Rooting a normal Android device is pretty easy as all it takes is a little effort and demands adventurous spirit. However, when it comes to rooting and installing a custom recovery on an Android smartphone from Verizon, things turn tougher. Verizon is considered to be the most ruthless carrier because its devices come with locked bootloaders and are not easy to root. When the Verizon HTC One was released with an unlockable bootloader, it was too pleasant a news to believe.

The HTC Dev bootloader unlock method worked perfectly for some time. Most of us took it as a mistake on Verizon’s part and we were not surprised even a bit when the carrier rolled an OTA update to the phone and made its bootloader unlockable and the phone itself, unrootable. Android is a world of possibilities among impossibilities and our great developer community has proved it innumerable times.

If you have the HTC One from Verizon and are looking for some workaround to achieve S-Off and root access on your phone, you finally got a reason to rejoice.  Beaups and Fuses from XDA have released a very convenient solution that not only performs S-Off on your Verizon HTC One, but also roots it in a matter of a few mouse clicks. The developer duo’s Rumrunner S-Off tool is a one-click utility that pushes unlocked bootloader and Super SU to your HTC One using straight forward steps that does not require any special skill on the part of the user. Rumrunner S-Off exploit is available for both, Windows and Linux.


Performing S-Off on your HTC One and rooting it will void its warranty. Also, the procedure described below, though tested, might prove risky. If you decide to follow it, make sure you are not drunk and, in any case, do not blame the developers or us. It’s your phone and your decision!


  • Verizon HTC One with 100% stock firmware. That is to say, you phone must not have a custom or insecure kernel installed on it.
  • A Windows or Linux computer.
  • HTC One original USB cable.
  • A working internet connection on your computer (Windows).


  • Download  Rumrunner S-Off tool, depending on your computer’s OS: Download from XDA thread
  • Download and installed HTC USB Drivers on your computer (skip this step if you have already done that): Download Here
  • If you have installed HTC Sync, Samsung Kies or any other Android PC Suite, uninstall it.
  • Turn on USB Debugging on your Verizon HTC One. If you do not know how to do it, read this tutorial.
  • Go to Settings> Security> Screen Lock and select “None”. In other words, disable all kinds of lockscreen security modes like Pattern, PIN, Facelock or Password.
  • Go to Settings> Power/Battery and uncheck the “Fastboot” option.
  • Make sure to use USB 2.0, NOT 3.0, for successful operation.
  • Turn of any firewall or anti-virus software on your computer.

Rooting and & Achieving S-OFF on HTC One:

Having made the aforementioned preparations, you can now proceed to root Verizon HTC One and unlock its bootloader. Just follow the simple steps given below.

  1. Extract the Rumrunner .zip/.tar file that you downloaded earlier.
  2. Inside the extracted folder, you will find a file named “soju.exe”. Right-click this file and run as administrator. If you are a Linux user, execute “sudo ./soju”.
  3. You’ll now see a cmd window like shown below:root verizon htc one
  4. Connect your phone to the computer via USB and wait for a few seconds.
  5. The tool will ask you if you understand the risks and implications of using it. Type “Yes” and hit the Enter key to confirm.
  6. The exploit will now start performing its magic and your phone will reboot several times during the procedure.
  7. At the completion of things, you will have an HTC One with S-Off and root access.

root verizon htc one-unlock-bootloader

To verify the root access on your device, you can install the Root Checker app from the Play Store and run it.

Root Checker Price: Free

root verizon htc one root check

Install CWM/TWRP Recovery on Verizon HTC One:

If you also want to install a custom recovery like ClockworkMod or TWRP Recovery on your Verizon HTC One, please read this tutorial.



  1. how to enable usb debugging when phone asked decypt storage….im not able to open usb debugging….pls share ……sorry for english

  2. Could we get an updated walk through for the new 4.4.2 update? Including an updated rom version on rumrunner? Would be very helpful.

  3. Hi, I also received this message when I was doing S OFF my device, what should I do, pls help me. I want to unroot my htc one so that I can turn my phone back to stock.

  4. is this working for Verizon HTC One that has already been updated to Android 4.4.2 and Hboot 1.56 ?

  5. Am I correct in assuming that this method will root my phone without the need for a different recovery? I actually like Sense, so I’d like to keep that if possible.

  6. Drivers good, but will uninstall and manually reinstall just to make sure. Will post back tomorrow if that does/does not work

  7. “waiting for device” points to issues related to USB drivers. Go to Windows device manager and check whether it shows a yellow triangle at the device name.

  8. I followed the posted steps above and im still having issues, a ran rumrunner and get past test 2, the program then has a loading bar and reboots the phone. then i get a waiting for ADB, then waiting for device, this posts twice and a get a following message “really dumb issues you have. you suck..” “ERROR: run rumrunner again..”

    any helps is greatly appreciated.

  9. I ran rumrunner, it says it was completed and in the fastboot screen says “Unlocked” at the top and s-off. The article claims this will also root my phone, but when I check, my phone isn’t rooted. I’m curious if I’m missing something in the process, or it just turns your phone to s-off?

  10. is giving me this error

    ERROR: looks like devices is not rooted and lacks an unsecure kernel. su or fu

    they should??


    My problems were:
    1. Anti-Virus Software
    2. Matching my RumRunner to my Software version (.1.8 whatnot)
    3. Making sure when I flashed the ClockWork Mod that I selected m7(vzw) not simply HTC One M7

  12. I dont have HTC Sync to my knowledge… I was referring to a phone setting that enabled USB debugging automatically upon connection

  13. Ahhh I didnt know the intricacies were that deep. Okay. I’ll try some other time. I ended up just rebooting after a thousand “….” which was scary but it booted.

  14. I GOT IT!!! You have to add a step for brand new phone to select HTC Sync Always! When they plug it in to USB the first time

  15. I did that . I have developer access. When I go to download the rooting program. theres 3 versions. could i be download the wrong one? it just seems like a version difference… I have 64 bit. and my drivers are such… but what about rumrunner, that seems to be my issue.

  16. I’m actually trying to root. I just got it a few days ago. I did the 5 taps and unchecked fastboot etc… Dunno what I’m missing.

  17. I will try this. I tried from fastboot screen(volume down button .. then fastboot etc.) and I still got to the end and it told me to reread it and try again.. GOO Manager says it is for rooted users only…

  18. Yes.

    There is a pretty easier method too. Install Goo Manager app from the market and from the app option select install open recovery script. TWRP should be installed on your device. I have not tested but that usually works. Try and let me know.

  19. Do I have to be on the fastboot screen when I plug the phone in to USB? I haven’t been able to get the program to do anything to my phone that i can see..

  20. I encrypted my disk when I originally setup my HTC One. That means I have to do a factory reset before attempting this, correct?

  21. excellent thanks for the reply. just in case something does go wrong, is there any pre-root backup methods you would suggest?

  22. Hello! I have a Macbook pro Retina 13 inch laptop running windows, and the program told me that the usb connection failed, and I learned that I have USB 3.0 ports but im supposed to use 2.0. Is there a way to convert them to 2.0 or something?

  23. Make sure your phone is not rooted, or using a custom kernel and has official Sense ROM installed on it. Just check the instruction and try again. Beaups’ tool works fine.

  24. Yes, you are right. Unlocking the bootloader using HTC Dev site resets the device but this methods achieve S-Off that is similar to bootloader unlock. Performing the steps will not wipe the device.

  25. thanks for posting this

    sorry if this is a silly question, it’s been a long time since i’ve done this personally.
    will this erase all of my data/apps/settings? i assume it will while unlocking the bootloader. if so, is there any way to to a complete backup of my phone to where i’m left with essentially my current phone with root access? thanks guys, great work.

  26. Hi guys. First off just want to thank all the devs who helped make this application. The problem I am having is when I open Soju and run the application I get all the way down to when it says “pouring” and it goes for about 30 seconds and then reboots my phone. It then says pouring (2) and it does it all over again. I have done this all the way until pouring (7) then I just stopped the application. Any one know if this is supposed to happen or if they are any fixes?

  27. So after the very first boot, where it boots into bootloader, it just sits there on #1 and says Waiting for fastboot and goes up to 120 seconds and then gives me an error message….anybody know what I need to do here?

  28. The files you are linking to are no longer authorized for use, and will not work. Please do not hot link our files. You can simply point users to the xda thread with proper files and documentation.

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