For those unaware, Magisk is a systemless framework that is used an alternative to Chainfire’s SuperSu. Magisk offers a few advantages over the traditional SuperSu, but rooting is not the only thing it is limited to. Over time, several modules based on Magisk framework have appeared making it also an alternative for Xposed Framework. Today we list some Magisk modules compatible with OnePlus 3T running Oxygen OS 4.0. These mods can possibly work with other devices as well, but they definitely do work on the OnePlus 3T.

Google Pixel Launcher v1

This module installs Pixel Launcher 7.1.1 along with its wallpaper app backported to Android 6.0+ by @Pranav Pandey. – Download

Google Pixel Sound Set v1

Replaces the stock UI sounds of the OnePlus with the UI sounds from the Google Pixel, along with alarms, notifications, and ringtones from the Pixel. – Download

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Google Dialer

magisk module for oneplus 3t running oxygen os 4.0

This module installs the Google Dialer along with the framework required for full functionality such as Caller ID and Lookup. You may have to manually disable the OnePlus Dialer and set the Google Dialer as the default phone app. – Download

Google Assistant

This module enables Google Assistant. You’ll need an updated Google app to use it. – Download

Google Daydream VR

The module enables Google Daydream VR. – Download

Google DNS

Switches the default DNS to Google’s, thus in theory, improving data speed. – Download

Chrome Home Page

This module will enable the home button in Chrome, and an option to set a default home page in Chrome’s Settings. – Download

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SELinux Display

Allows the SELinux status (Enforcing or Permissive) to be visible under Settings > About Phone. – Download

EmojiOne Replacer

Swaps the default emoji set from OnePlus with the ones from EmojiOne which is an open standard for Emojis. – Download

PhaseBeam Live Wallpaper

Adds the PhaseBeam live wallpaper created by CM, which has options to configure its color. – Download

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ViPER4Android FX (Super High Quality) with Dolby Atmos 6.5 v1.0

Installs Viper4Android along with Dolby Atmos 6.5 Sound mod. – Download

APT-X HD Codec

Adds codecs and enables APT-X HD for Bluetooth headsets that support APT-X and/or APT-X HD. APT-X is a Qualcomm owned family of proprietary audio codec compression algorithms. This codec does NOT work with OxygenOS Open Beta 3 or OxygenOS 4.1.0, aka Android Nougat 7.1.1. – Download

Snapdragon Camera

magisk module for oneplus 3t running oxygen os 4.0

This module installs the Snapdragon Camera compiled by @nvertigo67. The app won’t work unless granted the camera, storage and mic permissions in the App Info screen. – Download

Stereo Speakers and Mic Gain

Mod created by @magura320, this module allows the earphone to be used as a speaker, and mods the microphone pickup when recording video. – Download

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Extended Volume Steps

Increases the media volumes to 30 steps, and the call volume to 15 steps. – Download

Touchscreen FW update Magisk module

OnePlus recently rolled out an update to their beta program members fixing the touch latency issues on OnePlus 3 and 3T. This module fixes the same issues on any other ROMs. – Download

Do you use any other Magisk modules that you would like to share with us? Comment below.

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