xCurrency Smart Currency Converter for Android
xCurrency Smart Currency Converter for Android

There hasn’t been any less in the amount of currency converter and calculator apps on the Google Play Store. All of their core functionality is to provide users with the ability to convert the currency over the air just at their fingertips. However, keeping functionality aside, the user interface is what makes these apps unique from each other, after all, in the end, the user experience is what matters the most. Speaking of user experience and interface, most if not all of the currency converters out there have pretty good user interfaces. But, what sets xCurrency apart, the app I would like to review today, is that it features Google’s Material design inspired user interface.

xCurrency features a minimal and simple to use user interface, fetches currency exchange data from Yahoo! Finance, provide its users with real-time exchange rate updates and more.

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Enough said, now let’s take an in-depth look at the app as depicted in the screenshots below.

xCurrency in action

Welcome to xCurrency. Tap a currency to highlight it and then type in the amount you would like to enter to get exchange rates. Also, you can carry out addition, subtraction, multiplication or division functions. To refresh the exchange rates, tap the three-dot button located at the top right corner and then press Refresh.

Tap on a currency to highlight it and then swipe right to change currency. Refer the next screenshot.

Change or replace the currency available on the main screen of the app. Maximum number of currencies are 5. By the way, xCurrency provides exchange rates for Bitcoins too. Scroll down the list to find out.

Highlight a currency and then swipe left from any currency to check the advanced or detailed exchange rate.

Advanced or detailed currency exchange rate. Here you have two tabs: CURRENT and HISTORY. The CURRENT tab shows you the current exchange rate. The HISTORY tab displays the exchange rate history. Moreover, the CURRENT tab is divided into two sub tabs: SOURCES and CUSTOMIZE. The SOURCES tab shows you the exchange rate source and the CUSTOMIZE tab provides you with a keypad to enter a new value. Refer the next two screenshots.
The HISTORY tab shows exchange rate history of the past 7 days, 1 month, 6 months, 1 year and 6 years.
The CUSTOMIZE subtab within the CURRENT main tab. Scroll up to see the SOURCES tab.

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Tap the three-line button to bring up the side menu.

Side menu. Tap on settings to well, access the settings.
Settings. Here, you can enable or disable the Local Currency option that would allow the app to identify the local currency based on tour location. Moreover, you also have options such as to change the theme of the app, language, reset the currency list, set a default value (0, 10 or 100) for the currencies on the main screen. Furthermore, you can access some tips on how to use the app and share the app with others.

My thoughts and conclusion

This is one simple to use and easy on the eyes app inspired by the Material design language for its user interface. Moreover, it feels relatively fresh and modern in its usability and has detailed exchange rates.

So that’s it folks on my in-depth look at a simple currency converter for Android. Feel free to chime in the comments section on your take and experience with this neat little app. Download xCurrency via the Google Play Store link given below.

xCurrency - Smart Currency Price: Free

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