Dhananjay Bhardwaj

Dhananjay (DJ) is an Android devotee and a Tech Blogger by profession. He is a keen undergraduate, seeking and working hard on his ambitions to achieve something distinctive in his life. He prefers interacting with his readers in the most reproaching manner possible and his desires here are not just to reach out the tech figures, but also attract those those non-interested minds to our Android universe. He proudly owns a powerful pair of Nexus devices - Nexus 4 and Nexus 5.

Opti-MIUI V4 Download Links! Out Now

Hello users, Recently, I made you aware of the upcoming MIUI V4 ROM for Optimus One, and now the wait is finally over with the arrival of its first zip download! Yes, you are right,...

LG Optimus One Gets Some MIUI Love!

Hello people!We all know MIUI and we equally love it but not all devices are lucky enough to get official MIUI support, especially MDPI/LDPI devices like Optimus One.So being a huge fan, I stepped...

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