> About.  Suppose your phone model is GT-I8190 with Android 4.1.2, type “12” at the cursor blink spot.
  4. Each option in the ToolKit has GUIDELINES on what it is and how to use it. Just follow the on-screen help and type your selection’s corresponding numbers and your phone will be rooted with a custom recovery like ClockworkMod or TWRP installed on it.



To check the successful root, install and run the Root Checker app from Google Play.

Root Check Price: Free

Do not forget to share with us how it worked for you. For more cool stuff, tips and downloads checkout our tutorial, and downloads sections from the site menu above. Cheers!



  1. Hi sir i need help, were do i go to download the cwm file you use to root your phone

  2. I can’t download the
    File Information for Android Toolkit Download link.txt

    Path: /devs/mskip/toolkit/samsung_galaxy_s3_mini/Android Toolkit Download link.txt

  3. Hi, Sir Rakesh thanks for sharing how to install stock firmware. Will my root is gone now but it works perfectly, I want to be rooted again but i’m curious if my phone will brick if i root again because i just installed the stock firmware?

  4. Hi Sir Rakesh, my phone is fixed now but the root is gone. My phone will brick if i root it again because i just downloaded the stock firmware?

  5. Not yet Sir Rakesh, I don’t know if it this works i downlaoded the Stock Firmware from sammobile but the download speed is to slow because i’m just a free user. You think Sir Rakesh it will work?
    My problem now is after flashing Custom ROM Carbon 4.4.4 it stuck at the bootlogo “Samsung Galaxy S3 mini” and can’t access in recovery mode, only download mode.

  6. I used param_I8190.tar but it didn’t work and nothing changes. Param is to be used only after flashing ROM and when stuck in bootloop.

  7. Hi sir rakesh i am having problem with my phone i can’t find any trusted post in google, except for you. My phone is bricked i think? It won’t go to recovery mode when i wanted to go and it stuck up in logo, when i want to turn on my phone it won’t let me and it only appears the logo “samsung galaxy s3 mini” i can’t do factory reset data without my recovery mode but i can access the Download mode “VolumeDown+Power+Home”. Please help me how to fix my problem, i am very sad right now :'(.

  8. Hello, I need some help.

    The link above gives me a zip file that contains other zip files with an boot image file in each of them. What can I do to make this work?

  9. fixed it, for some reason soon as i unplugged the usb cable they worked again.

    my app shows its rooted and i can now use rooted programs but im still having problems getting apps on to my sd card.

    I am thinking should i install a rom which has it, are roms stable for everyday use ?.

  10. Ok I’m now rooted for some strange reason the 2 buttons left and right of the home button(long bar button) are no longer working ?, any ideas ? please help

  11. thank you stuck on

    Odin v.3 engine (ID:4)..
    File analysis..
    Get PIT for mapping..
    Firmware update start..

  12. download link is dead

    The file you requested was not found

    Lets see if we can find that for you…
    No search results were found…

  13. Nevermind ^_^ it was on the settings in the SuperSU App i need to changed is “Prompt” me when needs to be prompted. It’s fix now my root is not gone ^_^ sorry for the mistaken problem for me. I’ll Keep visiting your site ^_^

  14. I’m having trouble with my s3mini my rooting is gone. I run the SuperSU app it needs to be Updated and i need choose with the 2 options appear and i choose the “TWRP/CWR(I Don’t Remember the name)” then it booted in recovery mode then its said that i well need to disabled my Flash Recovery and i Enter no and reboots normally and i open again the SuperSU then nothing appears and i though it’s fixed loosing my root then i run my “Freedom” App then it says that you need root access to run this app but there’s no permission appear in my phone. Sorry for my Bad English :/
    I know you gonna reply ASAP, Please help me :'(

  15. Hi, what is the best custom ROM for better battery life?
    Im having fun with this maclaw’s custom ROM thanks for you 🙂

  16. Hi there,I’ve followed your post like 2 months ago and it worked perfectly. Thanks for that! 🙂
    However I had a problem with the mobile data connection, my phone ended on Samsung and a new firmware was installed on my phone. My question is..If I root it using this method, will it change my firmware?

  17. Thx for this.. but it says ..waiting for USB debugging to be enabled. It HAS been enabled .. can you tell me what might be wrong?

  18. What i’m gonna with this file “” and “”? Just run using ClockworkMod Recovery(Volume Up+Home Key+Power Button)?
    Just give me steps what i’m gonna do with that file, do i need to factory reset? Wipe Cache Partition? or etc…
    Just be specific with the steps because i’m new with updating a ROM in my smartphone.

  19. Hi DroidViewers 🙂 Im having fun with my rooted device thanks to you. I have a favor, can you give me a link for cyanogenmod 10.1 or 10.2 that is working and it well not brick my phone(GT-I8190), alot of software update is working but i can’t trust them, I trusted you that’s why i come back again here.

  20. im stock with this ” click on the pda button in odin and browse to the toolkit installation open the root ” etc ..where can i find that ???hepl

  21. Error: cannot open file as archive. What do I do wrong? 🙁
    I ge this error after I made sure I told it the right build number ’12’.

    Please help!

  22. Nevermind i already fix with my self 😀 , Thanks for this toolkit its working perfectly 🙂

  23. Install the CWM recovery using the toolkit again. You can enter recovery mode by holding down Volume Up+Home+Power buttons for about 5 seconds.

  24. Yeah its been installed by this toolkit.My only problem is i dont have SU Binary said by the root checker pro

  25. Its perfectly working but after i rooted my phone it says “SU Binary not found” and i use an app called SU Updater Fixer and an error appear while fixing ” Fix failed. Try downloading and flashing an update.z ip from androidsu.c om.”

  26. Make sure you enter the right numerical value for the rooting task and try again. Also run th tool as administrator on your PC.The method is working beautifully. Tested myself!

  27. When i run the root checker the results : Sorry! This divice does not have proper root acces.

  28. still same thing tried both service pack 2 and 3 compatibility of xp. doesnt work. please help me…

  29. It runs fine on Windows 7 Ultimate. Try to run it XP compatibility mode. Right click on the tootkit exe, select properties and select Windows XP.

  30. my computer cant open the toolkit. the file that i downloaded from the link. so i cant install the toolkit. it keeps saying cant install on this version of windows. using windows 7 home premium please help. i did all the steps properly had the usb debugging mode on and the samsung usb drivers installed and plugged in my phone. even rebooted my phone and computer 2 times still doesnt work

  31. i cant open the toolkit. it keeps saying the file cannot be found or cannot be run on this windows. using windows 7 home premium. please help…. disabled antivirus before downloading and opening the file so there is no possibility that it is because of the antivirus.

  32. Why im stuck in ” Waiting for USB debugging to be enabled ” but my USB debugging already enabled what is wrong with this Toolkit?

  33. For all who may be wondering if this app works…I tried it yesterday on my S3 mini, and it worked like a charm!! I have one question for the devs though, I chose to only root the phone, if I later decide I would also like to flash CWM, how would I go about doing that. Is it required to first go back to stock and then choose to relevant root option, or is there a better way. Thanks for the great app!!

  34. Im scared of rooting my phone, it will be successsful or no damage after rooting my samsung gs3 4.1.2?

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