The Android world is full of choices whether it’s about apps, themes, kernels or even ROMs. Every now and then we unfold a set of Best Custom ROMs for various devices and so we will do the same for the not so forgotten powerful device; Samsung Galaxy Exhibit 4G. This beautiful set was made public during the year 2011, but the sad thing about which was that it never received any update. Tough, it comes with an everlasting Gingerbread 2.3 Android version but it still doesn’t get to show its true potential. So, here enters our XDA Developers minds, who gave this beast a push to experience the latest Android versions like ICS 4.0 and JB 4.1+.

So, we will pick up the Best Ones based on the user feedback and shall try our most to make you aware of the features of each one of them. Please do make a note that this ROMs are not the TOP 5 or 10, so the order is random by our picks.

To begin with, we shall post and define some basic terms for your ease and then some early requirements before you choose to flash one of these ROMs.

Basic Terms & Info

  1. Rooting: It is a process of gaining root privileges over an Android subsystem. Rooting an Android device is easy in most cases, like ours. If you will Install custom ROMs, kernels, other patches or add-ons to your Android device, rooting is what you will need. It can be achieved in two ways; either by manual method (using fastboot) or by automatic method (using toolkit or software). We are going to guide you through the manual method by using fastboot commands.
  2. Custom ROMs: These are the aftermarket Android firmware which is not officially supported by the device manufacturer. They are made available to the Android users by Android developers all around the world. Custom ROMs are either built from Google’s source code i.e AOSP (Android Open Source Project) or are modified versions of the device manufacturer’s ROM (Stock ROMs or Factory ROMs) with additional tweaks and extend functions which are not delivered with the Stock ROMs. Some of the popular Custom ROMs include CyanogenMod (CM), Android Open Kang Project (AOKP), MIUI, Codename Android (CNA), Oxygen, ParanoidAndroid and many more.

Early Requirements

  1. Rooted Samsung Exhibit 4G
  2. ClockworkMod Recovery
  3. A USB Data cable to transfer the ROM files to the device
  4. Unlimited Internet Connection to download ROM files (~100 MB+)

How to flash a Custom ROM?

  1. Flashing a Custom ROM is quite easy if you know well of what you are doing. These instructions are universal and are applicable for flashing  most of the Custom ROMs available for your device. While if any specific Instructions are provided by the developer, I will include them and you are advised to follow them.
  2. Download the ROM’s flashable zip package provided by the developer.
  3. Download the Gapps flashable zip package (If not included in the ROM, ROMs like CM, CNA, AOKP & MIUI require Gapps) & Addons (If provided by the developer).
  4. Connect your Exhibit 4G to the PC via USB Data cable and switch ON the USB Storage Mode.
  5. Copy the downloaded essential files during steps #1 & 2 to the root of your SD card (do not put it them in any folder, this is for your convenience).
  6. Disconnect the device from the PC safely.
  7. Power it off.
  8. Press & hold Vol-Up, then press & hold Power. Shortly after the plain white Samsung logo appears, release both buttons. Your Exhibit will now boot into the Recovery.
  9. Go to “Install zip from sdcard” > “Choose zip from sdcard”. Now select the ROM flashable zip file via the power button that you placed in the root of your storage.
  10. When prompted select “Yes” to initialize the flashing process.
  11. The flashing process might take some time depending on the ROM you are flashing. When done, you will be taken back to the Recovery.
  12. Now since we are done with flashing the ROM, the next step would be to flash the Gapps followed by addons (if any). The flashing procedure is the same as followed in step #9 for flashing the ROM.
  13. Once everything is flashed successfully, select “reboot system now”. Your device will now boot into the Custom ROM.

We are now done with the Instructions and General Info. So, now let’s take a step to introduce you to the Best Custom ROMs available for Samsung Galaxy Exhibit 4G.


1. Slimbean 3.1.0 Unofficial ROM [JB:4.1.2]

Developer: camcory


About the ROM

Slimbean ROM was founded with the Introduction of Android 4.1 Jelly Bean bringing the AOSP with famous cherry picks from CyanogenMod, CNA and AOKP code. As the name suggests for itself, this ROM is slimmed out, removing all the useless stuff. Slimbean ROMs are very petite in size ~70-80MB but please don’t go on its size, since someone rightly said; “big surprises come in small packages“. The ROM features ASS (Advanced Slim Settings) based on the CNA Settings layout which can be viewed under System Settings of your device. ASS offers its users with high end modifications and custom features like Interface, Performance, Theme Engine support and Device Settings modifications. Apart from the features that this ROM delivers, it also provides you with Stability, appreciable battery life, and performance. Since the device is not officially supported by the Team, Camcory has taken the responsibility to provide the users with an unofficial but a stable port.

As in the views of DroidViews, SlimBean shall be considered perfect for those who want the combination of speed, stability and battery life. A perfect daily driver.

According to the users, the SlimBean is a RAM free-er. smooth and stable ROM which is completely capable of handling the Galaxy Exhibit 4G on a long run.

For more info, mirror downloads and developer support, visit the original XDA thread. For complete changelogs and features list, visit

How to Install?

No specific procedure was provided by the developer, so kindly follow the procedure on the top of this post.


2. ParanoidAndroid 2.99 Unofficial ROM [JB:4.1.2]

Developer: camcory


About the ROM

ParanoidAndroid ROM was the first Android Custom ROM to come up with true hybrid mode providing its users with a completely different UI. The ROM lets its users choose between several UI modes including Tablet, Stock, Phablet and Hybrid modes. The ROM also offers a new set of features, which allows a user to modify the Per-App size and colors regardless its a system app or a user installed app. Along with these huge Interface customization and  mods, the ROM also comprehends great battery life and performance support. The Unofficial port of ParanoidAndroid 2.99 for Galaxy Exhibit 4G was made possible by camcory, who is undoubtedly one of the known developers at the XDA Community.

As in the views of DroidViews, ParanoidAndroid is a ROM for people who prefer Graphical customization and looks over the performance. Well, a little compromise on speed is definitely worth, if you get such astounding features.

According to the users, the ROM has a totally appealing User Interface and is good at speed too.

For build specific changelogs, mirror downloads and developer support, visit original XDA thread. Developer? Visit PA Github.

How to Install?

No specific procedure was provided by the developer, so kindly follow the procedure on the top of this post.


3. Linaro CM10 ROM [JB:4.1.2]

Developer: IRX120


About the ROM

CyanogenMod is indeed a very popular ROM, available since the early Android origination. CyanogenMod is famous for its extended and unmatched features. This ROM supports the maximum number of Android devices available till date and is presently based off of the Jelly Bean 4.1 and 4.2 code. CM is considered as one of the most stable Custom ROMs available for Android. But not just stability and features, it also beholds the support of outstanding incomparable apps like Theme Engine, DSP Manager, Apollo Music Player and much more. Unfortunately, the Galaxy Exhibit 4G users were not lucky enough to receive official support, but that doesn’t matter much now cause the XDA community is full of some brilliant minds like those of IRX120, who has successfully built CM10 for Exhibit 4G. Now, it’s not just CM but, the developer provides the Linaro builds for the same. The word itself makes a lot of difference since it optimizes the builds to offer much better performance.

For in the views of DroidViews, Linaro CM10 is a must for those who seek performance and speed for the sake of battery life. Genuinely, the effect to the battery is only a matter of a couple of minutes, which is definitely worth.

According to the users, CyanogenMod could never have been much better.

For mirror downloads, build specific changelogs and developer support, visit the original XDA thread.

How to Install?

  1. Hold home and power buttons until the phone reboots and the Samsung logo appears.
  2. The stock recovery should then appear.
  3. make sure cwm recovery is on the internal SD card and from stock recovery flash the zip file (should be easy to figure out)
  4. reboot recovery again
  5. select backup and restore and do a backup.
  6. do a ROM wipe and then flash cm10
  7. *flash gapps
  8. *reboot
  9. CM10 is installed now


4. AOSP Alpha Build 6 ROM [JB 4.1.2]

Developer: Tim1928

AOSP Alpha Build 6 ROM [JB 4.1.2]

About the ROM

AOSP, or to elaborate Android Open Source Project is a Google initiative to build Android ROMs from the source. It differs a long way from the stock ROMs available for specific devices, both in terms of looks and performance. OEMs tend to add their proprietary stuff to the ROMs which on a whole has diverse affects the performance and speed. To tackle such performance issues, developers intend to compile the ROMs directly from the RAW Google Android Source code. So, In any case, the AOSP ROMs are far better than the Stock ROMs as delivered by the OEMs. Under the Exhibit 4G scene, Tim1928 has managed to compile AOSP for the same, luring out most of the bugs and issues. It shall be considered as a nearly stable ROM since only the  HD Recording and APN features are not usable, which surely are going to get fixed in the very future.

For in the views of DroidViews, this ROM is a perfect companion for the performance seekers who do not bother much about the looks.

According to the ROM users, the ROM is full of unleashing performance and is snappier than any other ROM available for Exhibit 4G.

For mirror downloads, build specific changelogs and developer support, visit the original XDA thread.

How to Install?

No specific procedure was provided by the developer, so kindly follow the procedure on the top of this post

That’s all for now, we will come back to you again with the continuation of the series. We hope that you would have found the Best to suit yourself.

If you have any issues regarding these ROMs, feel free to comment and we shall reach you as early as possible.


  1. These are NOT the Best ROMS, maybe the best Jelly Bean ROMS, but DEFINITELY NOT the BEST Overall ROMS for the Exhibit II 4G. “Rebel Rom 3.1” is the BEST-Hands-Down-No-Question-About-It ROM for Exhibit II. It is a Gingerbread/Ice Cream sandwich Hybrid. These Jelly Bean ROMS require far too much RAM for a 512 MB phone to Run at a respectable pace.

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