Sword Of Xolan

I grew up playing video games with pixelated graphics so it’s obvious that I still have a soft spot for such games. And I love Role Playing Games too. So “RPG+Pixelated graphics” is the combination that instantly grabs my attention.

Few weeks back when I finished playing Swordigo (which is an amazing game and you should totally play it if you haven’t yet), I was looking for another game of same kind and after a while I found it. It’s called “Sword Of Xolan”. Full points for the name.

Sword Of Xolan

So, in the game you play as Xolan, a brave man who fights for justice and wants to bring back peace by defeating the darkness.

Sword Of Xolan is divided into two modes – Adventure and Challenge. The adventure mode is is further divided into three acts, each act containing ten levels and a boss fight at the end. So in total you have thirty levels and three boss fights.

Your goal is to find and rescue all of the captured villagers by freeing them from their cages , finding the hidden treasure, and then reaching the endpoint. While doing that, you have to fight your way through zombies, spiders, giants, acid spitting slugs, flying creatures and a lot more.

In Challenge mode, you are presented with different objectives, and you must complete them as fast as you can to earn a bronze, silver, or gold medal.

Game controls are as responsive as they get. Position of on-screen control buttons is customizable so you can change the positions to your liking. In total there are five buttons – two for directions, one for using the sword, one for jumping, and one for throwing fireballs. On the top left side you have your health (indicated by three hearts) and fireballs (indicated by three blue circles).

You have to collect the blue potion to fill the circles in case you run out of fireballs. When you destroy your enemies, break objects, and find hidden treasures you receive coins. When you have 1500 coins, you can use them to purchase one of ten cards which will add some benefit in your journey. Benefits include increase in life, increase in amount of fireballs, etc.

Soundtrack suits the gameplay. It can easily get you pumped up for the journey. One nice touch is the way Xolan says the dialogues when he receives potions, life, or coins. That makes the game more fun (at least for me).

There is nothing new or innovative here, but everything has been presented so amazingly that you have to try it once.

Now, if you’ll excuse me I’ve got some villagers to save. Xolan to the rescue!

Sword Of Xolan Price: Free

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