4 Awesome Wallpaper Apps for Android

Changing wallpapers is the quickest way to freshen up a dull device, and finding a good wallpaper is not a difficult task too. Just perform an image search on Google and you’ll come up with tons of good wallpapers. But they are just good, and why settle for good when you can have better, right? It’s 2017 and there is an app for everything including wallpapers. So instead of searching for them in the image searches or internet communities, just head to the Google Play Store and grab yourself one of the 4 awesome wallpaper apps for Android we are about to mention.

WallEthics Portrait Wallpapers

Portrait wallpapers are a new rage, mainly because they fit perfectly on your device without any stretch or crop. WallEthics is one such app that provides a lot of high-quality portrait wallpapers that make your home screen look amazing.

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With WallEthics, the wallpapers are neatly divided into various categories like abstract, minimal, material, animals, aurora, cars, etc. All the wallpapers are stored in the cloud and can be downloaded for offline usage. You can also perform the following activities with each wallpaper – share, add to favorites, set, and download. The wallpapers are updated frequently, and you are notified when there’s an update available.

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AMOLED mnml X Wallpapers

AMOLED displays are beautiful but everybody knows that these displays tend to consume a bit more battery than their predecessors. One thing that users can do to reduce battery consumption on such displays is to turn the UI darker. While a lot of apps come with special AMOLED themes, you’ll see a reduction in battery consumption if you change your device’s wallpaper into a darker one.

AMOLED mnml Wallpapers offer a bunch of high quality and cloud-based wallpapers which are specifically designed for AMOLED screens i.e. they are dark in color. Now, dark doesn’t necessarily mean all black, hence all the wallpapers are a combination of black and vibrant colors which look exceptionally beautiful on AMOLED screens as well as normal screens.

AMOLED mnml X (AMOLED QHD + S8 wallpapers) Price: Free


Resplash is an unsplash client. With this app, you can browse through thousands of high-quality wallpapers. The UI of the app is very clean and minimal, and it comes with material design. Some of the awesome features of this app are – downloading raw images, set as wallpaper right from the app, view user profiles, curated collections, photostats, and EXIF data, like photos, etc.

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Resplash Price: Free


Backdrops consists of beautiful vector wallpapers designed entirely by Roberta Lollobrigida based on images provided by the site unsplash.com, freepik.com, and some original collection. All the wallpapers are in 4K resolution and can be downloaded on the device.

I have not used Backdrops wallpaper app personally so I really can’t say how good these wallpapers look after they are applied on the home screen (although they are in 4K so they should be as crisp as they come) or the amount of wallpaper it has, but they look pretty good in the screenshots on its Google play page and it has a rating of 3.9 stars with decent reviews.

Backdrops - Wallpapers Price: Free

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