As compared to other categories, there are not a lot of gallery apps available in the Google play store. That’s why there are hardly one or two apps that rule this category. QuickPic is one such app that comes to mind. It is probably the best gallery app on Android and I don’t think any other app comes close to it when we talk about competition.

In my opinion, gallery apps are one of the most overlooked and underrated categories as most of the people are pretty happy with the gallery app that comes pre-installed in their smartphones. It is either that or Google Photos.

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Here is an awesome gallery app for Android, in case you want to try something different.

Disclaimer: The app I am about to mention is in beta stage right now. But, I have tried it for a few days and I did not face any discomforting bug. If you find any bug or face any problem, please report it to the developers and help them make it better. It clearly has the potential to be the best.

LeafPic Gallery

LeafPic is an amazing, fluid, and material designed gallery app which also happens to be open source and ad-free. It has 50 main colors, 9 accent colors, and 3 base themes: light, dark and AMOLED black. Such numbers of themes offer a lot of customizability options. It looks like a stock gallery app but packs a lot of features that the stock apps just don’t provide. For instance, it has some powerful security features like enabling password for accessing the gallery as well as hidden folders. You can set it in such a way that it will ask for a password before deleting a picture.

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Some LeafPic features include customizing columns for the main screen and folders, excluding folders, customizing the viewing page, translucent status bar, colored navigation bar, enabling maximum brightness when viewing a picture, sub-scaling image view, etc. While it offers a lot of advanced features, it also takes care of all the basic features like copy, move, rename, etc. Other than an image viewer, it can also be used as a video player.

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LeafPic is a feature-packed gallery app, no doubt. But can it overtake QuickPic? I think it really can if it is given an appropriate time. Plus, QuickPic users are still pissed over the news that Cheetah Mobile has bought QuickPic, as their apps are dripping with ads and kind of suck, to be honest. Well, that’s just a personal opinion. Anyway, which gallery app are you using – the stock one, QuickPic, or any other? Tell us in the comments below!

LeafPic Gallery [BETA] Price: Free

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