This year we have seen a lot of amazing wallpaper apps – both static and live – enter the Google play store. While most of the apps were somewhat similar with each other, some were really outstanding and managed to set themselves apart.

Changing wallpapers is one of the easiest ways to freshen up your smartphone. We have already complied a list of some of the best static as well as live wallpaper. That should be enough for you if you are not much interested in customization, but if you want to further customize your device, we have also shared some of the best launchers and icon packs. Do check them out.

I’m the kind of guy who spends hours looking for the perfect wallpaper for my phone, and again do the same in 2-3 days. It is a never ending cycle, or, at least, it was until I found WonderWall (the wallpaper app, not that super awesome song by Oasis).


Instead of focusing on a variety of wallpapers, like most of the wallpaper apps do, WonderWall only focuses on landscapes and nature. All the wallpapers in this app are hand-picked and are of high quality. Every day one new wallpaper is added in the collection.

One thing which the developer have highlighted a lot in the app description in the Google play store and other forums on the internet is that WonderWall has only vertical wallpapers. Wallpapers in this app are specifically created for smartphones. All the wallpapers are in portrait and should fit your device without any distortion. Other wallpaper apps (almost all of them) have such wallpapers that are needed to be cropped, and the cropping is done in a way that sometimes the essence of the wallpaper vanishes. But not with WonderWall, wallpapers on your screen will look exactly like they are in the app.

The app is divided into various categories like waterfall, mountains, sea, bridges, road, fog, urban, and space. You can set wallpapers as a favourite for later access. It maintains the material guidelines which make the app very easy to use.

Each wallpaper is a photo taken by a camera, that’s why the information regarding how the photo was taken is clearly mentioned below every wallpaper. Information like camera type, ISO, aperture, exposure, and focal length are available.

If you like to take photos of nature, you can submit your photos too.

Another feature in WonderWall is called “Autoset”. Enabling auto set changes the wallpaper of your screen on its own. You don’t have to do anything. While enabling auto set, you can select the source and category for wallpapers. It also has the option to fetch wallpapers only on Wi-Fi.

All right, so that’s WonderWall. It is my favourite wallpaper app of 2015, and probably the best wallpaper of 2015 too.

Do check out this awesome app and share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.

Wonderwall - Wallpapers Price: Free

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