Compare and Buy or Sell Phones with Mr. Phone App for Android
Compare and Buy or Sell Phones with Mr. Phone App for Android

Smartphones have come a long way since their inception. Each and every day, we are witnessing new phones featuring advanced capabilities and design. Now, speaking of design, most of us, if not all have seen last year or so, manufacturers going towards the bezel-less design choice for the screen on their devices. Moreover, with Xiaomi being the first one to have started the bezel-less trend (correct me in the comments section if I am wrong on this one), LG, Samsung, Apple and others followed suit with their high end and mid-range devices. So there is pretty much no doubt in the fact that this year is going to be truly a bezel-less year for manufacturers considering that even low-end devices in their lineup would eventually feature the same.

Now, keeping smartphones in mind, today I would like to take an in-depth look at Mr. Phone app for Android. This wonderful app allows you to search, compare and buy or sell phones straight from the app without having to haggle here and there. Moreover, it provides you with the detailed specifications about any phone you would like to know about before purchasing.

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Enough said, let’s get started to learn more about Mr. Phone as depicted in the screenshots below.

Mr. Phone in-depth look:

Mr. Phone introduction

Get the latest device ratings and reviews by experts and more.
Compare phone specifications, news, top stories, watch unboxing videos and more.
Capture the entire specification in one single screenshot. Save phone details for offline view and more.

Mr. Phone in action

The Home tab. Here, you have all the latest news and happenings in the mobile industry, search for a phone by using the phone finder or search bar and compare. However, the news feed depends upon the country you have selected in settings. Moreover, you have more tabs such as Latest, Deals, Top Charts, and Feeds. Furthermore, tap the bell icon located on the top right-hand side to access notifications. Similarly, tap the login icon located beside the bell icon to sign in to your Google or Facebook account. Note that, most, if not all information are country specific (head over to settings to select your country, although only a few of them are available as of now).

Phone finder, device specifications, comparison and more

The Phone Finder. Select from the available options to refine your search.
Tap the compare button to compare phones to make your purchase easier. Select a phone from the trending list or search for one. Refer the next screenshot.
I have selected OnePlus 5T for comparison. Moreover, tap on ‘Add 2nd Product’ to add a device model to compare to the OnePlus 5T. Refer the next screenshot.
Comparing the OnePlus 5T to the Google Pixel 2 XL. Also, tap the + button to add a third device for comparison. Refer the next screenshot.
The OnePlus 5T vs the Google Pixel 2 XL vs Apple iPhone X.

Tap the search bar located on the main screen to search for any device’s detailed specifications and more. Refer the next five screenshots to learn more.

SUMMARY tab. Here, you have five tabs: SUMMARY, SPECS, BUY, STORIES, and REVIEWS.
SPECS tab. This tab shows the full phone specifications. Moreover, tap the yellow colored three line button to compare the phone. Also, tap the camera icon located on the top right-hand side to take a screenshot of the entire device specifications.

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BUY tab. Here, you have a few sub tabs that show you deals on a device and also its price and availability on major E-commerce retail channels across your country of choice (here, in my case it’s India as I have selected the same in settings).
STORIES tab. It features all the latest news and articles related to your search.
REVIEWS tab. It features reviews and opinions from within the Mr. Phone users and its community. Tap the + icon to write a review.


Tap the three-line button to open the side menu.

Side menu. Here you can go and search for the device based on their brands, view Mr. Phone YouTube videos, go to the phone finder, access settings, sell your phone and more. Tap settings to well, access the settings. Also, tap the login button to sign in with your Facebook or Google account if you prefer to. Refer the next screenshot.
Sign in.

Most, if not all brands are available to choose from. Refer the rolling screenshot below.

Most, if not all of the brands are available to choose from.
Settings. Here, you are provided with options to choose the country of your choice (as of now only a few of them are available), currency and enable or disable notifications.

My thoughts and conclusion

Mr. Phone is your one-stop app for every mobile device specifications and information, buying and selling devices, checking out reviews and more. This app features an easy to use and fluid interface.

And here go tech enthusiasts on my in-depth look and review of a neat little app. Feel free to chime in the comments section on your take and experience with this very useful app. Download Mr. Phone via the Google Play Store link given below.

Mr. Phone – Search, Compare, Buy & Sell Mobiles Price: Free

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