We all know and (some of us) love Google Maps. They come preinstalled with our Android devices and help all of us navigate to our desired destination.

There are, however, other applications that promise to do even more than that. Let’s take a look to some of those map applications. Are they worth your time and storage?


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-Easy to use
-Light and fast
-Constant offline functionality
-Voice Instructions
-Updated maps with many POI
-Doesn’t offer alternate routes
-Doesn’t let user manually edit route

A quick look at the app’s description and you will quickly realize what it is all about. Maps.ME is supposed to have “the fastest offline maps” around. And it does!

As soon as you open the application you are prompted to download the map of your current location which is recognized from your GPS. If you want a map of a different country or region, however, you can always do that from the settings. I recommend downloading the maps using a WiFi connection as they are pretty big files.

After you have your desired maps you can turn off your internet connection and never turn it on again. Simply tap on the “route planning” option from the taskbar and use the search bar to find your destination. This can also be done by simply tapping your destination on the map. After you choose, Maps.ME will automatically plan your route which it recalculates if you leave the predetermined one. Unfortunately, you cannot manually add stops or change the predetermined route to your liking.


Maps.ME also feature voice instructions in 24 languages and the ability to edit place information offline for your own use. You can also register for an OSM (Open Street Map) account and edit or add place information which will later be available for every Maps.ME user.
Overall, this application does what it promises, is fast and easy to use. On the flipside, however, it doesn’t offer many other features (such as traffic information) that are existent to the other applications of this list.

MAPS.ME – Offline Map and Travel Navigation Price: Free



-Intuitive UI
-Plenty of Features
-Real-Time info about traffic
-Multistop navigation
-Live online community
-No offline functionality
-Needs phone number for account
-Less “Wazers” around mean less

Waze is an application which is powered by the community that uses it. If there are plenty of people around you that use this app, it is great. If not, you would be better off with another application of this list.

This application will open for the first time only if you are connected to the internet. Also, note that its whole concept is based on real-time feedback from users around the world, so it needs a constant connection in order to gain all of its features and benefits.

If you are able, however, to have an internet connection then this application is full of useful features that help you save time and money. You first of all need to create an account which in order to happen needs your phone number as confirmation. Afterward, you can interact with a network of “Wazers” around you, providing and receiving reports about traffic, police blocks, accidents and much more. Note that drivers can also inform others about prices in gas stations allowing you to save money.


Last, but not least, Waze lets you edit, review and organize planned drives. You simply have to tap this option from the app’s menu and choose your desired destination. As soon as you do that, Waze will prompt you to choose your time of arrival while providing an ETA based on the expected traffic at the time of your trip. When you complete this procedure you will be notified when it is actually time for you to begin your trip.

In this way, according to Waze you reach your destination in the predetermined time. It is important to note that Waze provides you with alternate routes and lets you manually edit one by adding stops at Points Of Interest or other locations.

Waze - GPS, Maps, Traffic Alerts & Live Navigation Price: Free



-Option for public transit and taxis
-Both offline and online functionality
-Turn to Turn info for your route
-Voice Instructions
-Updated maps with many POI
-Battery Intensive
-Offline use comes  means  features

Formerly known simply as HERE Maps this recently renamed and revamped application seeks to improve on what was already there with HERE Maps. It can be used both offline and online with the entirety of features being available when the user is connected to the internet.

Those who wish to use the app offline have to download the map of the country they are in, prior to their trip. The app will prompt you automatically to do so. Offline users will get a basic turn to turn or real-time navigation to their destination. Offline use is only available for car drivers and those who travel with a bicycle.

On the other hand, those who are able to be connected to the internet while using HERE WeGo can choose from a variety of features like means of public transport, taxis (with approximate costs) and an option to use a car-sharing firm named Car2Go. Those who use bicycles are also able to look at the escalation of each route allowing them to choose an easier or a faster one. Finally, online users can also get real-time feedback about traffic and also a map with information about public means of transport and the routes they take.


Overall, this app is probably going to be the main competitor of google maps and although a bit difficult to get familiar with, HERE WeGo is a very promising application.

HERE WeGo - Offline Maps & GPS Price: Free

Are They Worth the Download?

Well! To be short, yes! If you want a light application that will get you anywhere fast while offline, go for the Maps.ME. If you want to be part of a community that helps you “beat” the morning traffic Waze is your way to go. For an all around approach, try out HereWeGo.
Each app brings something different and fresh that will make your navigation experience better in many different ways.

Feel free to comment below telling your opinions and asking questions.

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