If you have an Android phone or tablet the lag issue must be a concerning thing for you. Lag-delays are one of the biggest issues that we face on our Android device. Though the Google claimed to significantly reduce this issue with what they call the Project Butter that was introduced with the Jelly Bean upgrade of the OS but the issue seems to be in so close a relation with Android that it did not leave it.

It’s really a very irritating experience when you see lag-delays that make launching apps and returning to the home screen take a little longer than they probably should. All of us go through this issue hundreds of time everyday but have you ever wondered what causes this lag and how to fix or reduce it on your Android phone? Hardly any! Thanks to the thriving nature of the Android community, that does not let any OS related problem stick with us for a longer time by offering an effective solution.

All props and credits to XDA member lambgx02 for taking the lag-delays issue seriously and working hard for finding out its root cause and, also, developing a wonderful app that any Android device user can install and fix lag-delays just by tapping a single button. The new app is called Seeder and it significantly reduces the lag-delays and thus boosts the performance of your Android device, making apps launch faster, home screens scroll faster, and your phone more responsive.

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So, what does Seeder do to achieve this goal? During his probe into the problem, lambgx0 noticed that Android draws from a predefined entropy pool—or set of random data—for almost all of its operations. When that limited pool of random data dries up, it has to rebuild itself, which results in delays while apps and services wait for the data they need. To fix this problem he prepared a script that generates the RNG (random number generator) every second. It then supplies the newly generated random data to the pool that constantly keeps refreshing.


Thus with the Seeder app installed, your phone does not need to wait for the RNG data to be generated as it has that data always available through this app. The result is awesome! You phone becomes noticeably responsive and several times faster. I tested this app on my Galaxy S3 with the leaked 4.2.1 ROM and believe me, it really works! All you need is a rooted Android phone to give it a shot.

The app is available in two versions on free and donate version. In fact, the free version of the app is as functional as the paid one, the difference being the the automatic update feature that is available only with the donate version. Download the app from below and install it as a normal APK by copying it your phone. And, if you feel the difference, please appreciate the developer by buying the paid version of the app from the Google Play Store.


Seeder-2.0.0.apk     —      Mirror

Seeder Price: $3.49

Source: XDA