Android launcher. Like it or hate it but it is probably the most used part of your smartphone. I usually stick to one launcher for a really long time. I was using Apex launcher for last 3 years (approximately) and recently shifted to Google Now Launcher.

I previously shared some of the best launchers as per your requirement, some less known but awesome launchers, and some more awesome but less known launchers.

This time, I would like to shift your focus on a 3D launcher that comes with the goodness of 3D interface and 3D animations. With amazing effects and interactive 3D widgets they make your home screen come to life.


In this article, I am sharing my thoughts on Shine Launcher 3D. I think it is probably the best 3D launcher currently. However, it looks like it had TSF Shell Launcher as its inspiration. It looks kind of similar.

To be honest, there are so many features in Shine Launcher, I’m kind of confused from where to start. And since there are tons of features I can’t write about each and every one of them so I’ll be just highlighting those function which I think are important and cool.



Interactive And Smooth User Interface:

The user interface is quite smooth and feels very real with amazing animations. Every aspect of this launcher screams 3D. Moving between home screen pages, visiting the app drawer, etc. feels really good with 3D transition effects. It has at least 2 dozen of transition effects to choose from. With so many animations happening on the screen, I thought that it will start to lag after sometimes or will crash once in a while for sure. But nothing like that happened in my usage of two weeks. I was also a bit worried about battery life but I didn’t face any unnecessary battery consumption.


There are four widgets in total; 3 for clock and 1 for a folder. All of these widgets have pretty sleek animations. There is one analog clock widget, one digital clock widget, and one widget is a combination of digital clock, calendar, weather, and alarm clock.


Shine Launcher offers all the basic gestures that one can use. It has gestures like swipe up, swipe down, double tap, pinch in, pinch out, etc.


As for customization, it doesn’t have pre-designed themes but you can create your own by designing various elements like fonts, icons, etc. Icon designer is quite powerful and fun to use. You can add different types of labels and increase or decrease the size of icons.

Other than all the above-stated feature it provides unread notification counts, a slider menu which kind of works like Glove Box, and dozens of other features. It is a must try launcher if you are looking for something different and eye-catching.

Sorry, this app is not available!


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