Whatsapp recently introduced its new status updates feature, well, new if you don’t know what Snapchat is. All Facebook-owned apps seem to have an obsession with copying Snapchat for some reason. What this has done though is that unlike the old Whatsapp status that you updated once, or never did, and forgot about, the new status disappears every 24 hours so you’re either a status-less social media creature or you have to update it daily. Oh, and you have to use a picture too. If you are a Xposed framework user though, you can schedule your WhatsApp status photos with XStatus Changer Xposed module.

The module was created by recognized XDA contributor vivekkalady and works on any Android device running Android 4.0.3 and above. Unfortunately, though the only Whatsapp version it supports is v2.17.79(451674), for now at least. You will still have to select the pictures yourself but the module reduces your work by almost 6 times because it can set up to 6 images as your WhatsApp status after regular intervals of time set by you.

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The time is specified in seconds so in case you wish your status to be updated every 24 hours you will be entering 86400 as the time interval. The working of the module is just a tad bit unusual but it seems necessary and is, in fact, a sort of workaround so it is supposed to be unorthodox. That’s why we’re here to help you with it.


  • Rooted Android device.
  • Xposed Installer and framework.
  • Whatsapp v2.17.79(451674)
  • XstatusChanger.apk.

Schedule your WhatsApp status photos

  1. Install XStatusChanger Xposed module like any other APK. Remember to enable Unknown sources under Settings>Security.
  2. Open the Xposed Installer app and go to Modules.
  3. Activate XStatusChanger and reboot. When you install the APK, a notification appears stating the module isn’t activated, you can tap Activate and Reboot on the notification as well to do this.
  4. Launch the XStatusChanger module once your device reboots.
  5. Click on the First Status button and select WhatsApp from the share menu that appears.
  6. Tap on My Status and then tap on the send button to set the module logo as your status update.
  7. Select up to 6 pictures in the sequence that you’d like them to be posted as your status updates.
  8. Set the time interval between each update.
  9. You can now sit back and forget about updating your WhatsApp status for a while.
  10. Once the current queue of images has been set as status updates the module becomes inactive.
  11. At this point, you will have to repeat the steps 4, 5, 6 and 7 again, each time that happens.

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Stuck in a boot loop?

Even though it doesn’t happen, but just in case your stars are really, really, really bad and your device ends up in a boot loop after activating the module, you can fix it quite easily (assuming you have TWRP recovery already installed). Just boot into your TWRP recovery instead and using the inbuilt file manager browse to /data/app/com.vivek.xstatuschanger and delete the file. You can then safely reboot to system and have your device back to normal.

You can also refer to the source link for more information about the module and for future updates.

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