Google Spring 2018 Stock Wallpapers

Google, the creator of the most popular OS named as the Android operating system, today shared some new Spring 2018 wallpapers for smartphones around the world. These wallpapers were shared on Facebook-owned Instagram from Google’s official account in the form of Instagram Stories.

These wallpapers have been designed by Google for the Spring season which has officially started now and the wallpapers reflect the Spring theme, as well, as they are bright and have cooler colors to give a soothing effect to the eyes from heat.

Also, there is one interesting wallpaper included by Google which could be a potential hint or teaser from Google on the next Android version name and if the wallpaper is to be believed, the next version of Android could be named as Android Popsicle.

Download Google Spring 2018 Stock Wallpapers

Google has now released the official wallpapers for the Spring season of 2018 as is done by the company every year. These wallpapers have been shared by Google as Instagram Stories on its profile on the popular photo-sharing platform.

Now, as far as the Spring 2018 wallpapers are concerned, the company mentioned in its Instagram stories that the wallpapers are needed to be screenshotted in order to set them as your wallpapers in order to give the phone a Spring makeover.

Talking about the design of these wallpapers, there are 6 wallpapers that have been shared by Google. Out of the 6 wallpapers, one of the wallpapers has a text containing spring wishes. Apart from that, other 4 wallpapers are designed for Spring as well with flowers, kites and beach sketches.

However, there is one interesting wallpaper that is included here among the rest of wallpapers. This wallpaper contains popsicles which go perfectly for the Spring season as well to refresh ourselves from the heat. However, this wallpaper is particularly interesting due to the fact that this could be a potential hint by Google for the name of next version of Android which is currently codenamed as Android 9.0 P.

Now, you can also download these wallpapers separately which we have included below so that you can have a look at the wallpapers, download the ones that you like and set them as your wallpapers. Alternatively, you can download the entire zip file to get all the wallpapers in a single folder.

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