It has been more than a fortnight since the launch of the Nexus 5 and the release of the Android 4.4, codenamed KitKat. While most Nexus users are already enjoying the new KitKat treat, there is a larger community of Android users who have no other way than to switch to a KitKat based custom ROM to get the new update. Every Android user is looking for a way to get KitKat on his/her device somehow and therefore, for the past few days, we have been sharing the available KitKat based ROMs for various devices.

Today we have come up a KitKat update method for the HTC One. We wanted to collect together Android 4.4 based ROMs for all variants of the phone. Unfortunately, there are no KitKat ROMs available for the T-Mobile, AT&T and Sprint models of HTC One at the moment but we would add ROMs for the left devices as they come along.


We are not affiliated with any of the ROMs listed below. Our sole purpose is to make them available at one place for the convenience of the users and provide a detailed step-by-step guide to install them safely. Users should keep in mind that installing a custom might pose risk to their phone and espite of the fact that we have tested a couple of them successfully, we do not guarantee anything. If you are up to cross this line, do it at your own liability and do not blame us  or shout over the respective developers for any mishap. It’s your phone, it’s your decision.


Before you can install a custom ROM, there are a few things that you must have on your HTC One:

  • Root Access
  • A custom recovery like CWM or TWRP. Please note that KitKat requires the latest version of the custom recovery you use. If you use TWRP, make sure you have at least  version or above. CWM users should update their recovery to version

If you do not have a rooted HTC One, you can do it easily and safely by following our rooting  tutorial. In case you already have root access and CWM/TWRP on your phone, you can simply download the latest recovery image file and flash it using cmd by putting your phone in Fastboot mode. You can find detailed steps on installing the recovery on the rooting tutorial page.

Verizon HTC One users can use this rooting guide  to root and install the latest CWM/TWRP on their device. Head over to this tutorial and follow the instructions given there.


All Android 4.4 KitKat based custom ROMs that have been listed below are in beta stage currently. Therefore, do not expect bugless performance. Just give them a shot to have a peek into the new KitKat and if it tastes delicious, stick with it. As new updates are released, most bugs will be fixed hopefully. All ROMs are fully functional and because they are based on CM builds, they also support themes which can be downloaded from the Play Store.

The only thing that does not work is ART (Android Runtime) that is found under Developer options. To download the ROM for your device, just click the link after device name. In case there are more that one ROM listed for your phone model, download just one.

Download the Android 4.4 ROM

  • HTC One International (GSM/LTE):
    • CM 11 Beta 7:
    • FTL CM11 Unofficial:  (tested)
    • TripNDroid TripKat CM-M7 :  (tested)
  • Sprint HTC One:
    • CM 11 Beta:
  • Verizon HTC One: CyanogenMod 11 Unofficial:
    • CyanogenMod 11 Unofficial:


Download Latest SuperUser:

How to Install:

  1. Copy the downloaded Android 4.4 ROM file, Gapps package and SuperSU zip to your phone.
  2. Boot your HTC One in recovery mode: turn off the phone and then hold the Volume Down + Power buttons together till the screen turns up and the device shows Bootloader Mode. Using the Volume Down key, highlight RECOVERY and then press the Power key. Alternatively,you can also enter recovery mode using  these apps.
  3. Important: Having entered the CWM/TWRP recovery, it is very important that you backup your current ROM so that you can restore it later if needed. You can do this using  “backup and restore”option (in CWM) or “Backup” option (in TWRP).
  4. CWM Users:
    1. Wipe data / factory reset, then go to mounts and storage and wipe data and system.
    2. Return to the main menu.
    3. Select install zip from sdcard> choose zip from sdcard option and select the ROM file.
    4. Confirm the installation and wait till the installation finishes.
    5. Repeating the Steps 3 & 4, install the Gapps package too.
    6. When it is installed, also install the the same way.
    7. Finally, select reboot system now option.

  5. TWRP Users:
    1. Tap on Wipe button and select Data, System and Cache.
    2. Swipe the confirmation slider.
    3. Go back to the main menu.
    4. Now tap on the Install button, locate the ROM file and select it.
    5. Once again swipe the slider button to install the ROM.
    6. Now install the Google apps zip package.
    7. The install the SuperSU zip file too.
    8. Finally, tap on Reboot and then System.

Wait till your phone boots up and when you see the welcome screen, go through the initial setup and get ready to enjoy as much of KitKat as you wish. All for free! We like to hear from you, your experience, any problem or just even a flat comment. Do not forget to tell us how KitKat tastes to you. Cheers!

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