About a  billion people use Facebook at present, it has already turned out to be one of the fastest way of communication in one’s life. Most of the  Facebook users are aware of its Messenger app which since its origin provided IM notifications for respective Facebook accounts. While now Facebook plans to expand its boundaries  to grasp a huge crowd within its reach. How do they do it? Quiet a certain question that shall be hovering over your mind now, the answer comes out with the Facebook Messenger app update.

What’s new in this update? What makes it so special this time? Lets just say that the latest update to the Messenger app is not just another ordinary update fixing bugs but this might be the biggest update in the history of Facebook Messenger in account of its transition from an Facebook account based messenger to a smartphone text messenger. The new Facebook Messenger resembles many other text messenger services like Whatsapp, Handcent SMS &  Samsung ChatON which operates using your phone number to communicate with a person  using the same app.

You may now log-in either with your Facebook account or your phone number and get started with this updated Messenger offering push notifications for your messages directly to the mobile or desktop. It does offer you to use the chat feature for Facebook and text messenger services in one single app. It also allows you to create and join group conversations where you can converse with multiple friends, all at one place. Further more, it also enables you to share your current location or nearby places. But like Whatsapp or Handcent, this app currently doesn’t allows you to share images, videos or music via text messenger. Facebook might add those enhancements too, in the near future.

For in our views, this update might give a push to Facebook for two reasons; first, Facebook has updated something worthy for Android, after a huge time lapse and second being the new exciting features of text and chat combined functionality. Users always always hold on their eyes to see something distinct and appealing, don’t you?

The current release has been labelled 2.2.2-release subjected to December 6, 2012 and shall run on Android 2.2+

So buck up! and don’t be late to grab the latest update for Facebook Messenger available on Google Play Store or you can download the apk directly, click on the link below.


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