YouTube App

YouTube GO is an app that differs from the ones you might usually expect to see. Rather than allowing you to view video content online, it focuses on allowing you to store and watch videos later, offline. Some of you might be wondering what’s the reasoning behind such an app. The problem with online video streaming is that it can sometimes be very challenging or even impossible due to numerous factors. Thanks to all the inter-connectivity present within cities and how WiFi has established a major presence throughout urban environments, it’s easier than ever to just pull out your smartphone and watch a video online.

However, there are still parts of the world where WiFi isn’t as easy to come across. Either that, or the kind of connections available aren’t the greatest. Even in big cities, it can be often times challenging to have a decent connection. YouTube Go looks to fix this problem by giving you a platform to store videos and watch them later.

Memory management

YouTube GO allows you to download any video featured on YouTube, but only in standard or basic quality. This means that you won’t have access to the 1080p resolution you might have gotten used to, and the same goes for 720p.

When you get the app, it will require you to verify your phone number. It will send out a verification text to that number similar to how other services like WhatsApp verify their users. The app will give your previews of each video so that you can get an idea of what you’re about to download (if you decide to download it), and tells you how much memory each version of the download (standard or basic) will occupy. In addition, you will also see how much free storage space there remains on your device, so you don’t have to constantly wonder whether or not you still have enough room for a particular video.

The APK file for the app is available for download, and you can get it from a secure APK provider website and manually install YouTube GO on your device.

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