Most use location service on smartphones to get accurate weather forecast for the locality they live in. Various social media service, Facebook for example, also track your location for status updates. Without using GPS (Global Positioning Service), you cannot get yourself located on a map, or receive direction while using navigation service. Whenever you launch any of the above mentioned services, they require GPS to be turned on your phone or tablet.

In most cases, these services keep receiving data constantly whether you are moving from one place to another, or still at the same place. Whether you walk on foot or drive a car, the GPS tracker keeps working at the same pace in the background receiving equal amount of data and thus feeding on the juice of your device’s battery.

To help fix this battery, Google recently integrated the new activity recognition API (Application Programming Interface) that is capable of determining you exact movement. For example, it can track whether you are still, walking, cycling or moving on a vehicle. And when it finds out the speed of your movement, it intelligently switches automatically between various ways of gathering location data such as GPS, WiFi, network cell and so on to come up with best possible location details.

Thus, this new feature not only increases exactness but also save a lot of battery power which else might drain quickly. Well known Android developer Chainfire, has released the alpha version of a unique app that uses Google’s latest technology while tracking your location. The app detects your movement and speed and then uses location tracking methods accordingly.


The app has a very simple interface with minimal options for settings as you can only choose the suitable Unit format. It has 8 preset profiles for various types of activities. You can select from the available profiles and if you do not find that applies your situation, you can create your own custom profile with personal preferences. To select a profile or turn off the service, all you need to do is to tap/highlight the specific item.

By tapping on the “LOGS” tab, you can view the details with time, type of activity, battery status and location. What the GeoLog app yields is the pure data without any extravagances.

Though GeoLog is still in alpha state, it works perfectly. Chainfire is an amazing developer and therefore we look forward to more useful features added to it as new versions come out. Give this app a try, it is probably the best way to get exact location without wasting the invaluable battery of you Android device!


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