Games You Should Check

Whether you are a hardcore Android gamer or simply want to pass your time, then this article is just for you. Today, we are going to see three Android games that you should try right now.

“App Spotlight” is going to be an ongoing segment, so those of you that think that three games are not enough, you should stick around and follow this segment. It is also worth mentioning that we will try to discover some of the not-so-known games on the PlayStore, so keep reading and see if you find anything you like.

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1) Dan The Man: Action Platformer

This game has a retro arcade feel and it feels like it came out from the 80’s. Assume the role of Dan, a punching, kicking, anarchy-fighting kid trying to save the realm from total destruction.

With simple but fun-filled game mechanics, this is a retro game from start to finish. Jump, punch and kick your opponents while gathering coins to unlock weapons in order to kick your opponents harder. Unlock secret map areas to increase your loot and spend it on guns and more, all the while enjoying the beautiful music.

Games You Should Check Games You Should Check

Dan the Man: Action Platformer Price: Free

2) Okay?

For those of you that want something less violent, something that will help you utilize your brain, then “Okay?” is just for you.

Both the game objective and the gameplay itself are simple. Give an initial push to a ball which must bounce off every other object on the level. That’s it. You only have one move and you can only create the initial path for the ball.

Games You Should Check Games You Should Check

The levels get more and more challenging as you move on, so this game is a guaranteed time consumer.

Okay? Price: Free

3) The Little Fox

Beautiful graphics and a refreshing approach to running games. If you want to relax then follow the little fox and help it complete its journey among different levels.

Games You Should Check

Controls might confuse you at the beginning but I am sure that you will get used to them, eventually. Simply tap on the left or right part of your screen and help the fox complete its journey. Along the way, you will find tiles that speed you up, slow you down or help you jump from a place to another.

Games You Should Check
You made the little fox sad…

Games You Should Check

This game is simple, addicting and beautiful.

The Little Fox Price: Free

I hope you tried some of our recommendations. As I’ve said earlier app spotlight will be an ongoing segment. Thus, stay tuned for more games and apps. As always, thanks for reading and feel free to comment below.

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