The Galaxy Note 10.1 is Samsung’s latest flagship in the tablet category. It is a great device with amazing specs and the magical S Pen. The tablet device is available in three variants depending on connectivity. Thus, we have  the following models: Galaxy Note 10.1 (3G + WiFi) GT-N8000, Galaxy Note 10.1 (WiFi) GT-N8010, Galaxy Note 10.1 (LTE + WiFi) GT-N8020. The Galaxy Note 10.1 was launched back in August 2012.

Some of the major features of the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 include  10.1″ WXGA (1280×800) LCD display, 1.4GHz Exynos Quad-Core Processor, 2 GB RAM, 5 Megapixel Auto Focus main Camera with LED Flash, 1.9 Megapixel front Camera,  and a 7,000mAh  Li-ion battery.

Well, I have already written a tips and tricks article for the Samsung Galaxy S3, Galaxy Note 2 and the Google Nexus 4. I wanted to write this article two months ago but was always rolled back because of the lengthiness of such posts. Finally, here is a simple guide for not-too-well-informed Galaxy Note 10.1 users that will attempt to illuminate your understanding of this huge tablet with S Pen.

Info: Please note that the guide is based on the Galaxy Note 10.1 (N8000) with Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean.

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Galaxy Note 10.1 Tips and Tricks

Setup Quick Launch:

The Galaxy Note 10.1 has a very nice feature in the form of the Quick Launch icon at the bottom that can be used as an app or function shortcut. By default the Quick Launch onscreen button is set to capture a screenshot by a single touch. You can assign a different shortcut to it, such as applications, search and camera. Go to Settings> Display> Quick Launch and select a shortcut. Set Up Quick Launch

Show or Hide Applications:

Your Galaxy Note 10.1 comes with a lot of apps pre-installed on it. While most of these apps are useful, there are some which we generally do not use at all. Such apps only crowd the app drawer and make it harder to navigate the installed apps. Well you can easily hide any app from the list. Just tap on the options icon found on the top-right corner when you are inside the app menu and select Uninstall option. Tick the apps that you want to hide and then tap on Done t the top corner.


Show or Hide App-note 10.1

Later when you want to bring the hidden apps to the front, open app drawer, tap on the options icon and select Show Hidden Applications, uncheck the apps you want to show, save the changes by tapping on Done.

Manage and Rearrange Apps:


If you want to manage your installed apps on the app drawer, you can do it easily. While pressing and holding an app or widget brings it to the homescreen, you can rearrange the apps manually by choosing the Edit option from the app drawer (see above screenshot). In the edit mode, you can long press an icon to drag (left or right)  it to place it on another page or even on the same page.If you have to uninstall an app, tap on the options icon after entering the app drawer and select Uninstall option.

Launch the Notification Panel:

galaxy note 10.1 Notification Panel

All Android phones have a common way of opening the Notification drawer, and that is swiping down the statusbar. Being a tablet device, the  Galaxy Note 10.1 has a different way of opening the notification center. Swipe up your finger from the bottom tray where the time, network and notification icons are displayed.

Get Better Battery Life on Note 10.1:


The 10.1″ LCD display of the Galaxy Note 10.1 is good to look at but it drinks a lot your battery’s  juice. When it come to battery backup this device does not have a very good performance despite of the massive 7,000mAh. In such a situation, it is better to use  and configure in such a way that you might enjoy a longer battery life.Here are  a few tips and tricks that will surely let you enjoy a better battery life on your Galaxy Note 2. Read the following guides and follow the instructions given over there.

Turn off the TalkBack Mode on Galaxy Note 10.1:

The TalkBack mode is a very useful feature, especially for blind people, that activates voice mode on your device. You device speaks out your actions. In this mode the regular scrolling and swiping gestures are deactivated. If you have accidently suck on the TalkBack mode on your Note 10.1 here is how you can turn it off.

Using the Multi Window/Multiscreen/Multitasking Feature:

Multiscreen-note-10.1-2 Multiscreen-note-10.1

The Galaxy Note 10.1 takes advantage of its big screen too well. It is very similar to the multi-window feature of the Galaxy Note 2 and S3, but working with two or more windows opened simultaneously on the Note 10.1 is delicious treat. Such features fade the fine-line between PC’s and tablets. Multi Window lets you view and use multiple applications simultaneously, which you can move around and re-size.

Here is how you can launch and use this cool feature. Tap on the arrow icon the bottom tray (see above) and open an app, tap the multi-screen launcher again and select another app from the tray to open another app. Now you have two apps opened in different windows. The multi-screen feature on Galaxy Note 10.1 has two modes: Cascade View offers a flow patterned view of multiple applications (up to 16) adjusting to your daily tasks for flawless apps management. Dual View allows two main apps to be viewed side-by-side vertically or horizontally. You can choose or change the mode this way: open the multi-screen tray then tap on the icon found on the left edge of the bottom tray. You can move the opened app panes by tapping and holding the top bar of a specific window. You can also resize the app window by tap+hold an dragging the right bottom corner.

See this official video showing the multitasking feature in action:

Air View Feature on Note 10.1:


The Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean update added another cool feature called Air View with which you can conveniently and quickly preview your contents without having to open it. It is a S Pen specific feature and works in apps like gallery, calender  mails, video and S Note. Pull out the S Pen, press and hold the button on it and hover its pointer over an item to see a quick preview. You can see the frames of a video clip by hovering the S Pen pointer on the video progress bar.

Besides, the Air View feature is also useful in some other ways. If you do not know what a UI button (icon) stands for, simply hover the S Pen over it to get a quick  introduction. The S Pen can also be used to scroll a list of items on your device up or down. Hover the Pen over the top or bottom of an email and or message list. to scroll up or down. This feature will work in any app  where scrolling can be used. If the feature is not working for you, make sure you have activated it from Settings> S Pen> Air View.

Using and Customizing the Quick Command Settings:

Screenshot_2012-01-03-08-04-20-copy-2 Screenshot_2012-01-03-07-48-17-copy


One more interesting thing that you can enjoy with the S Pen is the Quick Command feature. The S Pen quickly activates applications and services people use most often. It  makes actions  like sending an email, calling or sending a text message to your friend, sharing the meeting location and so many other things very easy and intuitive. To enable the quick command mode, press and hold the button on S Pen and drag it to upward from bottom on the device screen. You will see a quick command dialog box. You can use one of the preset gestures to open applications, turn on/off services like WiFi, Data, Bluetooth, etc. Besides, you can also create you own gestures for certain actions by tapping on the “+” icon. Having setting a pen gesture, do not forget to save it by tapping the Done button on the top right corner.


Galaxy Note 10.1 S Pen Functions and Actions:

galaxy note 10.1

Are you completely acquainted with the magical little stick that comes with your Galaxy Note 10.1? Think again before you say “yes”. Here are some cool actions that can be performed by the S Pen. Read them all and answer if you knew all of them.

  1. Tap an area on the screen, and then slowly drag the S Pen up, down, left, or right to move through lists or screens.
  2. While pressing the S Pen button, tap and hold the screen to capture a screenshot. After capturing a screenshot, you can draw on it, write on it, or crop it. The edited image will be saved in My Files> sdcard> Pictures > Screenshots.
  3. While pressing the S Pen button, drag the S Pen to the left to return to the previous screen.
  4. While pressing the S Pen button, drag the S Pen down to open a list of options available on the current screen.
  5. While pressing the S Pen button, double-tap the screen to launch the Quick note function.
  6. The S Pen can also be used to scroll a list of items on your device up or down. Hover the Pen over the top or bottom of an email and or message list. to scroll up or down. This feature will work in any app  where scrolling can be used.
  7. Go to Settings> S Pen Settings> Options after Detaching S Pen option and set what function or app you want to launch when you pull out the S Pen from your Note 10.1. Options-after-Detaching-S-Pen
  8. Press and hold the S Pen button and draw a shape to make an image clip.
  9. The Galaxy Note features the best Handwriting to Text algorithms available so far. Whatever you write with the S Pen in your hand-writing is converted to crisp text. Thus the S Pen input method can replace the regular keyboard.
  10. If you do not know what a UI button (icon) stands for, simply hover the S Pen over it to get a quick  introduction.
  11. While drawing or writing anything with the S Pen, you can create thin or thick lines simply by decreasing or increasing writing pressure. You need not make a line width selection from the pen/brush menu.
  12. Suppose you have to see a quick preview of the contents of a folder, an email or message without opening it, just hover the S Pen pointer over the desired item and you will see a quick preview.

Note 10.1 Pop Up Video and Other Tips:

note 10.1 pop up video

The Pop Up Video feature was introduced for the first time with the Galaxy Note 2 and then it rolled to Galaxy S3. The Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean update for the Galaxy Note 10.1 brought the Pop Up video feature to our device too. Having activated this feature you can see a pop up on the top of your screen and thus you can enjoy a video while doing any other thing. You can drag this pop up pane to any area of the screen and even resize it.

Let’s take a look at the video player options on the Galaxy Note 10.1. Open the Video Player app and while a video is being played, tap on the screen. You will see a screen like one shown above. You can see four icons on the top bar. The first one from the left is a screen capture icon, tapping which you can screenshot a video screen. Next to the screenshot button, you have the Pop Up Video play icon. By tapping the third one, you can see the list of available options. Finally, the icon at top right corner lets you play the video in multiscreen mode.

Keep Away Unwanted Callers and Other Notifications:

blocking mode on note 10.1

The Android 4.1.1 updated added a new feature to the Note 10.1 called the Blocking Mode. When this mode is enabled, notifications for selected features are disabled. However, you can create an allowed people list from the settings to receive calls only from them. Go to Settings> Blocking Mode and turn on the Blocking mode. To customize this option tap on the option itself.

Remove Yellow Square from Photos:

The Galaxy Note 2 has the Face Tag feature which recognizes a human face on any image and lets you add a tag/name to it from your contacts list. If your do not want the yellow square to be shown on your images, do this: open the Gallery app and ten open a photo that shows the yellow square on it. When the image is open, tap on the option/menu icon on the top bar (see below) and open “Face Tag” option and turn off the feature. The irritating yellow thing will not bother you now any more.

galaxy note 10.1 gallery

Turn off the TalkBack Mode on Note 10.1:

If you have turned on the Talk Back mode on your Galaxy Note 10.1 and cannot figure out a way to get out of it, here is how you can disable it.


note 10.1 s-note


  1. I have a N8020 on bootloop and usb debugging mode is off. Is there anything I could do to it?

  2. Odd. My profile says I haven’t commented yet but I could swear I left a comment here…

    I’ll post it again; sorry if it’s a repeat.

    I was wondering if there was a way to enable S Pen Touch Only mode so that one could rest their hand on the screen while using the S Pen without it scrambling inputs.

    Thanks in advance.

  3. My samsung Note 10.1 Tablet’s mobile data is not appearing niether working. It did not work since it accidentally fell down from our table. Please help. Thankyou.

  4. I put my tablet against my chest while using it has not been the same. Its flickering the background turned white with different colors spred across the screen. How do I fix this

  5. I might be completely missing it, but would anyone be able to tell me why my dragging and dropping of an image does not work on the 10.1″ note (2012)? I looked at the user guide and a few youtube videos and supposedly I should be able to save a cropped image and then drag it over to s-note or something. Whenever I crop the image, it gets saved in my gallery and disappears. Any help would be appreciated!

  6. I know what you mean and it’s a lot more than a little inconvenient!!!!!it actually takessome of the functionality away from some of my apps!!!!!I’ve been a lifelong Samsung fan and I’m starting to wonder if I’m going to buy a Samsung next time?

  7. It was disabled Rakesh, got son in law on the job. Thank you for your reply anyway cheers Eileen

  8. thank your reply understand what you are saying but it isn’t in the hidden apps. I have tried all that, google play store is nowhere to be found on tablet but itsays it is already installed. Any ideas thanks again Eileen

  9. Hi Eileen, I think the app might be present among hidden apps. Here’s the solution: open app drawer, tap the menu button and then select hide/unhide option and uncheck the play store app.

  10. my google playstore app has gone missing after my grandson was playing on my tablet. It says its installed but gone into settings and its not there under applications. Thank you

  11. Note 10.1 (N8000): make the pinch gesture somewhere near the center and a bit away from the corners to show pages as tiles and edit them (add, delete, rearrange).

  12. Just pan your 2 fingers from 2 corners of your Note’s screen, You will be able to see all screens as tiles. Tab the screen you want to delete and you’ll have the option to delete it.

  13. I would like to use a multpicture live wallpaper app on my Galaxy Note 10.1 tablet. With this app I would have the ability to view a different picture on each page screen. I loaded the app and followed the instructions, but I cannot get the page pictures to change. They all change to the same single page. Qny aswistance would be greatly appreciated. Also, can I get rid of the Google search tool in the uppwr right corner. Thank you for your help.

  14. Hi, I would like to know is their anyway to keep the notification panel from launching while taking hand written notes? It seems while writing the bottom of my palm keeps keeps touching the notification panel and popping it up in the while I am writing.

  15. How do I turn off wifi direct on my galaxy note 10.1 and why, if you try to email Samsung does it flag please confirm email when there is nowhere to confirm email

  16. do you have to buy the samsung bluetooth keyboard or are you able to use any bluetooth keyboard with the samsung tablet?

  17. I dont know how to show you a screenshot, sorry. Where in Settings do I go to turn off a pop up browser?

  18. How do I stop the preview window that pops up if I tap on a link in a web page? The link kind of enlarges, then I have to tap again to actually access it. Very annoying!

  19. My 10.1 Tab2 keeps WIFI scanning every few minutes and stalling the active secure connection in the process.Can this be adjusted or stopped, without losing the desired connection? And, can I block unwanted WIFI networks?

  20. Hi there !
    I’m the happy owner of a note 10.1 since about a year, and it’s really a great machine.
    However, it suddenly started to talk aloud while browsing applications and home screen pages: “the folder is open”, “page 3 of 4”, etc..
    It’s NOT the TalkBack feature.
    Anyone have any idea how to disable it?

  21. Hi, I just bought Note 10.1 and have som problems when using with Line as follows: 1. When making vedio calls, my face in the camera is not vertical. It is either upside down or lies on the side. Have been trying many ways, yet can’t solve this problem.
    2. I can’t save any video when people send through LINE. I can’t see any option to save. Hope someone knows how to solve these problems.

  22. I would also like to know this. For example, when I download docs from various apps, the doc saves in that apps default folder on the external sd card. Yahoo attachments go to the Yahoo folder, Pdfs go to the iannotate Folder (my chosen app for Pdfs), images I download to the ‘download’ folder. I want all docs I download to go to a folder I created.

  23. Well, that option is not available on mobile devices for security reasons. However, there is still a way that lets you mark as many mails as you want and delete them collectively.

    Open Gmail app, tap on the mail thumbnails to mark them.

  24. How do I delete all messages in my gmail. I don’t see an option to delete all messages at once like on my laptop. Can anyone help me with this? Thank you Nancy

  25. On my note 10.1 runing 4.1.2 I can’t find a way to change the notification panel, it has disappeared from display settings. Hope can I change them?

  26. LOL, I really missed the app settings thing. I took a look on FB app settings and found notification disabling option there. Open app, tap on Menu icon (3 horizontal lines), scroll to App Settings and uncheck the Notifications option.

  27. I found a way to stop Gmail notifications: after I got a new one of them I opened the notification panel and kept the Gmail message pressed. This caused a Gmail settings window to appear and there I unchecked the option to display notifications. I was kind of lucky… But I still couldn’t find a way to stop Facebook’s.

  28. I am not familiar with any such method. You can get such apps modified and make those icons transparent to make them invisible.

  29. I don’t want to receive notifications and want to remove the Gmail icon from the system bar notification area. I guess the same can be done to other applications (like Facebook), but how can I do that? TIA.

  30. When I wanted to print from my new Galaxy Note 10.1 tonight for the first time a “UPS print” popped up, looking like a defaulted setting. My HP wireless printer was grayscaled. I do not anticipate using the mobile printing service, thus need to delete so that I print automatically to my HP. HOW DO I DELETE THE UPS ICON?

    Thank you for you assistance!

  31. Hi Helen, you can easily capture a screenshot by simply tapping the icon on the Status bar below the screen or by tapping the S-Pen tip on the screen with button pressed. You can find the method in detail on the article above.

  32. So my problem seems to have been that I was trying to uninstall Samsung apps- there are so many that it would be nice to at least hide them. I have now tried to uninstall a 3rd party app – successfully, however the screen does not app as you have described ie the words ‘done’ and ‘cancel’ in the upper right.
    I tapped the options button on the upper right
    -then tapped uninstall
    -tapped and held the icon to be deleted
    – the word ‘uninstall’ appears upper left with a symbol beside it
    – tapped the symbol
    -a box asking for confirmation to uninstall appears
    -tapped uninstall, icon disappears.
    Sorry I cant send a ‘screenshot, as requested because I don’t know how ! Thanks for your help.

  33. GT-N8010 – bought used. Re removal of icons in app drawer. Following your instructions,tapped options icon, tapped uninstall, but no ‘done or cancel’ appears, only a block of squares and the word uninstall on upper left. Fiddled with these but to no avail.
    Problem 2 – following instructions from others – cant’ find ‘bookmarks’ .

  34. I want to know if you can hide the dual pane icon in the bottom right hand of the screen ? The icon blocks several functions including dropping to the next line when typing with swift key for tablets and when I want to add photos on facebook.

  35. Hi I just bought the Note 10.1 and would like to know what’s the easiest way to connect it to an elmo projector. I’m a teacher, it would be very helpful if I can do this in my class. The only way I read was through the hdtv adapter (which is kinda pricey) then connecting an hdmi to vga adapter. Is there an easier way? The projector has vga, rca, and s-video connections. Thank you.

  36. I have a samsung galaxy note 10.1 that I just recently bought. I by mistake hit something on the keyboard and now its a note pad. How can I change it back to keyboard.
    Thank you

  37. Unfortunately not. I will describe the situation. This device has a dual screen/ multi application function where apps may run side by side on the desktop. However, the type of apps that may utilize this function are limited. I want to download and place 2 apps into the dual screen menu for simultaneous operation.

  38. Now 7 have downloaded the firmware but it did now activated how can i activated ? When i enter my files and open firmware it said that there no application to perform this action

  39. My country is not in the list so can i download the firmware from any other or it will make a problem

  40. Okay so it only workd ob those notes? I have N8000, it worked in the store on the note they had on display and so i thoguht it wouod work ob the one I bought :s and thank kyou for the quick reply!

  41. Hi, my samsung note does not have the multitask choice when i open f.ex. the internet och s- note. How can I get it?

  42. Hi Eve, what you saw was real. My Note 10.1 has it too. Please open the multi-window pane an check if you can see it there. Also, make sure you have not added it to hidden apps panel. To quickly access task manager you can press and hold the Home button on the quick bar.

    Alternatively, you can try a third party app. Here is an app tht is very similar to stock Task Manager found on Galaxy devices:

    It will add a shortcut in your App drawer.
    Hope it helps! 🙂

  43. When I first got my galaxy note 10.1 Io saw the icon of my task manager with the rest of my apps now its nowere I have to hit on the buttommon front screen and its shows there but I want the icon with the rest of the apps how do I do that…..?..

  44. Hello,

    I recently bought a Note 10.1 but in my tablet no matter what I choose as an option, the function of “Settings> S Pen Settings> Options after Detaching S Pen option” is not working. I tried several different apps to load when I detach the s-pen but no success. Also, while working with the SNote, the app does not recognize my strokes which is expected to give me flexibility with enter, space, delete and so on. when I make a stroke of inverted “L” which is “go to next line” function while writing, it does not cares about my gesture, but write “y” or “j”. 🙂

    What can I do? What might be the reason for that?

  45. I removed the sync mark ,so that it will not make a sync any more with picasa but still when am returning back to the gallery delete option is not there

  46. Ah, now I understand that. Actually, it is a synced image that is downloaded from your GOOGLE+ (Picassa) acount. Go to Settings> Accounts> Google, tap on gmail ID and uncheck the sync photos from picassa option.

  47. You know also i have reset all the settings and delete all data on device and i found that every thing removed except this pic

  48. I delete the file as you say but when i return back to the gallery picture is still there.
    In the pic you will fing that it wrote auto backup

  49. Sound weird!
    Have you installed any third party backup app? What do you mean by “It wrote in the pic auto backup”?
    Anyway, find out the name of the image file, open My Files app, go to DCIM and open camera folder. You can easily delete that file from these. You can also use a computer and delete this image.

  50. I have taken a photo and i want to delete it but i can’t as the delete option is not there but in the another photos its there but for this specific photo its not there .
    It wrote in the pic auto backup
    How can i delete ???

  51. Hi, it is because you have selected the app that currently opens the image as default. Go to Settings> Application Manager> All. Select that app and cler the defaults. It should be okay then.

  52. My new samsung tab 10.1 has navigator and local apps from pre installed missing is there any way I can install them again

  53. Tap on the settings icon on the keyboard or go to device Settings> Language and input> tap on Samsung Keyboard option and select QWERTY Keyboard for Alphabet and Numeric input.

  54. Hi Tony, unfortunately there is no way to move, lock or hide the status/quick bar. I just checked it on my Note 10.1 but did not find any way to do that.

  55. Is there any way to lock or disable the notification center? I use the s note app all the time and when writing or sketching, my palm grazes the scren there before the s pen is noticed by the app, opening the notification center, and often launching anothe app. Extremely fristrating when trying to take notes in a meeting. Any suggestions?

  56. Ok sir, thats what came up, the notification bar moves up or down like the other but no sound is heard either increasing or decreasing
    Please take a close look at the notification icon, is that how it is supposed to be?

  57. Thanks! I couldnt move stuff aeound, so finally I disabled the screenshot button. Its reduced unwanted touches since, but theres still the home and return buttons, but not so often as the screenshot

  58. I did, when i was doing that for the whatsapp, the i could here the sounds before i selected one (whistle) but when i went to settings and tried to select a default notification, though i check the box for sounds and vibration. No sound was played

  59. Okay, check that notification sound on your device is ON. Also, open WhatsApp settings and set a custom notification tone. Let me know..

  60. Well , I am sure it it works on all versions of Note 10.1 or not but try pressing and holding the Screenshot icon and dragging to some other location on the bar. You can also disable the Screenshot icon from Settings> Display> Quick Launch.

  61. My notification sounds fail to play when i recieve a new messagee from whatsapp and facebook or other messages. The sound plays when i recieve calls anyway. Please help. This was not the situation when i first had the device. Please help. [email protected]

  62. Great tip! Im wondering if theres anyway to move the task bar/rearrange for lefties? Everytime I use the pen, I tend to hit the screenshot button.

  63. thanks for the quick reply and the custom rom guide and waiting for the stock rom flash guide ty ^_^

  64. hello i just wanted to know if u have an article on how to install a custom rom on SGN8000 10.1 (if it can be installed) and revert back to the stock rom (Warranty thing) if needed main thing i need is the revert to stock rom

  65. hello i have a problem with my Samsung galaxy note 10.1 when i watch video full screen on any website give me black screen except YouTube doing normal .knowing that i download adobe flash player .plz answer me as soon as possible . thanks

  66. Thanks very much for the support, I have managed to change everything now!! Very much appreciated!!!

  67. Hello thanks for the quick reply but the problem I cannot read the menus which are in Dutch, kindly could you attach for me images like the one above for me to locate the Language and Input icon or show me the icon to look for under setting please!!

  68. I have using Note 10.1 and other Samsung devices for long time and I have never seen any such key on Samsung keyboard or any other Android mobile device. Anyways, I looked for it again but as I said there is no such key.

  69. Hi Anthony, both the tasks are very easy to do. To set device language to English, open Settings> Language and input> and tap on Language. From the list select English. Now go back and also change the language of the keyboard. To do that, go to Settings> Language and input and tap on the settings icon in from of “Samsung Keyboard”, then select Input language and change it.

    To setup time, open Settings, scroll down and tap on Data and Time, select you time zone and save changes. See the attached image.

  70. Hello, I just bought the Sumsung Galaxy Note 10.1 Wifi + 3G but when I turned it, it never gave me chance to setup the time and language, as such the clock is not correct and menus are in Dutch. How do I change to English and also setup the correct time???

  71. Thanks, I downloaded adobe AIR, its not visible in the drawer, but the application manager shows, likewise samsung push etc, is there any funtion that we can find applications?

  72. Hey quick question, where is the tab function key on the samsung keyboard. My eyes are going cross eyed reading the manual to no avale. Any help would be great!

  73. Show Hidden apps feature shows only those apps that have been hidden by the user him/herself. The all applications shows both the normal apps that you see in the app drawer and those that run many features and background processes. You cannot have them all in app list but they do their function.
    Anyways, can you name a few apps that you believe they should be in app drawer?

  74. Hi, I just noticed that some of my icons are missing, checked the hidden apps area and there is none, but when check at the application manager, apps are existing, can u help me to restore the icons, thanks

  75. Woo hoo, thanks so much!
    Not sure how it disappeared but it’s back now, thanks to you. 🙂

  76. Hi. My screen capture icon at the bottom of the page has gone missing and been replaced with the 6 square icon! Please help!

  77. Hi Joanne, all memos are found in the S Memo folder on the phone’s memory. You can transfer them to your Note 10.1 via Bluetooth or WiFi direct etc. After sending, try opening them on your Note 10.1. It should work. Unfortunately, I could not try it as my Note 10 is at service center for repairing.

  78. I just bought the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1. I also have the original Galaxy Note phone. On the phone, I have S Memos. On the tablet, I have S Notes. Is there any way to transfer the S Memos to S Notes? If so, how? Thanx.

  79. I’m trying to install Flash viewer on my Galaxy Note 10.1 with Android 4.1.2. I’ve downloaded FP 10.3 but I can’t figure out how to install it. The file is playerglobal10_3.swc.

  80. I just got the Galaxy 10.1 GT-P5113 and I want to know how to extend the time i can record videos. It shuts off at an hour now.

  81. I just tested it but since there is no saving option it does not seem to be possible in a direct way. However, I figured out a rounded way for that:
    Open the Facebook and tap on the photo when it is full screen (with black background) tap on the menu icon to see options and select “more”. Here you’ll see “share” option. Now you’ll get share option. Select Bluetooth email, picasa, s memo, wifi direct (whatever suits you). You can then retrieve that image.

    By opening in with S Memo, you can save that image as a Jpeg file in your gallery using import option. Still easier is to capture a screenshot when it is fulscreen and then crop it. Images can also be imported from picasa in your gallery.

  82. Hi I’m trying to use the feature where you take a screen shot with multiview open with say for example the internet and s note. I want to crop an image from the screen shot and drag and drop to s note as shown in multiple videos. However everytime I take the screen shot it doesnt allow me to drag and drop it just saves the crop to my pictures. How can I change this so it works like the demonstration videos?

  83. Thank you for your answer. Can I disable the button behavior globally? I don’t want it to make an image clip when I drag the pen with holding the button.

  84. Hi, you cannot define S Pen settings depending on separate apps. All settings are globally effective and unfortunately the feature you want is not available so far.

  85. Thanks for the great article!

    Can I disable S pen’s feature, such as
    8. Press and hold the S Pen button and draw a shape to make an image clip?

    I am trying to write using Papyrus, and dragging the button should give me lasso tool to move what I have written, not saving the image.

    If I can choose to disable S pen’s feature in specific app, it would be perfect!

    Thank you.

  86. I have problem again, in my note, the icon multiscreen in your photo,in my note to maximax, not to multitasking

  87. Thank you for your answer, yeah in my phone, i get it icon, but i can not work to multitasking, can you learn me to use multitasking? Thank you so much for your help

  88. Hi Christina.

    The multitasking mode works on 2 type of views- dual and cascade. In dual mode you can see two apps windows running side by side and in cascade mode you can many many floating windows with different apps opened and it works with app apps as you can see in my screenshots above.

    When you open an app, you will see a window icon on the top right corner. You have to tap that icon to turn fullscreen into half-screen or smaller window.

    See this image:

    If you still need help, let me know. Cheers!

  89. Hello, i bought samsung galaxy note 10.1, but in polaris office, s note and the other i can not found multi screen to make multitasking, why? Any problem with my note? Thank you so much

  90. I have tried to make the tip clearer by elaborating it and added a few screenshots. First of all, try choosing an easy gesture for Gmail or any other app and then launch the QC box and write it accurately. I have tested and every thing worked just fine. Hope it helps you, If you still have problem let me know.

  91. Hi Katie,
    Sorry for the late reply. I could not see your comment notification. Anyways, I have tested the Quick Settings feature and found that it works fine and should work for you too. I am adding the tutorial in this article. Please visit the page again after an hour.

  92. Hello!
    I’m having a problem with the quick command feature on my new Galaxy Note 10.1 running Jelly Bean. I tried to change the Email command to open up Gmail instead of the Stock email application and it won’t work. Under commands, I changed the “email” command to Gmail so that it will use the “@” when writing the quick command. It will give an option for which email address to use for the contact, and once it’s clicked, nothing happens. I even tried creating a new command for Gmail using a different symbol and it does the same thing. All the other commands work. Is there an option in Gmail to make this work or am I missing something?
    Thanks in advance!

  93. Dear Rakesh

    On my newly purchased Note 10.1 (Canada) the S note application does not have an icon for “Handwriting to text” and I have no idea how to get pen writing to convert of recognized text. I have tried the settings (nothing) obvious, have updated to Jellybean and have googled with words describing the problem. More specifically the upper left has FOUR icons: page inset toggle; pen, underlined T and eraser. THERE IS NO fifth icon for handwritng to text like the one shown in the various samsung and web materials..

    Thanks for any help.


  94. Hi Srikanth,

    Sorry for the late reply 9was busy with some serious issues with the site). Anyways, your case is a rare one and I think it is a bug in the firmware itself. I spent an hour to find out a setting on my Note 10.1 but no help. Here are a few things you can try:

    Reboot the device 4-5 times,

    Reset the phone to factory settings: Settings> Backup and reset> Factory data reset

    If it still persists, install a new firmware: check your device model from Settings> About and download a firmware, follow this link if you wish to install the firmware:

  95. Hi, I have just started using my galaxy note 10.1. All of a sudden, the bottom tray, which has the home/back and the time buttons, has gone missing. I am not able to restore it back. Could you pls help me out

  96. Hi there
    I recently bought n8000 tablet and i enjoy it a lot
    I like this : Its 10″ display, Stylus writing and hand typing recognition , powerful cpu, 2 gb ram much useful for multi-tasting , Samsung apps (i can pay for apps using Sim card)
    l dislike : no resume downloading ‘in google play, no good games come pre-loaded. no sd card install
    I recommend this tablet to readers.

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