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Here Are All The Light-weight Go Apps From Google So Far

Here Are All The Lightweight Go Apps From Google So Far

Unlike iOS, Android is designed to work on a variety of different hardware. This does not happen by magic, of course. Support for so many different hardware components and combinations requires specific code. That...

Some Key Things You Need to Know About Android Go

At Google I/O 2017, Google announced quite a few software related developments. The chief among those were the release of Android O DP2, Project Treble, and Android Go. There are over 2 billion devices...

9 Lite Apps to Save Space and Reduce Data Usage

In developing countries like India, the network speeds leave a lot to be desired for. Can you believe that more than 70% of smartphones sold in India are budget smartphones? These phone may not...

Save Mobile Data on Various Data Hogging Apps with These Lite Alternatives

Many of us have a WiFi connection at home these days. And we don't think twice about how much data is being consumed while we scroll through our Facebook news feed or watch auto-playing funny...

YouTube Go APK Available With Offline Usage

YouTube GO is an app that differs from the ones you might usually expect to see. Rather than allowing you to view video content online, it focuses on allowing you to store and watch...

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