Smartphones are the most widely used devices when it comes to listening music. Yet, when it comes to high-quality music, your smartphone isn’t the first thing that pops up in your mind. Most of us are just fine with the audio quality from our devices. It is, after all, not all that bad. To someone who hasn’t experienced a better quality audio, it is in fact quite great. The audio experience, much like any other thing on a smartphone, depends on both the hardware and the software. You’re pretty much stuck with the hardware you got, but you can actually increase audio quality on any rooted android device by messing with the software.

Previously, we showed you how you can maximize sound quality on Qualcomm devices, and today we have a mod that can work along with that, and even Viper4Android, to make your listening experience a tad bit better. Developer UltraM8’s Ainur audio mods are designed just for that. Skipping hi-jacking audio signals and equalizers, the developer has gone straight to removing the entire standard Android audio API. This part of your phone’s software dictates how audio processing should be handled.

  • Ainur NERO audio mod removes this ‘middle-man.’ Thus allowing the sound to be pushed directly to your phone’s digital-to-analog converter (DAC). This should, in theory, increase the audio quality of your device. Installing this mod renders other Ainur Mods useless since it removes the very files those mods depend on.
  • Ainur KRONOS, meant only for HTC devices,  takes control over the audio mixer and makes changes to policies. This allows for pushing 24-bit Hi-res audio.
  • Ainur Atlant does the same but is meant for other devices. It currently works with the Nexus 5X, OnePlus 3, LG G2, LG G5 and MTK devices.
  • Ainur Pandora is a universal mod for any android device running android 2.3+.

Since we’re talking about any rooted Android device, we’ll be using the Ainur NERO mod here. Because it’s a universal mod and produces more significant changes compared to Pandora. But you can visit the source link if you’re interested in the other mods.

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  • rooted Android device
  • TWRP custom recovery installed


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Increase audio quality on any rooted Android device

  1. First of all, download Ainur NERO and transfer it to your phone. The mod is in a flashable .zip format.
  2.  Boot your device into recovery mode.
  3. In TWRP, select Install and then navigate to the folder where you placed the Ainur
  4. Select it and swipe to flash it.
  5. Tap on Reboot System when the installation finishes.

When your device boots up, try playing some music from the headphones or speakers. Also, let us know in the comment if you notice any significant increase in the audio output of your device.

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