Hi friends! I am here again with a major update to my theme The Dark Knight Returns. This time I have branded it as “The Dark Knight Rises”, following the Dark Knight movies. Why I call it a major update is not without reasons. This is a complete revamp of the previous theme of the series. I took 3 days of intensive hard work to make it what it is now.

I do not have much to say about what things have been changed/updated. The screenshots are enough to show you that. The theme is fully compatible with the latest MIUI ICS ROM version 2.8.3. Just copy the theme file to MIUI/Themes folder on the SD Card of your device and apply from Theme Manager app. To get the weather on the lockscreen, you will have to install and configure 9S Weather app from the Play Store or the link below.

I have also a little complaint with all those who use my themes. And that is their passiveness. Please, appreciate a thing you like. Remember the hard work and time that has been invested in the making of a theme and is being provided for free. Most people download and go away without making any comment here or at forum threads at XDA/MIUI Android. Such things only discourage me.

I can only hope that you like it. And if you do, please consider a donation for the time and hard work that has gone into the making of this theme. You know, nobody like to be working continuously for free! So please donate if you can! Please buy me a coffee via PayPal if you can.


With Regards to all MIUI Community!


The Dark Knight Rises 3.1 MIUI V4 (Fixed)

Additional Fonts for the Theme

Download “Greenathon 1.1” Here

Download The Dark White v4 Theme Here


  1. Hello, Rakesh. I have a little problem with dialer, see the screenshot. What i need to do to dialer looked like on your screens?

  2. I could not update the theme according to the changes that have been made into MIUI ROM recently. I have updated two of my themes, and this one is the next to get the update. I hope I get time to do this soon. Since then, you can try this one: http://d-h.st/7Ph

  3. This theme rocks, Its awesome except I don’t get the cool dialer from the screenshot, and the notifications and toggles have a white background. I have a verizon GS3 with the latest officail MIUI. see attached…



  4. My initial reaction when you ask me that question, I thought the GB was short for gigabytes but that didn’t make sense. LOL

    I learned something new about my phone. I hope I will be able to spice up my phone with this theme: )

  5. Not sure what MIUI GB means, sorry. Here is the screenshots under settings – about phone. I hope this helps.

    Thanks again.

  6. Hello,
    I am having a hard time getting this theme to work on mytouch 4g running MIUI 2.3.7. By the way, this theme looks AWESOME!!!

    In advance, thank you guys for your assistance.

  7. Do you know what would cause a problem with the lockscreen loading? It take about 5 seconds for the lockscreen to load properly(its unresponsive to touch and doesn’t fully load) when I have this theme applied. But when I have the iphone theme applied it works great. Thanks for you help

  8. Answered my own question. Everything works well except the lock screen. Since applying this theme the lockscreen is extremely slow to load

  9. Thanks for the quick fix! It works now.
    But could you make a version without the “The Dark Knight Rises” Logo in the notification/toggles menu? That would be sweet.
    Also, I find the lockscreen pretty annoying, because it changes everytime and you don’t get to choose exactly what you get. For example there’s not always a clock on it. (The 9s Weather app isn’t working for me either. It can’t find my location, it gets a time out everytime, but that’s not your fault.)

  10. Hi~ I am a MIUI fan from China. I found your themes accidently on the MIUI BBS. I love them, so I enter this site to support you. Here is my email address [email protected] .

  11. Hi
    Thanks for the great work bro… keep it up…
    i am having a issue aswell as the below one is saying…. (incorrect file format)…
    i am running miui v 2.7.27… Samsung Viberant…

  12. Doesn’t work for me (file format incorrect).
    GSM Galaxy nexus with Miui 4 v 2.8.3

  13. doesn’t work for me.
    Galaxy nexus with miui4 2.8.3.
    It tell me that I have a probleme with file format (file format incorrect).

    Can you fix it please??

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